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18 April 2024

Investing beyond the portfolio: how VCs can build a thriving tech ecosystem

In the article, NVIDIA explains why VC involvement is crucial when it comes to supporting broader industry initiatives. It also tells how VCs can shape the trajectory of innovation within a technology sector and enhance the regional competitiveness of an ecosystem.

22 March 2024

AWS Cost Optimization: how startups can save up to 40% on Amazon Web Services

Learn how your startup can use AWS Cost Optimization to reduce your startup’s costs.

01 March 2024

Morgan Stanley Inclusive Ventures Lab opens applications for 2024 Cohort

The Morgan Stanley Inclusive Ventures Lab's 2024 Cohort offers a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights and drive meaningful change in the world of venture capital and entrepreneurship.

26 February 2024

ESOP programs: basic tax aspects

Dive into the fundamental tax considerations inherent in Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) programs.

21 February 2024

The ultimate guide to AWS Credits for startups and how to claim your free credits

Learn everything you need to claim and use AWS credits for startups in 2024.

16 February 2024

AceON launches Spring Accelerator: European idea and pre-seed startups can raise up to €70k

European idea-stage and pre-seed startups are invited to apply to the AceON Spring Accelerator 2024 by March 7.

22 January 2024

Mergers and acquisitions: navigating legal challenges for small to mid-sized companies

Explore the world of the Mergers and Acquisitions and get to know more about navigating legal challenges with this comprehensive guide.

19 January 2024

EIT Digital Champions 2024

The EIT Digital Challenge 2024 is on the lookout for the best European deep-tech scaleups. Are you one of them?

08 December 2023

Legal due diligence and its role in VC investments

Explore the world of the role of legal due diligence in VC investments with this comprehensive guide. Know more about nuanced in making investment decisions based on due dilligence.