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SLAM Orthopedic raises €2M
07 May 2024·2 min read

Dara Kachinska

News Editor, Vestbee

Dutch startup SLAM Orthopedic raises €2M led by Rising Star Ventures Partners

A Delft-based modern provider of medical devices, SLAM Orthopedic, has raised a €2 million seed investment to introduce its fracture therapy sensor onto the market in Europe. The round was led by Rising Star Venture Partners, with angel investors and the Zeeuws Participatie Fonds participating as well. 

  • SLAM Orthopedic was founded in 2017 by Just Schornagel, Bart Kölling, and Bas de Hartog. The startup focuses on a major problem in fracture surgery, a surgery to fix a broken bone using metal screws, pins, rods, or plates to hold the bone in place, making sure that each screw implant is the proper size to prevent instability and possible damage to tissues or joints. 
  • To help solve this problem, SLAM Orthopedic has created an ADEPTH system. It is presently undergoing validation in its first human clinical trial, which is being carried out in association with ErasmusMC, the largest trauma center in the Netherlands, and the trauma surgery department.
  • The ADEPTH system helps surgeons with osteosynthesis treatments, a surgical procedure to treat bone fractures in which bone fragments are joined with screws, plates, nails, or wires. The sensor is an add-on that may be used with any current drill system to instantly identify the required screw length.

“We believe the best way to support surgeons’ capabilities is by automating tedious and precise tasks, while allowing maximum flexibility. We developed the ADEPTH system with this goal in mind and in close collaboration with surgeons,” said Just Schornagel, CEO of SLAM Orthopedic.

  • The leading investor in this fund is Rising Star Venture Partner, a VC firm that was founded in 2015 and focuses on investing in healthcare and education sectors.

“We fully support SLAM Ortho’s vision and see ADEPTH as a valuable solution for a crucial step in the surgical workflow. The investors, as well as the clinical and commercial partners, have confidence in this team and look forward to bringing the ADEPTH system to the next level,” added Benjamin Sieters, fund manager at Rising Star Venture Partners.

  • The funding is going to be used to complete the ADEPTH system, which is planned to be launched in the middle of 2025 in Europe.

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