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24 October 2023·6 min read

Sofia Drobychevskaya

Startups Of The Month - October 2023

After looking at the diverse set of solutions featured in our September edition, the time has come to present you with a new round of hand-picked startups chosen throughout September!

In this edition, we highlight the most exciting startups from Europe that are worth your attention - Let's discover what they're all about!


Based in Denmark, Neurons provides AI solutions that optimize ads, swiftly increase conversions, and uncover real emotions behind creatives. Startup has been trusted by Fortune 500 companies, including Google, Coca-Cola, Mercedes, Capital One, and Ikea. With an annual revenue of €4M and plans to secure €10M, with €5M already committed,  the startup is making waves in the industry. Investors like Fairpoint Capital and EIFO are backing their mission. Neurons aims to bring their technology to the masses by integrating it into platforms like Adobe and Chrome while forging strategic partnerships. Their upcoming sentiment AI software will predict not just what customers look at, but also how they feel. The investment will fuel expansion and talent acquisition, with a goal to scale to 200 employees and significantly increase Annual Recurring Revenue by 2025.

Bware Labs

Romania's Bware Labs is a Web3 development, focusing on high-performance infrastructure services and development tools. Startup’s mission is clear: to empower Web3 builders on their blockchain journey while delivering top-tier infrastructure services. With an annual revenue of €3.6M, the company in 2022 secured Series A funding round of €5.6M in investments. This round was led by a consortium of influential investors, including Spartan Group, Woodstock Fund, Nexo, Nabais Capital, Kosmos Ventures, Infinity Ventures Crypto, Hypersphere Ventures, Impossible Finance, GBV Capital, Figment, Derek Yoo, Blizzard Fund, Axia8 Ventures, and Ascensive Assets. Bware Labs is currently in the process of raising an additional €5.6M. 

Ama Care

Ama Care, a Polish beauty tech startup dedicated to simplifying beauty product purchases. . Their proprietary beauty product recognition algorithm, boasting a 95%+ accuracy rate, provides ingredient details and safety information. In 2023, Ama Care secured €500k  in funding from FirstPick. Ama Care's female-majority team fills a gap in the market, offering personalized product information, with an understanding of the specific concerns and needs of female consumers. As the beauty tech industry evolves, Ama Care leads the way in providing convenient and effective beauty solutions. Their mission is simple: simplify beauty buying, reduce waste, and offer tailored product information with the confidence of investor support.


Multiply,  UK -  based startup, focuses on transforming the financial advice landscape. In 2022, the startup secured over €8,5M from prominent backers such as Irish Life, Octopus, Angels, Future Fund, and more. Multiply Launch, designed for businesses seeking a swift entry into digital finance, offers white-labeled platforms with personalized AI-driven financial plans. With annual revenue of over €400k Multiply provides bespoke financial planning using advanced algorithms and configurable rules for dynamic, ongoing financial guidance. For nearly 7 years, Multiply has pursued a mission to elevate financial well-being, envisioning a future where everyone's finances are effortlessly in great shape. They break away from traditional static advice, offering continuous, AI-driven financial guidance.


UK - based Vulse startup using AI to streamline LinkedIn content creation. Recently, the startup received €150k in 2023 from SFC Capital and has ambitious goals to become the top AI-powered platform for social media post creation in 5 years.  Their focus is on helping users, including employees, students, and content creators, generate engaging LinkedIn content effortlessly. Vulse offers AI-driven content ideas, consistency guidance, real-time engagement metrics, and dynamic post analysis. Vulse aims to tap into the growing demand for personal branding and content marketing in a digital world. Their key competitors are Taplio, Ocoya, and Willow. Vulse's unique selling points are their LinkedIn-focused approach, deep integration with LinkedIn's API, proprietary AI technology, and an experienced team. Currently the startup is raising €200k in funding.

Deep Biotech Solutions

Hungary-based Deep Biotech Solutions accelerates access to advanced molecular genetics and bioinformatics tools like CRISPR/Cas9 and AI. They provide tailored analytical pipelines, integrate AI for precision, and offer ready-to-use outputs, simplifying complex data analysis for researchers. By combining biotechnology with AI, they bridge the gap researchers face in harnessing advanced techniques and analyzing data.  With an annual revenue of € 50k and committed funding of € 100k from Hiventures, Deep Biotech Solutions is currently raising € 1M. Their deep expertise in molecular genetics and bioinformatics, combined with agile partnerships, makes them well-positioned to serve the market's needs.


German’s Agrimand is a multi-vendor agricultural marketplace focused on digitally connecting farmers and dealers to facilitate trade. They are currently in the process of raising € 500k, with € 150k already committed. In 2022, the startup secured €750k from investors including ILB, BACB, and Business Angels. Agrimand's mission is to bring digital transformation to agricultural trade. They provide an independent, neutral, and user-friendly digital tendering service for farmers, traders, and processors. This innovative approach aligns with the changing dynamics in agricultural trade, where transparency and comparable pricing have become increasingly important.


UK based Voilo solution addresses issues like the slow adoption of digital payments and the high costs associated with existing systems. Voilo offers fast, low-cost payments through QR codes, along with features like promotions, loyalty programs, and data analytics. Startup is currently raising €2.5M, with €1M already secured, and previously secured €616k in 2022 from Business Angels. Voilo's innovations include open banking infrastructure and integrated loyalty programs. Their target market includes UK SMEs and charities, aiming to serve around 60k SMEs and 5k charities within 5 years. Initially focused on the UK, Voilo has long-term global expansion plans to bring affordable digital payments to businesses and charities worldwide.


Xiphera, a cybersecurity startup based in Finland, licenses cryptographic algorithm implementations to semiconductor companies and designs. Their hardware-based solutions offer lower power consumption, superior performance, and enhanced security compared to software-based security. Xiphera has secured €480k in funding from Business Angels in 2022 and is currently raising €3M to scale their global business. With three Fortune 500 customers, a robust portfolio, and a growing business pipeline, Xiphera's key innovation lies in their resource-efficient silicon-level implementation of cryptographic algorithms.

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