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09 February 2023·18 min read

Katarzyna Groszkowska

Editor, Vestbee

Top VC Funds In The Netherlands To Finance Your Startup

The Netherlands is a country where startups and VC funds thrive, supported by an excellent institutional background, public policies and societal development. It's the 5th most developed ecosystem in Europe and 11th globally, with sectors such as energy and environment, hardware and IoT, and transport attracting the most attention from entrepreneurs and investors alike. It's also a country where impact investing is thriving - so much so, that many of the SDG-focused VCs are also the top ones.

So, without further ado, let's discover the top 25 VC funds in the Netherlands!

Peak Capital

Geography: Europe
Preferred industries: SaaS, Marketplace, Platform
Investment ticket: €250K - €4M
Company stage: Early-stage

Peak Capital is a VC fund based in Amsterdam with a presence in Berlin and Stockholm. The fund was established by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, with a focus on early-stage investments in the SaaS, marketplaces, and platforms sector. The fund invests in startups that have raised less than €5M, and that mostly operate in Europe. The strategy of “4 Ts” is at the forefront of the firm’s operation - when evaluating potential investments, Peak Capital looks at: Team, Traction, Thesis, and Timing. The team must have complementary skill sets in tech and sales, and a strong founder-market fit. Traction must demonstrate strong customer validation and data-driven decision-making and the thesis must be focused on outstanding solutions and value propositions. Peak Capital prioritizes diversity, strong values, and personal chemistry in its investments.

Rubio Fund

Geography: Netherlands or companies with strong links to the country
Preferred industries: Companies with clear positive and systemic impact on people and/or the planet
Investment ticket: Undisclosed
Company stage: Seed to series A

Rubio Fund is an impact-driven venture capital firm that invests in companies with a clear positive and systemic impact on people or the planet. They focus on three investment pillars: Circular Solutions, People Power, and Healthy Systems. The comprehensive support offered by the firm includes growth capital for Seed and Series A stages, expertise, an international network, and hands-on venture assistance. Rubio Fund also takes measuring impact seriously and quantifies results at the fund level while embedding the company's Theory of Change in corporate documents of its companies. They align incentives for impact and business and challenge portfolio companies in yearly impact sessions to bring impact management to the next level. To be eligible for Rubio’s investments companies must have a commercially scalable business model, an excellent team, and a strong link to the Netherlands.


Geography: Netherlands
Preferred industries: Therapeutics, Digital Health, Medical Devices, Future of Commerce, Future of Work, Data & AI Stack, Future of Software Engineering, Fintech, Deeptech
Investment ticket: Undisclosed
Company stage: Seed and series A

Inkef is an early-stage venture capital firm with a hands-on approach. Their focus is on building companies, not valuations, to create true value and sustainable returns through a long-term strategic vision. The firm invests in two sectors, Healthcare and Technology, with a specific interest in Therapeutics, Digital Health, and Medical Devices in Healthcare and the Future of Commerce, Future of Work, Data & AI Stack, the Future of Software Engineering, Fintech, and DeepTech in Technology. Their preferred investment stage is Seed and Series A, but they may consider exceptional companies at earlier or later stages. Their investment criteria focus on companies solving relevant global problems, addressing significant market opportunities, offering unique products or services, and having a passionate and ambitious team eager to scale globally. Inkef believes in investing in people, as they understand that building a company is a team effort.

Prime Ventures

Geography: Europe
Preferred industries: Fintech, Edtech, Healthtech, Consumer Internet, SaaS
Investment ticket: Undisclosed
Company stage: Series from A to C

Prime Ventures is a venture capital firm that focuses on backing Europe's future technology leaders. With over EUR 750 million of invested capital, the firm provides support to tech founders to help them scale their businesses and achieve their visions. Prime Ventures is committed to investing in European tech companies that have shown early success, have momentum, and are raising a series A, B, or C round. The firm looks for scalable business models, a large market to unlock, a team that can execute, and a strong competitive position. What is unique about the fund is its focused investment approach, making only a small number of investments each year. The firm sees each investment as a long-term partnership and provides support in navigating the future and building a successful global tech company.

The Dutch Founders Fund

Geography: Europe
Preferred industries: Marketplace, Network-Effect Business Models
Investment ticket: Undisclosed
Company stage: Early-stage

The Dutch Founders Fund is a marketplace-focused early-stage venture capital firm based in Amsterdam. The fund was founded by a group of successful Dutch entrepreneurs who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. The fund focuses on intense mentoring, from ideation to the series A stage, and believes in the power of disruptive marketplaces and technology. The firm looks for companies that are led by go-getters with a builder mentality and a curious spirit, who have a sustainable solution to society's challenges. The fund invests in marketplaces that disrupt traditional supply chains, have strong network effects, and are enabled by technology.

Slingshot Ventures

Geography: Western Europe
Preferred industries: Consumer Tech
Investment ticket: €200K - €4M
Company stage: Seed stage + 

Slingshot Ventures is a venture capital firm that invests in the future of digital consumer life. It is founded on entrepreneurialism and is solely backed by successful entrepreneurs. The firm invests in cutting-edge consumer brands, platforms, and marketplaces in the consumer tech space. Its investment focus is on the seed stage and beyond, with ideal initial tickets ranging from €200K to €4M, and the ability to follow on and invest up to €10M per portfolio company. Slingshot Ventures operates in Western Europe, where its added value can be maximized in the markets it understands best. The firm is dedicated to working with inspiring innovators and is always on the lookout for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

SET Ventures

Geography: Europe, with a concentration in North West (Netherlands, UK, DACH)
Preferred industries: Digital technologies that advance us towards a carbon-neutral energy system
Investment ticket: €2M - €4M
Company stage: Late-seed and series A

SET Ventures is a leading independent energy venture capital firm in Europe with a reputation for backing pioneering founders. The firm's investment thesis is centred around creating a carbon-free energy system through digital technologies and data. Startups at the centre of SET’s interest should be operating in the energy sector and raise seeds to series A rounds. The offered ticket ranges from €3 to €10M, most typically landing somewhere between €2 and €4M. SET prioritizes Environmental, Social, and Governance practices and measures the impact of its portfolio companies, believing that sound ESG strategy can not only maximize financial returns but also generate positive environmental impact.

Endeit Capital

Geography: Benelux, DACH, Nordics
Preferred industries: ML/AI, Quantum Computing
Investment ticket: Undisclosed
Company stage: Growth

Endeit Capital is a growth capital firm focused on boosting European internet scale-ups, driven by technology advancements in AI, deep learning, quantum computing, and democratized algorithms. Endeit Capital supports entrepreneurs who drive change and shape the future, assisting in Buy & Build strategies to expand their reach into 22 countries. With its current €303M fund, Endeit Capital invests in multiple European countries, with a focus on DACH, Benelux, Nordics, and the UK and the firm’s offices in Amsterdam, Hamburg, and Stockholm.



Geography: Europe, with a concentration on DACH, BENELUX, NORDIC, Spain and Portugal.
Preferred industries: AI/Data, Blockchain, Robotics/Drones, IoT, and/or VR/AR
Investment ticket: €500k
Company stage: Early Stage Venture, Seed

LUMO Labs is a capital fund that is focused on making a positive impact and helping startups thrive. They cater to ventures in the AI/Data, Blockchain, Robotics/Drones, IoT, and/or VR/AR space. LUMO Labs believes that these emerging technologies can play a vital role in tackling social issues that people face today. They concentrate on sustainable cities and communities, health and wellbeing, and quality education. LUMO Labs helps startups by connecting them to their funds, network, and expertise, creating opportunities for people and emerging technologies. Additionally, They cater to ventures in the AI/Data, Blockchain, Robotics/Drones, IoT, and/or VR/AR space, offering a two-year venture builder program for founding teams of such ventures.

Maven 11

Geography: Global
Preferred industries: Blockchain, Digital Asset Startups
Investment ticket: Undisclosed
Company stage: Early-stage

Maven 11 is a leading crypto-native investment firm that partners with bold entrepreneurs to redefine modern issues such as ownership in the digital space. With a deep understanding of the transformative potential of blockchain technology, the company invests in companies that are tackling the world's most exciting problems. Launched in 2015, Maven 11 is one of Europe's first registered crypto venture capital firms, with a diversified range of products including venture funds, credit pools, fixed-income funds, and asset management.

Finch Capital

Geography: Europe
Preferred industries: Finance, Real Estate, Health Technology
Investment ticket: €2M - 10M
Company stage: Series A+

Finch Capital is a European growth investor specializing in finance, health, and real estate technology. The firm's domain expertise covers the biggest technology themes in these sectors, including payments, regtech, wealth management, lending, insurance, real estate property management, and more. Finch Capital helps companies scale from €25M to €50M in annual recurring revenue (ARR) and actively works with management to support hiring, M&A, go-to-market strategy, capital raising, regulation, and international expansion. The firm invests in technology-led and capital-efficient companies with an ARR of at least €2M and exceptional founders and management teams. The investment criteria for Finch Capital include a target region of Europe and a proven product-market fit.

EQT Life Science

Geography: Undisclosed
Preferred industries: Life Sciences, Healthcare Technology
Investment ticket: €10M - €60M
Company stage: Growth

EQT Life Sciences, formerly known as LSP, is a global investment organization focused on the healthcare industry. With over 30 years of experience, the firm has raised over €3Bn and invested in over 150 innovative life sciences and healthcare companies. The dedicated team of investment professionals has a diverse background in medicine, science, and industry, and works to provide added value. EQT Life Sciences invests between EUR 10 million and EUR 60 million in companies that have the potential to make a significant impact on patients' lives. With a track record of delivering consistent and attractive returns, EQT Life Sciences is passionate about transforming cutting-edge innovation into impactful healthcare solutions.

Volta Ventures

Geography: Benelux
Preferred industries: Internet, Software
Investment ticket: €300K - €2M
Company stage: Early stage

Volta Ventures is a seed and early-stage venture capital firm that specializes in investing in software startups in the Benelux region. With €125M to invest and initial investments ranging from €300K to €2M, the firm is well-equipped to support its portfolio companies. B2B software startups at pre-revenue and post-seed to series A, are at the forefront of Volta activities. The firm values founding teams that have a deep understanding of their markets and a passion for solving problems with innovative technologies. The firm is committed to providing follow-on investments and can invest up to €7 million per company, along with a network of later-stage funds for co-investing.

Thuja Capital

Geography: Europe
Preferred industries: Biotech, Nutraceuticals, Medtech, Digital Health
Investment ticket: Undisclosed
Company stage: Early stage

Thuja Capital is a venture capital firm specializing in healthcare innovation. With a focus on Europe, in particular, the Benelux region, the firm invests in private companies in the biotech, nutraceuticals, medtech, and digital health sectors. Thuja Capital is known for its ability to identify winning ideas and support daring entrepreneurs who aim to bring paradigm-shifting solutions to the market. The firm balances risk and return with tranched investments to help start, build, and accelerate ventures. To be eligible for Thuja funding, startups should have a credible business model, and global reach, be focused on healthcare challenges in disease prevention, diagnosis, cure, and care, as well as be committed to creating positive social impact, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Geography: Europe
Preferred industries: B2B software
Investment ticket: €500K - €5M
Company stage: Early stage

HenQ is a venture capital fund that invests in European founders with ticket sizes ranging from €500K to €5M. They focus on atypical business models, early-stage startups with a unique twist, not even shying away from markets that are considered boring or small. HenQ values open and honest communication and prioritizes quick turnaround times between meetings and signed term sheets. As an investor, HenQ is deeply committed and provides extensive support in areas such as hiring, fundraising, and goal-setting. HenQ companies use less funding and experience less dilution to reach an annualized net revenue of 10M ARR and have a higher chance of successfully securing follow-on rounds. HenQ believes in allowing founders to run their businesses as they see fit and supports sustainable business growth without the need for additional funding.

Asif Ventures

Geography: Amsterdam
Preferred industries: Sector-agnostic
Investment ticket: €25K - €100K
Company stage: Pre-seed

Asif Ventures is a pre-seed stage venture capital fund that focuses on supporting student and recent graduate-led startups in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Their mission is to bridge the gap between student entrepreneurs and venture capital funding, providing them with essential resources such as funding, a supportive community, and a network of industry experts and investors. The offered ticket size ranges from €25K to €100K, to guide and invest in the next generation of entrepreneurs, inspiring and enabling them to bring their ideas to life.

4Impact VC

Geography: Europe
Preferred industries: Software solving problems relating to our environment, Health & Well-being and/or Inclusion
Investment ticket: Undisclosed
Company stage: Seed to series A

4Impact VC is yet another impact-focused venture capital fund on our list, dedicated to catalyzing positive change and a sustainable world. The fund was created with the vision of empowering tech4good entrepreneurs and increasing the purpose of its work. 4Impact invests in companies that are focused on solving real-world challenges and creating measurable, meaningful impacts using state-of-the-art digital technologies. Its main activities are directed towards startups whose products or services fall under one of the three impact pillars: environment, inclusion, and health and well-being, and which can count on comprehensive support to leverage these exponential technologies for the greater good.


Geography: Europe
Preferred industries: Life sciences
Investment ticket: Undisclosed
Company stage: Early-stage

BioGeneration Ventures (BGV) is a venture capital firm that invests in medical and healthcare innovations with a strong scientific basis and the potential to positively impact patients. BGV manages over EUR 250 million across four funds and only invests in solutions that address a significant unmet medical need. The firm works with an ethos founded in novel science and seeks to guide portfolio companies from scientific discovery to product development, leveraging its extensive network and experience in the life sciences industry. The company also invests in partnerships with other investors and has relationships with academic institutions and venture capital firms in the Netherlands, the EU, and the US. By leveraging its knowledge and sector-relevant expertise, BGV aims to transform early-stage biotech companies into attractive investment opportunities.

No Such Ventures

Geography: Global
Preferred industries: Sector-agnostic
Investment ticket: €2M - €8M
Company stage: Early-stage

No Such Ventures is a venture capital firm based in Amsterdam, with a mission to disrupt and democratize the industry. They focus on providing entrepreneurs with more flexibility and a unique source of funding, investing from €2M to €8M in revenue-generating companies looking to scale. The firm operates in a flexible, deal-by-deal model, and is sector-, business model-, and geography-agnostic. No Such Ventures supports entrepreneurs in the driver's seat, offering not just funding, but an extensive network, a pragmatic mindset, and experience in scaling.


Geography: Europe
Preferred industries: Next Generation Networks, Virtualization, IoT Platforms, Big Data, Machine Learning, Smart Hardware, Robotics, Productivity, Collaboration Tools, File Management,  Analytics, Marketplaces, Payment Services, Fin-Tech Platforms, Digital Security, Identity Solutions
Investment ticket: Undisclosed
Company stage: Seed to series B

Keen is a venture capital firm based in Amsterdam that invests in early-stage tech companies operating in Data and Intelligence, Software Services, and Digital Models sectors. They believe in building a relationship with a company before investing, so they can provide not just capital but also their experience, network, and support. Keen is interested in companies that are building innovative solutions in areas such as Next Generation Networks, Productivity and Collaboration Tools, and Marketplaces. They are a team of experienced investors who value a straight-talking, optimistic, and pragmatic approach. They believe in fair and informal relationships and provide a fast and fair investment process.

ABN Amro Ventures

Geography: Europe/Israel, USA
Preferred industries: Sector-agnostic
Investment ticket: €2M - €15M
Company stage: Series A+

ABN AMRO Ventures is a corporate venture fund, that invests in promising technology companies to boost and accelerate innovation. With €150M in assets under management, the fund provides growth capital (series A and beyond) in technology companies in Europe, the United States, and Israel, with investments ranging from €2M to €15M. The companies funded by ABN AMRO Ventures are typically in their growth phase and play a role in the bank's purpose. In addition to providing capital, ABN AMRO Ventures also enables the organization to bring in external expertise and drive innovation. Its focus on cutting-edge solutions aligned with the bank's strategy of being client-focused and data-driven.


Geography: North/West Europe (Benelux, DACH, Nordics)
Preferred industries: Business Software
Investment ticket: €1M - €3M
Company stage: Early-stage

Newion is a pan-European venture capital firm specializing in early-stage and expansion-stage investments in innovative business software companies. With over 300 million in assets under management, Newion invests in seed rounds or A-rounds and provides hands-on support to help businesses emerge as market leaders. The firm focuses exclusively on companies headquartered in North/West Europe and has a successful track record of over 20 years of backing businesses with unique visions and products. Their initial investments range from €1M to €3M, with reserved funding for follow-on investments. Newion's experienced team offers personal coaching and advice, leveraging their extensive database of best practices and expert network. The firm is passionate about innovation and is dedicated to building strong relationships with its portfolio companies.

ING Ventures

Geography: Global
Preferred industries: Fintech, Adjacent Markets
Investment ticket: €250K - €10M
Company stage: Series A/B

ING Ventures is a €350M venture capital fund focused on investing in early-stage companies that are strategically relevant to ING. Based in Amsterdam, it operates within 41 countries with ING presence and focuses on fintech and adjacent markets. Startups raising from Series A to B can benefit from comprehensive hands-on support, including know-how, scaling expertise and access to ING's distribution network. ING Ventures offers an initial ticket size of €250K to €10M and can support during the follow-on rounds. The fund's primary goal is to drive innovation at ING and provide its customers and clients with access to best-in-class services.

Innovation Industries

Geography: Europe
Preferred industries: Deeptech
Investment ticket: €2M upwards
Company stage: Early to growth stages

Innovation Industries is a European deep tech venture capital fund that invests in deep tech companies with groundbreaking technologies. The fund focuses on companies that have the potential to address the fundamental challenges of our time and offer support to help them realize their full potential and maximize positive impact. Innovation Industries believes in long-term, active participation in value creation and invests up to €50M per company over multiple funding rounds. The fund's investment strategy is designed to identify and manage ESG-related risks and opportunities. Innovation Industries invests in early to growth-stage companies with unique and defendable IP and technology, addressing a large market, and making a broader positive impact. The portfolio companies must have the potential to become global players. Its investment themes capitalize on megatrends, such as resource efficiency, energy transition, sustainable connectivity, health & well-being, and sustainable & healthy food. Innovation Industries also supports pre-seed spin-offs from Dutch universities and research institutes through its TECHSTART program.

Airbridge Equity Partners

Geography: Europe
Preferred industries: Technology
Investment ticket: €1M - €5M
Company stage: Growth

Airbridge Equity Partners is a technology-focused investment firm providing tailored investment solutions to technology-driven companies in Europe. The firm partners with founding teams to support their growth through a winning combination of capital, network, and know-how. To be viable for a cash injection from Airbridge Equity Partners startups must-have technology as a critical component in providing value, proven commercial traction, and a competitively defensible position in growing markets. As an Amsterdam-based firm, Airbridge Equity Partners mostly supports companies that are headquartered and operated in Europe. The firm invests between EUR 1m - 5m initially with the ability to stay active over time.

Acrobator VC

Geography: CIS, Baltics, CEE
Preferred industries: B2B & B2C AI/ML Software, Cybersecurity, Fintech, Infrastructure, Synthetic Media, Data-heavy Technologies
Investment ticket: $200K - $1.25M
Company stage: Early-stage

Acrobator VC is a relationship-focused venture capital fund that invests in early-stage startups. They specialize in the B2B(2C) AI/ML software sector, with a focus on cybersecurity, fintech, infrastructure, synthetic media, and data-heavy technologies. The fund focuses on founders from the CIS, Baltics, and CEE regions who are building global software platforms. Acrobator VC offers check sizes ranging from $200k to $1.25m for initial investments at the (pre)seed stage, with a preference for taking on a lead investor role. Their other strong point is the team, which has extensive hands-on experience, having built businesses and led over 150 developers on SaaS and large-scale AI/ML projects.

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