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women in vc and startup ecosystem in cee by vestbee
27 July 2022·15 min read

Aleksandra Wirth


Top 25 Women From VC and Startup Ecosystem In Slovenia

More and more female market players are contributing to the booming development of the VC and startup ecosystem across Central and Eastern Europe. So far we have met the most inspiring women entrepreneurs from countries like Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, and Bulgaria!

This time, let’s discover Slovenia and meet the top 25 women on the Slovenian business scene! 

Nina Dremelj

President, Business Angels of Slovenia & Board Member at daFUND

Nina Dremelj has over 10 years of vast experience in the investment sector, successfully developing the startup and VC ecosystem in Central and Eastern Europe. In the past, she has worked as an Investor at AlpVent AG, a Swiss investment company. Additionally, she worked as a Member Of The Board Of Advisors at Gotoky, and as the CEO of Alita Capita, a Slovenian early-stage VC fund. Since early 2021 she has been assuming the role of Board Member at daFUND, a pan-European early-stage investment firm. What is more, Nina is also the President of Business Angels of Slovenia, an angel investment club connecting startups with investors. 

Tatjana Zabasu Mikuž

Managing Partner, South Central Ventures

Tatjana Zabasy Mikuž is a Slovenian female entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience. She started her career while working at the Ministry of Economy of Slovenia and Deloitte. Later, she held the position of Member of the Management Board at Shout. In 2007 Tatjana began working as a Partner at RSG Capital, a Slovenian venture capital management company, focusing on early-stage companies from CEE with high growth potential. Moreover, since 2015 she has been a Managing Partner at South Central Ventures, a Serbian venture capital firm, investing in tech startups from South-Central Europe. 

Maja Križan

Investment Manager at Alita Capital

Maja Križan has vast managerial experience. In the past, she worked as a Project Manager in Retail at Petrol d.d., a Slovenian energy company. Additionally, she was the Head of B2B Online Sales at Gambit trade and Assistant Procurement Manager at Pekarna Pečjak. Currently, Maja is an Investment Manager at Business Angels of Slovenia, a business angel network, focusing on supporting regional startups. What is more, since 2021, she has been assuming the position of Investment Manager at Alita Capital, an early-stage startup investment company. 

Sabina Gros

Managing Director BPT, angel investor

Sabina Gros has graduated from the faculty of Law in Lubljana and from the faculty of Economics at the University of Lubljana. In the past she worked as a Trainee at the District Court in Kranj, Legal Advisor and Lawyer at legal offices, and a Senior Advisor in the judiciary at District State Prosecutor's Office in Kranj. Since 2019 she has been working as a Managing Director at BPT, a company producing green energy and focusing on supporting startups. Additionally, Sabina is an angel investor and a Board Member at Business Angels of Slovenia.

Mateja Lavrič

Managing Director at Kolektor Ventures

Mateja Lavrič is passionate about open innovations and strong entrepreneurship. In the past, she worked as a Project Manager in Logistics and as a Logistics Manager at Kolektor Sikom, a global supply company. Additionally, Mateja assumed the role of Logistic Manager at Kolektor Liv and Kolektor ATP. Since 2016 she has been holding the position of Managing Director at Kolektor Ventures, a corporate venture capital fund, that aims at early-stage companies focusing on the industrial segment of innovation.

Urška Sršen

Co- founder & CCO, Bellabeat

Urška Sršen is an experienced artist and female entrepreneur whose heart beats for new innovations. It is not surprising that she is a Co-founder and CCO of Bellabeat, a fem-tech business, targeting a global health-conscious community. The company is not only providing healthcare services for women, but also is developing technology that easily tracks their overall health, and aids in achieving a mind and body connection throughout different stages in life. For her huge contribution to the development of the startup ecosystem in Europe, Urška Sršen was listed on the 30 under 30 Europe by Forbes

Jasna Suhadolc

Founder, Actuado

Jasna Suhadolc has vast expertise in digital marketing and she is passionate about new technology and communication. In the past, she assumed the role of President at IABC Slovenia, a not-for-profit membership association for business communications professionals. Additionally, Jasna worked at DMS

(Društvo za marketing Slovenije) and IABC. Since 2012 she has been a Managing Director at Actuado, an international inbound marketing agency. Moreover, Jasna is the author of the book called “New Opportunities in E-communication”.

Nika Kristina Butina

Co-founder & CEO of Epidemic

Nika Kristina Butina has graduated from Aston University and the University of Lubljana. Soon after graduating, she began her career, working as a Marketing Assistant at Generali Investments Slovenia, an asset management company. She also founded and was the CMO of Boomerang media. In 2019 Nika co-founded Epidemic,a marketing platform, providing solutions leveraging peer recommendations about brands’ products. What is more, the company was listed as one of the TOP 10 in this year’s edition of the CEE Startup Challenge by Vestbee!

Kristina Kočet Hudrap & Martina Anderlič 

Tiko Pro

Kristina Kočet Hudrap has a vast experience in project management. In her professional career, she assumed the role of Business Mentor at CEED Slovenia, an organization whose main goal is to empower and connect entrepreneurs, by creating a community and giving them access to mentors, networks, and needed knowledge. Additionally, she is a Board Member at SBC - Slovenian Business Club. Currently, together with Martina Anderlic, Kristina is involved in developing the Tiko Pro.

Martina Anderlič is currently assuming the role of CEO at Tiko Pro, a consulting firm providing assistance to companies and organizations in obtaining financial support from the European Union. Moreover, from 2004 to 2009 she was involved in the ŠOUM, a The Student Organisation of the University of Maribor.

Vesna Mardonovic

Founder, Business Genome

Vesna Mardonovic has graduated from the University of Ljubljana and from the London School of Executive Coaching. Soon after that, she began her professional career, during which she worked for multiple companies such as GSK, A1 Slovenija d.d., Omnicom Media Group UK, and UNICEF. Additionally, Vesna has been working as the President of Effie Slovenia. In 2020 she founded Business Genome, a culture decode and design consultancy company dedicated to building corporates’ DNA and values. 

Tatjana Marcac Grahek

Private Advisor, Investor

Tatjana Marcac Grahek has over 25 years of business development experience in the life science and biotechnology industries. She graduated from the University of Lubljana and in 1996 she started working at Kemomed, a science distributor company and provider of biotechnology solutions, where Tatjana assumed the CEO role. Since 2021 she is a Private Investor and Advisor, looking to support promising startups and SMEs in taking their next steps. Additionally, Tatjana is a Member of the Slovenian Business Angels, an angel investment club that connects local startups with angel investors and VC funds. 

Teja Bajt

Founder & CEO at Innobox STEM toy

Teja Bajt is the promotor of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), so it is not a surprise that she has dedicated her career to explaining difficult STEM processes, and performing cancer research in not only Slovenia, but also in Italy, and the United Kingdom. In 2016 Teja has started her own business,  GoINNO Institute, a non-profit private organization dedicated to STEM outreach and education. Additionally, in 2020 Teja founded and is holding a CEO position at Innobox STEM toy, a provider of materials and video instructions for children to perform STEM experiments and projects at home. This year, in June, the startup was awarded the Slovenian Start-up of the year 2022. 

Nina Šterk

Co-founder & Head of Finance and Accounting, GenePlanet

Nina Šterk has graduated from the faculty of Economics at the University of Lubljana. In the past, she worked as a Financial Trainee and Advisor. In 2008 Nina has co-founded the GenePlanet, a provider in the field of genetic testing, developing clinical genetic tests that help medical professionals with their therapeutic procedures. Currently, she is a Founding Member and Head of Finance and Accounting. 

Tanja Kožuh

startup mentor, CEO at Technology Park

Tanja Kožuh has several years of experience in the team and project management and marketing sector. In the past, she co-founded the Marketing Club at the University of Maribor. Additionally, Tanja co-founded  Leo Klub Vogrsko and was a Marketing Manager at ICIT. In 2008 she started her career at Technology Park, where Tanja initially assumed the Marketing Director role and currently holds the position of CEO. Technology Park is a company the main goal is to promote the establishment, operation, and growth of technologically-advanced companies offering high market potential.

Urška Jež

CEO at Lighthouse Transformation, CEO of Techhouse Accelerator

Urška Jež is a very talented Slovenian female market player with an engineering background. She speaks eight languages and was gathering her vast entrepreneurial experience not only in Slovenia but also in Greece, Serbia, Hungary, Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. In the past, she co-founded and held a Managing Director position at the ABC Accelerator Lubljana, which programs support startups with global aspirations. Additionally, Urška worked as a Deputy Manager at EUvsVirus and Senior Consultant, and Partner at Enterprise Development Group. Since 2021 she has been connected with Techhouse, an accelerator aiming to help develop the best high-tech solutions. What is more, Urška is a Founder and CEO of Lighthouse Transformation, an organization helping companies to grow and develop, thanks to providing support and educational help in the form of on-location and online hackathons.

Ana Anžej

Managing Director at SAŠA inkubator

Ana Anžej has vast project management experience. For several years she helped organize Future X, an international conference where startups connect with corporations in the field of industry 4.0, where Ana assumed the role of an Event Manager. Since 2014 she is also connected with SAŠA Incubator, where at first she worked as a Project Manager and PR and currently is holding the position of Director. SAŠA Inkubator focuses on regional startups, aiming at building a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Savinjsko-Šaleška region.

Jerneja Loncar

Board Director, Investor Representative at Surrey NanoSystems 

Although Jerneja Loncar is currently based in London, she has graduated from the University of Lubljana and spent several years in Slovenia. In the past, she worked in multiple companies, including BDO, Goldman Sachs, and General Motors. Additionally, in 2017 she founded Good Tech Ventures, supporting tech startups. Soon after that she assumed the role of Advisor at ReCatalyst and held the position of Independent Board Director at Dancer bus. Currently, Jerneja is a Board Director and Investor Representative at Surrey NanoSystems, developer and producer of the black coating brand Vantablack.

Maja Voje

Founder, Growth Lab

Maja Voje has been present on the Slovenian business scene for over 10 years, gathering her vast expertise, especially in the growth marketing and digital transformation sectors. She worked for companies such as Delo, Google, Rocket Internet SE, and Dext. Additionally, she was holding a CMO position at OriginTrail, a company developing a purpose-built protocol for supply chains based on blockchain. Currently, Maja is a Founder of Growth Lab, which mission is to help companies grow and expand thanks to specially designed educational workshops and training. 

Ana Struna Bregar

CEO, CER - Sustainable Business Network Slovenia

Ana Struna Bregar has graduated from the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture, but in last years she gained additional certificates at the University of Cambridge about Business Sustainability Management. She is passionate about sustainability so it is not a surprise that she dedicated her professional life to this matter. In the past, she used to work as an Architect, as well as a Senior Adviser at the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning in Slovenia, and as Head of the House of Architecture by the Chamber of Architecture in Slovenia. Additionally, Ana was the Founder and director of Open House Slovenia, an architectural festival and online platform for sustainable Slovenian architecture. Currently, she is a CEO at CER - Sustainable Business Network Slovenia, an organization creating a network of companies, that are accelerating sustainable development and a green circular economy.

Ajša Vodnik

CEO, AmCham Slovenia

After graduating from the University of Lubljana, Ajša Vodnik started working as a Journalist. Soon after that, she became an Executive Director at the American Chamber of Commerce in Slovenia. Since 2017 she has been the CEO of AmCham Slovenia, an organization gathering international business communities in Slovenia, to help in building a better regional business ecosystem. Additionally, Ajša is a Vice-president for AmChams in Europe.

Simona Šega

Managing Partner at DsgnFwd / Design Accelerator

Simona Šega has an extensive experience in the sales sector. In the past, she worked as a Product Marketing Specialist, Head of the Trading Department, and Sales Director. Later on, Simona assumed the role of Managing Director at Offbureau, an online collaboration platform, allowing its users not only to easily communicate but also to manage documents. Since 2013 she has been a Managing Director at DsgnFwd / Design Accelerator, an acceleration program for startups, providing seed funding, business support, and brand design. 

Lucia Lučka Klanšek

Founder & President, LLK Business Consulting

Lucia Lučka Klanšek is living between the United States and Slovenia. She is a long-time entrepreneur with huge founding and executive experience. Lucia has graduated from multiple universities, including Harvard Business School and Stanford University. Among others, she has co-founded companies like Nektar, Easy4Busy, and Slovenia 4 You Foundation, which focuses on building stronger business ties between the US and Slovenia. Additionally, she was a Business Consultant at Neuro- Bootcamp, and since 2008 Lucia has been the President of LLK Business Consulting,  a consulting and investment firm, specializing in family business and women entrepreneurship.

Mira Koporčić Veljić

Director, GIZ ( Association of Investment Fund Management Companies)

Mira Koporčić Veljić has been present on the Slovenian business scene for over 20 years having strong expertise in the financial and retail sectors. In the past, she assumed several roles, including Financial Advisor, Member of the Management Board, and Adviser. Additionally, she assumed the role of CEO at Nama, and the CFO and the COO roles at CEED Slovenia-  Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development. Mira was also a Head of Real Estate and General Affairs at Telekom Slovenije and the COO at Waboost. Currently, she holds the Director position at GIZ- Association of Investment Fund Management Companies.

 Cica Gajić Grabovac

Co-Founder, Ulla Labs

Before co-founding Ulla Labs, Cica Gajić Grabovac has been working as a Public Relations Consultant at Futura, HQ Product Manager at KRKA, and additionally, was the CMO at SimpLabs. What is more, Cica co-founded DietPoint and a few years later Ulla Labs - a developer of the wellness tool. The company has designed a special technology that allows to remind and motivate people to hydrate regularly, thanks to specially designed visual alerts. 

Sonja Klopcic

Co-Founder, AEIOU Universe

Sonja Klopcic has more than 25 years of experience in the Slovenian business ecosystem. She was working as a general manager, chair of the board, and crisis manager, gathering her experience across multiple organizations and companies in different sectors. In the past, Sonja worked as a WoS Programme Board & Partners Network at World of Synergy, as well as Country Chair for Slovenia at Ecocivilisation. Additionally, she is a Co-founder of AEIOU Universe, a sustainable leadership model based on the AEIOU leadership code. 

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