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07 April 2023·11 min read

Paweł Pliszka

Editor, Vestbee

Best Coworking Spaces For Startups In Switzerland

If you're an entrepreneur in Switzerland, you're in luck! We've already covered the best VC funds and startup accelerators, and now we're here to help you find the perfect workspace. Whether you're a freelancer, startup, or remote worker, Switzerland has plenty of coworking spaces to suit your needs. From the bustling city of Zurich to the quiet lakeside town of Lausanne, there's a coworking space to suit every taste and budget. In this article, we've rounded up the top coworking spaces in Switzerland, complete with prices, locations, and facilities, so you can find the ideal space to suit your needs and boost your productivity.


City: Basel
Price: €536 per month

RHIZOM is a coworking space located in the city of Basel. It is a fully equipped coworking space providing all the necessities you need to succeed in your business//profession. With a fixed coworking space you will get access to WLAN, an A3 laser printer, a 65-inch LCD screen for presentation, a beamer, a flip chart, white cleaning, and kitchen access with mineral water and fresh fruits. You will have your locker to keep your belongings safe that is accessible 24/7, address of domicile, secretarial services along with your business landline number.


City: Lucerne
Price: €526 per month

Hirschengraben is a coworking space located in the city of Lucerne. In the fixed coworking space membership, you will get access to the coworking space with 24/7 access. There is a dedicated outbreak room with 5 hours/per month, you can also extend your hours at the rate of €37 per hour. There are dedicated seminar rooms, and community gatherings to meet and collaborate. For companies, there are different upgrade plans such as adding a company logo, business domicile address, and meeting room access (on request).


City: Interlaken
Price: €526 per month

Dascoworking is a leading coworking space located in the beautiful city of Interlaken. The shared working space provides you with a flexible option to choose the plan as per their requirements. You can book office desks based on an hourly, half-day, per-day, and monthly basis. There are conference rooms available for big gatherings. For team meetings, there is a meeting room available with an LCD TV and flipchart available.

Citizen Space Zurich 

City: Zurich
Price: €526 per month

Citizen Space Zurich is a popular coworking space located in Zurich. The space provides both a flexible and permanent workplace for startups and professionals. Fixed desk memberships allow you to access your workspace 24/7 with a personal key. For meetings and team gatherings, you will get access to meeting rooms for 8 hours per month. Along with this, there is unlimited coffee and standardised printing available for free.

Delta Coworking 

City: Zurich
Price: On request

Delta Coworking is a shared workspace for family coworkers. The main objective of delta coworking is to ensure the balance between work & personal life. Delta coworking provides you with multiple small workplaces providing a pleasant work environment to focus on career/business. For further details regarding the membership, you can contact delta coworking directly for this.

The Lady Boss

City: Zurich
Price: €303 per month

The Lady Boss is a coworking space dedicated towards women to provide high-level networking. The shared coworking space provides unlimited access (Monday – Friday) along with free tea/coffee/water. There is also an event i.e. free weekly business breakfast where entrepreneurs can come together and talk about business over breakfast. You will also get a free debit card from their financial marketplace built for women. All fixed-seat coworking subscribers will get a fixed postal address and an additional 50% discount on space/meeting room rental.

Office LAB

City: Zug
Price: €688 per month

Office LAB is a coworking space located in the town of Zug. The shared coworking space provides an open environment for working with all the members. There are different themes of coworking spaces and you choose the one you like. The facility is equipped with all the necessities such as fast speed Wifi, a fixed desk, unlimited coffee, a private locker for your belongings, printer/scanner access along with access to meeting rooms. You can access everything via the Office LAB application.


City: Zurich
Price: €486 per month

Blau10 is a coworking space dedicated to building a community of like-minded people who want to grow in their business/ profession. In the coworking space, there are 12 workstations (accessible 5 days/week) equipped with WLAN, printer, lounge, cafe-bar, and meeting room access along with a roof terrace for relaxation after long work hours. The coworking space is a hub of networking, providing new startups, business owners & professionals to network with businesses.


City: Lucerne
Price: €507 per month

Thingk is one of the best coworking spaces in the city of Lucerne. The facility provides a complete package of facilities to all its members. With a fixed desk membership, you will get high-speed internet, a meeting room, a print centre (for printing & scanning), a lounge, a balcony, and kitchen access with free coffee, tea, and fruits. There is also a mail reception service for your business, and all these facilities are open 24/7.


City: Zurich
Price: €540 per 3 months

The COECO is dedicated to all startup founders who want to take their businesses to new heights. With the fixed desk plan, you will get access to High-speed internet, private phone booths, break rooms, personal locker along with a fixed desk providing a comfortable work environment. There are three packages available to choose from 3 months (€540), 6 months (€490), and 12 months (€440). There is also one newcomer discount of €100 that is deducted from the pricing plans.


City: Bern
Price: €486 per month 

The Sennlab is a coworking space located in the city of Bern. The interior design of the coworking space is minimalistic with all facilities such as a fixed desk, 24/7 access, personal storage space, soundproof telephone booths, lockers, high-speed internet, kitchen with free coffee & tea. The fixed coworking desk plan also provides you access to the meeting room along with a fixed postal address for your business.


City: Zurich
Price: On request

TRUST SQUARE is a coworking space in Zurich that can accommodate up to 120 people in the size of 130 square metres. The shared coworking space has a dedicated space for all activities such as meetings, coworking, conferences, community, and boardroom meetings. The coworking space provides catering, security, an air conditioner, whiteboards, flipcharts, a TV set, conference rooms, and free coffee, tea & drinks.

Coworking Lounge Tessinerplatz

City: Zurich
Price: €608 per month

The Coworking Lounge Tessinerplatz is located in the city of Zurich. A fixed desk coworking plan gives you 24/7 access, fast internet, unlimited coffee/beer, unlimited community membership, locker, postal service, and Domicile address with postal service. Also, there is a dedicated startup plan for all startup founders. In this plan, startup founders do not have to pay the membership fee for the first month & from 2 to 4 months (40% discount), 5th month onwards (normal pricing). There is a specific requirement for the startup plan, i.e. your business should have been founded after 2019, and your team size should be less than 10 people.


City: Zurich
Price: On request

CreativeSpace is a coworking space located in the city of Zurich. The coworking shared space room has 30 chairs along with 6 tables. There is tea and coffee available at your disposal. The facility provides high-speed internet along with flexible working plans catering to the requirements of different businesses. There is space for networking events as well, if you want to hold a seminar then you can book the coworking for yourself as well.


City: Flims
Price: €578 per month

Nova62 is a coworking space located in the municipality of Films. The coworking space provides all the facilities you need to work & grow your startup/business in the long term. With a fixed monthly plan membership, you will get a dedicated space for working, a locker, a physical key, an external mailbox, free coffee & Wi-Fi along with a meeting room available for booking.

Impact Hub Zurich

City: Zurich
Price: €557 per month

The Impact Hub Zurich is an ideal coworking space in Zurich. With a resident(fix desk membership) plan you will get 24/7 access, and access to a community of 650+ entrepreneurs, freelancers & professionals. There is a lot of opportunity for startups, freelancers, and professionals to collaborate & grow. The fixed membership also gives you Dominicialtion facility along with a personal host who will guide you to develop, connect and meet your goals.


City: Dubendorf
Price: €497 per month

Westhive located in Dubendorf provides you with different plans for flexible desks, fixed desks and team desks. The fixed desk provides you 24/7 access, water, tea and coffee, along with meeting room credits paired with a kitchen discount. There is a free trial on offer as well for businesses to try to experience Westhive’s working environment.


City: Bern
Price: €699 per month

Zentroom is a shared coworking space located in Bern. You will get a workplace in an open space/common area (based on first come first served). The facility is accessible 24/7, there is an extra discount of 10%, and common area access such as lounges, telephone rooms, coffee bar, kitchen, high-speed Wi-Fi, printer/scanner, tea/coffee, mineral water/tea/coffee, and a personal locker. There is an option to add a fixed desk for €264 approx.

Coworking Zug

City: Zug
Price: €912 per month

Coworking Zug provides a lot of facilities to all its members. The shared coworking space provides private desks, fast internet, a meeting room, a lounge, a cafeteria for coffee & tea, lockable storage, flexible contracts, Whiteboards, an HDMI TV screen, a Reception, and an on-site manager. For startups, there is the facility of a startup coach to help new businesses offered by the coworking space.

Puzzle Media House

City: Saas-Fee
Price: €405 per month

The Puzzle Media House gives you the facility to work with a view of beautiful mountains in Saas-Fee. The facility provides you unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi, lockers on rent, office supplies, free coffee & kitchen, lounge, quiet area & sanitary facilities. It also includes all usage of printing & scanning devices accessible 24/7.

Coworking Luzern

City: Lucerne
Price: €506 per month

Coworking Luzern is one of the best coworking locations in the city of Lucerne. In this shared workspace, you will get a fixed workstation with a 24/7 access badge, game centre, fast-speed internet, and kitchen access with free coffee/tea/biscuits & fresh fruits. There is also a service for you to rent a domicile address for your workplace in Lucerne.

Mein Coworkingspace

City: Lucerne
Price: €248 per month

The Mein Coworkingspace is located in the municipality of Glattpark. The coworking space provides different coworking plans for startups, freelancers & professionals. With a fixed coworking membership, you will get 24//7 access, fast Wi-Fi, a printer, vending machine, and storage space. For your business meetings, you will get access to the meeting room for 12 hours/per month.

Mountain Coworking Rocks

City: Engelberg
Price: €253 per month

Mountain Coworking Rocks is a shared workspace for people interested in working in the mountains. Here, you will get a reserved seat in a shared coworking space with private telephone booths, fast WLAN, free tea/coffee/water and a printer accessible free of charge. There are different meeting rooms & event rooms available for rent for your team gatherings, seminars & workshops.


City: Zurich
Price: €790 per month

Ginetta provides a complete solution for all the members. Here, you will get access to a standard desk, office chair, 27-inch (5k display), 24/7 access, meeting rooms, community areas, coffee/tea, sparkling water, high-speed internet, A3 colour printer along with postal services. There is a lunch option, where you get lunch from a private chef with vegetarian & vegan options. There are other additional services available such as HR services, event space, parking space, storage, and a gym subscription.

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