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13 May 2022·7 min read

Agata Marcinek


CEE Startup Challenge VII - TOP 10 Innovative Companies From Central & Eastern Europe

We are honored to announce the TOP 10 finalists of the 7th edition of the CEE Startup Challenge - the biggest online competition in Central and Eastern Europe that gathers best-performing startups and scaleups providing them a chance to get funded and land special deals. 

The bar was set high, however, we have managed to select most prospecting solutions thanks to our jury consisting of experts from venture capital and tech industry from Next Road Ventures, Credo Ventures, Uniqa Ventures, Market One Capital, Eleven Ventures, 212, OTB Ventures, PKO VC, Revo Capital, Warsaw Equity Group, EIT Urban Mobility, Hubraum T-mobile, Impact Ventures, Level2 Ventures, Zaka Ventures, Flashpoint, EIT Manufacturing, and much more. In order to reward participants our Partners i.e. Amazon Web Services, OVHcloud, Stripe, Zendesk, Microsoft, Loom, Cresco, HubSpot and more granted them free credits and special discounts on their services. 

So now, let’s meet closer our TOP 10 promising startup teams from CEE and their innovative solutions!


inSTREAMLY, the winner of the 7th edition of CEE Startup Challenge, is a Polish automated management platform for streamers aiming to help them grow by taking advantage of disruptive technology. It leads to an increase in the level of the playing field for players, brands and streaming platforms. 

As they say about their company, inSTREAMLY is something big that democratizes the world of live-streaming by empowering streamers to own their content, build strong communities and work with brands. The platform connects the parties in an automated way, allowing them to sign short-term sponsorship deals thanks to which streamers are able to monetize their content lowkey while brands have an opportunity to effectively connect with Gen Z - their target audience.


Polish ResQuant, the silver medalist in the 7th edition of CEE Startup Challenge, is a deep-tech, cybersecurity company operating on the border of science and business. One of the main features of their solution is crypto agility, enabling a wide area of application.

The company uses post-quantum standards recommended by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for secure end-to-end encryption aiming to protect sensitive data worldwide from current and future threats. 

Vocal Image

Estonia-based Vocal Image, taking over 3rd place on the podium, is a speech training and voice therapy app for speakers, singers or salesmen. The aim of the company is to build solutions for wellbeing, accent reduction, self-perception and solve any voice problem.

With Vocal Image, people can improve their voice, empower their speaking skills, and heal speech disorders or feminize their voices by making use of AI-based functionalities, setting up a personal training plan and personalizing exercises. Moreover, users have the possibility to practice anytime, anywhere, and at an affordable price and they also get the opportunity to take part in special courses tailored to their specific needs.


Efectio is a platform that combines technology and educational tasks to shape positive work culture and help companies motivate employees. The startup’s mission is to offer an innovative tool based on science and data that helps both - employees to realize their potential, and organizations to succeed by creating a productive and happy workforce. 

In order to promote individual engagement in the organization and thus more excellent individual and overall productivity, Efectio motivates employees to learn important information about their company, set better goals, follow the team’s achievements, and get to know their colleagues better by using a reward system. Gamification fosters a natural desire for rewards by encouraging the brain to release dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and enhance positive feelings. 


TransactionLink transforms the way FinTech operates in a smooth and easy way while staying on top of the highest regulatory and security standards.  Thanks to TransactionLink every company - large, medium or even a small one - can use exactly the products it needs in a plug-and-play manner by mixing and matching fintech products to create its own one. In order to achieve this goal, startup founders brought together engineers, designers, lawyers, analysts, and managers from all around Europe and united them around the vision. Today, they work together on developing the cutting-edge platform, which is secure, user-friendly and maybe most importantly - fun to play with!


Localazy helps developers, teams & businesses to automate the localization process entirely. Speaking and understanding all languages is impossible which increases the communication gap - Localazy addresses this issue and makes its users enjoy full and simple control over localization and translation management. This tool automatically translates texts, including new and updated ones, with professional-level service making use of various machine translation engines - so any app can be updated just after adding or changing texts.


Postis platform is the place where IT meets logistics, retail and transportation by empowering the distribution and delivery through open platforms, systems integration, machine learning, data-driven decisions and process automation.

Thanks to Postis, the last-mile processes can be improved and turned into differentiating customer experiences, it also helps to achieve productivity growth, streamlined operations, cost optimizations, business model transformation, up-scaling, IT simplification, enhanced customer journeys, and much more.


Overly is developing an online platform that empowers its users to create their own augmented reality content in a few simple steps - no coding skills are required.

Since its launching, the Overly app has added value to multiple causes across numerous industries, starting with personal use, to education, and all the way to business events and marketing campaigns. First of all, it is a promising tool for adding an interactive dimension to traditional media such as magazines and newspapers, however the app can be also used to spruce up marketing materials - be it brochures that showcase a product or an augmented reality business card to vow potential clients or partners.


Epidemic is an innovative marketing solution from Slovenia which enables creators to collaborate with brands matching their interests and beliefs. By using the proprietary AI algorithm, it supports companies in finding effective ways to reach the end consumer with the help of nano-, micro-, macro or mega-influencers. Thanks to Al, they identify local, niche, creative opinion leaders and select the best people to promote a brand to the target audience. The Epidemic focuses on providing real experiences by enforcing strong values such as truth, authenticity and creativity. The numbers speak for themselves - it has already grown its community to 56 thousand influencers, supported more than 400 brands and also realized over 800 campaigns with thousands of influencers. 


Last, but not least, SolarAide is a platform that helps households to understand solar energy's impact on the electricity bills and acquire solar installation easy, fast and hassle-free by connecting them with reliable installers. At the same time, it facilitates energy usage data exchange and connects solar owners to digital networks offering data-backed post-installation services as well as introduces third parties to the market in order to provide services such as demand response or P2P electricity trading. The company currently operates in Lithuania and Poland.

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