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top 50 cvc invsting in cee by vestbee
07 July 2022·23 min read

Ilya Mikhalchyk-Kananenka

Community Builder, Vestbee

Top 50 CVC Funds Investing In CEE To Finance Your Startup

After having a good look at the venture capital ecosystems across each CEE country, we’d like to once again draw your attention to potential sources of capital for your startup funding. We have covered many issues that will help you on every step of the process of startup fundraising - from choosing the best VC fund for your company to preparing for a meeting with investors, and in today’s issue - it’s time to explore the corporate venture arms and firms that invest in startups located in the CEE region. 


So, without much hesitation, check out our overview of the European CVCs investing in CEE startups - their investment focus, size of the ticket, and offered support to pick the right one for your business!

Adamed Technology  

Geography: Poland/CEE
Preferred industries: healthtech/medtech
Investment ticket: undisclosed
Company stage: early-stage 

The next on the list, Adamed Technology is a venture arm of a Polish biopharmaceutical company Adamed. In its approach to innovation, Adamed usually looks for healthtech or medtech projects to then accelerate, mentor and/or assist them in R&D for a pilot-ready MVP. Having done that, Adamed may either double down on its initial investment or continue the partnership in a different way. 

Allianz X  

Geography: global
Preferred industries: fintech, health, mobility, data and cybersecurity.
Investment ticket: undisclosed
Company stage: series A upwards

Alianz X is a CVC of Alianz - one of the world’s largest insurance and financial services providing conglomerate. In its search for opportunities, the firm usually looks for synergies between companies in its already well-developed portfolio and broader in-group business units, with the aim to build a stronger and more multifaceted corporation. 

BayWa r.e. Energy Ventures

Geography: Europe/Israel
Preferred industries: digital energy solutions, storage, and e-mobility
Investment ticket: €1M to €5M
Company stage: growth/expansion

BayWa r.e. Energy Ventures is a corporate venture arm of a big German group spanning its operations across the agribusiness, energy, and construction sectors. When searching for opportunities, BayWa looks for startups from the energy sector, with a market-ready product, ready to grow and scale internationally.

Robert Bosch Venture Capital  

Geography: Global
Preferred industries: deep tech, climate tech
Investment ticket: up to €25M
Company stage: prefers series A-B, but is multistage

The next on the list, Robert Bosch Venture Capital is the venture arm of a world-famous Bosch company, that invests in hard-tech solutions, that include everything from autonomous vehicles to IoT platforms. When investing, the firm takes anywhere from 10 to 25% of equity and in return helps startup founders connect with the wide network of corporate partners and take part in companywide pilots through the Open Bosch initiative

CIECH Ventures

Geography: Europe
Preferred industries: chemical technologies, cleantech & circular industry, agriculture
Investment ticket: up to €5M
Company stage: R&D, seed, early growth

The next in the selection, CIECH Ventures is a venture arm of one of the top chemical corporations across Europe. In its operations, the firm makes selective bets in the domains that could advance its core business across chemical, agriculture, and cleantech/circular industry. CIECHs team is usually quick to make an investment decision, has a very experienced team, and may assist in industrial scaling as well as commercialization.

Coinbase Ventures 

Preferred industries: open finance
Investment ticket: undisclosed 
Company stage: early-stage

Coinbase Ventures is a CVC of a notorious crypto exchange platform Coinbase. In its approach to investments, the firm wants to back the most promising startups in building an open financial system of the future. The initiative does not have any formal requirements but is rather focused on spurring innovation within the broader ecosystem.


Geography: Europe/Israel, US and Africa
Preferred industries: fintech and insurtech, especially climate fintech
Investment ticket: €3M to €20M
Company stage: series A+

The next on the list, CommerzVentures is a returns-driven, non-strategic VC of Germany’s second-largest Commerzbank. As a sector-specific investor, Commerz can provide a comprehensive network, actionable intelligence, advisory, and a continuously thought through and iterated range of industry know-how.

EEC Magenta  

Preferred industries: energy and industry 4.0, AI/big data, advanced materials, circular economy/cleantech, smart utilities/infrastructure, cybersecurity/ICT, and process efficiency
Investment ticket: 1M to 30M PLN
Company stage: seed to expansion 

The next firm in the selection, EEC Magenta is a co-fund of EEC and Tauron - Poland’s second-biggest energy producer. EEC plans to invest between 1M to 30M PLN in selected, early-stage startups, with high scalability and a potential to complement Tauron’s daily business operations.

Elevator Ventures

Preferred industries: Fintech and related enabling technologies
Investment ticket: up to €3M 
Company stage: early to growth stage

An up-and-coming fund on the list, Elevator Ventures is a corporate VC of Austria’s largest banking group RIB, backing the region’s most promising fintechs and other innovation underpinning the financial sector. Given the size of the group’s operations, one may expect more than just an investment but wide sectoral expertise, region-specific knowledge, and a way of piloting your solution to a more than 16M client base of the RIB. 

eMAG Ventures

Geography: Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Poland
Preferred industries: B2C and B2B2C startups in the e-commerce, fintech, healthtech, and circular economy verticals
Investment ticket: Undisclosed
Company stage: early growth

An up and coming on the selection, eMAG Ventures is a corporate venture fund of Romania’s biggest eCommerce site eMAG, looking to make strategic bets into B2B and B2B2C companies within a select number of verticals. The firm usually looks for CEE businesses complimentary with eMAG’s platform to which it can provide not only financial but also regional and sectoral expertise.

Enea Innowacje  

Geography: Poland
Preferred industries: circular economy, energy storage and RES technologies, electromobility, smart city, big data/AI
Investment ticket: undisclosed
Company stage: early-stage 

Enea Innowacje is a CVC fund of an important energy group operating in Poland. In its search for opportunities, the fund seeks innovation that could be implemented or otherwise embedded within Enea’s offerings. The fund seeks innovation that could be embedded within the corporations’ broader offerings and be supported through pilots, business relations, insider knowledge for the period of 5 years, after which Enea would either sell or acquire a startup.

ffVC Tech & Gaming  

Geography: CEE
Preferred industries: Fintech, Gaming, Cybersecurity, Enterprise software, AI / Big Data, Drones, and robotics, regtech
Investment ticket: 1M PLN - 8M PLN
Company stage: Seed+ to Series B

ffVC Tech & Gaming is a CVC that came into existence as a partnership between a Polish-American early-stage fund and a gaming enterprise Totalizator Sportowy. When searching for opportunities, the fund’s team is usually looking for signs of early traction and hopefully - an ongoing international expansion. In addition to offering capital, the firm can help you in launching pilot projects across Totalizator’s main business area as well as provide active assistance in helping you expand throughout the US.

Fortech Investments

Geography: Romania and the CEE
Preferred industries: Manufacturing, HealthCare, FinTech, EdTech, PropTech
Investment ticket: €100K -  €250K
Company Stage: pre-seed and seed

The next on our list, Fortech Investments is the investment branch of a Cluj-based software development company Fortech. When searching for opportunities, the firm seeks pre-seed and seed-stage startups to provide value beyond mere capital, through strategic investing - tech for equity, access to their client network, industry expertise, and help with sales, marketing, or recruiting.

G+D Ventures  

Geography: Europe and Israel
Preferred industries: cyber security, privacy protection, digital identity management, secure authentication and payment systems
Investment ticket: €250k – €4M
Company stage: Seed / Pre-A and A, and selectively at later stages

A forthcoming fund on our list, G+D Ventures is a venture fund of Giesecke+Devrient, a company that builds customized security technologies for the digital realm. Given the company’s laser focus and dedication towards trust tech, you can expect a highly experienced team that very well understands both the challenges and opportunities of your particular case.

Gradient Ventures  

Geography: global
Preferred industries: AI
Investment ticket: undisclosed
Company stage: pre-seed to series A 

The next on the list, Gradient Ventures is Google’s CVC, run with the aim to advance the commercial applications of AI-first startups. There’s little question to the potential value add of Google in terms of AI know-how and research, therefore anyone innovating in the space should definitely consider applying for Gradient’s funding.

Henkel Tech Ventures  

Geography: Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific
Preferred industries: new engineered materials, smart surfaces, automated manufacturing equipment, circular economy, advanced packaging
Investment ticket: up to €5M
Company stage: multistage

The next in the selection, Henkel Tech Ventures is a strategic investment arm of Henkel - a leader in the sector of chemical and consumer goods. As a strategic investment unit, the CVC is largely seeking innovation that could either complement or strengthen the company’s core business. 

Icos Capital  

Geography: Europe/Israel
Preferred industries: foodtech, agritech, industry 4.0, chemical
Investment ticket: €1M -  €5M
Company stage: seed to expansion

An up-and-coming fund from the list, Icos Capital is a private-corporate VC, strategically partnered with major global corporations to pursue both financial and long-term corporate objectives. The firm’s team has over 75 years of cumulative venture experience and an ability to connect the portfolio teams with the fund’s extended network and the internal know-how of their partners, which include companies such as Nouryon and EURONEXT.

ING Ventures 

Geography: global
Preferred industries: fintech and finance-enabling technology
Investment ticket: €250k – €10M
Company stage: series A-B

The forthcoming CVC on the list, ING Ventures is a venture capital arm of ING - one of the world’s largest banks, making investments into finance innovation all over the globe. When partnering up with potential startups, the fund helps them set up the right foundations for accelerated growth, giving their portfolio companies access to a 40M-big client network of ING, product and market advice as well as operational business support from the company’s experienced executives.

InnovX - BCR  

Geography: CEE
Preferred industries: AI/ML, cloud, microservices, RPA, cybersecurity
Investment ticket: -
Company stage: seed to expansion

InnovX - BCR is the Romanian Commerical Bank’s corporate innovation initiative, operating under the InnovX accelerator. During the program, a select number of startups will go through a 2-3 month venture-learning program, get access to the BCR’s network, pitch in front of investors, and get coached by experienced founders and CEOs.

Intel Capital

Geography: Global
Preferred industries: Cloud, Devices (Next-gen mobile technologies, applications and gaming), deep tech, and Silicon (breakthrough advances in integrated circuit device design and manufacturing)
Investment ticket: undisclosed
Company stage: early stage

The very first on the list, Intel Capital is a corporate venture arm of the largest semiconductor chip producer - Intel. The fund has over 25 offices all over the globe and it usually eyes the startups which could complement the corporation’s computing business across various fields. When investing, Intel Capital usually prefers to lead rounds, provide strategic guidance, and if everything goes well - also secure a hefty exit for the corporation.  

Inven Capital

Geography: Europe
Preferred industries: energy efficiency, distributed generation, flexibility and storage, energy, IoT and clean transportation
cleantech/smart energy
Investment ticket: €2M to €30M
Company stage: growth stage

The next on the list, Inven Capital is a strategic investment arm of a Czech energy conglomerate CEZ Group. Consistent with its parent company’s focus, the fund targets cleantech/smart energy projects with a good growth trajectory across Europe. If you end up partnering with Inven, you can benefit from the deep domain expertise of the group, connections, and potentially a way of piloting your solution to their huge customer base. 

Kärcher New Venture  

Geography: global
Preferred industries: smart cleaning, robotics and automation, new cleaning methods, new business models for the cleaning sector
Investment ticket: €0.5M - €10M
Company stage: early to series B 

Kärcher New Venture is the corporate venture unit of the Kärcher corporation - world’s market leader in cleaning technology. Consistent with its core area of activity, the CVC is looking to back startups creating solutions and innovations in the cleaning sector. If you get a spot in their portfolio, you can not only get investment capital but also run a pilot, develop your product or partner up for a  mutually complementary arrangement.

Liberty Global Ventures   

Geography: global
Preferred industries: content, technology and infrastructure
Investment ticket: $5M to $30M
Company stage: early-growth and later stages

Liberty Ventures is a global investment arm of a multinational telecommunications giant Liberty Global. In its search for opportunities, the CVC is searching for companies complementary to its core business as well as those that can benefit from the conglomerate’s significant commercial and industry expertise.

M Ventures  

Geography: global
Preferred industries: biotech across healthcare/life sciences, the future of computing, data storage, display and device miniaturization, frontier technology and sustainability
Investment ticket: undisclosed
Company stage: multistage 

The up-and-coming in the selection, M Ventures is a strategic CVC of a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical corporation Merck. At the core of its activities, the firm is trying to turn scientific insights into commercial successes, complementary to the conglomerate’s current and future business.

MKB Fintechlab  

Geography: CEE
Preferred industries: fintech
Investment ticket: undisclosed
Company stage: early-stage

MKB Fintechlab is an accelerator and an innovation lab of a large Hungarian bank MKB. In its operations, Fintechlab is aiming to back startups with the potential to transform and revolutionize the banking system. If you get a chance of joining one of their programs, you will be able to validate your idea, get mentored, and potentially - jump on a strategic partnership opportunity with the bank itself! 

Nexo Ventures

Geography: global but with a big focus on Bulgaria
Preferred industries: Web 3.0, DeFi, Metaverse, and NFTs
Investment ticket: undisclosed
Company stage: early-stage

Nexo Ventures is a CVC of an international crypto borrowing and exchange platform Nexo. In its search for opportunities, Nexo looks for synergetic businesses that they could support through integration with their core offerings (and 4M+ user-base), marketing, and product support as well as the liquidity provision for partnering protocols. 


Geography: global
Preferred industries: B2B deep tech
Investment ticket: undisclosed
Company stage: multistage 

An up-and-coming firm on the list, Next47 is a VC backed by Europe’s largest industrial manufacturing company Siemens. In its investment activities, the fund focuses on hard tech enterprise technologies and can offer their support either in the form of an accelerator or a strategic investor. In either case the portfolio of theirs can benefit from the manufacturer’s wide ecosystem that offers both know-how and connections needed to succeed around the globe. 

Orange Ventures  

Geography: Europe, US & Africa
Preferred industries: positive impact on the environment, inclusion or CareTech, Networks & IT, Digital enterprise, Cybersecurity, Fintech, E-Health, B2C&Marketplace, Content, Gaming & VR
Investment ticket: up to €20M
Company stage: series B+, but seed onwards for Europe/France

The next on the list, Orange Ventures is a CVC of one of the world’s largest mobile networks - Orange. In its venture activities, the fund is largely targeting the verticals closest to their core activities and to which they can add a significant value on top of an investment ticket. If you get a chance to join Orange’s portfolio, you can potentially run a pilot across the corporation as well as get the knowledge and expertise of their business and product experts. 

Orlen VC  

Geography: Europe and Israel
Preferred industries: petrochemicals (modern materials), energy (RES, transformation, efficiency, digitization, storage), circular economy (recycling, waste management), automation of purchasing processes and digitization of sales and logistics, digitization (software, IOT), 2nd generation biofuels and new mobility
Investment ticket: 2-5M EUR (additional 2M EUR for follow-ons)
Company stage: late seed/ series A

Orlen VC is a strategic investment arm of the fourth largest company in CEE - an oil refiner and petrol retail Orlen. While choosing its next investment target, Orlen first and foremost looks for innovation capable of bringing the company towards its 2030 Strategy and overall development of the group. If you end up raising round from Orlen VC you can expect a hefty investment, industry expertise, and a path towards piloting your project throughout the group.

PGE Ventures

Geography: CEE
Preferred industries: process optimization, energy storage, and clean energy, big data, smart home/city, electro-mobility, enrichment of raw materials and waste utilization
Investment ticket: 1M PLN - 5M PLN
Company stage: early to growth stages

The forthcoming fund on the list, PGE Ventures is a strategic investment vehicle of Poland’s largest power producer PGE. When looking for investments, the investment team is looking all across the energy sector, enabling technologies and innovation throughout the stages as early as the idea stage and up to expansion, that could potentially complement and strengthen the offerings of PGE.

PGNiG Ventures

Geography: CEE
Preferred industries: future of mining and power 
Investment ticket: 2M PLN - 8M PLN
Company stage: early stage, growth and expansion

PGNiG Ventures is a CVC of Poland’s largest oil and gas exploration company - PGNiG - searching for innovation complementary to its core activities. When investing, the fund’s team usually looks for the first signs of traction and scalability. Having that at hand, the firm typically joins as a minority shareholder and a long-term partner for the conglomerate’s enterprise.


Geography:  CEE
Preferred industries: Fintech, Insurtech, Regtech, E-commerce, Modern payment systems, financing of consumer purchases and SME operations, IT systems, Internet advertising, AI, Cybersecurity, Blockchain technologies, Systems supporting the functioning of SMEs and large corporations, and any other new technologies
Investment ticket: Undisclosed
Company stage: Seed and growth stages

Next in the selection, PKO TFI VC is a corporate innovation fund of the biggest Polish bank, backing CEE’s financial technology and related sectors that enable it. The fund is fully owned by its parent corporation and therefore is pretty flexible when it comes to the speed of capital deployment. In addition to financial injection, you can also get a chance of piloting your solution across PKO as well as have an opportunity to benefit from a brand or product development support of its experts.

Porsche Ventures 

Geography: global
Preferred industries: sector-agnostic
Investment ticket: undisclosed
Company stage: early to growth stages

The next on the selection, Porsche Ventures is a corporate VC of a famous carmaker Porsche. In its search for opportunities, the firm can partner up with founders from early to growth stages startups from all over the globe. Those partnering up with the fund can get access to decades-proven industry experts, access to the wider Porsche network as well as potential synergies with the corporation.

Pracuj Ventures

Geography: Poland and Ukraine
Preferred industries: HR and L&D
Investment ticket: 0.5M PLN to 2M
Company stage: early stage

Pracuj Ventures is a strategic venture arm of Polish largest HR and L&D provider Grupa Pracuj. Consistent with its core products, the CVC is mostly searching for companies building services or products around HR/L&D topics within Poland and Ukraine. The firm has been active on the market for more than twenty years and is capable of helping you launch pilot projects within Pracuj, provide strategic advice and internal expertise.

Prosegur Tech Ventures

Geography: global
Preferred industries: security/cybersecurity
Investment ticket: €1M - €3M
Company stage: growth-stage

Last but not least, Prosegur Tech Ventures is a CVC of a multinational security company Prosegur. In its search for opportunities, the fund is seeking to make minority investments into the areas their corporation is most familiar with - security, both physical and cyber. The firm can add more than just a financial injection, they also provide startups with a potential for company-wide pilots, direct access to their customer base, industry expertise, and the possibility of a future acquisition.


Geography: Poland/CEE
Preferred industries: finance, insurance
Investment ticket: €0,5M - €1,5M
Company stage: late seed to early growth 

An up-and-coming CVC, RBL_VC is a strategic investment arm of a large Polish bank Alior, that backs startups building the future of finance. In its approach to innovation, Alior is open to many forms of supporting its portfolio companies - it can either act as a traditional, hands-off VC fund, provide an acceleration program or become a truly strategic partner in developing a ready-for-market product.


Geography: CEE
Preferred industries: ML and/or blockchain applied throughout healthcare, sustainability, and fintech
Investment ticket: tech-for-equity
Company stage: early-stage 

RebelVentures is an investment arm of a Romanian software development company RebelDot. In its search for opportunities, the firm is mainly looking for startups building ML or blockchain-enabled businesses, that need a product team to build up their solution. In exchange for a piece of the company’s pie, the firm would provide a product team dedicated to helping bring the business idea into existence. 

Salesforce Ventures   

Geography: North America, Europe, Australia, Japan
Preferred industries: sector-agnostic but across enterprise
Investment ticket: undisclosed
Company stage: seed to IPO

One of the most active on the list, Salesforce Ventures is a strategic venture arm of the World’s biggest CRM provider Salesforce. When eyeing their next investment target, the Salesforce Ventures team usually seeks out companies that can generate synergies with the corporation’s main business and as such - benefit from the expertise, best practices, and a large client network spanning all over the globe.  

Geography: global
Preferred industries: sector-agnostic but select only across enterprise 
Investment ticket: undisclosed
Company stage: early-stage to growth is a corporate venture arm of the world’s biggest enterprise solution provider SAP. When searching for opportunities to invest in, the SAP’s team is interested in literally everything connected to enterprise, the SAP’s team offers a wide range of funding/support options to choose from: an accelerator, software package for growth-stage ventures and access to a data exchange marketplace. 

Seven Ventures  

Geography: Europe
Preferred industries: sector-agnostic but is targeting only those with B2C model
Investment ticket: €2.5M to €30M
Company stage: early to growth stage 

The next on our list, Seven Ventures is a corporate venture arm of a large German media and digital entertainment provider ProSiebenSat.1.  In its investment activities, Seven offers an entrance into the Austrian and German markets through an unusual model of media for equity (and/or revenue). 

Sigma Software Labs  

Geography: Ukraine
Preferred industries: sector-agnostic but based around software 
Investment ticket: $10k to $50k
Company stage: early-stage 

Sigma Software Labs is a startup accelerator created by the Ukrainian software house Sigma Software. The Lab is a place where early-stage companies can work on the creation of their businesses - with the office space to learn all the basics and the mentorship from technically and business savvy experts. As the early companies are forming, the accelerator aims to either provide them with further investment opportunities or expose them to their wide network of clients, helping them secure another round of financing through a different source.

Sony Innovation Fund   

Geography: US, Europe, Israel, Japan and India
Preferred industries: entertainment, fintech, healthcare, IoT, mobility, deep tech and sensor technologies
Investment ticket: up to $10M
Company stage: seed to series B

The forthcoming fund on the list, Sony Innovation Fund is a corporate venture vehicle of Sony, one of the world’s largest consumer and professional electronics conglomerates from Japan. If you end up securing an investment from Sony Innovation Fund, you can expect to leverage your technology, receive business support, get access to their internal R&D capabilities, and to anticipate mutually beneficial partnerships across the Sony corporation and throughout the company’s extended business network.

SpeedUp Energy Innovation

Geography: CEE
Preferred industries: digitalization, energy storage, IoT, electromobility, mining support tech, customer contact digitization, renewable
Investment ticket: €1M
Company stage: growth and expansion 

The next on the list, SpeedUp Energy Innovation is a co-fund of SpeedUp Group and the largest Polish power producer PGE, Polish Development Agency PFR and NCBR. For the most part, the firm invests in PGE’s areas of interest around power-related projects while reserving the remaining dry powder for the sector-agnostic bets. 

STIHL Digital 

Geography: Canada/US, Europe/Israel
Preferred industries: Forestry, professional landscaping, private lawn, garden and yard-related, agriculture and construction
Investment ticket: undisclosed
Company stage: seed to series B

An up-and-coming corporate on the list, STIHL Digital is a strategic venture arm of a handheld power equipment company STIHL. In its approach to investments, the fund seeks startups that could complement the core areas of their business and looks forward to beyond than just providing financial funding. The CVC usually syndicates its deals, supports its portfolio companies with the company’s internal know-how and seeks to work out synergies within the broader STIHL group. 

TEV Ventures  

Geography: Europe
Preferred industries: consumer internet, digital services, emerging tech
Investment ticket: undisclosed
Company stage: series A upward 

The next in our selection, TEV Ventures is CVC of a German holding company Tengelmann Group. The firm aims to invest in startups reaching their growth stage, that are ready to scale both locally and internationally. The fund offers its portfolio a comprehensive support in their expansion activities - not only through the deployment of capital, but also through their wide network of connections and expertise-providing professionals from HR or finance/investment departments. 

Thorgate Ventures 

Geography: Baltics and Nordics
Preferred industries: sector-agnostic but having a B2B model
Investment ticket: €50K
Company stage: seed

The next in the selection, Thorgate Ventures is a venture arm of an Estonian web design and development company Thorgate. The fund is open to any opportunity within the B2B space and would invest around €50K while deploying its product and engineering teams to help you get through the seed stage. After doing so, the firm can either invest more capital or connect you with the follow-on investors.

UiPath Ventures  

Geography: global
Preferred industries: automation, AI and ML
Investment ticket: undisclosed
Company stage: Series A to pre-IPO

UiPath Ventures is a venture arm of the biggest RPA company UiPath. Consistent with its core offerings, the fund wants to support the next generation of automation and no-code tools to help rid the world of mundane and repetitive labor. In addition to funding, their portfolio companies may benefit from the corporate’s internal know-how, market exposure and go-to-market opportunities. Applications for funding can be done in this address.

UNIQA Ventures 

Geography: DACH and CEE
Preferred industries: FinTech, InsurTech, and Digital Health
Investment ticket: €0.5M and up to €5M
Company stage: Series A, later, and growth stage

Uniqa Ventures is a venture arm of Austrian Uniqa Insurance Group, that supports matured companies from Fintech, Insurtech, and digital health sectors. Aside from financial injection, the firm also helps by sharing the decades-proven industry expertise and similarly strong business connections.

Wayra X  

Geography: global
Preferred industries: B2C e-health, e-learning, 5-G, or home automation.
Investment ticket: up to €250k 
Company stage: early-stage, mostly seed

Wayra X is a CVC of one of the world’s largest telephone operators and mobile network providers, Telefónica. When making investments, Wayra prefers to follow their co-investors and assist the portfolio companies of their by providing access to Telefónica’s customer base, a large team of experts/mentors as well as corporations’ proprietary tools and resources. 

Y Soft Ventures  

Geography: CEE
Preferred industries: B2B Hardware and Software
Investment ticket: undisclosed
Company stage: Early stage

A forthcoming fund on the list, Y Soft Ventures is a CVC of Y Soft - a Czech-founded transnational software and hardware business, targeting CEE’s B2B companies. The fund is willing to both incubate the earliest-stage startups as well ad back those companies that are already up and running.

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