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02 May 2024·3 min read

Viktoriia Prydatko

Founder and CEO of

Founder's attention in recruitment: one crucial task at each growth stage

No matter whether you, as a founder, hire new people on your own or delegate it fully to recruiters, there is one important thing on each business growth stage that needs your attention. It's your focus as a company leader. Keep this in mind so you can make the right decision and avoid operational mess in the recruitment tasks.

Viktoriia Prydatko, founder and CEO of, who has built core teams for companies such as Grammarly, Ring, Vimeo, and over 100 tech startups, shared the tasks for founders that should necessarily be on their work list during the whole process of the startup's growth.

Startup stage

Founder's task: build the HR/Recruitment foundation.

I advise not to leave it until super-experienced HR professionals join the team to handle it. The sooner you establish the basic principles, the fewer problems you'll encounter with hiring and retention in the future.

Actively discuss such questions and compile answers in a Google Document:

  • How do we envision the team's growth?
  • What tactics will we employ?
  • Which roles are most crucial to the business and which are less crucial?
  • Which positions do we need to fill continuously?
  • What will the HR function look like in our company?
  • What will be the key features of our Employer Brand?
  • What personal brand should all board members have to attract the best candidates?

Invite experienced HR professionals to assist you at this stage on a consultancy basis. For crucial roles, I recommend working with seasoned experts in those fields to develop an accurate candidate profile. For example, consider cooperation with a Chief Product Officer (CPO) for recruiting product managers.

Early stage

Founder's task: agree on your company's cultural code.

At this stage, cultural fit is more crucial than the speed of hire. 

Candidates who join the team will have a pivotal impact on the company's future, so you need to hire the right people.

Cultural fit should have clear and precise features. Therefore, you need to have several discussion sessions on defining the culture and the profiles of team members. Write it down and reach an agreement with the whole team. Also, consider how the cultural code will be displayed in daily operational work.

Growth stage

Founder's task: promote the idea of calm and reasoned hiring.

At this stage, you already have an established team capable of selecting the right candidates. Therefore, the goal is not to rush the hiring process. Instead, listen carefully to the hiring manager's actual needs, provide key members with the opportunity to learn the interviewing process and people management.

However, if you spot exceptional candidates on the horizon, hire them promptly. Overall, the strategy is to grow the team sustainably by inviting people who align with the established cultural code.

Maturing stage

Founder's task: support the internal career progression system. Invest in employee education.

Every new position opening should begin with an internal review to see if there's a suitable candidate within the current team. External hiring should be considered only as a last resort.

If you do need to hire externally, networking will be more effective than anything else. Utilize your own network, the networks of your employees, and suitable recruiting agencies.

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