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07 September 2023·5 min read

Katarzyna Groszkowska

Editor, Vestbee

Startup Fundraising: How To Create The Perfect Product Slide In The Investment Pitch Deck

The perfectly crafted Investor Pitch Deck is one of the most crucial tools in the challenging fundraising process. In our series, we have been exploring the ins and outs of a successful deck, covering the solution and problem slides. Now it’s time to delve deeper into the next slide in the pitch deck - the product slide, and how to create a compelling product slide in your startup pitch deck that will attract investors. 

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What Is The Product Slide In The Startup Pitch Deck For Investors? 

The purpose of the product slide is to explain exactly what is your product offering, what are its features and what is the purpose of introducing it on the market. While the solution slide focuses on the benefits you bring to customers, the product slide goes a step further - explaining precisely what your product is and how it works.

Bear in mind that sometimes it could be beneficial to combine the solution slide with the product slide - if you think your pitch could benefit from being more concise and less wordy and you worry about unnecessary duplicating information. However, in most cases - the product slide should stand on its own.

What To Include In Your Product Slide In The Startup Pitch Deck For Investors?

Use this section in the pitch deck to delve deep into your product, showcasing its viability and why it's a worthy investment. Make sure to clearly present your value proposition and why is it better than what your competition offers. Focus on its unique qualities, and bring forward the technology and secret sauce behind it. Focus on how it can significantly impact your customers' lives, but keep in mind that efficiency is key - highlight only the most relevant features and use cases

To reinforce the message for the audience you can use graphic design tools, mockups, demos, screenshots from apps and landing pages, videos - anything that will effectively highlight your product's key features in a compelling way. 

If your product is a tangible device, depending on the stage of your business, presenting a ready solution or a working prototype during the presentation can be highly advantageous.  However, for pre-seed or early-stage fundraising, when it’s common for entrepreneurs to not have a product yet, a well-designed slide illustrating the product you aim to create will suffice.  What is more, if you're a tech startup, providing details about your tech stack can be valuable, but avoid overwhelming investors with technical jargon - not all of them are engineers by training! 

If you are working on a game-changing solution in high tech sectors, you might need a separate slide to convince investors that no one else can easily duplicate or surpass

your product. Show its defensibility and ensure investors that your idea cannot be easily copied.

The Importance of Simplicity and Clarity in Your Startup Pitch Deck For Investors' Product Slide  

Remember, simplicity is key. Use straightforward language and relatable examples to help your audience understand the problem and your solution better. Avoid information overload and focus on painting a general picture without delving into unnecessary specifics.

And to finish off, here are a few examples of product slides from successful startups: 

Yalo (source)

Tiktok (source)

N26 (source) 

Investment Pitch Deck’s Product Slide - Tips & Tricks: 


  • Clear value proposition - present what your product offers, and how it solves a specific problem
  • Concise presentation - keep your content straightforward and relevant. Avoid overwhelming your audience with unnecessary details.
  • Visual aid - Utilize visual elements to help investors grasp your concept more quickly. Incorporate mockups, screenshots, videos, or demos to visually showcase your product's key features and functionality.
  • Simplicity and clarity - Use plain language and relatable examples to make your product slide easy to understand.


  • Overload of information - avoid overwhelming your audience with excessive information. Focus on presenting the core features that set your product apart.
  • Lack of differentiation - highlight your product’s uniqueness, its distinctive qualities and competitive edge
  • Technical vocabulary - while detailing your technology stack can be valuable, avoid using complex technical terms that might alienate non-technical investors.
  • Ambiguity - don’t let ambiguity weaken your pitch, focus on strong storytelling and presence.

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