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19 July 2023·24 min read

Katarzyna Groszkowska

Editor, Vestbee

Top European VC Funds Investing In Climate Tech

In recent years, the European climate tech sector has experienced rapid growth, with more and more deep tech startups emerging to address global challenges. This surge is driven by the urgent need to combat the effects of the climate crisis, including rising temperatures and their catastrophic risks to ecosystems, such as sea-level rise, melting glaciers, and intensifying natural disasters. As highlighted by the Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), these environmental impacts disproportionately affect marginalized and vulnerable communities and pose a significant threat to global GDP and economic growth. Consequently, both the public and private sectors must take decisive action to adapt to new environmental challenges and mitigate their negative impacts. 

The European Green Deal, introduced in 2019, sets ambitious climate targets for the EU, including carbon neutrality by 2050. Complementary initiatives like the Fit for 55 package and the provisions of the REPowerEU project further aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, decrease reliance on Russian gas, and promote clean and affordable energy. What is more, there is also a lot of funding available for climate-related projects which even further enhances European climate entrepreneurship. With these legislative pressures, new financing prospects, and increasing societal awareness, Europe has emerged as a fertile ground for climate tech solutions. In fact, the climate tech vertical has become one of the fastest-growing sectors in Europe, second only to fintech. 

As a result, a lot of highly specialized VC funds entered the European VC ecosystem with the aim to seek out impactful startups dedicated to clean energy, decarbonization, sustainable food production, mobility, and circular economy solutions. What’s more, even generalist and sector-agnostic venture capitalists recognize the financial returns associated with the climate-positive performance of startups,  resulting in the emergence of specific climate-dedicated funds and increased investments in impact-led companies. According to Dealroom, climate tech investments grew by 7x in 2021 in comparison to the year prior, reaching a record-breaking $13.2 billion in 2022.

The integration of advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, and advanced sensors, further enhances the economic viability of climate solutions. Increased political support and consumer demand for climate responsibility created a favorable environment for climate entrepreneurship, as Europeans are willing to pay a premium for sustainability and follow their convictions with their spending. Projections from Dealroom indicate that as much as 22% of total European funding in 2023 will be allocated to climate tech solutions.

In this article, we explore the top European VC funds that invest in climate tech, showcasing their commitment to driving positive change and paving the way for a more sustainable future.

For a comprehensive list of European VC Funds visit Vestbee’s VC List. 

EIT InnoEnergy 

EIT InnoEnergy is an EU initiative created with the goal of decarbonizing Europe by 2050 and empowering entrepreneurs dedicated to a sustainable future. As part of its initiatives, InnoEnergy actively seeks out startups and scaleups in the cleantech industry that have a proven prototype or proof of concept for an innovative energy product. InnoEnergy offers comprehensive support to these companies, encompassing various areas. In the realm of product and market, InnoEnergy provides assistance by analyzing competitors, offering enhancements and development support, facilitating pilots, and granting access to R&D infrastructure. They also assist with crucial aspects such as creating a business plan, developing commercialization strategies, and identifying initial customers. Additionally, InnoEnergy extends its support to the people-side of the business and financial aspects. This includes introductions to pre-seed and seed funding opportunities, venture capitalists, business angels, and public funding sources.

Impact Ventures

Hungarian Impact Ventures is a specialized fund that focuses on Impact Investments in social SMEs in Hungary and Europe. They manage two social impact funds, aiming to generate both financial returns and positive impacts in areas like social inclusion, education, employment, health, and environmental sustainability. The selected startups in their portfolio integrate this impact into their scalable business model, with clear and systematic measurements. Beyond capital injection, Impact Ventures provides integrated support, leveraging their know-how, network, and operational experience. The fund seeks early-stage or growth startups, offering investment tickets ranging from 0.3 to 2 million EUR or 100,000 to 300,000 EUR (depending on the fund), with potential follow-on investments.

Norrsken VC

Norrsken VC is a subsidiary of Norrsken, a non-profit impact ecosystem that connects founders with the necessary capital, knowledge, and network to transform their passion for saving the world into a successful business. They focus on supporting ventures that build profitable businesses while addressing the world's most pressing challenges, driving measurable and meaningful impact on the environment and society. Their primary focus is on seed or series A tech companies that develop scalable software, hardware, or other solutions aligned with at least one UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), primarily operating within Europe. To date, Norrsken VC has invested across all 17 UN SDGs. 


Rockstart is a venture capital fund that specializes in supporting purpose-driven founders who have groundbreaking visions for a regenerative and sustainable future. With a global network and offices in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Bogotá, Rockstart empowers founders to drive positive change on a global scale. The fund provides investment and comprehensive support, guiding founders from the early stages to series B. This support includes assistance with planning, strategizing, and fundraising, as well as valuable connections to relevant experts and mentors. Rockstart specializes in three investment themes: Energy, AgriFood, and Emerging Technology. 

Planet A Ventures 

Planet A is a venture capital fund committed to fostering a sustainable future by supporting visionary founders tackling the world's most pressing environmental challenges. Anchored by the belief that today's investment decisions shape tomorrow's economy, Planet A provides financial backing and mentorship to bold entrepreneurs striving to create a positive ecological impact. Adopting a science-meets-business approach, the fund collaborates closely with scientists and entrepreneurs to evaluate the ecological innovation potential of startups. Only companies demonstrating significant positive effects in climate mitigation, resource savings, biodiversity protection, or waste reduction are considered for investment. Planet A goes beyond financial support and actively assists portfolio companies in their development and success. It sets impact key performance indicators (KPIs) and ties carried interest to achieving these impact objectives. By normalizing scientific impact investing, Planet A aims to build a regenerative economy and accelerate the transition to a sustainable future.

World Fund 

World Fund is one of Europe's leading climate-focused venture capital firms, established with the goal of decarbonizing the global economy. Their mission is to support entrepreneurs who are developing climate tech solutions that contribute to a regenerative world. They provide initial investments of at least €1 million to companies in the seed to Series B stages, led by experienced teams that have the capability to transform innovative ideas into actionable solutions. As an impact-driven company, World Fund exclusively backs technologies with scalable business models and substantial potential for emissions reduction. Their focus spans sectors such as energy, food & agriculture, manufacturing, buildings, and transportation, with the aim of contributing to a reduction of up to 100 million metric tons of CO2e emissions annually.


Lightrock is a global impact tech venture capital firm headquartered in London. They invest in scalable, technology-driven companies aligned with three key impact themes: people, planet, and productivity. Their mission is to collaborate with ambitious entrepreneurs, extending value beyond financial returns to benefit humanity. In the climate tech sector, they focus on Renewables & Circular Economy Transition, Sustainable Food & Agriculture, and Smart Mobility & Transportation. Lightrock provides comprehensive support in strategy, impact, capability development, and fundraising, leveraging their network of experts and advisors to benefit their portfolio companies.


Demeter is a prominent player in European venture capital, private equity, and infrastructure, with a strong commitment to funding a sustainable future and building a healthier planet, specifically through investments in green energy and ecological transition. The company focuses on thematic areas of innovation, including smart cities, sustainable agriculture, eco-innovation, the ecological transition of cities, industries, energies, and infrastructures, as well as renewable energies and eco-mobility. With offices in France, Spain, and Germany, Demeter manages a range of funds from €1m to €30m, providing support to companies in the sector throughout their growth stages. This includes innovative startups, small and mid-cap companies, as well as infrastructure projects. Since 2005, Demeter has been dedicated to responsible investing, adhering to the Principle for Responsible Investment (PRI). They actively promote gender diversity and equality, incorporating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics into their investment decision-making.

Bethnal Green Ventures

Bethnal Green Ventures  (BGV) is an English impact fund supporting so-called Tech For Good startups. When investing they see impact from a wide angle - not only focusing on the wellbeing of the planet but also a better society and healthy lives. Resource efficiency and circular economy, responsible consumption and production, sustainable agriculture, transportation and infrastructure are among the climate-friendly solutions they seek. They deploy their resources, expertise, and excellent track record to support ambitious founders using technology to radically improve millions of lives. They have a systemically regulated investing process that starts with a 3-month long Tech For Good Programme, helping early-stage ventures launch, and offering a £30k investment for 7% equity and three months of intensive learning. Founders who have completed the program can expect further support, in the next growth stages with perks such as monthly check-ins, fundraising workshops, investor mentoring, and access to the BGV platform full of guides and resources. The most promising ventures can secure follow-on investments from pre-seed to Series A. 


Nysnø is a Norway-based climate investment company that actively seeks fast-growing companies with a clear plan to develop solutions addressing climate change. It supports companies from Norway and beyond, providing assistance throughout all stages of development, with a particular focus on the growth phase, scale-up, and commercialization. The investment process primarily considers the startup's impact on the climate, specifically its contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the development of new technologies. Additionally, high growth potential and long-term profitability are important criteria. Nysnø focuses on sectors such as Energy, Transport, Infrastructure, Buildings, Industrial processes, and Food production, with specific interest in areas like energy management and storage, energy efficiency, battery technology, digitalized and integrated energy systems, carbon capture, use and storage, as well as recycling and energy-efficient materials. 

PFR Green Hub 

PFR Ventures invested €55M in four green venture capital and growth equity funds, PFR Green Hub is one of them. This strategic program of the Polish Development Fund, aims to support the energy transition in Poland through investments in renewable energy projects under market conditions, without crowding out private capital. Their commitment lies in integrating institutions, local governments, and energy market companies, working together to develop the Polish value chain and improve the quality of life for Poles. The Green Hub offers direct investments for companies and institutions seeking a co-financing partner for renewable energy projects. Venture capital funds are also welcome to collaborate with this initiative, enhancing the scale, number, and size of their ongoing investments in renewable energy. The long-term goal of the Green Hub is to establish a green innovation system that invites innovators and clean tech start-ups to expand their knowledge, forge business relationships, and benefit from expert support.

Contrarian Ventures 

Contrarian Ventures, headquartered in Vilnius, is a venture capital fund that provides backing to entrepreneurs addressing the climate crisis. Their primary mission is to harness technological solutions to achieve a net-zero carbon footprint. In addition to financing, the fund takes a process-driven approach to support climate tech founders in their operations, business development, and more. They emphasize the importance of community and investor networks, leveraging these resources to assist early-stage and seed startups based in Europe and Israel. Their focus sectors include Energy Storage, Smart Grid, EV Charging, and Energy Efficiency. Contrarian Ventures offers flexible investment sizes, typically starting at around €500k.

Pale Blue Dot

Pale Blue Dot Venture Capital is a climate tech-focused early-stage investment firm. Headquartered in Malmo, Sweden, with a primary focus on Europe and the US, they have raised €180m across two successful funds. Pale Blue Dot actively leads or co-leads seed rounds, investing ticket sizes from €500k to €1.5M. Their investment strategy targets founders developing scalable climate tech solutions in sectors including food, agriculture, mobility, fashion, and others. Embracing diversity and inclusivity, they support leaders from diverse backgrounds in their efforts to build inclusive and diverse companies.

Rubio Impact Ventures 

Rubio Impact Ventures is a leading impact investing firm that specializes in investing in purpose-driven companies that strive to create positive social and environmental impact. Through its innovative approach, the company seeks to identify and support businesses that have the potential to generate significant financial returns while driving positive change. In their latest report, their team provides insights into their investment strategy, portfolio companies, and the impact their investments have had on various communities around the world. They are focused on sustainable and socially responsible investing aligning with its mission to build a better world, one investment at a time.

Sagana Capital

Sagana Capital operates as the venture capital arm of Sagana Company, leveraging the firm's talent and consulting services. The VC fund focuses on impact investing, with a particular emphasis on climate tech, connecting forward-thinking investors with impactful opportunities that promote both human and planetary health. With deep sector expertise, a global perspective, and on-the-ground insights, Sagana Capital develops, builds, and manages personalized portfolios that align outstanding financial returns with positive social and environmental impact. Sagana Capital offers a range of services to its clients. These include investment strategy development, collaborating with clients to define their investment objectives and approach. They also handle investment execution by evaluating opportunities and building bespoke portfolios tailored to client preferences. Additionally, Sagana Capital provides impact management services to ensure that maximum social and environmental impact is achieved through investments.

Aster VC

Aster VC is a Climate Tech venture capital firm with two decades of experience in hard-to-abate industries. They leverage deep industry expertise to accelerate the vision of their founders, providing immediate access to mentorship and a global network. Committed to supporting mission-driven founders, Aster VC actively invests in innovative startups aiming to create positive impact. They focus on sectors such as energy, logistics, mobility, manufacturing, buildings, chemicals, and agriculture. With a strong network in Europe, North America, and Africa, they primarily invest in early-stage companies, from seed to Series B, concentrating their efforts in Europe, the US, and Israel.

European Circular Bioeconomy Fund

ECBF Venture Capital Fund is a pioneering impact fund that focuses on driving the transition towards a sustainable future, with a specific emphasis on the circular economy and bioeconomy. With a strong commitment to aligning the economy with nature, ECBF aims to support the achievement of the European Green Deal objectives, which strive for a climate-neutral Europe by 2050. The fund primarily targets growth-stage startups headquartered in EU member states, looking for companies that show promising signs of traction, exceptional potential for innovation, favorable returns, and a sustainable impact.

ECBF offers investment tickets ranging from €2.5 million to €10 million. The fund focuses on various key industry sectors, including agriculture and food, forestry, industrial biotech, bio-based chemicals and materials, packaging, personal and home care, construction, textiles, and more. Additionally, ECBF recognizes the importance of the blue economy, which encompasses sustainable economic activities related to oceans and marine resources.


Aenu is a venture capital fund that focuses on climate tech, providing value-additive capital to entrepreneurs who address the climate crisis and contribute to advancing social equality. With a mission to drive systemic transformation towards impact, accessibility, and stakeholder alignment, Aenu strives to make all their investment decisions aligned with Article 9 SFDR. The fund primarily focuses on early-stage climate tech companies based in Europe, with a special interest in deep-tech moonshots and other enabling technologies such as Saas, mobility or fintech. Their investments are driven by intentional, measurable metrics such as net positive climate or social impact, with CO2 saved or avoided as core criteria. Aenu actively supports the value-creation of its portfolio companies through its expertise in entrepreneurial activities, impact knowledge, B2B market access, and capital formation.


Satgana is a next-generation Climate Tech Venture Capital firm that is dedicated to investing in the future of Earth. Their mission is to use the power of business to drive positive change by supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs committed to creating a more sustainable, equitable, and regenerative future. Satgana recognizes the urgent need to address the climate and ecological crisis and invests in technology solutions across key themes, including Transportation, Energy, Food & Agriculture, Industry & Buildings, Carbon Removal, and Circular Economy. Satgana prioritizes empowering founders in Europe and Africa, providing early-stage capital for pre-seed and seed-stage Climate Tech start-ups. Their investment tickets range from €30k to €300k. Beyond capital, Satgana offers hands-on support in impact management, technology, and fundraising. 


Faber is an early-stage tech VC firm based in Lisbon, specializing in investment areas such as Climate and Ocean Tech. Their investment thesis revolves around the belief that deep tech serves as a crucial accelerator of innovation, with the potential to make a significant positive impact on ocean sustainability, climate action, and the decarbonization of the global economy. They actively seek out the next generation of mission-driven entrepreneurs, often referred to as "blue pioneers," who are developing innovative solutions in climate/ocean technology. These solutions encompass a wide range of sectors, including blue biotech, food and feed sourced from the ocean, ocean health, earth intelligence, and the decarbonization of various industries. By supporting these visionary entrepreneurs, Faber aims to drive meaningful change and foster global ambition in the realm of climate and ocean tech.

Greentech OXO Ventures   

Greentech OXO Ventures is a venture capital fund, headquartered in Budapest and Rotterdam that focuses on climate tech, sustainability, energy efficiency, and environmental objectives. As a dedicated investment vehicle of OXO Technologies Holding, the fund targets purpose-driven innovations and innovative businesses primarily in the European market. With a multi-stage investment approach, Greentech OXO Ventures supports breakthrough innovations at early stages and facilitates global market expansion for portfolio companies. The fund benefits from a wide network of private and institutional investors within OXO Technologies Holding, providing portfolio companies with access to potential co-investors from diverse industries. Greentech OXO Ventures specifically seeks innovative companies involved in green technology sectors such as agritech, cleantech, energy transition, energy efficiency, and circular economy. The fund offers flexible investment sizes, ranging from €500,000 in different investment phases to larger investments between €1.5 million and €5 million. 

Extantia Fund 

Extantia is a Berlin-based venture capital fund dedicated to supporting the transition to a net-zero future and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. They fight climate change by supporting determined entrepreneurs who firmly believe in the power of green growth and offer bold, innovative solutions. The team behind Extantia consists of accomplished investors, successful startup founders, climate scientists, and policy experts who value both financial profit and environmental impact. They see decarbonization as the most significant business opportunity since the internet revolution. Extantia operates through two investment strategies: Extantia Flagship, which supports scalable deep decarbonization tech companies, and Extantia Allstar, a fund of funds that brings together climate fund managers to share knowledge, best practices, and enhance deal flow. Additionally, Extantia has recently introduced a new initiative called Extantia Ignite, which serves as a sustainability hub. Extantia Ignite brings together scientists, ESG and sustainability experts to create transparency and develop science-based guidelines for the climate innovation ecosystem, fostering collaboration and accelerating the development of sustainable solutions.

Übermorgen Ventures  

Übermorgen Ventures is an early-stage VC firm investing in climate tech startups. They have a clear mission to address climate change by investing in early-stage companies developing innovative technologies and business models. They prioritize areas such as Sustainable Agri & Food Tech, Clean Energy & Power, Green Transportation & Mobility, Advanced Manufacturing & Resource Efficiency, and Carbon Capture, Storage & Utilization.The fund aims for double-impact, deploying patient capital to maximize both business success and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, seeking ventures that view climate change as an opportunity for above-market financial returns.


4Impact VC is a VC fund based in The Hague, Holland, that has a mission to invest in a better future. They back tech4good ventures, contributing to a positive change through ambitious founders, that develop solutions that not only accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable world but also deliver great financial results. Their number one priority is to choose ventures which align their mission with SDG goals, especially if they contribute to the environment, as well as to inclusive society, health & well-being. When investing, they look for measurable and intentional impact, delivered by profitable Seed or Series A companies, with diverse and experienced teams. 

SET Ventures  

SET Ventures is a prominent independent venture capital investor in Europe, specializing in supporting ventures that develop sustainable energy solutions for a carbon-free energy system. They have established a robust operational framework that guides their selection process, recognizing the importance of innovative business models in the clean tech sector. SET Ventures primarily targets fast-growing, late-seed to Series A companies operating in Europe, with a particular concentration in the North West region, including the Netherlands, the UK, and DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). They seek companies that have already demonstrated market traction and typically invest amounts ranging from €2 to 4 million in funding rounds that span from €3 to 10 million. SET Ventures actively supports ventures that leverage digital technologies and data to harness the full potential of ongoing systemic transformations in responsible energy management, generation, distribution, and utilization.

Nucleus Capital   

Nucleus Capital is a venture capital firm that provides crucial funding to purpose-driven entrepreneurs dedicated to addressing systemic challenges to planetary health. With a strong belief in the power of entrepreneurial innovation, the firm actively supports founders at the core of their journey, providing investments primarily at the pre-seed and seed stages. Nucleus Capital partners with mission-driven teams that possess extensive domain expertise, unwavering ambition, and innovative ideas. As thesis-driven investors, they concentrate their efforts on three key sectors: Programming Biology, which explores the intersection of biology and technology; Food Technology, which focuses on innovative solutions in the food industry; and Industry Decarbonization, which aims to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable practices in various industries. By emphasizing these areas, Nucleus Capital fosters and accelerates climate tech solutions that contribute to a sustainable future.


Climate VC  

Climate VC is a UK-based EIS fund and Syndicate that specializes in funding early-stage startups driving significant decarbonization efforts. With a goal of investing in over 100 climate tech companies within the next 3 years, Climate VC operates across pre-seed and seed stages. Their investment focus spans diverse sectors including food production, transportation, electricity generation, and manufacturing. They tailor their investment amounts, ranging from £25k to £350k per deal, to suit specific opportunities. By fostering decarbonization in these sectors, Climate VC aims to address the urgent climate crisis.

Planet First Partners  

Planet First Partners is a Luxembourg-based growth equity investment platform that focuses on disruptive solutions aligned with their core themes: "better for people" and "better for the planet." Their mission is to scale tech-enabled businesses that combine a purpose-driven mission, profitable growth, and a people-centric culture. They primarily target companies operating in industries such as Energy, Farm to Fork, Green Cities, and Industry 4.0. The companies they invest in have already demonstrated a proven product or service and have an established consumer base. Planet First Partners typically provides capital at funding rounds above Series A, with investment tickets ranging from €10m to €30m. Their goal is to generate above-average financial performance by exclusively investing in companies that have a large-scale impact on the EU's environmental objectives.

Additionally, Planet First Partners collaborates with a diverse ecosystem of other VC funds, startups, innovators, and media partners. Together, they foster innovation and collectively strive towards the vision of a healthier life on a healthier planet.

Systemiq Capital 

Systemiq Capital is dedicated to supporting world-class climate tech entrepreneurs, focusing on companies in the late seed to Series A and B funding rounds. They provide not only financial resources but also unmatched climate knowledge and a valuable network to founders. Their investments aim to generate both profit and positive impact on climate and biodiversity, contributing to the transition towards a net-zero Earth. Systemiq Capital's thematic areas of interest include sustainable food and materials, clean transport, climate intelligence and finance, and climate restoration

DeepTech & Climate Fonds (DTCF) 

The Deep Tech Climate Fund (DTCF) is a newly-launched €1bn fund designed to support growth-stage climate tech companies that utilize deep tech solutions to address climate change and other environmental and social challenges. The fund's primary focus is on Europe, with a specific emphasis on Germany. It adopts a long-term investment horizon and offers a maximum investment cap of EUR 30 million per company. The fund’s aim is to serve as a strategic partner for deep-tech and climate-tech companies with longer development cycles and high financial requirements. As a strategic partner, the fund provides not only financial support but also mentorship, access to an extensive network of resources, and expertise. It facilitates these companies' journey to capital market readiness, offering them growth perspectives in Germany and Europe. In addition, DTCF assists companies considering an initial public offering (IPO) and provides financing for "buy & build" strategies. Moreover, the fund creates exit opportunities for existing shareholders. DTCF's investment sectors span a wide range, from traditional deep-tech areas such as Industry 4.0/IoT, robotics, AI, and quantum computing to emerging sectors like digital health, new energy, fintech, and smart cities.

Planet Fund  

Planet Fund is a venture capital fund that focuses on climate tech, aiming to address the pressing environmental crises of our time. The fund invests in early-stage companies that are developing technologies capable of driving circular, regenerative, and resilient system change across various planetary systems. As part of Europe's leading technology ecosystem, the Founders Forum Group, Planet Fund offers an unparalleled network to its portfolio companies, as well as access to a global team of like-minded entrepreneurs. The fund also collaborates with portfolio companies to establish scientifically rigorous processes for measuring the environmental impact of their technologies and encourages them to share their progress with the world. Planet Fund has the capacity to invest up to £1.5 million in any pre-Series A round, with a possibility for follow-on rounds, primarily focused on Series A and B, with occasional exceptions.

Firstime Ventures  

Firstime Ventures is a venture capital fund focused on climate tech, investing in companies that are driving a sustainable and accessible future. Recognizing the significant challenges our planet faces due to climate change, Firstime Ventures seeks founders who are addressing urgent global challenges. This includes achieving net-zero carbon goals, implementing precision agriculture tools, and creating accessible digital health solutions. Firstime Ventures focuses on sectors such as AI for Renewable Energies, which leverages artificial intelligence in the renewable energy sector; IoT & Data-driven Agriculture, which utilizes the Internet of Things and data-driven approaches in agriculture; Food Security, to ensure a stable and accessible food supply; Clean & Circular Economy, promoting sustainable and circular business models; Net Zero Carbon, driving the transition to a carbon-neutral future; and Affordable & Accessible Digital Health, providing accessible digital health solutions. The fund's goals extend beyond investments. Firstime Ventures aims to attract promising entrepreneurs, support leadership in SDG-focused companies aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and contribute to the global climate tech ecosystem through its expertise, resources, and network.

The funds featured in this article have been selected based on their active investing in the European climate tech sector. 

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