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16 May 2024

Lessons I learned as an immigrant building a logistics startup in the US

Stakh Vozniak, a serial entrepreneur who co-founded the AI-driven logistics service Cargofy in the US in 2017, shares the lessons he has learned while chasing the American dream.

14 May 2024

“You should fundraise when you're not fundraising.” Interview with Staffan Helgesson, Creandum

Over Creandum's 20-year history, one in every six of the fund's investments has become a unicorn. In an interview with Ewa Chronowska, CEO of Vestbee and General Partner at Next Road Ventures, Staffan Helgesson shared Creandum's story and insights on building a successful VC fund.

02 May 2024

Founder's attention in recruitment: one crucial task at each growth stage

Whether you oversee hiring or delegate it, as a founder, your focus as a leader is crucial at every growth stage. This checklist of tasks will assist you in preventing operational chaos in recruitment.

30 April 2024

“We value the persistence of emerging managers to keep knocking on our door until we listen.” Advice for GPs from Chris Wade, Isomer Capital

During the Vestbee CEE VC Summit, we hosted video podcasts featuring founders and Partners from leading global funds. In our first episode, Chris Wade from Isomer Capital and Marcin Łączyński from Vestbee, discussed and share valuable advice for emerging GPs.

17 April 2024

“We don't believe in local micro-ecosystems, but in common infrastructure for the CEE ecosystem to thrive.” Interview with Eleven Ventures

Valeri Petrov, Partner at Eleven Ventures, spoke with Vestbee about the significance of brand awareness in the VC landscape, the strength of a unified regional ecosystem, and the upcoming fund’s plans.

11 April 2024

I’m a VC and here’s how I write my investment memos

Investment memos are perceived as boring documents. How can one approach them properly, turning into powerful analytical tools for VCs?

04 April 2024

"It is essential to keep tabs on where the smartest people are going." Insights for VC fund managers targeting the US

Explore the importance of tracking the movements of the brightest minds and their impact on investment strategies.

29 February 2024

“Even if the founders fail the company, they will forever remain in our network.” Interview with Startup Wise Guys

Discover Startup Wise Guys, called the accelerator with a heart, having in portfolio over 300 active startups from nearly 50 countries, spanning Europe, the US, Australia, and the LATAM region.

15 February 2024

20 promising AI startups to watch, according to investors

Movens Capital, Flyer One Ventures, Presto Ventures, Roosh Ventures, and Superangel share their picks of noteworthy AI startups in 2024.