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21 September 2022·7 min read

Valerie Stupnikova


Best Coworking Spaces For Startups In Estonia

It's time to explore one more Baltic country - Estonia. We already have covered coworking spaces from Latvia and Lithuania, along with others from Serbia, Czechia, Hungary, and more. Estonia is well-known for its vibrant startup ecosystem, with numerous successful startups, VC firms, accelerators, and incubators. This time, we dive into the coworking space area. 

Spring Hub

City: Tallinn
Monthly fee: from €170

Spring Hub offers a flexible workspace and community for like-minded entrepreneurs. It has meeting rooms, a café, a lounge, and separate silent and teamwork areas. In addition, all office spaces are equipped with wifi, printing capabilities, and coffee and tea stations. Also, Spring Hub organizes themed events and challenges and hosts seminars, training sessions, and work-related consultations. 

Metro Plaza Centre

City: Tallinn
Monthly fee: from €99

Made of a glass facade, Metro Plaza Centre is located at the heart of the city. The center is easily accessible by public transport, bicycle, or foot. Metro Plaza Center earned a BREEAM Green Certification, which proves it has passed the environmental impact assessment method. The seven-floor building contains offices with natural light, retail spaces, spas, sports clubs, and underground car parking. 


City: Tartu
Monthly fee: €220 + VAT

A place for startups, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, Mobispace offers 24/7 access to its startup area full of wifi, utilities, meeting rooms, event space, kitchen, sauna, shower, phone booths, and more. It is also possible to use optional services, like accounting or Mobi VR lab. Moreover, one can use an accessible 9 to 17 hot desk, meeting rooms, a roof terrace, and bike storage.   


City: Tallinn
Monthly fee: from €95

Regus is a well-known holding company offering offices worldwide. Three of its buildings are located in Tallinn, one in Metro Plaza, another in Rotermann, and the third one in Torminae Centre. Regus has coworking and virtual offices, business lounges, and furnished meeting rooms equipped with high-speed wifi. Additionally, the offices have well-stocked kitchens, ergonomic chairs, standing desks, heating and air conditioning, and access to printers and scanners. 


City: Tallinn
Monthly fee: €80 + VAT

Lift99 is aimed at startup founders, freelancers, nomads, and entrepreneurs. In its two locations, Telliskivi Hub and RED Hub, Lift99 offers a variety of working spaces, including team spaces with wifi, skype rooms, personal lockers, ergonomic chairs, beanbags, and standing desks. Furthermore, the space offers online membership, with access to advisors and investors network. In addition, Lift99 lies in the hippest district in Tallinn, with a parking lot, market, railway station, and restaurants nearby. 

Palo Alto Club 

City: Tallinn
Monthly fee: €170 + VAT 

Palo Alto Club is more than just a coworking space that offers private rooms, hot desks, and meeting rooms for startups and freelancers. The club has its own experts specializing in law, HR, and finances who give advice and support. Palo Alto Club is popular among early-stage startups thanks to its specific atmosphere. It is available 24/7, has a kitchen, call booths, hot beverages. Also, the club hosts events and offers special deals from partners. Interestingly, Palo Alto Club was founded by several startups that got support from a well-known Estonian VC firm Superangel.


City: Tallinn
Monthly fee: from €240

Workland centers can be found all across the Baltics. Located in the old town or business districts in Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, and Kaunas, each center has its own atmosphere and style. Workland offers access to private offices, dedicated and hot desks, virtual offices, and meeting and podcast rooms. There are four Workland offices in Tallinn: Hobujaama, Vabaduse, Maakri 19, Maakri 25, and one more office, Fahle, which is about to open. Moreover, it is possible to acquire the Workland membership, which opens access to its network and community events and allows one to work from any Workland center within the Baltics. 


City: Tallinn
Monthly fee: €120

Tehnopol has several functions: incubation, business and innovation services, event organization, and a coworking space. Its smart research campus is located next to the Tallinn University of Technology, Microsoft, Fujitsu, Cybernetica, and other tech companies. Tehnopol coworking space offers an office, development, and lab space, production facilities, free onsite parking, and furnished space for meetings, seminars, and conference rooms for up to 240 people. Additionally, one can join a sports club, use child-care services, visit various lunch spots, and more. 


City: Kuressaare
Monthly fee: €39

Edukontor is located on the island of Saaremaa. The space organizes various events, like yoga classes and themed meetings, and offers desk renting that includes fast wifi, access to its lounge, shared office, and more. Edukontor aims to create a friendly community working space for project managers, scientists, translators, craft lovers, drafters, photographers, IT people, etc. 


City: Pärnu Keskus
Monthly fee: €150

Forwardspace aims to support local entrepreneurs by providing access to its modern, well-equipped coworking space. The center has ergonomic chairs, height-adjustable desks, fast wifi, soundproof rooms, a kitchen, an event, and a meeting room. In addition, Forwardspace organizes motivational meetings, educational seminars, and various events thanks to cooperating with Tehnopol, Pärnu County Development Centre Business Incubator, and Pärnu City Government. And there is a large community of CEOs, marketing specialists, sales managers, software developers, graphic web designers, and others who share ideas, knowledge, and experiences at the coworking center. 

Baltic Cowork 

City: Tallinn
Monthly fee: €145

Located in the city center, Baltic Cowork offers a private office for businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. The office is accessible 24/7 and has a printer, scanner, photocopier, high-speed wifi, and heating. Additionally, it has large personal and shared desks, private parking spots, and free coffee. The Baltic Space is perfect for those who enjoy privacy, calmness, and quiet. 

Spaces Rotermann

City: Tallinn 
Monthly fee: €319

Located in the heart of the city, next to the old town, the seaport, and Viru Square, Spaces Rotermann is an easily accessible coworking space. It offers three meeting rooms, 30 parking spots, breakout areas, seven dedicated desks, and 73 private offices. Moreover, it has a community of like-minded people who share their experiences and interests. 

24/7 Office

City: Manta Maja
Monthly fee: from €160

Those who hold meetings and trainings can join the 24/7 Office. The space offers several meeting and training rooms suitable for conferences, client meetings, seminars, and more. 24/7 has a Win-Win meeting room with eight seats, a big screen, and a whiteboard; a Handshaker meeting room for smaller private meetings for six people; and a Seminar room with big tables for up to 20 people. In addition, it is possible to book a fixed desk, a hot-desk working space, and a virtual office. 


City: Tallinn 
Monthly fee: €200

FahleOffice offers office spaces, meeting rooms, a virtual office, and a lounge. The coworking space is located in a former paper and pulp mill, Fahle House, close to the airport and the city center. FahleOffice's office spaces are available 24/7 and include a reception room, tables, a kitchenette, and free parking. Also, it has three meeting rooms with data projectors, board papers, light modes, adjustable air conditioning, and a lounge for presentations and receiving guests. Furthermore, FahleOffice collaborates with Business Advisor LLC, which provides management and financial consultations.

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