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startups of the month by vestbee.com
20 February 2024·5 min read

Konrad Koncerewicz

Head of VC & Startups, Vestbee

Startups Of The Month — February 2024

Each month, Vestbee analyzes the European startup ecosystem to find startups worth your attention. In January, we featured ten companies that contributed to the development of the region’s AI, fintech, cybersecurity, as well as medtech sectors.

In this edition, we highlight another ten interesting startups you should keep an eye on.

Startups Of The Month is a series dedicated to tech projects from all sectors that originated in the CEE countries. If you would like to introduce your project to Vestbee and participate in the selection to be featured in the next edition, please fill out the application by March 10.


BeeSpeaker is a Polish-Swedish-based mobile app that offers an AI-powered immersive language learning method to enhance users' proficiency in speaking a foreign language rapidly. The app provides lessons with real foreign language tutors directly on the phone. Users can apply what they've learned through interactive conversations with native speakers at their convenience.

WHYZE Health

WHYZE Health stands out as an AI Data-as-a-Service platform designed to revolutionize the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries by leveraging patient outcomes to fuel up to a 20% surge in revenue. It offers AI-aided treatment options, democratizing access to clinical trials. By transforming how healthcare data is gathered, managed, and scrutinized, WHYZE Health connects the critical players in the health ecosystem: patients, healthcare providers, and researchers fostering a patient-centric environment to improve health outcomes.


trigr develops a platform for media production teams, enabling them to simplify processes and handle tasks, budgets, and collaborators all in one convenient system. It not only allows the management of workflows similar to standard project management tools but also enables the management of all external suppliers — freelancers and third-party companies — and their expenses.

Neuron Soundware

Neuron Soundware develops AI and ML algorithms to optimize industrial equipment and processes through sound and physical parameter analysis. Its expertise spans a wide range of machinery, from power generation and transport systems to CNC machines and robots. The company's approach integrates sound analysis and artificial intelligence, achieving precise monitoring and control of machinery, setting it apart in the industry.


MedicubeX provides a healthcare automation solution called eHealth Station. It offers accurate vital sign measurements, ECG, and digital triage without human assistance. It securely transmits data to electronic health records (EHR) and enables remote care. By automating these processes, it saves nurses time, increases patient capacity by up to 33%, and enhances efficiency. Placed anywhere, it serves as a versatile platform for preventive care. MedicubeX will be raising Series A by the end of H1/2024.

Ada Growth

Ada Growth is an answer for the many companies that are investing heavily in female talent. According to the startup, in the next 5 years, we will see nearly 200 million women join the workforce, and they expect a trusted platform for their professional development built for them using the latest technology. Ada Growth is building the Coursera for women at work and helping measure successful female outcomes.


transjt.io simplifies the process of turning distinctive Figma designs into code, exporting them to popular Corporate CMS platforms like HubSpot and Shopify. By doing so, transjt acts as a link between creativity and technology, making it easy for designers to overcome coding hurdles. This approach allows designers to effortlessly export their designs into web experiences, providing the flexibility of a custom solution at the cost of a template.


Nearly half of all school students now require some form of tutoring, but traditional tutors struggle to connect with them and keep them engaged. Learning loss has become a widespread and significant issue globally, and that's where Edumentors comes in. With a mission to change the way we educate our kids, the startup aims to shake up the one-size-fits-all schooling system with a personalized learning approach. It recruits tutors from top UK universities such as Cambridge and Oxford, who become role models for children, forming emotional bonds and delivering stronger results more efficiently. 

Weld Money

Weld Money is a fintech startup bridging the gap between Neo Banking and Web3, offering user-friendly infrastructure services for CEXes, blockchains, and Metaverse enthusiasts. The mission of this startup is to give people back control over their money and assets, facilitating reliable, instant, and nearly cost-free transactions in both the traditional and digital realms. Weld Money opens the door for rapidly expanding digital assets to seamlessly integrate into the current payment landscape.


Synovance uses Synthetic Biology and precision fermentation to revolutionize the production of valuable chemicals. Their primary focus is on bio-produced pigments, aiming to replace the chemical alternatives used in textiles and cosmetics. With a commitment to combating pollution caused by chemical usage, this process not only eliminates the use of aniline (classified as a human carcinogen) but also reduces CO2 emissions by over 10 times compared to chemical synthesis. The best part? It's a plug-and-play solution that requires no adjustments to manufacturers' processes.

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