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19 March 2024·23 min read

Katarzyna Groszkowska

Editor, Vestbee

50 European early-stage VC funds to invest in your startup

Having covered a variety of specialized VC funds operating in particular verticals such as deeptechspacetech and climate tech, it is now time to broaden the lens and look at the most active generalist early-stage venture capital funds supporting startups in Europe.

Vestbee has selected 50 VC firms supporting startup founders, spanning from pre-seed to Series A stages, and shares the details of each.

Point Nine

Point Nine, an early-stage venture capital firm based in Berlin, specializes in SaaS, enterprise software, and B2B marketplaces. Primarily investing at the seed stage, often referred to as the "v0.9 stage," Point Nine occasionally makes pre-seed, seed II or early Series A investments.

With an initial ticket size ranging from €0.5 million to €5 million, the firm commits to participating in Series A rounds for companies that secure seed funding from them. While Europe serves as their home market, Point Nine adopts a geo-agnostic approach, with 20-30% of their investments extending to the US, Canada, and other countries.

RTP Global

RTP Global operates as a seasoned team of early-stage investors, drawing strength from a collective background of former founders, startup operators, engineers, and data and computer scientists. Its diverse team collaborates across New York, Bangalore, Dubai, London, and Paris.

Beyond financial backing, RTP Global offers founders access to its extensive network of entrepreneurs. Operating across seed, Series A, and Series B stages, RTP Global engages with a diverse array of sectors, spanning B2B and B2C technology, including AI, B2B SaaS, DevOps, fintech, e-commerce and retail, health, edtech, climate, and transport. 


Creandum is a leading European early-stage venture capital firm with some of Europe's most successful tech companies — Spotify, Klarna, Bolt, Kry — in its portfolio. It has hubs in Stockholm, Berlin, London, and San Francisco. With a focus on early-stage entrepreneurs, Creandum aims to assist in building global, category-defining companies across various industries, spanning from seed to IPO and beyond.

The portfolio encompasses diverse sectors such as consumer, fintech, climate, health, SaaS, and more. In their investment approach, Creandum places significant emphasis on the founding team, considering it a key criterion for backing companies. 

EQT Ventures

EQT Ventures operates as a multi-stage venture capital fund, focusing on all stages of a startup’s growth — from early to Series B, and C, investing primarily in European tech companies. With a foundation built by former founders and entrepreneurs, EQT Ventures positions itself as an accessible, supportive, and fully committed partner, understanding the challenges and risks founders face.

With offices in Stockholm, London, Berlin, Paris, and San Francisco, the fund deploys a sector-agnostic approach with an investment range of €2 million up to €50 million. 

High-Tech Gründerfonds 

High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) is an active German seed investor, looking for high-tech start-ups with growth potential. With a team of seasoned experts, HTGF provides knowledge and support to nurture young companies in various sectors, including digital tech, industrial tech, life sciences, and chemistry. 

The fund specifically selects startups that are less than three years old and headquartered in Germany (or with a German base of operations), which in turn can count on investment tickets up to 1 million euros in the seed round and €4 million across all financing rounds. The HTGF has a total of about €1.4 billion under the management of its four funds. 


Seedcamp is an early-stage, mostly seed, venture capital firm that backs startups attacking large, global markets and solving real problems using technology. It is based in London but invests globally, across a variety of sectors and solutions, including but not limited to software, hardware, marketplaces, fintech, healthtech, and AI/ML.

The fund has a broad network of investors, mentors, and experts who provide support and guidance to their portfolio companies. As a first-cheque investor, Seedcamp is typically investing between $350,000 to $1 million in founders, at any stage of product development. 

Local Globe

Local Globe is an active UK-based investor that usually supports startups at the early stages, preferably before series A. The fund directs its efforts at impact startups that generate positive results for the world, with prominent names such as Figma, Mistral AI and Melio in their portfolio.

It manages several active funds, with the newest additions being a scale-up fund for IPO-ready businesses and a seed-stage fund for UK and European startups. 


Earlybird is one of the leading venture capital investors fueling European tech innovation. Based in Berlin and covering all development stages, it offers not only financial backing but strategic guidance, global networks, and market access.

With four autonomous teams, Earlybird reaches across geographies and sectors, including early-stage digital technology in the West, ICT investments in the East, health solutions, and deeptech innovation.


Atomico is dedicated to fueling the growth of tech founders beyond Series A, with a strong European focus. With $4.7 billion in assets under management, Atomico leverages its operational expertise to catalyze exponential growth for its portfolio companies. Driven by a mission to cultivate a prosperous, sustainable, and inclusive technology ecosystem, it is   focusing on future-forward verticals such as fintech, digital work, enterprise data automation, mobility, industrial infrastructure, and more.


Founded in 2000, b2venture has a presence in multiple locations, including St. Gallen, Munich, Luxembourg, Zurich, and Berlin. Through its dedicated funds and direct investment track, b2venture invests in startups in the DACH region and across Europe.

With a focus on investing in innovative startups at the earliest stages and beyond, b2venture is supported by a strong and diverse community of angel investors, bringing unique expertise, entrepreneurial experience, and hands-on service to its portfolio companies. Across its portfolio there are companies from sectors such as AI & ML, biotech, climate, fintech, consumer, SaaS. 

Balderton Capital

Balderton Capital is a venture capital firm based in the UK that specializes in early-stage and growth-stage investments in technology companies. With a history spanning over 22 years, Balderton has raised $4.5 billion to invest in European technology startups, providing them with access to the combined insight, knowledge, and experience of their well-experienced team.

It operates out of two funds — for early-stage startups and for growth startups, across sectors, ranging from reproductive health to deep tech.


Speedinvest is a pan-European venture capital firm with many sector-focused teams, including deeptech, fintech, health & techbio, climate tech & industrial tech, and marketplaces & consumer. It offers an extensive industry-specific network connecting the portfolio companies with other founders and experts at every stage of the journey.

The fund’s initial ticket size depends on the market segment in which the startup operates and ranges from €300,000-€2 million for SaaS to €250,000-€15 million for fintech. Seedinvest invests mostly in pre-seed and seed-stage startups, except Series A and B startups in the fintech vertical.

APEX Ventures

Based in Austria, APEX Ventures emerges as an influential early-stage VC fund, steering the trajectory of deep tech and medical advancements in Europe. It is focused on early-stage companies, at pre-seed and seed stages, with additional capital reserved for follow-on investments.

Encompassing AI, quantum tech, and pioneering medical innovation, the firm's investment mission is to drive lasting industry change in the field of deep tech and medical advancements. APEX Ventures commits initial funding ranging from €500,000 to €1.5 million, to companies located mostly in the DACH and CEE regions, occasionally venturing into the Nordics and the US.

Ascension VC 

Ascension VC is an early-stage venture capital firm that aims to back the next generation of tech and impact founders in the UK. It is one of the most active investors in London, participating in rounds from seed to Series A, as a lead or co-investor alike. The firm takes a hands-on approach in supporting its founders, providing not only capital but also strategic guidance and introductions to its network of angels and advisors.

Ascension VC invests from a range of funds, including (S)EIS and Institutional Funds, as well as Social Impact Funds such as the Fair By Design, Good Food, Conduit, and Life Sciences Funds. 

360 Capital

360 Capital is an early-stage European venture capital firm that specializes in investing from pre-seed to Series B. It provides entrepreneurs with their expertise, network, and support to help them scale their businesses to their full potential. The firm is known for taking audacious bets on B2B and B2C solutions, consistently catching innovation trends ahead of others in the market.

Its investment focus includes deeptech, climate tech and digital-first solutions. 360 Capital is are a hands-on investor, offering initial investments ranging from €150,000 to €2 million in pre-seed and seed stages, and between €2 million and €10 million in Series A/B


Lakestar is a VC fund strategically positioned in Europe’s landscape with offices in Zurich, London, and Berlin, with a global perspective to doing business. It invests across different themes which include fintech, healthcare digitalization, vertical software, games & media, climate tech, and deeptech.

The firm operates out of 5 specialized funds, dedicated to seed, early and growth investments. Lakestar envisions a future shaped by technology, driving progress through founder-led initiatives, supported by their seasoned expertise.

Entree Capital

Entree Capital is a UK-based venture capital firm that has been a steadfast partner to exceptional founders for over a decade, spanning from pre-seed to series C stages. With a seasoned team of former serial founders managing $1.25 billion across 7 actively investing funds, the firm operates from offices in Tel Aviv, London, and New York. The team is backing startups in diverse sectors such as SaaS, AI, Fintech, Security, and Consumer, among others.

CDP Venture Capital 

CDP Venture Capital stands as a crucial force in propelling venture capital to become a strategic catalyst for Italy's economic growth and innovation. With a core commitment to fostering a comprehensive and sustainable growth environment within the Italian venture capital ecosystem, the fund pursues multifaceted strategies.

It oversees existing funds and catalyzes the emergence of new funds to provide robust support to startups at every stage of their growth cycle. CDP Venture Capital executes its investments through a diverse array of direct and indirect funds, such as the Accelerators Fund, Evolution Fund, Green Transition Fund, and Italy Venture II Fund, each targeting specific niches and stages within the startup ecosystem.

Kima Ventures

Headquartered in Paris with a London office, Kima Ventures positions itself as one of the most active early-stage investors in the world, committing to investing in 2 to 3 startups per week globally. The fund provides one-off tickets of €150,000 in 100 new deals annually, with flexibility in terms of stage, deal size, and sector.

Operating from seed to Series A, often as a lead investor alongside other partners, Kima Ventures assists startups in team building, entrepreneurial learning, maintaining focus, and executing growth strategies. 

Global Founders Capital

Global Founders Capital (GFC), headquartered in Berlin, operates as a globally oriented venture capital firm with a sector-agnostic approach, focusing on software, retail, and fintech. The firm supports early-stage startups from pre-seed, committing to their success  throughout their entire lifecycle. The GFC’s operational platform provides founders with comprehensive support, reflecting its dedication to empowering startups and building a robust ecosystem for growth.

HV Capital

Founded in 2000, HV Capital is a German venture capital firm that deploys capital across all growth stages. The approach involves early-stage rounds ranging from €500,000-€10 million, growth-stage investments up to €60 million, and follow-on investments reaching up to €100 million per company.

In 2022, the firm introduced a continuation fund, a unique financial vehicle in Germany, to enhance its long-term support capabilities. Underlining its investment team's unique strength across economic cycles, HV Capital announced its largest fund, Fund IX, in 2023, with a size exceeding €700 million. It is targeting companies from seed to Series D and beyond.

Index Ventures

Index Ventures, headquartered in London, San Francisco, and Geneva, spans more than 1000 investments in companies like Adyen, Deliveroo, and Dropbox. Offering strategic guidance and global connections, Index Ventures supports innovation across Software, e-commerce, fintech, climate and more.

It is investing from the earliest and seed stages up to the late stages, working with entrepreneurs and their companies at every stage, across every sector.

Entrepreneur First

Entrepreneur First, based in London, is a firm focused on investing in individuals to help them launch successful startups from scratch. The organization provides full-time, curated programs for entrepreneurs, where they can learn from established founders and investors and prepare for the launch and scaling of their businesses. EF offers two programs: EF Graduate for students, recent graduates, and those with less than two years of professional experience, and EF Core for early career professionals, academics, and PhD graduates with two or more years of experience.

The programs culminate in pitch sessions for pre-seed funding at the Investment Committee, where startups with high potential progress to the next stage: preparation for seed funding, concluding with networking opportunities with local and Silicon Valley investors at EF’s Demo Day.

SFC Capital

SFC Capital has positioned itself as one of  the UK's most active players in the VC market, making over 400 investments in British startups since 2012. It specializes in early-stage investments through three vehicles — the SEIS fund (Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme), an EIS fund, and an angel network.

With a vast portfolio, the firm leverages its extensive experience to understand and address the unique needs of entrepreneurs. Its investment criteria are focused on the startup’s SEIS qualification, emphasizing the importance of a clear Unique Selling Proposition, initial traction, and an entrepreneurial spirit in the team. SFC Capital remains sector-agnostic, welcoming diversity across industries. 

Partech Ventures

Founded in 1982 and headquartered in Paris, Partech is a global venture capital firm with a broad investment focus spanning B2B, media, financial services, healthcare, technology, and numerous other sectors across the US, Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa.

The seed fund is one of the funds that Partech manages, amongst others such as Growth, Venture, Africa, and Impact. They are not limited by industries, markets or models, but instead focus on identifying future leaders at the start of their journey. Partech commits to early-stage investments ranging from €300,000 to €3 million, serving as lead or syndicate investor. 

Market One Capital

Market One Capital, founded in 2017 and based in Warsaw and Luxeumbourg, is a venture capital firm specializing in backing bold European entrepreneurs with innovative plans for the future. With €140 million in assets under management across two funds, they invest primarily in pre-seed, seed, and late-seed stages.

Its focus areas include marketplaces, market networks, online infrastructure, online communities, and protocols. Market One Capital prefers to lead or co-lead pre-seed and seed-stage deals, aiming for an investment horizon of approximately 10 years. Historically, they make 6-8 new investments per year, maintaining a portfolio size of 25–30 companies per fund. Their initial investment amounts up to €2 million. 


Superangel is an early-stage investment fund and company builder dedicated to fostering the next wave of European technology startups. With a "from founder to founder" approach, they combine early-stage capital with company-building expertise. Their typical investment size ranges from €300,000 to €1 million, focusing on AI & robotics, mobility & logistics, fintech, and SaaS sectors.

The fund brings firsthand experience to support founders through every stage, leveraging their network and resources and empowering startups to thrive. They seek founders and technologies with global impact ambitions, prioritizing collaboration over competition. 

Hummingbird VC

Hummingbird VC is a global seed investor, based in London, seeking outlier founders who defy convention. It believes in partnering early and supporting companies throughout their lifecycle, investing from $500,000 at seed to more than $50 million in follow-on rounds.

Valuing founder input, the fund prioritizes personalized support over a check-the-box approach. Hummingbird has no limitations on verticals, niches, or geographies. 

Hoxton Ventures

Hoxton Ventures is a European venture fund with a Silicon Valley mindset. It encourages companies to tackle the US market early, and prioritize brilliant people and products with massive scale potential.

The fund leads pre-seed or seed rounds, typically investing between $500,000 to $5 million, aiming for an ownership position of 10% to 20%. Committed to maximizing value, Hoxton Vestures provides support behind the scenes, including introductions, key hires, market intel, and strategic partnerships. The fund replicates successful Silicon Valley strategies in Europe, aiming to build large revenue, category-defining companies. 

Adara Ventures

Adara Ventures, based in Luxembourg, is a seasoned venture capital firm specializing in guiding startups from seed stages up until the exit. It prioritizes early-stage startups targeting global market opportunities, particularly in B2B sectors such as cybersecurity, data and applications, infrastructure, devops, components, digital health, and energy transition. 

With €200 million in AuM across four funds and a portfolio of 43 backed companies, Adara helps broaden their portfolio companies' networks and propel them towards success.

Credo Ventures

Credo Ventures, based in Prague and Krakow, partners with exceptional technology founders from Central and Eastern Europe to support their global ambitions. Since 2010, it has been investing in pre-seed and seed stages with tickets up to €5 million.

With a total AUM of €250 million across four funds, Credo Ventures currently invests from their fourth fund, totaling €75 million. The fund seeks founders deeply passionate about their product and provides support from the idea stage to early signs of product-market fit, across all verticals.

Fil Rouge Capital

Fil Rouge Capital (FRC) is an investment fund manager focusing on early-stage businesses, from pre-seed to Series A rounds, with a mission to enhance the Croatian entrepreneurial ecosystem. It provides continuous support, from incubation to scale-up and exit, aiming to be more than just financial backers. FRC's investment interests span various sectors, including SaaS, cloud services, AI, fintech, and more.

For Croatian startups or those based in Croatia, FRC offers investments ranging from €10,000 for startup school to €3 million for follow-on investments. 

Atlantic Labs

Atlantic Labs is an early-stage venture capital investment firm based in Berlin, Germany, specializing in backing exceptional, mission-driven founders from the outset and supporting them throughout their entire entrepreneurial journey. They seek out game changers in various areas, including climate tech, future of work, AI & data, industrial automation, mobility & logistics, fintech & proptech, and digital health.


MMC VC is a venture capital firm focusing on early-stage AI and data companies across Europe. It is actively investing across the continent, with a concentration in London and the UK, often facilitating expansion into the US market. The fund specialize in seed to Series A investments, with up to £10 million available for initial funding and a focus on leading rounds for their portfolio companies.

With over two decades of experience and partnerships with over 100 early-stage founders, MMC offers deep expertise and commitment to driving growth. 

DEPO Ventures

DEPO Ventures is a Praga-based investment group, powered by business angels, with a focus on early-stage startups, at seed and pre-seed, from Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic region. Managing a hands-on DEPO Angel Fund with 25 portfolio companies and an international syndicate of investors, The DEPO Angels, the fund supports technology founders and facilitates the investment process for business angels.

DEPO Ventures’s engagement goes beyond financial backing, offering startups access to business contacts, mentors, and visibility to accelerate their entrepreneurial journey.

firstminute capital 

firstminute is a British $400 million sector-agnostic seed fund backed by over 130 unicorn founders. Operating on a sector-agnostic basis, firstminute invests $1 million to $5 million at the seed stage, prioritizing early partnerships to maximize support. While based in London, the fund focuses on Europe and the US but remains open to backing founders worldwide. The firstminute team offers comprehensive support, ranging from strategic advice and product workshops to introductions to customers and Series A fundraising assistance.

Fuel Ventures 

Fuel Ventures, dedicated to fueling the growth of ambitious tech companies, invests between £150,000 and £3 million into UK-based tech firms showing early commercial traction. The fund’s investment focus spans SaaS, platforms, and marketplaces, both B2B and B2C, at pre-seed and seed stages.

Fuel Ventures operates out of two funds: the Seed EIS Fund, investing £1-3 million in revenue-generating businesses, and the Pre-Seed SEIS Fund, offering up to £250,000 for both pre-revenue and revenue-generating startups. They typically lead or co-lead investment rounds and aim for 10–15 deals per year through the Seed EIS Fund and 30–45 deals per year through the Pre-Seed SEIS Fund.

Project A

Project A is a European-focused operational VC fund with offices in Berlin and London, investing across the continent. With over $1 billion in assets under management, Project A targets digital companies disrupting traditional industries. Its investment range spans from $1 million to $10 million, with a sweet spot at $2 -$5 million, covering pre-seed to Series A and beyond.

In addition to capital, Project A offers operational support through their team of 120 in-house experts, covering areas such as product development, growth strategies, data analysis, and human resources. Since 2012, Project A has invested in over 100 companies, supporting them from inception to Series A, regardless of their stage of product development. 


Demium is a Talent VC headquartered in Valencia, Spain, which means that they are focused on investing in exceptional individuals, with or without a fully formed idea, team, or product. Demium seeks out innovative startups across various sectors.

Leveraging long-term economic cycles, they aim to capitalize on decade-long opportunities. Their funds include the Think Bigger Fund I, a €50 million fund, designed to invest in over 75 early-stage startups annually, and the Demium Follow-on I & Follow-on II, €10 million funds aimed at supporting startups in later stages from their portfolio.


Northzone is a multi-stage venture capital fund committed to supporting founders who embrace challenges head-on, from Seed to Growth stages. In the Seed phase, where groundbreaking ideas meet ambition, Northzone provides guidance and resources to help founders realize their vision. As companies progress to Series A & B, Northzone looks for strong founding teams and viable products targeting substantial market opportunities, supporting scaling efforts, or global expansion. Following their €1 billion fundraise in 2022, Northzone now participates in later funding rounds as well, offering checks ranging from €1 million to €40 million. 

Almi Invest

Almi Invest is one of Sweden's most active early-stage investors, offering capital and support to startups in their initial phases. Almi provides financing through loans and its Verification Fund, supporting small and medium-sized enterprises.

Managing approximately €3.1 billion (SEK 3.5 billion), Almi Invest has backed around 900 startups. As a state-owned entity, Almi Invest acts as a conduit to private capital, fostering a robust venture capital market nationwide. Its investment areas encompass diverse fields from software and healthcare to renewable energy and industrial equipment, in sectors such as tech, life science, climate tech and green tech. 


Frontline is a venture capital firm headquartered in Dublin, specializing in globally ambitious B2B companies on both sides of the Atlantic. With a focus on expansion, it supports B2B SaaS companies with international aspirations, whether at an early stage targeting the US or at a later stage eyeing the potential of Europe.

Frontline’s pre-seed and seed fund caters to early-stage businesses seeking global reach, providing support for challengers across tech, computer science, and engineering domains. Drawing from their entrepreneurial experience, the fund assists founders in navigating the complexities of international markets, offering insights and operational networks to facilitate growth and scale.

Foundation FIT 

Established in 1994, the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) supports entrepreneurship and innovation in Western Switzerland. FIT provides financial assistance to startups at various stages, focusing on seed and growth phases. Their programs cover sectors such as energy & environment, information & digital technologies, life sciences & health, precision industries, nutrition & agri-food, and social impact.

Their programs include: FIT Tech which aids high-tech startups, FIT Digital that supports digital ventures, and FIT Food & Hospitality Vertical targeting projects in nutrition and hospitality. Additionally, FIT Impact assists projects with significant social and environmental impacts. In 2023, FIT supported 44 projects totaling over €5 million(CHF 4.85 million).

Cherry VC

Cherry VC, a Germany-based seed-stage venture fund, serves as a dedicated ally to European founders. Operating in pre-seed and seed stages, the fund engages with founding teams early in their journey, often before product or revenue clarity. With a broad interest in all industries across Europe, their initial investments range from €300,000 to €3 million.. Beyond funding, the fund's specialists and network experts actively support startups in critical areas such as tech hires, strategic decisions, and communications. The focus remains on building connections and creating an environment where founders can thrive.

Picus Capital

Picus Capital, based in Munich and active in over 20 countries, is an early-stage technology investment firm that focuses on financial services, HR, energy & climate, healthcare, logistics & mobility, real estate & construction, crypto & web3, deeptech, and e-commerce.

Picus invests in pre-seed, seed, and series A ventures. In the pre-seed vertical, the fund serves as a lifelong sparring partner for entrepreneurs. For seed & series A investing, its value proposition also extends beyond capital commitments — Picus Capital leverages industry and functional expertise, network access, and HR support to propel their ventures to the next level. 


Hiventures is a VC fund based in Budapest that serves as a funding partner for Hungarian companies across various developmental phases, from idea conception to large enterprises. It runs a variety of specialized programs: the pre-seed investment program, offering capital between €50,000–€200,000, targets innovative startups with international scalability and no more than 5 years of operation.

The seed investment program, with capital ranging from €200,000-€650,000 is designed for startups with a finished prototype, proof of market validation, and revenue. The growth investment program, with capital available from €650,000-€2.5 million, caters to companies aiming for international markets, having completed local market validation and planning regional and global scaling, along with team expansion.

Target Global

Target Global operates as a pan-European technology investment firm, focusing on supporting entrepreneurs in the technology sector. With over €3 billion in assets under management, the firm has a global presence, including offices in Berlin, London, Tel Aviv, and Barcelona.

Target Global invests across different stages of a company's lifecycle, from pre-seed to pre-IPO, and covers industries such as edtech, fintech, healthtech, proptech, business software, and mobility. The experienced team of investors, many with backgrounds as founders and operators, collaborates with entrepreneurs to build companies targeting substantial market opportunities.

EIT InnoEnergy 

EIT InnoEnergy is an EU initiative created in the sustainable energy sector, with the goal of decarbonizing Europe by 2050 and empowering entrepreneurs dedicated to a sustainable future. As part of its initiatives, InnoEnergy actively seeks out early-stage startups and scale-ups in the cleantech industry that have a proven prototype or proof of concept for an innovative energy product. InnoEnergy offers comprehensive support to these companies, encompassing various areas. In the realm of product and market, InnoEnergy provides assistance by analyzing competitors, offering enhancements and development support, facilitating pilots, and granting access to R&D infrastructure. 


Rockstart is a venture capital fund that specializes in supporting early-stage purpose-driven founders. With a global network and offices in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Bogotá, Rockstart empowers founders to drive positive change on a global scale. The fund provides investment and comprehensive support, guiding founders from the early stages to series B. This support includes assistance with planning, strategizing, and fundraising, as well as valuable connections to relevant experts and mentors. Rockstart specializes in three investment themes: energy, agrifood, and emerging technology. 

Octopus Ventures

Octopus Ventures is a pan-European investor with a strong presence in the UK and US and a global approach to investing. Its thematic areas encompass B2B software, bio, climate, consumer, deeptech, fintech, health, and people + talent.

Octopus Ventures engages across pre-seed, seed, Series A, and beyond stages. Their pre-seed investments can begin even before product development, with an average investment of £100,000. They also provide seed funding, Series A, and beyond, typically starting at £1 million.

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