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top 30 women in serbia  by vestbee
21 December 2022·14 min read

Aleksandra Wirth


Top 30 Women From VC and Startup Ecosystem In Serbia

We have already proved many times that women are playing a huge role when it comes to the development of the startup and VC ecosystem. During this series, we have been searching for the most active and inspiring ones across the CEE region. So far, we met the top female market players from countries like Poland, Latvia, Croatia, Slovenia, Czechia, Slovakia, and Estonia

Now, let’s explore Serbia and meet the Top 30 Women From VC and Startup Ecosystem!

Gaia Montelatici 

Co- Founder, Impact Hub Belgrade

We open our list of women from Serbia who contribute to the startup and VC ecosystem development with Gaia Montelatici, a Co-Founder of Studio X Ventures, a VC firm supporting startups from the Western Balkans countries. Gaia is also an expert, mentor, and Co-Founder of Impact Hub Belgrade, an international organization created to support cleantech entrepreneurs, gender-diverse founders, and digital media startups. In the past, she held a CEO position at Venture Growth Accelerator and was a Senior Sector Policy Expert at PM Group. 

Natasa Kazic

Head of Product, Ananas

Natsa Kazic used to be a Consultant and a Startup Mentor at Impact Hub Belgrade with a mission to support companies and search for new growth opportunities. She is an entrepreneur with more than 20 years of presence in the Serbian business scene, being experienced in business administration, strategy, and marketing. Natsa is a Co-Founder of 5GTalks and a Head of Product at Ananas E-commerce. 

Branislava Gajić-Stanojević

 Co-Founder, Infosund

Branislava Gajić Stanojević is an entrepreneur, executive, and startup founder. For more than 20 years she has been connected with Infosund, which is a part of the leading internet company in Serbia, Inspira Group, and part of ALMA Career Group, which includes employment sites in 12 European countries. Infosund is a center for employment and career development, effectively connecting employers with potential candidates. 

Anja Varničić

Co-founder, UrbiGo

Anja Varničić is passionate about plants and technology, so it is not surprising that she has co-founded UrbiGo, a startup delivering IoT device for urban gardening, which unifies hardware, software, and botanics to change the form of gardening in urban homes. Anja is a Founder and Manager of the Youth Environmental Association EcoHub, an organisation aiming to spread enviromental awareness across Serbia. In the past, she also gained marketing, content development, and mentor experience. 

Ivana Zirojević

 Co-founder & CEO, SrediMe

Ivana Zirojević is another impactful woman included on our list as she is a Co-Founder and CEO of SerdiMe, an innovative online service aiming to improve the beauty salon appointment experiences. What is more, Ivana is a Founder of Donesi, a leading online food delivery marketplace in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the past, she also held a position in the PR department at Zepter International and at the Ministry of Finance and the Economy Republic of Serbia.

Dusica Lukic

 Co-Founder, Joberty

Dusica Lukic has more than 10 years of experience, especially in the IT and telecommunication industries. She is a product manager, focused on designing and developing web and mobile solutions. Dusica co-founded Joberty, a workplace community for developers and tech firms, where entrepreneurs can review companies, connect, and find jobs in the tech industry. In the past, she held several Product Manager positions at companies such as Pollard Digital Solutions and Telcom Srbija.

Bojana Knežević

 Co-founder & COO of Holodia

Boajna Knežević has vast expertise in sales, operations management, and business development. She is a Founder and a COO at Holodia, a Virtual Reality fitness platform, creating workouts, which are motivating, challenging, and entertaining at same time using the  CardioGoals AI workout programs. In the past, she has co-founded and was holding the COO position at My World Taxi, was a Senior Managing Partner at Skandia Consulting Group, and was a Consultant at IAEA. 

Marija Ilić

 Co-founder, Two Desperados

Marija Ilić’s heart beats for video gaming industry development. She is an experienced entrepreneur, executive, and advisor having more than 15 years of expertise in the games industry. So it’s not a surprise that she is co-founded Two Desperados, a game development company a creator of Woka Woka and Viola’s Quest games, which gathered over 30 million players worldwide. Additionally, Marija is a Mentor at Google for Startups Accelerator program and a Co-Founder and a Board Member of the Serbian Games Association. 

Jasmina Ristic

 Founder, Horizer 

Jasmina Ristic is an experienced female entrepreneur contributing to the development of the startup & VC ecosystem. She is a Founder of Horizer, a designer, developer, and manufacturer of solar modules, energy generation, and storage systems for vehicles. What is more, she is a Business Coach at the EIT Food TeamUp Programme, and an Expert for Entrepreneurship at the European Commission. In the past, she also held the position of Accelerator Program and Corporate Innovation Director at Bridgeway Europe Startup Accelerator and the Marketing Director at Podravka. She has also co-founded two other companies: and Mapayko. 

Ana Pajkovic

 Founder, Belgrade for Kids

Ana Pajkovic has more than 20 years of experience, especially in the real estate sector. She is an investor, founder, and entrepreneur. In 2017 Ana has founded Belgrade for Kids, an online platform gathering all events for kids and their parents, supporting the parenting community in Belgrade. In the past, she held a Partner position at Kvadrat Advisors and she co-founded Kidster, a marketplace for parents to sell and buy kids’ goods. 

Nađa Jokanović & Nina Milović

Co-founders, Wannabe Media Studio

Nađa Jokanović is a Co-Founder and a CMO at the Wannabe Magazine, a leading fashion, beauty and lifestyle web magazine in Serbia. She is also a Co-Founder of Wanna Media Studio, a digital creative studio. What is more, Nađa is an Editor in Chief at, another lifestyle magazine. 

Wannabe Magazine was launched not only by Nađa Jokanović but also by Nina Milović, who is also a Creative Director. Additionally, Nina is an Owner and a Creative Director at NINAMILÁN Studio. It is worth mentioning that Nada and Nina are also the organizers of the Wannabe Digital Award, which is given to the best influencers in 14 different categories.

Dragana Jovčić & Jelena Joksimovic 

Co-founders, Uradi Zaradi 

Dragana Jovčić together with Jelena Joksimovic has co-founded Uradi Zaradi, a marketplace for those looking for household services. What is more, she is experienced in operations management and business planning having a demonstrated history of working in startup environment. 

Jelena Joksimovic is a researcher, scientist, and entrepreneur with several years of experience. Her mission is to prevent public transactions from corruption so she is constantly searching for the best, unsupervised machine learning solutions addressing that issue. Jelena is a Co-Founder of Uradi Zaradi and a Ph.D. Fellow at the Faculty of Information Studies in Novo Mesto.

Tijana Tašin

Co-owner, ZDRA Branding & Co-Founder YoloBook

This list wouldn’t be complete without Tijana Tašin, a Co-owner of ZDRA Branding, a branding agency focused on helping build websites and apps, and a Co-Founder of YoloBook, an IT startup, delivering personalized photo albums, combining traditional products with technology. What is more, Tijana is a CMO at TerraCore Technologies, a developer of platforms and web applications in the field of Fintech, E-Commerce, and Blockchain. 

Dragana Djermanovic

 Startup Mentor, Google

While mentioning the most influential and impactful women that contribute to the development of the startup and VC ecosystem, we must highlight Dragana Djermanovis, who is a Growth Guide, businesswoman, startup mentor, and expert, having mentored through her career over 1000 professionals. She is a President of the Serbia-India Business Council of the Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a Mentor at Google, and a Co-Founder of BeeShaper. For her commitment, she was awarded several times and listed, among others, as one of the Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs in Europe, and received a “Success Flower” award from the  Association of Business Women of Serbia.

Eleonora Sergijevic

 Co-Founder & CEO, Mojo AI

Eleonora Sergijevic is one of the most active female market players on the Serbian business scene. She is a Co-founder of several companies, including Enqlo, and Swiftty. During the pandemic of Covid-19, she has put her two businesses aside and started Airtech Med, a manufacturer of protecting face shields and clothes. Currently, she is a Co-Founder and CEO of Mojo AI.

Jelena Plavanski

Co-Founder & President, ABAS

Jelena Plavanski is a Co-Founder and President of ABAS, the Association of Business Angels of Serbia. It’s a non-profit organization, created to support the regional VC and startup ecosystem. Additionally, Jelena is an International Partner at the World Business Investment Forum, an Advisory Board Member at the Entrepreneurs Association, a Chairperson at Global Investment Committee of Balkans, and a Speaker during the World Leader Summit in 2020. 

Zoja Kukic

 Co-Founder, SEE ICT

Zoja Kukic has been actively supporting the growth of the regional startup ecosystem for a decade. She is a Co-Founder of SEE ICT, a non-profit organization creating a community for startups in South-East Europe. What is more, she co-founded Startit, a European regional network organization helping high-tech startup companies grow, where currently she holds the role of President of the Advisory Board. Zoja also launched a dedicated podcast, She Rocks Global, with a mission to empower women around the world. Besides, she is a Google Launchpad Mentor and a startup advisor. 

Sanja Popovic Pantic

 President, Association of Business Women in Serbia

Sanja P. Pantic has been a President of the Association of Business Women in Serbia for over 20 years now, leading one of the most active national associations of female entrepreneurs in Serbia, where since 1998 she has been involved in nearly 200 projects aiming to strength female entrepreneurship, supporting startups and established companies. She is a researcher, expert, and consultant in matters of female entrepreneurship. Since 2015 she has been a Chair of the Woman’s Entrepreneurship Group within the EU-funded project Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) and is a Researcher at Institute Mihajlo Pupin.

Tamara Čolić Milosavljević

 Co-Director, Founder Institute Serbia

Tamara Čolić Milosavljević is passionate about business opportunity creation and development, so it is not surprising that she is a Co-director of Founder Institute Serbia, a pre-seed accelerator program, supporting and strengthening the Serbian startups helping them to scale globally. What is more, Tamara is a European IP Helpdesk Ambassador and a Technology Transfer Manager of the Center for Technology Transfer at the University of Belgrade. In the past, she held the Project Manager position supporting the launch of initiatives like the BOSS platform or CROWDSTREAM at the University of Belgrade. 

Danica Niki Radisic

Co- Founder, Virtuosica

When it comes to female entrepreneurs actively operating on the Serbian business scene it is worth mentioning Danica Niki Radisic, a Co-Founder of Virtuosica, a product-driven platform providing tools and support for musicians to reach new and existing audiences. Danica has more than 20 years of experience among others, in public relations, marketing, media, and corporate communications. In the past, she held positions as Managing Partner at Krazy Fish, an Executive Editor at Thinkruptor, and a President of Women in Tech Serbia.  


Mirjana Perkovic

 Founder & CEO, LookStyler

Mirjana Perkovic is the Founder and CEO of LookStyler, a marketplace connecting local stylists with international luxury shoppers. Mirjana is also a Forbes Business Council Member and Forbes Contributor, EIC Women Leadership Business Mentor, and Advisor at Loyal VC. Previously, she also assumed the role of Managing Director at Founder Institute in Brussels.  

Tijana Manitašević Vujčić

Co- Founder Strawberry Energy

Tijana Manitašević Vujčić has more than 10 years of professional experience mainly in IT industry. She is a Co-Founder and Business Development Executive at Strawberry Energy, a developer of solar-powered urban furniture for smart and sustainable cities, operating in more than 50 cities in over 20 countries around the world. Currently, she is a Market Development Lead at HTEC Group. 

 Natasa Skrbic

 Program Director for the Startup Ecosystem, Digital Initiative Serbia

Another active female entrepreneur we would like to include on our list is Natasa Skrbic, a Program Director for the Startup Ecosystem at Digital Initiative Serbia, a non-governmental and non-profit organization with an aim to further develop a strong, competitive digital economy in Serbia. Natasa was an Advisor at UMPS, and a Project Manager at BalkanUp, an organization supporting startups and entrepreneurs across Western Balkan countries. In the past, she has also co-founded her own startup- Filter App, an online platform, promoting the promote cultural events happening in Belgrade. 

Marijana Agic - Molnar

  CEO & Data Strategist, DATA DO

Marijana Agic Molbar is a CEO and Data Strategist at DATA DO, a company helping businesses to monetize their data by providing support in data analytics processes. Marijana is a marketing and data strategist, an expert in discovering business chances, and a lecturer at FEFA Faculty. In the past, she worked as a Managing Director at GfK, and a Marketing Research Manager at The Coca-Cola Company. 

Maja Turkovic

 Co-Founder and Board Member, ASOR

“Investing in a sustainable future”- that’s the motto of CWP Global, where Maja Turkovic is a holds the SVP position. CWP Global is a renewable energy development company, that provides sustainable energy solutions. What is more, Maja is a Co-Founder and Board Member at ASOR, Association for Sustainable Development in Serbia, and used to work as a Managing Director at Wind Power, and a managing Partner at Wind Park Plandiste, being responsible for the development and financing of the projects. 

Marijana Savic

 Founder, Atina

Marijana Savic is a passionate lawyer and a human rights activist. She has founded Atina, a non-government organization supporting young people and their families, who are victims of human trafficking, and sexual and labor exploitation. It’s main mission is to help society to develop and fully respect the rights of women and children. What is more, she is a Founder and Director of a social enterprise project “Bagel Bejgl”. 

Marija Grujic

 Co-Founder & CEO, Neuroblast

Marija Grulic has graduated from the University of Arts and Design. She started her career while working as a Senior Interior Designer at Zomot. Currently, she is a Co-Founder and CEO of Neuroblast, a company developing a sensory post-rehabilitation device dedicated to everyone suffering from neurodegenerative diseases. Thanks to this special interactive sensor device, patients can exercise continuously during post-rehabilitation at home. 

Manja Bogicevic

Founder & CEO,

Manja Bogicevic is an experienced startup founder and entrepreneur. She is actively operating in Serbia supporting the growth of the regional startup ecosystem in the Western Balkans and beyond. She is a Founder and CEO of, a tech startup that provides machine learning, business intelligence, data strategy, and risk mitigation services help optimize production. Manja co-founded Machine Learning Global, worked as a Machine Learning Author at Packt, and was Chief Data Officer at Trounceflow. 

Dusanka Ilic

 Founder & CEO, Beyond42

Dusanka Ilic has been present on the Serbian business scene for over 20 years now. She is an experienced executive and startup founder. Dusanka has co-founded Kutpoint, and since 2019 she is a Founder and CEO of Beyond42, an online platform helping in organizing virtual events. It helps to expand business networks and create communities across industries and geographies. 

Tamara Papic

 Co-Founder, Baby FM 

Tamara Papic is another woman included on our list of developers of the startup ecosystem in Serbia. She is a Co-Founder of Baby FM, a health tech startup, developing a special monitoring device for parents to control their baby’s temperature, equipped with an alerting system. She is a researcher, experienced media planner, producer, project manager, and an Assistant Profesor in the research field of startup development and innovation.

Katarina Mirkovic

 Vice President, Program Manager, COO Team, BlackRock Solutions

After graduating from the University of Belgrade, Katarina has started her professional career in marketing and sales departments. For the past years, she has been working as, among others, Head of Marketing and Sales Insights at EyeSee Research and Mentor at Case Study Club. In 2016, she has co-founded WOKE, an avatar-based opinion-sharing platform. Currently, Katarina is working at BlackRock Solutions, a global asset manager and technology provider. 

*Undoubtedly, the Polish startup and VC ecosystem is powered by many inspiring and impactful women, which is why our list is definitely not closed, and we appreciate every involvement! So if you have any insights about the article, drop us a line.

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