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CEE funding rounds April 2024
07 May 2024·4 min read

Konrad Koncerewicz

Head of VC & Startups, Vestbee

Top CEE funding rounds closed in April 2024

Every month, Vestbee compiles a list of the most significant financial rounds closed in Central and Eastern Europe and the broader European region, providing details on each deal. You can find below a list of 12 startups from CEE that received funds during April. 

GA Drilling, €14M  

Location: Slovakia 

Founded in: 2008 

Total funding received: €48.4M 

Recent funding sources: Alfa8, Nabors, Neulogy Ventures, Thomas von Koch, Underground Ventures 

GA Drilling offers technology that is designed to provide scalable and modular solutions for energy production with zero carbon emissions. With the recent €14 million in funding, GA Drilling plans to accelerate commercialization and facilitate the replacement of fossil fuels. 

Apify, €2.8M  

 Location: Czech Republic 

Founded in: 2015 

Total funding received: €3.2M 

Recent funding sources: J&T Ventures, Reflex Capital 

Czech Apify has received €2.8 million in funding to support the growth of its developer community, expand its team, enhance its product, and invest in marketing efforts. The startup creates software for web scraping and automation, allowing users to gather organized data from any website.  

AutoLayer, €2.3M in seed round 

Location: Estonia   

Founded in: 2024   

Total funding received: €2.3M 

Recent funding sources: Black Edge Capital, Dewhales Capital, KuCoin, Morningstar Ventures, Poolz Finance, Spark Digital Capital, 

Harju-based AutoLayer develops a Liquid Restaking Tokens (LRT) app on Arbitrum and the gateway to LRTfi. It offers access to over 800 assets, 400 liquidity pools, 50 farms, and over 100 vaults/strategies. With the fresh capital, the team will focus on AutoLayer L2 to achieve greater integration within the EigenLayer ecosystem.  

Supersimple, €2.1M in pre-seed round 

 Location: Estonia 

Founded in: 2021 

Total funding received: €2.1M  

Recent funding sources: Alvar Lumberg, Indrek Kasela, Mart Kelder, Ott Kaukver, Specialist VC, Tera Ventures, Tiny VC 

Supersimple, an Estonian data-based search tool, develops a platform allowing SaaS teams to analyze complex data using plain English, without coding. The startup has secured a €2.1 million pre-seed round to enhance data search methods and accelerate consumer growth. 

Genezio, €1.9M in pre-seed round 

Location: Romania 

Founded in: 2022 

Total funding received: €1.9M 

Recent funding sources: Gapminder VC, Underline Ventures 

Type-safe serverless platform Genezio has raised €1.9 million from Gapminder Ventures and Underline Ventures. The capital will allow the startup to implement the go-to-market strategy and develop enterprise features. 

10Lines, €1.5M in Series A round 

Location: Estonia 

Founded in: 2019 

Total funding received: €2.3M 

Recent funding sources: Butterfly Ventures, Karista, Mike Oliinyk, Tera Ventures 

Tallinn-based 10Lines offers technical solutions and autonomous parking lot marking robots to boost productivity in the sidewalk marking industry. The startup has secured €1.5 million to further expand in the US and plans to advance the development of its autonomous robots and software. 

ForActive, €1.5M in pre-seed round  

Location: Poland  

Founded in: 2023 

Total funding received: €1.5M 

Recent funding sources: ff Venture Capital, Movens Capital, Konrad Howard, Vital Laptenok 

Polish ForActive develops an app for trouble-free membership payments and communication between sports providers and clients. The startup has secured €1.5 million in a pre-seed round led by ff Venture Capital to expand in the US and further the product's development.  

Collabwriting, €1.1M in seed round 

Location: Serbia 

Founded in: 2021 

Total funding received: €2.4M 

Recent funding sources: Credo Ventures, Fiedler Capital, Fortech Investments, SMOK Ventures, Startup Wise Guys, Underline Ventures, V7 Capital, Xenia Muntean 

Belgrade-based Collabwriting develops a collaborative research platform that aims to make online research efficient and traceable. It has closed a €1.1 million seed funding round to expand its team and work on new AI tools. 

Softloans, €1M in pre-seed round 

Location: Lithuania 

Founded in: 2022 

Total funding received: €1M 

Recent funding sources: FIRSTPICK 

Lithuanian fintech Softloans has secured €1 million in a pre-seed round led by FIRSTPICK. The startup creates a platform that enables revenue-based lending by providing financing tools such as data gathering, analytics, risk assessment, and loan administration.  

InGain, €650k  

Location: Latvia  

Founded in: 2011 

Total funding received: €650k 

Recent funding sources: Fiedler Capital, Latvian Business Angel Network, Trind Ventures 

Fintech startup InGain offers a no-code SaaS loan management system that enables lenders and companies across various sectors to launch and scale lending and financial products. The startup has raised €650,000 to work further on its no-code self-service platform.  

Salesforge, €460k in pre-seed round  

Location: Estonia  

Founded in: 2023 

Total funding received: €460k 

Recent funding sources:, Fiedler Capital, Maciej Zawadzinski, Spring Capital 

Estonian Salesforge is an AI-copilot for sales execution to support small and large sales teams. The startup has raised €460,000 in pre-seed funding to handle the entire pipeline generating process by integrating CRM systems, opening new channels, and developing autonomous capabilities with the aid of this fundraising round. 

Mindclass, €204k in Seed round 

Location: Romania  

Founded in: 2021 

Total funding received: €204k 

Recent funding sources: SFC Capital 

Bucharest-based Mindclass develops an online course platform that facilitates online learning through interactive courses. It allows users to assimilate knowledge at their own pace, benefiting from efficient learning and testing activities.


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