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20 March 2024·4 min read

Agata Marcinek


Startups Of The Month — March 2024

Each month, Vestbee analyzes the European startup ecosystem to find startups worth your attention. In February, we featured ten companies that contributed to the development of the region’s AI, fintech, cybersecurity, as well as medtech sectors.

In this edition, we highlight another ten interesting startups worth your attention.

Startups Of The Month is a series dedicated to tech projects from all sectors that originated in the CEE countries. If you would like to introduce your project to Vestbee and participate in the selection to be featured in the next edition, please fill out the application by April 10.


Zibra.ai is a Ukrainian tech company that builds a platform for creating AI-generated assets for any virtual world and experience. Zibra AI’s tools are used by more than 100,000 users worldwide. The startup’s team consists of over 25 people, who really love gaming and know a lot about stuff like computer learning, 3D programming, and how things move around, the startup says.

Vidoc Security Lab

Vidoc Security Lab is a Polish startup that develops a platform for application security teams, giving them the power and flexibility they need. Think of Vidoc as your very own AI security engineer, the startup says. This platform does more than just run security tests — it addresses emerging threats related to use of AI in the code development process.

Centrum Cognitio

Centrum Cognitio describes itself as the therapist's trusty digital assistant from Slovenia. It develops a TINA platform to manage therapy process — from organizing data and office tasks to ensuring clients feel fully included in the process. With TINA, therapists have everything they need in one web-based application and mobile app. And for clients, there's a dedicated app where they can access therapy documents and even participate in longer therapy sessions.


LiVert is a startup from France, which is on a mission to change e-commerce by changing delivery both eco-friendly and cost-effective through the power of collaboration.

Instead of each person getting their own separate delivery, it brings people together to share deliveries, cutting down on carbon emissions and packaging waste while saving everyone money.


Cellfion, a Swedish startup changing the game in hydrogen, battery, and ion-separation fields, as it claims. Its state-of-the-art membranes are made from cellulose and free from harmful PFAS chemicals. The startup’s product is crucial for fuel cells, electrolysers, and large-scale batteries – all key players in the green energy movement. It enables these technologies by offering a sustainable, highly adaptable and cost-competitive alternative.


Fideum is a fintech firm on a mission to streamline the digital transformation of financial institutions, banks, and SMEs with a turn-key, regulatory-compliant and all-encompassing blockchain infrastructure. With the backing of Mastercard Europe, and off a recent win at Mastercard Lighthouse, Fideum is a trusted partner for institutions seeking to explore, develop, and capitalize on digital assets.

Out of Dark

Out of Dark is a Czech Republic-based startup, which helps track and improve every step of the customer journey, from getting new customers to keeping them happy. With its easy-to-use interface, businesses can see how customers interact with them across different channels, like websites and emails. Out of Dark also gives valuable insights, so businesses can make smarter decisions.


Ochy is a French startup building an AI technology and an app to help everyone worldwide excel in their chosen sport. It believes that mastering proper technique is key to success in any sport. That's why the startup is developing AI technology that can analyze techniques using smartphone videos. This technology will identify strengths and weaknesses, offering personalized advice for improvement.

Effy AI

Effy AI is Estonia-based co-pilot for effective team management. Tailored for leaders seeking to boost employee engagement and development, Effy AI offers personalized tips and tricks and provides expert guidance to help you build stronger, more engaged teams effortlessly.


heylogin is a German password manager, offering top-notch security with hardware-based end-to-end encryption. With default 2-factor authentication and German development and hosting, users can trust their data is safe. Easy to use for all, heylogin simplifies password management without sacrificing security.

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