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Co-Working Spaces in CEE by Vestbee
09 December 2021·6 min read

Milena Gontarek


Best Coworking Spaces For Startups In Croatia

After exploring coworking spaces in Hungary, Czech Republic and Lithuania we are taking Croatia under a spotlight. It attracts young entrepreneurs because of the experienced accelerators and incubators and top VC funds that contribute to the development of the startup scenery in the country. 

Whether you are a startup team member, solo local entrepreneur or a person working remotely that wants to enjoy beautiful weather and the Adriatic Sea after a hard day of work, Croatian network of coworking spaces is a perfect choice. Let's discover them together!


City: Zagreb
Monthly fee: 140 EUR (VAT included)

BIZkoshnica is a modern coworking space with a view to British square. Workspace is arranged in different units, you will find there 3 open space zones with 35 working positions, meeting rooms, event space, phone area, lounge and kitchen. BIZkoshnica is not only providing you with a workspace, it's also a place where different types of events are held to help you gain expertise and network with other entrepreneurs. BIZkoshnica is more than just a coworking space - they offer various services to help grow your business such as legal and financial counseling, marketing strategies consultations, workshops organization, development and implementation of EU and national funding projects and much more! 

COIN Zadar

City: Zadar
Monthly fee: from 80 EUR (VAT included)

COIN provides 35 workstations split between offices and desks in the coworking area, apart from that you can make use of conference rooms and event space there. Thanks to well-equipped rooms, COIN allows you to conduct all your day to day operations. By being a member you get access to a network of local institutions, partners and other entrepreneurs and up-to-date information about other community members’ initiatives, so from the beginning you feel very welcome there.

HUB385 by rent 24

City: Zagreb
Monthly fee: 166 EUR

HUB385 is a great place if you like to work in silence as their main working space is well known for its "no talking" area. Of course if you need to discuss some ideas or brainstorm, there are meeting rooms for the whole team. By organizing different events, workshops, meetups and hackathons focused on new technologies, you can easily network with other entrepreneurs that have the same interest as you. HUB385's goal is to help entrepreneurs build innovative startups and quality products.


City: Zagreb
Monthly fee: 180 EUR

If you are looking for a place with a good working environment, InstantOffice might be the one for you. They have various plans and offers depending on your needs. For a solo entrepreneur, there is an InstantDesk option which includes a desk with access to the cabinet, the services of a virtual assistant and the possibility to use the kitchen and lounge area during the break. If you are looking for a place for your startup team you can always choose one of 34 fully equipped InstantOffices. Additionally, this coworking space also offers meeting rooms as well as virtual office access.


City: Split
Monthly fee: from 160 EUR (no VAT charged)

The goal of Saltwater is to enrich your remote working lifestyle. Besides their main coworking space Split Riva they also offer OldTown Coworking & Coliving operating from October to May, which includes both workspace and accomodation on site. While during the summer they open a Beach Office so you can work and at the same time enjoy the sun and beautiful weather. Saltwater also provides consulting services as they cooperate with city councils, tourism boards, NGOs and local business partners. 

AmoSfera Coworking 

City: Split
Monthly fee: 133 EUR (VAT included)

AmoSfera is much more than just a coworking space, it also runs business courses, as well as incubation and acceleration programs. When it comes to the workspaces, they offer hot and dedicated desks in a shared room of 120 square meters, additionally, you can use a conference room and kitchen. If you are looking for an event space you should definitely consider AmoSfera, as they provide not only room for your disposition but also equipment, catering and promotion support. The great thing about AmoSfera is that it's a social enterprise that allocates its profits in promoting and developing social entrepreneurship in the region, so by using their workspaces you also support local entrepreneurship. 
Due to the current COVID-19 situation and in order to maintain the health of colleagues and clients, AmoSfera doesn't offer short-term coworking anymore. Users who plan to stay for at least one month should contact them directly by email.

Wespa Spaces

City: Zagreb
Monthly fee: 160 EUR 

The main goal of Wespa Spaces is to provide startups and entrepreneurs with comfortable and functional working spaces. Actually "Wespa'' is an abbreviation for work-eat-socialize-play-anytime, so you can get the idea of what atmosphere they aim to create. It's not only a great place to work, but you can also organize different events and workshops there thanks to their conference space. The space is adapted for both organizing small lectures as well as larger industry events.


City: Zagreb
Monthly fee: from 124 EUR

If you are looking for a modern working environment, Spaces Matrix is the right place for you. This hi-tech office space provides you not only with an office suite, conference and meeting rooms and the best equipment, but the whole building is also controlled by an advanced management system that takes care of access control, lighting management, and temperature control to ensure convenient working experience. 
Spaces has locations in many countries, we have already covered their coworking spaces in an article about Lithuania.


City: Zagreb
Monthly fee: from 137 EUR 

You will find Regus in 3 different locations across Zagreb. Hoto Tower is a great place for startups going global as this area in the city center is known for local and international companies developing their business in Croatia. Another location in the business district - Matrix Office Park besides the modern and high-tech environment offers an outdoor terrace with a nice view recommended for a few minutes of break. Last but not least, Grand Centre (also located in the city center), provides an infrastructure of 59 private desks, 13 coworking stations and 2 conference rooms. If you want to learn more about Regus check out their coworking spaces in Czech Republic and Lithuania


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