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cee startup challenge 2020 - top 10
23 June 2021·5 min read

Jakub Kopera

Community Builder, Vestbee

CEE Startup Challenge VI - TOP 10 Innovative Companies From Central & Eastern Europe

Let’s meet TOP 10 innovative regional companies that were singled out in CEE Startup Challenge VI - the biggest 100% online competition in Central and Eastern Europe that gathers best-performing startups and scaleups providing them a chance to get funded and land special deals.


Emotika is a Lithuanian B2B mobile micro-learning platform for improving the soft skills of organizations’ members. The ability to behave appropriately in social situations is a crucial value in business and employment relationships. Other solutions available on the market that try to solve the problem of missing soft skills abilities are usually inefficient or expensive. In response, Emotika brings an effective and efficient mobile platform using a wide range of techniques with different types of content, interactions, and methods to increase engagement. The solution provides users with an opportunity to develop soft skills which results in increased business and employee performance.


Latvian startup, Nordigen is a fintech solution that helps to build smarter open banking applications. The credit scoring process is time-consuming as it requires high-quality data on the loan applicant’s income, liabilities, and other risk factors. Nordigen provides AI advanced analytics tools and machine learning systems based on the top of enriched open banking data and predictive modeling. The solution enables making better evaluation decisions, significantly increases approval rates of credit applications, and helps to tackle loan frauds.


Tokinomo is an innovative marketing solution from Romania dedicated to FMCG brands and grocery retailers. Retail marketing in supermarkets and highlighting the differentiation of products is a huge challenge for brand managers. Tokinomo provides a robot placed behind a product in a shop, when the installed sensor detects a customer's movement it can start to move the product, light up or play music to catch the customer's attention. Such a method of product presentation can remain in the client’s memory for a long time and help not only in promotion but also contribute directly to sales growth.


Polish insbay is a startup providing ad tech solutions for TV media, product placement sponsors, and users. Advertisers have noticed that TV ads are becoming less attractive and less productive for online sales. Insbay is a tool that gives the opportunity to convert TV viewers to potential buyers - the platform based on the inspiration of the total look of fashion, beauty, or interior design, presenting products and connecting broadcasters, viewers, and e-commerce websites. The solution is a great chance to take TV ads to a new level of effectiveness.


Dwelt is a startup from Bosnia and Herzegovina, delivering a cloud-based SaaS platform for companies from the energy sector. An upward trend in renewable energy sources can be easy to note, but the process of managing the production and sale of clean energy can be challenging. Dwelt provides cloud-based “meter-to-cash” tools such as automated smart meter readings, meter data management, customer management and many other AI- and ML-based solutions. This automated software suite helps simplify energy production and sales processes.

nect WORLD 

Nect WORLD is a Ukrainian startup that builds private & secure space on the Internet, allowing working from anywhere. Nowadays, most of our life is happening on the Internet, so problems with connection stability and ensuring cybersecurity are therefore important issues. Nect WORLD combines software and hardware providing a possibility to purchase data plans and VPN subscriptions in 113 countries worldwide, which gives uninterrupted and secure access to the Internet for the users.


Polish startup, Nais is a worktech platform for improving employee recognition. Proper HR management, communication, and motivation are the basis of today's business. Nais is a mobile application based on AI and ML that brings insights into employees’ wellbeing. The solution not only gives a chance to learn key collaboration skills by managers and employees but also collects data that helps the team members with getting to know each other and building well-balanced workplace relationships.

Artificial Intelligence Expert

Romania-based Artificial Intelligence Expert is a biotechnology startup looking for disruptive solutions for the non-invasive multi-cancer diagnosis and early detection tests. Unfortunately, current methods and tools to detect tumours are associated with a long process and many inconveniences and even after that, the effects of treatment can be disappointing. AIE uses circulating microRNAs, and AI algorithms in molecular data analysis, which enable early diagnosis for 13 types of cancers with more than 99% accuracy. This pioneering solution allows faster and more precise diagnosis, which could save thousands of lives and revolutionize cancer treatment.


WolkAbout is a Czechia startup enabling the quick and easy digital transformation of any company by IoT platform. Currently, more and more firms from traditional sectors are moving online to operate more efficiently, however, this process proved to be complicated, expensive, and time-consuming. WolkAbout built an IoT platform based on ML, backend modules, client apps, and appropriate end-to-end software that fits a wide range of industrial IoT applications. Thanks to that, the digitization process becomes considerably simpler and therefore also faster, more transparent, and safer. 


Ukrainian startup, Gravitec.net delivers innovative solutions to increase the effectiveness of online marketing. Many people only look at a website once and don't come back, but visitor retention is crucial for effective online marketing. Gravitec.net uses algorithms for auto-segmentation and personalization of the information, and then builds well-prepared push notifications. The solution helps to achieve maximum results from web notifications with minimum effort.


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