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02 August 2022·23 min read

Valerie Stupnikova


Top 45 VC Funds In Switzerland To Finance Your Startup

After having a good look at the VC landscape in the UK and Ireland, the time has come to explore Switzerland.

Switzerland is home to numerous companies developing modern technologies from sectors such as robotics, Industry 4.0, biotech, and medtech. It is among the top 10 European countries for startups in 2022 and ranked first in the Global Talent Competitiveness Index in 2021. On top of that, it is worth mentioning that Swiss millionaires invest a lot in startup businesses within the country, unquestionably contributing to its economic strength. Moreover, Switzerland is the home of many venture capital firms investing according to ESG principles, choosing ethical investment strategies or selecting their portfolio companies based on their social or environmental impact. 

So now, let's dive right in and discover the top Swiss venture capital funds investing in early-stage startups.

Novartis Venture Fund 

Geography: North America, Europe, Israel

Preferred industries: biotechnology, biopharma, novel therapeutics and platforms

Investment ticket: undisclosed

Company stage: stage-agnostic

Novartis invests in life science companies developing novel therapeutics. It focuses on firms that work with unmet medical needs, develop proprietary science and make a clinical impact. Novartis makes equity investments, meaning it participates as the lead or co-lead investor in a syndicate with a board seat. Among the companies the fund has invested in are Adicet Bio, a biotechnology company that develops allogeneic gamma delta T cell therapies, Cavion, a pharmaceutical company providing therapies for cancer and neurologic diseases, and Binx, a company that provides access to testing on-site and at home.


Geography: Europe, DACH

Preferred industries: B2B/B2C, AI, commerce, mobile, marketplaces, digital health, industry 4.0, IoT, enterprise software, medtech, cybersecurity, resource efficiency

Investment ticket: €250K- 5M

Company stage: seed and Series A

Btov is a VC fund investing in European startups. Initially, it was a spinoff from the Swiss University St. Gallen. Brains to Ventures, as called before, served as a matching platform helping corporate, private, and institutional investors. Today, when the European startup ecosystem evolved, it became a VC, Btov. For now, the firm manages three funds, Digital and Industrial tech, and a partner fund. Additionally, the VC has an extensive private investor network. Btov has invested in Text.Cortex, an AI that helps write copy, Equial1, focusing on quantum computing, and Picker, a social commerce platform allowing you to buy products your friends like.

Wellington Partners 

Geography: Europe

Preferred industries: biotechnology, therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics, digital health

Investment ticket: €0.5M - €20M

Company stage: early and growth stage

Wellington Partners is a VC firm financing life-science companies. Additionally to funding, the firm provides strategic support, organizes preclinical and clinical development, and helps startups enter the global healthcare market. Wellington invested in over 100 companies, including Adrenomed, a biopharmaceutical company developing medicine to preserve vascular integrity, Koa Health, mental health platform, NEUWAY Pharma, a company working on therapeutics for brain disease treatment. 

Verve Ventures 

Geography: Europe

Preferred industries: fintech, industry 4.0, future of work, proptech, cybersecurity, medtech, biotech, nutrition, diagnostics, digital health, robotics, drones, photonics, quantum technology, 3D printing

Investment ticket: from €500k to 5M

Company stage: from seed to series B

Verve Ventures is a Swiss VC backed by Zürcher Kantonalbank, the third-largest bank in Switzerland, business angels, pension funds, and family offices. Its team, with expertise in computer science, biotechnology, and theoretical physics, has invested in over 180 science-driven and tech startups. Amongst them, we can highlight companies such as ONWARD, a Dutch medtech company helping spinal cord injury patients with neurostimulation technologies, digital insurtech unicorn Wefox, and a medical imaging startup for cancer detection Therapixel.


Geography: Global

Preferred industries: fintech, climate tech, b2b commerce, deep tech, games and media, healthcare, future of industries, digitalization infrastructure

Investment ticket: undisclosed

Company stage:  from seed to growth-stage

Lakestar is a fund that invests in tech companies led by visionary entrepreneurs worldwide. Additionally, its team lectures at European universities like ETH, TUM, and Oxford. The VC's founder, Klaus Hommels, is one of the most accomplished European investors, who invested in giants such as Facebook, Spotify, Airbnb, and Skype. He placed on the Forbes Midas List: Top Tech Investors, and recently, he became Vice-Chair of Invest Europe. Up to now, Lakestar has made over 130 investments with 21 exits. Among the most notable investment are a digital banking platform Revolut, an online delivery platform operating in Europe, Latin America, and Africa - Glovo, and a platform for creating and sharing compelling presentations - Pitch.


Geography: Europe

Preferred industries: ICT, healthtech

Investment ticket: undisclosed

Company stage: seed

Redalpine is a Zurich-based VC that not only finances but also provides guidance and mentorship to disruptive businesses. In the 15 years of its business activities, it has launched six funds, funded over 80 companies, and made more than 3500 deals. It has invested in startups such as an automated credit solution Finiata, a fintech company supporting business partners and employees Givve, and an online car community Car Throttle.

Mountain Partners 

Geography: Global

Preferred industries: Health tech, e-commerce and consumer tech, fintech, proptech, and insurtech, enterprise tech, media and marketing

Investment ticket: undisclosed

Company stage: early-stage

Having international hubs around the globe, Mountain Partners aims to support young, innovation-driven companies in several niches worldwide. It builds companies from scratch and goes through the growth and later stages. As of now, Mountain Partners has invested in more than 200 startups, like Alephants, a marketplace for short-term jobs, KAVAK, an online platform allowing buying and selling used cars in Mexico, and Yasni, a people's search engine that helps find information about friends, colleagues, and others.

Swisscom Ventures 

Geography: Global, with a particular interest in Switzerland, the USA, Israel, Europe

Preferred industries: DeepTech, fintech, telecommunications, IT cloud, cybersecurity, Big Data, AI

Investment ticket: from $1M to $20M 

Company stage: from seed to series C

Swisscom Ventures is an affiliate of Swisscom AG, the leading Swiss telecom and IT provider. It supports global tech startups encouraging digital transformation, especially in IT, telecommunication, AI, and cybersecurity. Besides supporting businesses by providing finances, technical development, and connecting them with its network, the firm helps university spin-offs. Additionally, it co-invests with Telecom operators or other VCs in various tech companies. Swisscom Ventures has made over 70 investments, 7 of which were made in 2021. To name a few - Neo Medical, a medical device company remaking spinal surgery, ANYbotics, a startup that creates autonomous legged robots working in industrial plants, and MyStrom, a startup providing Smart Home solutions.

Roche Venture Fund 

Geography: global

Preferred industries: pharmaceutics, digital health, diagnostics

Investment ticket: undisclosed

Company stage: from early to late stage

Roche Venture Fund belongs to Roche, a biotech company providing in vitro and tissue-based cancer diagnostics. Additionally, it makes medicines in immunology, ophthalmology, oncology, infectious and central nervous system diseases. Roche Venture Fund invests in private companies specializing in innovative diagnostics, medicines, and technologies. For now, its portfolio includes over 30 companies, half of which have already made an exit. It includes startups such as Therapeutics, a company making precision cancer medicines for genetically defined cancer patients, GlycoEra AG, a company specializing in glycoengineered therapeutics, 23andMe, a platform for genetic research.

Highland Europe 

Geography: Europe, Israel

Preferred industries: internet, mobile, software; B2B/B2C

Investment ticket: undisclosed

Company stage: growth stage

Highland Europe supports tech companies focused on consumers and enterprises. It backs scale-ups having 50% or more growth and a proven-market fit. In addition, Highland Enterprises values ESG, and selects companies based on the incorporation of these factors as well as helps implement these factors in their portfolio solutions. Highland Europe has four funds and over 30 investments, including Meditopia, an app with mindfulness meditation programs, Condeco, a room booking and scheduling app, and JUNIQE, a company offering prints and posters created by artists around the globe.

Creathor Ventures 

Geography: Switzerland, Germany

Preferred industries: machine intelligence, industry 4.0, digital health, diagnostics, devices, drug development

Investment ticket: €500K- €2.5M

Company stage: seed and Series A for Tech, Series A/B for healthcare

Creathor Ventures focuses on tech startups developing automation of business and industry and healthcare personalization. The firm has backed over 200 companies as lead or co-lead investors. Among the startups, it has invested in are HeyJobs, a talent platform for the non-academic workforce, iFunded, a digital real estate investment platform, Lengoo, a translation AI, and more.

VI Partners 

Geography: Europe

Preferred industries: technology and healthcare

Investment ticket: undisclosed

Company stage: seed

VI Partners is a venture capital firm that offers business guidance, access to networks, and capital to startup companies and university spin-offs. Founded by the ETH in Zurich, a university of science and technology, McKinsey&Company, and several blue-chip Swiss companies, VI Partners had already made over 50 investments, including 26 exits. It invested in companies such as acodis, an AI extracting data from digitalized documents, L.E.S.S., a platform offering lightning solutions, and Oculis S.A, a biopharmaceutical company producing treatments for ophthalmic diseases.

Alpana Ventures 

Geography: Switzerland, Europe, USA 

Preferred industries: fintech, health, mobility, enterprise software, social media, cybersecurity

Investment ticket: undisclosed

Company stage: from the growth stage 

Alpana Ventures supports startups contributing to digital transformation. Apart from funding, the firm provides guidance, helps with business strategy implementation, and advises on going global. Alpana Ventures mainly focuses on young Swiss startups supporting the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, like Ava, a fertility tracker, Sinay, a maritime data solution software, and more.

BioMed Partners 

Geography: Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Benelux

Preferred industries: drug development, diagnostics, medical technology

Investment ticket: up to CHF 10M

Company stage: early-mid stage

BioMed Partners is a life science VC investing in private companies that respond to important medical needs with new technologies and products created with a scientific approach. The firm often takes the leading or co-leading investing role and syndicates with other VC firms. For now, BioMed Partners manages three investment funds that have supported over 40 businesses, like Allecra Therapeutics, a biotechnology company fighting antibiotic resistance, Vaxim, a T-cell immunotherapies for cancer patience developer, Cardior, a producer of RNA-based therapeutics to prevent heart failure, and more.

Blue Horizon 

Geography: Global

Preferred industries: sustainable food systems

Investment ticket: undisclosed

Company stage: from seed to growth

The primary focus of Blue Horizon is investing in the sustainable food, industry. It has developed a so-called ‘Double Positive’ philosophy in its daily business activities. It provides above-market returns for investors while creating a measurable impact for humans, animals, and the planet. Blue Horizon supports scientific entrepreneurs, from idea generation to exit. It invested in Mosa Mea, which created the world's first lab-grown beef burger, New Roots, a vegan creamery startup making cheese from seeds and nuts, Fry Family Food, a plant-based food producer, and more.

Nextech Invest 

Geography: USA, Europe

Preferred industries: oncology therapeutics

Investment ticket: undisclosed

Company stage: stage-agnostic

Nextech supports emerging biotechnology companies at all stages, from early scientific validation to clinical proof-of-concept. The fund builds investment syndicates and helps with the financing and development strategies. Nextech mainly focuses on cancer therapeutics. It invested in such companies as A2 Biotherapeutics, a company dealing with solid tumors, Hexagon Bio, a biopharma company focusing on small molecules therapeutics, Scorpion Therapeutics, working on precision medicine for patients with cancer, and more.

Endeavor Vision 

Geography: USA, Europe

Preferred industries: medical devices, diagnostics, digital health

Investment ticket: $10-30M over the company lifetime

Company stage: growth-late stage

Endeavor Vision invests in companies in their growth stage, either commercially ready or moving towards prompt market entry. The firm usually holds 10-25% of the stake, taking a seat on the board of directors and providing its companies with its extensive network, spanning across financial and healthcare industries. Endeavor Vision has invested in such companies as Lumenon, a care delivery health platform, Willow, a breast pump producer, and OncoEthix, an innovative cancer drugs developer.

Momenta Ventures 

Geography: Europe and North America

Preferred industries: deep tech, especially within industrial IoT ecosystem, smart spaces, energy, supply chain, manufacturing

Investment ticket: undisclosed

Company stage: seed - Series B

Momenta Ventures, a Swiss VC operating in the digital industry, helps to integrate it into our everyday lives. It has made over 100 investments and, additionally to financing, it provides strategic advice and executive search. Momenta Ventures invested in businesses such as Overview AI, a computer vision platform for quality control and automated inspection, Continual the connected car and mobility analytics provider, and Conservation Labs, the H2know smart water monitor developer.

Syngenta Group Ventures 

Geography: global

Preferred industries: sustainable agriculture, food security

Investment ticket: undisclosed

Company stage: seed, late-stage

Syngenta Group Ventures aims to shape the agricultural and food sectors through technology. The fund focuses on improving farming and strengthening current markets with the help of its global network full of scientists and agronomic experts. Syngenta Group Ventures financed BioPhero, a bio-based pheromones developer, to replace chemical insecticides, BoMill, a company sorting grain, and Ninjacart, an Indian produce supply chain company.

Evolution Equity Partners 

Geography: North America, Europe, Israel

Preferred industries: cybersecurity, enterprise software, enterprise crossover

Investment ticket: Undisclosed

Company stage: seed, Series A & B, growth

A global VC firm, Evolution Equity Partners, supports tech companies with technical and product development. It mainly focuses on US and European entrepreneurs aiming to scale their businesses globally. Evolution Equity Partners helps companies make strategic and engineering decisions, launch their product,s and more. It invested in companies like AVG Technologies, a producer of cybersecurity, privacy, utility, and performance software applications, Sumo logic, previously DFLabs, a SOAR platform developer, and Eperi, a German cloud-based security solutions company.

HBM Partners 

Geography: North America, Europe, India, China

Preferred industries: biotechnology, biopharma, human medicine, diagnosis sector

Investment ticket: $5M - $50M

Company stage: stage-agnostic

HBM Partners finances companies focused on healthcare and entrepreneurial biopharma industries. Moreover, the firm meets the goals of ESG and SDG, supporting companies engaged in R&D. This way, it can select and assists companies with limited negative environmental impact. HBM Partners has an investment fund that helps private and public companies and IPO. The fund is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange and has an international shareholder base. It invested in such companies as 1MG, a mobile healthcare platform from India, iTeos Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company specializing in oncology therapeutics, and more.

Polytech Ventures 

Geography: Switzerland and Europe

Preferred industries: healthtech, fintech and insurtech, e-commerce, proptech

Investment ticket: undisclosed

Company stage: early-stage

Polytech Ventures invests in innovative European companies with its extensive network of industry experts and investment professionals. In addition, it owns Fusion Partners, a Swiss startup studio that helps corporates and entrepreneurs with innovation strategies. Polytech Ventures invested in Europe's Bitcoin investment app Relai, a multi-sensor bracelet allowing women to predict fertile days Ava, a company that serves fresh food from farmers, Fraiche, and more.

Wingman Ventures 

Geography: Switzerland

Preferred industries: industrial tech, B2B software, consumer tech

Investment ticket: CHF 100k - 1.5M

Company stage: angel, pre-seed, seed

Wingman Ventures is a fund that supports Swiss founders. Aside from financial help, Wingman Ventures provides legal, sales, marketing, and fundraising advice. Recently, it has established a student-led fund, Wingman Campus Fund, that contributes to the Swiss tech industry's development by assisting local university tech students. For now, Wingman Ventures has invested in numerous startups, which include Archilogic, a software that turns floorplan into a 3D model, Urbio, another software accelerating the decarbonization of buildings worldwide, and Movu, a Swiss platform for moving and cleaning services. 

Geography: Europe

Preferred industries: medical devices, diagnostics, digital health

Investment ticket: up to €5M initially 

Company stage: undisclosed provides capital, sales channels, and market access to European tech companies that want to accelerate their growth through internationalization. The firm focuses on reaching the US, Chinese, Indian, and German healthcare markets by working with B2B-focused and scalable companies, that have a commercialized product and an equity minority stake. It invested in such companies as Neotiv, a cognitive tests developer identifying memory issues, Tattva Group, a home healthcare company, and Worldcoo, a social fintech sharing donations to NGOs.


Geography: Europe

Preferred industries: life sciences 

Investment ticket: undisclosed

Company stage: from early-stage to late-stage

Medicxi is a life sciences investment firm established by the former Index Ventures’s life science team, a technology-oriented venture capital. The two venture firms operate under the asset-centric investment model, concentrating on a single asset of a company and cooperating with entrepreneurial scientists.  Medicxi focuses on drug discovery and therapeutic development for unmet medical needs, with an investment strategy that favors biotech companies with a single drug in development. This approach goes against the common practice of keeping 'backup' candidate drugs in case the lead program goes wrong. Over the years, Medicxi invested in Abivax, a company modulating the body's natural immune system, Cellzome, or GSK, a proteomics technologies developer, Novocure, an international oncology company, and more.

BackBone Ventures 

Geography: DACH and Israel

Preferred industries: FoodTech, innovative ICT, and disruptive technologies

Investment ticket: undisclosed

Company stage: early-stage

BackBone Ventures is a Zurich-based venture capital firm, aiming to support startups that can benefit the next generations. It supports startups gradually, starting from the idea development that includes strategy and product creation and moving to external funding, which involves communication with potential funding partners. Additionally, it conducts an analysis of the product, technology, and competitive environment, helps with the roadmap and finances, assists with pitching, and introduces its portfolio companies to a wide network of investors. BackBone Ventures invested in a platform that enables autonomous drone deliveries  Flytrex, a platform that makes companies develop a purpose-driven culture to engage their employees in current social and environmental challenges Alaya, and a code-based threat intelligence tool Treatray.

Fyrfly Ventures Partners 

Geography: North America, Europe

Preferred industries: enterprise IT and deep tech 

Investment ticket: undisclosed

Company stage: early-stage

A Silicon Valley and Switzerland-based VC, Fyrfly Venture Partners invests in companies shaping data and intelligence through so-called vertical data economies of scale. With the help of frontier technologies, companies can deepen their data advantage and provide actionable insights. In addition, Fyrfly Venture Partners helps improve product-market, go-to-market, and global expansion. The VC has backed companies like, an enterprise data catalog, FeedFM, a music licensing service for businesses, and more. 

Swiss Founders Fund

Geography: global

Preferred industries: sector-agnostic

Investment ticket: undisclosed 

Company stage: seed, early-stage

Swiss Founders Fund is a VC investment and a management holding that helps global companies. Additionally to financial support, it provides a long-term incubation for its portfolio startups. Among the businesses Swiss Founder Fund has invested in are RYDE, a delivery management platform, Matter, an audio dating app, Zelf, a platform allowing you to sell your content.

EquityPitcher Ventures 

Geography: DACH

Preferred industries: sector-agnostic, except biotech and pharmaceutics    

Investment ticket: CHF 1M - 2.5M 

Company stage: early-growth

EquityPitcher supports early-stage startups with proof of concept, utilizing its network of investors and experts. It helps businesses by providing capital, know-how, and industry connections. Equity Pitcher is committed to networking - it has three groups - industry, entrepreneurial, and investor networks, which help with the market positioning of their portfolio startups. It invested in such startups as Calingo, a digital insurance company, Opinary, a tool that helps brands and publishers create opinion polls to integrate them into articles or websites, and Guuru, cloud-based chat support.


Geography: Global

Preferred industries: blockchain 

Investment ticket: undisclosed

Company stage: early-stage

CV VC is a Swiss venture capital firm that targets startups building products on blockchain technology. Additionally, being a co-founder of the Swiss Crypto Valley, it accelerates blockchain companies in its co-working space, CV Labs. Amongst the unicorns, there are Tezos, a self-efficient, self-upgradable blockchain for brands, developers, and entrepreneurs, Cardano, a proof-of-stake blockchain platform for innovators and visionaries, and  Velas, a Swiss tech company that developed EVM blockchain. 

Occident Group 

Geography: Germany, Switzerland

Preferred industries: life sciences, digital, high-tech 

Investment ticket: from €500k 

Company stage: from the seed stage

Occident Group backs companies that bring value to society, and it offers finance and guidance from its experts. The firm participates in initiatives contributing to sustainability and invests in startups that bring a positive impact, like Adivo, which develops therapeutic antibodies for companion pets, mk2, a company focusing on peptides, Hemotune, a company developing blood purification technology.


Geography: Europe

Preferred industries: clean energy, sustainable food, circular models and materials

Investment ticket: €1M - €10M

Company stage: early-stage, growth, late-stage

Quadia helps SMEs, private individuals, family offices, and institutions by offering strategic and financial support. Its team backs companies providing solutions for environmental and social challenges. Quadia focuses on regenerative and circular economy, sustainability, and impact investing. The firm invested in Ridedott, a Dutch transportation service offering green rides, Olio, a zero-waste app for sharing things with others, Ynsect, which transforms insects into natural protein food for pets, fish, plants, and humans.

Planven Entrepreneur Ventures 

Geography: Israel, Europe, USA

Preferred industries: AI, Big Data, health tech, cybersecurity, B2B software

Investment ticket: $5M – $10M 

Company stage: seed stage to Series C

Planven Entrepreneur Ventures finances tech companies that directly impact European businesses.  When making investment decisions, the firm focuses on ESG principles to commit to sustainability. Planven Entrepreneur Ventures backed companies like Via, a TransitTech software powering mobility globally, Monogoto, an IoT connectivity management platform, IBEX, a cancer diagnostics AI platform. 

Geography: global

Preferred industries: fintech, DeFi

Investment ticket: up to $2M

Company stage: pre-seed, seed, Series A focuses on the so-called "global-first" companies, supporting early-stage founders working remotely and targeting global distribution. Its founder, Cédric Waldburger, has a solid experience in the fintech sector. He co-founded DFINITY, a Silicon Valley unicorn concentrated on decentralized Internet. invested in companies like DSCVR, a Web3 social media platform, Liquidity, a decentralized borrowing protocol, NFID, a FIDO-based authenticator, and more.

Serpentine Ventures 

Geography: Switzerland, Europe, Israel and the US

Preferred industries: sector-agnostic

Investment ticket: undisclosed

Company stage: early and growth stage

Serpentine Ventures is a Swiss Ventures Group subsidiary, a leading VC platform from the region. The firm uses a venture asset management approach and is FINMA licensed, providing exclusive venture capital access. Additionally, Serpentine Ventures owns numerous theme-specific funds. The firm invested in Cybera, a data-centric platform preventing cybercrimes, Lyfa, a zero-waste online supermarket, Planted, a planted-meat producer, and more.

Privilege Ventures 

Geography: Europe

Preferred industries: women-led, sector-agnostic startups, with some preferences, towards med\tech, deep tech, and digital economy; women-led startups

Investment ticket: around $250k

Company stage: early-stage

Privilege Ventures focuses on Switzerland and supports scalable and sustainable businesses, aiming to promote Swiss innovation and support entrepreneurship. Privilege Ventures invested in Biospectral, a blood-pressure measuring app, Picstars, an influencer marketing agency, and Distalmotion, which focuses on robotic surgery.

DAA Capitals 

Geography: Switzerland, Europe

Preferred industries: machine learning, big data, IoT, AI, automation, immersive technologies

Investment ticket: €1M -  €5M 

Company stage: early-stage, growth-stage

DAA Capitals invests in tech companies that positively impact the world. In addition, the firm finances real estate assets across Europe and provides advisory and management services to global NGOs and investors. DAA capitals invested in such companies as Imverse, a live 3D hologram platform, Astrocast, an IoT connectivity service, Smeetz, a ticketing pricing software, and more.

Blockchain Valley Ventures 

Geography: Europe

Preferred industries: blockchain, web3, cybersecurity, B2B tech, fintech

Investment ticket: undisclosed

Company stage: pre-seed, seed, Series A

Blockchain Valley Ventures is a VC fund founded in Crypto Valley. The team owns the Blockchain Investment Opportunities Note, backing European investment opportunities, and has two funds. The first is an equity VC fund supporting B2B technology and finance companies, and the second is a digital assets fund, allowing the team to invest in equity and tokens. Blockchain Valley Ventures invested in such companies as Peddler, a social shopping marketplace, Cysec, a data security software developer, Keyless, a deep tech cybersecurity company, and more. 

BaseTech Ventures 

Geography: DACH

Preferred industries: fintech, technology, internet

Investment ticket: undisclosed

Company stage: early-stage

BaseTech Ventures helps companies to grow through advertising, product management, financing, and its extensive network. Even though the company focuses on German-speaking countries, it is open to cooperation with global firms as a joint or sole investor. BaseTech Ventures invested in Fumbi, a crypto investment app, Gemini Interactive, a mobile service company creating websites and apps, FOEX GmnH, which provides help for Oracle APEX developers, and more.

DD Venture Capital 

Geography: Europe

Preferred industries: fintech

Investment ticket: undisclosed

Company stage: pre-seed, seed, series A 

DD Venture Capital backs private tech companies and B2B software businesses. Although the firm focuses on Europe, it can invest in global startups in partnership with local foreign companies. And, additionally to financing, DD Venture Capital provides its portfolio companies with access to its network. The company invested in Pngme, a platform supporting developers and financial institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa, Lano, an online HR management system, and Superjoi, a platform allowing followers to fund creators. 

SIT Capital 

Geography: global

Preferred industries: Quantum Technologies and Advanced Materials, Quantum CS & Software Engineering, Quantum business sciences

Investment ticket: $100K - 5M

Company stage: seed, Series A, later-stage

SIT Capital is an international VC that supports digital startups. The team consists of science-based investors who help companies grow through financing, acceleration, research, and support operations. SIT capital cooperates with a research-led Schaffhausen Institute of Technology and numerous other VC firms and angel investments. The VC has invested in Qnami, a company developing a technology based on quantum mechanics, Kebotix, a company focusing on materials discovery through robotics and AI, and more.


Geography: DACH

Preferred industries: medical technologies, environmental engineering, high-tech components & new materials, health, wellbeing, and safety, food & nutritional supplements, luxury &consumer goods

Investment ticket:  €10M

Company stage: early-stage

Lorea invests in medium-sized companies with a long-term partnership in mind and without a formulated exit strategy.  The firm helps companies with an identified proof-of-concept, arranged minority stakes, and a sales volume from €50M to €500M. Additionally, Lorea deals with capital markets and real estate. The firm invested in such companies as X-Therma, which focuses on cryopreservation, BHS Technologies, a surgery microscope developer company, and more.

Chi Impact Capital

Geography: Europe

Preferred industries: green innovation & energy efficiency, circular economy & conscious commerce, smart mobility & transport, climate resilient healthcare, circular economy & conscious commerce

Investment ticket: undisclosed

Company stage: early-stage

Chi Impact Capital is a conscious Impact Investor focusing on investments that positively contribute to the social or environmental climate. They back regenerative companies that meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The firm has a Luxemburg-based fund, Burning Issues Impact Fund (BIIF), which invests in European companies that provide scalable solutions. Chi Impact Capital invested in companies like Vytal, which offers reusable packaging for food delivery, Yasai, a vertical farms company producing food products without pesticides, and more.

SNGLR Capital 

Geography: Europe

Preferred industries: smart mobility/smart city, longevity/vitality

Investment ticket: 

Company stage: early-stage

SNGLR Capital is a VC fund supporting startups with growth potential. Its business model involves three segments. First is the venture capital arm, which supports technologies such as blockchain, IoT, augmented/virtual reality, and AI. The second is deep tech expertise, XLABS, with IT and deep tech experts. And the third, strategic advisory, focuses on digital innovation, data analytics, and marketing. SNGLR Capital invested in Cellestia, a company developing therapies controlling pathogenic gene expression, Iqron, a wind turbine systems manufacturer, and more.

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