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top 100 cee vc funds by vestbee
25 May 2022·35 min read

In this roundup, we’d like to once again highlight the CEE’s venture ecosystem. Here we have gathered the overview of 100 most active VC funds from Central & Eastern Europe that are investing in regional startups, who had also significantly contributed to the development of the startup & VC market in CEE and they are a promising choice when considering future VC funding for your startup

So without further ado, let’s find out more about their investment focus, size of the ticket, and offered support to pick the right one for your business!

Market One Capital

Market One Capital comes off as the first on our list and its a Pan-European VC mainly interested in startups building a marketplace or digital platform solutions. While picking where to bid, MoC appears to pay the most attention to the founding team to then focus on searching for either a strong product or unique market insights required to build such a product.

Click here to get more insights about the fund's investment strategy from the interview with Marcin Kurek, Managing Partner.


Inovo Venture Partner

Inovo Venture Partners is a leading Polish VC for early-stage software startups building a SaaS and/or marketplace-related business. However, the team will also consider proposals from other sectors. To catch the attention of the fund, you can start out by having the first signs of market traction and the potential for a quick global expansion. Their average ticket varies from €0.5M to €3M.

Click here to get more insights about the fund's investment strategy from the interview with Michał Rokosz, Partner.

SMOK Ventures

Warsaw-based Polish-American SMOK Ventures prefers to target software and gamedev startups in the early stages and usually invests anywhere from $100k to $1M. In its day-to-day operations, the fund acts as a conservative, hands-off VC choosing to partake in the portfolio operations mostly during the raise of the next round or when asked for help directly.

OTB Ventures

OTB Ventures is a deeptech investor searching for hard tech startups aiming to crack and disrupt huge markets. When betting on some company, the firm puts forward anywhere between $1M to $15M along the company’s funding lifecycle and is usually looking for the CEE startups entering the early growth stage. 

Click here to get more insights about the fund's investment strategy from the interview with Marcin Hejka, Co-founder & General Partner.

Next Road Ventures

Next Road Ventures is a venture investor that is very interested in SaaS/Marketplace verticals but also open to opportunities across all sectors and industries. The fund aims to invest up to €1M and tends to bring-in angel investors to the round in order to ensure that both operational and financial runway matters of their portfolio companies are taken care of. 

Click here to get more insights about the fund's investment strategy from the interview with Marcin Laczynski, Partner.

Movens Capital

Movens Capital is an early stage VC fund passionate about various business implementations of AI and ML throughout any sector or industry across CEE. The fund invests anywhere between €250k -  €1M and its partners are ready to roll up their sleeves every step of their portfolio’s journey, especially during the foreign expansion within the US where the fund has a quite strong presence.

Innovation Nest

Innovation Nest is among the most dynamic B2B software VCs in Europe. The firm usually puts in a sum of €100k to €1M to then work on moving the company forward in terms of connecting to relevant people and sharing more than a decade-long experience in funding and building successful software businesses. 

SpeedUp Venture Capital Group 

SpeedUp Venture Capital Group is a Warsaw-based conglomerate of VC funds co-managing various funds and programs with big players like PGE, Google, Żabka, and more. The fund is usually betting on early-stage startups throughout a big number of sectors and industries starting from seed to series A, investing tickets between €200k to  €5M into each opportunity.


The forthcoming VC - Czysta3 can be rightfully listed among both the newest and most active from the reviewed so far. In its strategy, Czysta3 is on the lookout for especially well-placed products led by a team of nuanced founders raising an initial investment for their seed stage. When Czysta3 gets involved, its team oftentimes places a starting 1M PLN and later on helps onboard the next investors or assists in picking a state grant.

Black Pearls VC

Gdańsk-based Black Pearls VC backs deep tech startups addressing underexplored issues within globally-relevant niches or markets. In their investment strategy, the fund is ready to put forward an up to €1M into an early-stage project coming from Northern and/or Central Europe, preferably from Baltic/Polish founders.

LT Capital

LT Capital is a fund from Krakow that invests throughout Central and Eastern Europe in a somewhat big list of sectors forming the backbone of the industry 4.0. When bidding on a startup, the team oftentimes puts around €250k into a seed or pre-seed companies founded and run by bold and devoted people. When searching for opportunities, the fund is usually quite assertive and quick while deciding on each given company.


bValue is a Warsaw-based investor primarily interested in e-commerce and industry 4.0 startups founded across CEE. In its operations, the fund prefers to back pre-series A companies with a 0.5M PLN to 2M PLN which they usually split with the business angels to ensure that their portfolio startups have both the capital and knowledge needed to succeed.

Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder

Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder (THCP) is a global startup studio and a venture fund of a big European private equity company Tar Heel Capital. The fund usually puts up to €1M into early-stage E-sports, Big Data, Cloud computing, Fintech, and Martech startups, especially in SaaS & marketplaces.

Kogito Ventures

Kogito Ventures is a venture investor from the capital of Poland that usually partakes in startup investments only in a close conjecture with its partners among business angels or syndicates. When scouting for opportunities, Kogito chiefly looks to invest anywhere from 0.5M PLN to 2M PLN into CEE-based E-commerce, Fintech, Marketplace, B2B SaaS, and Industry 4.0 startups.

TDJ Pitango

TDJ Pitango is a co-managed fund of a big local family office and a well-known Israeli VC. The fund is primarily interested in seed to growth-stage startups within AI/Big Data, healthech, B2B software, mobile technology & digital media, and IoT. The firm usually invests around €100k to €2M and tends to make a small amount of high-conviction bids throughout each year.


RKKVC is a VC on the active lookout for innovative businesses across Europe primarily working on data/deep tech-intensive technologies. In its investment activities, RKKVC usually scouts pre-seed and seed startups and hands them a €100K  to  €1M tickets.

Warsaw Equity Group

Warsaw Equity Group (WEG) is a private equity vehicle searching for growth-stage companies developing B2B products which usually fall under the categories of efficiency-enhancing and business/process automation verticals. Throughout its upcoming investment activities, the fund aims to target CEE, CSE, and DACH scaleups with anywhere from 10M PLN to 40M PLN per company in exchange for a %15 ownership.


PKO TFI VC is a startup investment vehicle of Poland’s biggest bank searching for CEE’s most innovative seed and growth-stage startups enabling and/or disrupting the financial sector. Wholly owned and managed by PKO, the fund’s team can be very assertive and speedy in making up its mind and is significantly less restricted by the usual VC exit horizons. 


The forthcoming investor in our selection, Unfold is a sector-agnostic VC from Wroclaw with a preference for SaaS models investing across stages and puts an average ticket of €100K  to € 200k. The firm also does not have a usual 3-5 years exit horizon which means their incentives are less short-termed than usual and you can put more time building towards a vision you want to bring onto the world. 

Sunfish Partners

Sunfish Partners is a deeptech fund solely and exclusively dedicated to the Polish startup scene. The firm usually takes part in pre-seed to seed investments, putting an average of 2M PLN into each opportunity while reserving the same amount for the follow-on rounds. Although the fund is pretty open to startups across all industries, it has an especial interest in B2B software-centric models.

Pracuj Ventures

An up-and-coming on our selection, Pracuj Ventures is the venture arm of the largest Polish HR and L&D company Pracuj Group. Consistent with its core offerings, the fund chiefly targets early-stage companies innovating within the group’s fields of expertise across Poland and Ukraine by offering 0.5M PLN to 2M investment. You will also access the group’s resources and exclusive domain expertise, and if all goes well - a good exit to Pracuj Group.

Level2 Ventures 

Level2 Ventures is an early-stage and privately-owned vehicle bidding €250k  to €1.5M in pre-seed to series A companies across a wide range of industries including AI/Automation, blockchain, OZE, and ECO. The fund is led by a number of seasoned founders and accordingly - one may expect more than the mere investment but an active partner in marketing, strategy, and HR. 

SATUS Starter

SATUS Starter is an early stage fund targeting seed to series A startups within the CEE region. To attract the team’s attention, a startup must have the first indications of market traction, among them a convincing MVP, earnings, and when possible - both! The fund invests AI/Big Data, SaaS, AR/VR, Inudstry 4.0, Fintehch/blockchain, Cybertech and Marketplaces, putting $100k to $1M in each opportunity.

ff Venture Capital

A yet another fund on the list, ff Venture Capital is a New York and Warsaw-based investor betting from 1M PLN to 12M PLN across early and growth-stage startups all around the world from E-commerce, Fintech, Gaming, Cybersecurity, B2B software, AI / Big Data, Drones, or robotics. When deciding upon an opportunity, ff VC usually tries to find initial signs of traction, especially towards existing/prospective transnational sales.

YouNick Mint

YouNick Mint is an early-stage venture investor passionate about a triad of sectors spanning industry 4.0, healthcare, and digital health. In search of new investments across CEE, the fund tends to pay a lot of attention to the founders’ sense of responsibility and deep-seated integrity coupled with decisiveness in executing one’s vision. The fund usually provides sums between 5M and 12M PLN.

WP2 Investments 

A relatively young fund, WP2 Investments is an investor who searches for post-prototype Polish startups building Fintech, Biotech, Greentech, E-commerce, and Digitization/automatization businesses. Along with the capital investment, WP2 is more than willing to help you with strategic matters of the company’s growth. 

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Credo Ventures 

An opening VC from our Czech VC selection, Credo Ventures is a venture investor searching for seed to series B startups within IT, Internet, and Health across Central Europe. When making up a mind on the given opportunity, Credo invests anywhere from €50k to €10M and starts helping fuel the international growth in big global markets. 

Click here to get more insights about the fund’s investment strategy from the interview with Jan Habermann, Partner.

Kaya Ventures

Kaya VC is a firm that has been operating since early 2010. The fund has little over €70M under management and is a group wishing to democratize access to capital for CEE’s pre-seed and seed startups. The firm will consider investing €100k up to €3M in opportunities from all sectors and industries with the only condition being the startups’ goal of capturing a significant share of some global sector or niche.

Click here to get more insights about the fund’s investment strategy from the interview with Martin Rajcan, General Partner.

Lighthouse Ventures

An up-and-coming fund on our list, Lighthouse Ventures is a Prague-based firm and a business accelerator. Having around €24M of capital at hand, the fund gives its best to sourcing impactful European startups with at least some links to the Czech economy. The firm usually invests no more than €2.3M at the seed stage within a broadly defined tech space.

Presto Ventures

Presto Ventures is a Prague-headquartered venture fund primarily investing up to €3M in seed stage startups. The firm does not have a limit on the sectors they invest in though they’re focused on CEE founders only. Just after the investment check, Presto gladly helps with connections, sales strategy and with providing a follow-up investment later on. 

Reflex Capital

Last but not least of the Czech selection, Reflex Capital is a venture fund searching for CE’s early-stage projects across sectors and industries. When picking an investment target, the partners prefer to rely on gut feeling and finding an alignment of values between the fund and founders. Given that the firm is run by past entrepreneurs, you can expect a lot of hands-on support and assistance throughout the journey.

J&T Ventures

The next on our list, J&T Ventures is an early-stage venture fund from Prague. The firm has around €40M assets under management and invests anywhere from €250k to €2.5M into seed to series A startups from CEE, Baltics, and Scandinavia. Although the fund is sector agnostic, it has a special preference for fintech, proptech, retail, IoT/IoE, and Industry 4.0.

Impulse Ventures

Impulse Ventures is an operational VC fund aiming to support its portfolio much beyond a usual capital injection and connections. The fund is composed of seasoned investors & entrepreneurs and is open to CE’s seed to series A opportunities from all sectors and industries. In addition to all of it, there are no strict exit horizons, rules or somehow rigid limitations to be considered by the team.

Air Ventures

Air Ventures is a fund looking for early-growth projects across Europe. In its investment scouting, the Air’s team reviews late-seed to series A startups irrespective of their industry but emphasize having a meaningfully big ARR. When the firm decides on investment, is usually wires between €200k and €2M and then try to support portfolio companies by providing marketing and/or financial insights of their partners.

Koopeo Ventures

Koopeo Ventures is a mature and very experienced VC investing in CEE’s high-growth companies with global ambitions. Dating its founding all the way to the year 1995, the firm would be a great choice for companies seeking up to €500k to build up web and internet apps, cloud services, or eCommerce startups.

Y Soft Ventures

Y Soft Ventures is a CVC of Y Soft - large Czech hardware and IT corporation looking to build and scale startups that aim at B2B markets either in hardware or software niches. Given that Y Soft is a quite large corporation, there’s no right or wrong time to approach the investment team and when it comes to collaboration, you will have all the benefits of a supportive venture studio to build a company from scratch.

Nation 1 VC

Nation 1 VC which is an early-stage fund and accelerator backing multisector seed and pre-seed startups from CE. With around €35M under its management, the fund is ready to provide up to € 1.5M investment combined with the continent-spanning network, which will ensure you have what it takes to build a company from the ground up into a globally-recognized enterprise. 

Day One Capital

Day One Capital is a venture fund that looks out for B2B software companies entering their earliest stages throughout the CEE region that seek anywhere from €300k and up to €1.5M in funding. The firm is managed and run by a knowledgeable group of people from both the technology and public sectors which makes them a great sparring partner in scaling up your business idea. 

Impact Ventures

Impact Ventures is a startup investor looking to back highly impactful European companies working towards high societal and environmental goals while promising venture-level returns. After deciding on an investment, the fund is able to invest as much as €300k into the seed startups and up to €2M for those entering their post-seed stage.

OXO Ventures

A first from the Hungarian pack, OXO Ventures is a leading early and growth-stage VC/accelerator for CEE’s finest tech startups. Open towards any secto, /industry or business model, OXO is nevertheless having a special interest in hard tech startups that have the potential of driving long-term consumer or market trends. The firm tends to invest from €200k and up to €5M.


The next from the list, Hiventures STARTUP fund is rightfully placed among the largest venture vehicles in the country by having close to €258M of available capital. When scouting for investment opportunities, Hiventures considers only local startups however is pretty agnostic when it comes to industries or a growth stage of their pipeline. The fund will invest anywhere from €50k to €3.5M and then act as a traditional, hands-off partner.

Oktogon Ventures

Oktogon Ventures is a Budapest-based firm actively looking for CEE’s technologically complex companies who’ve just landed their first paying users and gathered a convincingly high amount of revenue to show off their initial market traction. The fund targets early-stage companies and investing between €130k and €1.32M.


PortfoLion is a VC fund looking to invest €500k - €5M into post-product-market-fit B2B startups from CEE aiming to scale up globally. Being a part of the region’s biggest banking group OTP Bank, the firm clearly possesses the material means and network necessary to supply its portfolio development. 


The forthcoming fund on our list, Bonitás is a firm that is laser-focused on Hungaria’s tech ecosystem choosing among the earliest stage companies across sectors and industries. Aside from the financial injection of €560k and up to €4.2M, Bonitás helps put off the table important yet cumbersome matter as applying for a patent, getting the initial users, onboarding the right talent, and more.

Vespucci Partners

The next on our list, Vespucci Partners is a fund looking to invest in Central Europe’s finest tech entrepreneurs bringing scalable innovation onto the global markets. When evaluating the incoming opportunities, the investment team has a strong interest in those aiming to target American or Asian markets and will put up a €600k - €4.5M ticket into a seed to series A startup of their interest.


Euroventures is a Budapest-based early-stage and sector agnostic betting €1M to €5M in Central Europe. Given its more than three-decade-long investing experience, Euroventures has built quite impressive knowledge around all aspects of venture building and a continent-spanning network of venture professionals making for everything you may need in a VC - connections and knowledge.

Széchenyi Funds

Last but definitely not least, Széchenyi Funds is effectively among the biggest venture funds in Hungary that is tasked with the goal of upscaling the local tech ecosystem within CEE and Europe. When scouting for opportunities, the fund tends to invest in a wide range of sectors oftentimes comprising Greentech and industry 4.0 within which startups have the initial signs of market traction and convincing growth projections.

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Startup Wise Guys 

A first VC of our last Baltic subsection, Startup Wise Guys is effectively among the most active venture investors and accelerators in Europe. When it comes to the firm’s approach, it is usually providing an all-encompassing 6-month long program upon which you will also receive a small ticket of €55k for 9% of your equity. The fund has a wide range of available programs so feel free to check them all out and choose the right one!

Click here to get more insights about the fund’s investment strategy from the interview with Cristobal Alonso, Global CEO & El Patron.


An up and coming fund on our list, Superangel is one of the most operational VCs described and an early-stage investor open to proposals across sectors and industries. To help their portfolio succeed, Superangel not only drafts €50k to €500k seed checks but also provides a year-long program teaching all ins and outs of startup building.

Tera Ventures

Tera Ventures is an early-stage fund investing across sectors and industries. Even though the fund is sector-agnostic, it does have sweetspot on Fintech, automation and AI/ML fields where they have been investing for a quite considerable amount of time. The fund invests in Nordic & Baltic and Czech & Polish founders mostly at seed and pre-seed stages.

Click here to get more insights about the fund’s investment strategy from the interview with Andrus Oks, Founding Partner.

Trind VC

Some of the most mature firms on the list, Trind VC is a fund interested in B2B SaaS and marketplace startups from Northern and Central Europe who’re building a sustainable business model projecting income that’s not requiring constant capital injections. The fund is active across the early stage and deploys anywhere from €0.1M to €0.5M and reserves around €3M for subsequent rounds.

Change Ventures

 Change Ventures is a pan-Baltic VC chiefly interested in participating in seed rounds of regional startups building in various sectors and industries. When choosing whom to back, the Change’s team is usually looking for grit and perseverance towards the realization of the company’s grand vision. The average investment of theirs ranges from €400k to €1.5M.

Lemonade Stand

The most recently launched of the aforementioned, the Lemonade Stand is a fund deliberately avoiding a consistent strategy and that’s mainly interested in contrarian startups at their earliest stages (including pre-revenue and product phases). The fund tends to invest from €25k to €300k and will consider opportunities stemming from Eastern Europe and Baltics.

Specialist VC

Specialist VC is a very well-known venture investor behind all of Baltics’ big successes and a founding party to the CEE’s biggest accelerator - Startup Wise Guys. In its scouting efforts, the team usually targets B2B, SaaS, and marketplace segments of pre-seed and up to series A startups across the globe.

Karma VC

Karma VC, a fund managed and run by Skype's first employees, is a late seed and series A investor seeking ICT startups throughout Europe & Baltics. To be considered for investment, one should have a defensible technological advantage and perseverance towards future successes.

Metaplanet Holdings

The last of our Estonian funds is the deeptech VC Metaplanet Holdings having well over 130 bets throughout a diverse set of industries. In its scouting efforts, Metaplanet usually looks for purpose-oriented visionaries who want to keep full control of their boardroom. The fund tends to invest at the early stage and follow-on when needed.

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Gapminder VC

Romanian Gapminder VC is a fund betting on early-stage IT software and service providers built either in Romania or a wider CEE. The fund is formed and run by a team of seasoned executives who’re willing to not only give up to €1.5M in funding but also advise or otherwise support you when needed.

Early Game Ventures

The next on the list, Early Game Ventures is a fund solely and exclusively dedicated to the local startup ecosystem and targeting pre-seed to series A companies building a  B2B/B2C tech and hardware which is (hopefully) IP-driven. The fund provides anywhere from a kickstarting €50k all the way up to €4.5M in funding.

Roca X

Roca X is a transnational VC putting its money all across Europe and Israeli startups by reserving at least 40% of its assets for local companies at the earliest stages of development. The fund usually puts forward anywhere from €50k - €0.5M and is chiefly looking for brave and visionary founders working in any industry or sector.

Catalyst Romania

Catalyst Romania is a VC putting a lion's share of its capital towards Romania’s brightest tech entrepreneurs building a Technology & Web or Media & Communication startup. The investment team oftentimes puts €1M to €7M in an early stage business and occasionally - invests outside of Romania in its Eastern European neighborhood.

Sparking Capital

Sparking Capital is an industry-agnostic seed and pre-seed investor backing local teams with up to €300k in funding. After finalizing the investment, Sparking’s team may assist you with international growth, coaching, and relevant connections.

eMAG Ventures

eMAG Ventures is a CVC of the country’s e-commerce chain eMAG and a fund, targeting early growth startups. When evaluating proposals, the fund tends to focus on the CEE’s growing B2B and B2B2C companies where the eMAG can give its best shot at helping them build and flourish in the competitive landscape.


Fortech Investments is the venture arm of software development company Fortech. In their scouting efforts, the fund seeks to uncover promising pre-seed and seed and add value way beyond a usual financial injection through building a product, giving access to the client network and industry expertise, and helping with sales, marketing, or recruiting. Fortech usually invests anywhere from €100k to €250k in Manufacturing, HealthCare, FinTech, EdTech and PropTech sectors.

Cleverage VC

Cleverage VC is a firm that is laser-focused on healthcare across Romania and wider CEE. Given the funds’ utmost dedication to one vertical, you may very well expect the domain expertise and network necessary to break into the field. Then as for the investment sizes, Cleverage’s tickets range from €50k to €200k.

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Eleven Ventures 

A very first on our Bulgarian list, Eleven Ventures is undisputably among one of the most mature dynamic funds in South-Eastern Europe. The firm itself has a quite well-defined interest in Fintech, Healthcare, and future of work/food + Ecotech which gave them an opportunity to run innovation programs for the best-in-class corporations like Visa or Sopharma Trading. Their average ticket is around €250K to €1M.

Click here to get more insights about the fund’s investment strategy from the interview with Daniel Tomov, Founding Partner.

LAUNCHub Ventures

LAUNCHub Ventures is a very notable investor in CEE early-stage tech companies. In its investment activities, the funds’ team seeks the startup with signs of first traction and a desire to expand globally. The fund tends to invest in SaaS, Fintech, Proptech, Big Data, AI, Marketplaces, Digital Health, Blockchain, IoT with up to  €4M in funding.

Click here to get more insights about the fund’s investment strategy from the interview with Stephane Gantchev, Partner.

Vitosha Venture Partners

Vitosha Venture Partners is a venture investor and accelerator betting exclusively on the strength of the Bulgarian startups. The fund oftentimes selects across sectors and industries, investing anywhere from €25k to €1M with the goal of expanding into the wider SEE/CEE.

BrightCap Ventures

BrightCap Ventures is an early-stage VC investing in a diverse array of sectors across the globe. The fund aims to very carefully select its bids and only invests in a small number of companies throughout the usual fund cycle. Their average investment into a single company can be up to a combined €3.5M per company.

Innovation Capital

Innovation Capital is a sector-agnostic VC looking for Bulgaria’s brightest tech companies in the pre-seed and seed stages. In its operations, the firm may offer access to the accelerator for those who’re just starting out while providing up to €1M for those who already have figured out the first milestone and need growth capital.

VTI Capital

Another VC worth checking is Sofia’s VTI Capital which tries to give a little more than just capital but is quite attentive to help with things like GTM strategy and commercial & financial model. The fund is sector agnostic in terms of its sectoral interests and is willing to invest in early-stage projects all over the globe.  

Sofia Angels Ventures

Then the last from our Bulgarian group, Sofia Angels Ventures is somewhat new to the world of venture and is a kind of a spinout from Bulgaria’s angel association CEO Angels Club. In its investment activities, the fund targets local and sometimes other CEE-based tech startups, into which they invest sums of €200k to €500k across pre-seed and seed companies.

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Iron Wolf Capital 

The first from our Lithuanian collection of VCs, Iron Wolf Capital is an early-stage firm solely and exclusively dedicated to the Baltic startups in early and growth stages of their journey. The investment interest of Iron Wolf spans the AI, IoT, SaaS, Deeptech, Fintech, and Marketplace spaces, investing anywhere from €250k to €2M.

Click here to get more insights about the fund’s investment strategy from the interview with Tomas Martunas, Founding Partner.

Practica Capital

Practica Capital is a quite active and mature regional fund backing founders of Baltic origin all across Europe. When evaluating an opportunity, Practica does not have a rigid focus but rather looks throughout seed and growth stage startups, putting €200k to €2M+ into each of their portfolio companies.

Open Circle Capital

Open Circle Capital is a deeptech firm curious about the highly technical ICT, robotics, and high tech founders that are somewhere in the early stages of their company’s development. The initial investment of Open Circle consists of a €100k to €500k deposit which can then grow all the way into €3M.

Contrarian Ventures

Contrarian Ventures is a venture fund that is laser-focused on all aspects of climate change mitigation which is an interest they quite skillfully turned into a lot of industry events, networks, and content for climate-curious people. The fund usually sifts through the early stages of startup development and puts an average of €500k into each given company.

Coinvest Capital

Coinvest Capital is a Lithuania-focused venture firm that attempts to unite the benefits of VC and angel funding through constant syndication of their deal flow. Having done that, Coinvest provides both the capital and operational support necessary to grow up an early stage company. In its investment activities, the firm remains industry agnostic and puts up the ticket sizes ranging from €450k to €1.6M.


Finally the last Lithuanian VC from our list, 70V is a fund and sales accelerator seeking to help scale B2B startups’ revenue operations with hands-on coaching and practice sessions along with a small €20k to 400k investment. The 70V is oftentimes targeting any sales-curious pre seed to series A startups based in the Baltics.


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Vision Ventures

A very first on our Slovakian shortlist, Vision Ventures is an  €11M fund dedicated to local founders building their ventures within a wide set of sectors and industries. The fund usually invests in seed-stage companies anywhere from €100k - €800k in equity and supports them as they progress to the international arena.


The next from our list, 365.fintech is a seed fund targeting Europe’s B2B/B2B2C finTech, InsurTech, and Big Data/business intelligence companies. As a quite focused investor, 365.fintech is a great choice for someone in need of a more experienced and seasoned finance partner who also supports its startups’ growth through a €50k to €500k financial injection.

Grouport Ventures

Another one from our Slovak selection, a Grouport Ventures is an angel fund targeting CEE/Baltic startups just after their first MVP with the initial signs of market traction. The fund prefers to invest in deeptech, fintech, marketplaces and IoT and when they find the right company - they’ll put together a $40k to $270k investment and do what it takes to directly help and cherish their newly acquired partner. 

Venture to Future Fund

Venture to Future Fund is an offspring of the partnership between EIB and Slovak ministry of Finance aiming to build up the Slovak tech ecosystem. While scouting for new opportunities, the fund seeks series A-B startups across sectors and industries and gives them a capital injection amounting to €0.5M to €4.8M.

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Fil Rouge Capital

Fil Rouge Capital is an early-stage investor and incubator/accelerator for Croatia’s tech startups. The firm usually looks for a well-balanced team having both technical and sales capabilities and when making up its mind, it provides up to €2M in funding.

South Central Ventures

South Central Ventures is a sector-agnostic fund with offices in SEE’s capital cities of Serbia, Croatia and Macedonia simultaneously. In its investment activities, the firm looks for the SE’s rising starts throughout the early and growth stages, providing up to €500k in seed and all the way up to €5M in the early growth stage.

Feelsgood Capital

The next on our list, Feelsgood Capital is an impact-driven Croatian VC fund qualifying the investment opportunities on the basis of its social and environmental impact. Aside from that criteria the fund is pretty open to proposals from across sectors and industries and will consider startups from Croatia and Slovenia, putting from €100k to €1M.

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Silicon Gardens Fund

Silicon Gardens is looking for pre-seed and seed-stage opportunities throughout its home country and broader SEE. The fund’s core interests involve areas like Marketplaces & Consumer, SaaS, Food & Health, Education & Gaming, and FinTech, in each of which they’d put from $50k to $200k.

Suricate Ventures

Suricate Ventures is a globally active VC taking a considerate approach to the environmental and ESG core tenets while choosing where to invest. Having that measured, the investment team is pretty much open to backing a startup from any sector or industry, putting $50k to $200k when in a syndicate.


daFUND is a European-focused and sector-agnostic investor led by a notable Slovenian business angel Darko Butina. The fund tends to co-invest with Slovenia’s business angels and puts €100k to €1M in a given early stage company.

See the overview of the Top VC Funds In Croatia & Slovenia To Finance Your Startup to get deep dive into regional venture capital ecosystem.

Overkill Ventures

The first on the Latvian list, Overkill Ventures is an angel firm searching for pre-seed startups within B2B technology space. In its search for opportunities, the fund usually scans CEE & Nordics, putting an up to €220k into a single company. Aside from the investment, Overkill Ventures can also be pretty useful in getting onto the seed stage given its team’s angel background. 


Riga-based BaltCap coupling up its efforts with Japan’s JBIC IG Partners in creating a joint deeptech €100M firm NordicNinja. Suggestive of their name, the firm targets Nordic/Baltic hard tech seed to series A startups with €2M to €4M of fresh capital.

Imprimatur Capital Fund Management

Our overall last (and as usually not least) firm, Imprimatur Capital Fund Management is a quite notable local VC betting on the Baltic Sea region startups reaching their pre-series A. When scouting for opportunities, the firm looks for venture-level potential and at least €5k MRR across a wide range of sectors and industries where ICFM’s interested in.

See the overview of the Top VC Funds In Latvia To Finance Your Startup to get deep dive into regional venture capital ecosystem.

Flyer One Ventures

A new first in our subsection covering Ukraine is an international fund Flyer One Ventures which is a firm looking for action-oriented entrepreneurs from Ukraine, Belarus, and the Baltics building a seed to series A startup within AI/ML, EdTech, B2B SaaS, Mobile Apps or Health Tech. The fund oftentimes invests $100k to $2M.

TA Ventures

An up-and-coming fund on the selection, TA Ventures is a Ukrainian-found early-stage venture investor spanning its presence all across the globe and investing in European, North American, and Israeli founders. When searching for investments, TA’s team is chiefly open to B2B software, Digital Health, Mobility and Logistics, Fintech and Insurtech, ConsumerTech spaces and will put anywhere from $300k to $1.5M. is an early stage firm pulling its capital towards Ukraine and its closest neighbor - Moldova. In its scouting efforts, the will invest €100k - €1M coming from all sectors and industries however, the team wants to see some initial signals of traction and a reasonably-defined company thesis targeting a huge market.

Roosh Ventures

Roosh Ventures is a fund managed and run by Reface’s founding team exclusively dedicated to building Euro-American early-stage startups creating products around areas where they excelled most - AI and ML. After getting an investment from Roosh, you can tap access to its talented engineers, get helpful guidance on technical aspects of your product, and connections to the best-in-class industry experts. 

Digital Future

Digital Future is a Kyiv-based firm on the lookout for promising innovators from Belarus and Ukraine building within a wide range of B2B and B2C segments. To attract the fund’s attention, you should be displaying the initial indicators of product-market-fit, whether it's the first revenues flowing in or a very well-drawn market thesis. When making up its mind, the investment team deploys up to $500k in funding. 

AVentures Capital

AVentures Capital comes as the first investor directed solely and exclusively toward Ukraine’s big innovation ecosystem. The fund’s ticket sizes span from $0.5M to €2M and their focus areas are software, ML/Big data, AR/VR, cloud, storage, enterprise, web, mobile, IoT startups at the early stage.

Adventures Lab

Adventures Lab is a globally-focused firm searching for repeat founders having an ambitious, yet realistic way towards profitability as well as a capability to grow 10x in the upcoming 3 years. The Adventures Lab will consider proposals throughout all sectors and locations and put into each attractive opportunity between $100k to $500k.

Anchor Ventures

Venture investor focused solely on Ukraine - Anchor Ventures is a recently launched early-stage firm investing across sectors and industries. When deciding on an opportunity, the Anchor’s team wants to see a tightly connected team and years of relevant domain expertise, and to help them succeed, the investment team caps the number of investments to 1-2 yearly to ensure they dedicate enough time to each of their investments.

QP Digital

QP Digital is a fund from Kyiv targeting local entrepreneurs at the early stages of their journey. In its search for startups, the QP is chiefly aiming to find experienced and nuanced founders ready for global expansion. Although the firm is open to proposals from all sectors, it has a special interest in companies building within AI, Blockchain, Dame Dev, IT logistics, and Digital Healthcare spaces, putting an average of $500k into each of their bets.


SMRK is a VC fund looking to invest up to $1M into user-centric IT companies having global aspirations. While thinking about a pitching startup, the partners tend to look for the relevant industry expertise and a cohesively defined pathway towards the product-market-fit as well as a market chokehold that would allow them to take a significant portion of the target market. 

Ukrainian Startup Fund

The last of our Ukrainian pack, is a state-sponsored Ukrainian Startup Fund attempting to upscale the country’s promising tech scene. In its day-to-day operations, USF is providing non-dilutive $25k to $50k grants coupled with an accelerator. Consequently, local innovators have a very handy option of not giving any ownership while having some runway to build and grow in order to raise at a more favorable rate later on.

See the overview of the Top VC Funds In Ukraine To Finance Your Startup to get deep dive into regional venture capital ecosystem.

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