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startups of the month october by vestbee
25 October 2022·5 min read

Ilya Mikhalchyk-Kananenka

Community Builder, Vestbee

CEE Startups Of The Month - X 2022

After looking at the diverse set of multisector startups from our past in our September and August editions, the time has come for a new round of selected and handpicked companies chosen throughout October.

As usual, we highlighted the most exciting startups from Central & Eastern Europe worth your attention - let’s find out what they’re all about!


BrandLink is a retail engagement application for offline and online consumers. The core problem company solves is running costly and effort-heavy promotion campaigns for retail companies. To help work on that, BrandLink offers a unified platform to process and analyze the receipts of customers while providing them with tailored offers and promotions from various brands. As a result, retail companies can offload the running of capital-intensive promotions while providing consumers with more savings on good deals!

Product Fruits

The up-and-coming startup on the list, Product Fruits is a no-code onboarding management system. The core problem the startup is working on is that of a troublesome and lengthy process of product adoption leading to higher confusion, disengagement and eventual churn of free trial/demo users. With Product Fruits, the companies can now build a guided tour or a walkthrough of any web-based application, analyze the behavior and support new users in all steps of the way. Consequently, the companies can save the time of their support specialists and salespeople and provide a more frictionless user experience. 


The next on the list, DLC.Link is a provider of lending and financial infrastructure for bitcoin. The problem company is trying to solve is that of bitcoin's current inability to be lent or used in applications, forcing the users to trust third-party custodians susceptible to hacks and/or loss of assets. To help work around that, the startup implements discrete log contracts which let users lock their Bitcoin in escrow on their own wallet and consequently - give a possibility of using it for in-app payments without sending it elsewhere.

Solid World DAO

Solid World is a DAO project to build a scalable carbon supply chain protocol. The problem this startup is working on is that of costly and time-consuming conditions for obtaining carbon credits and eventual payouts. With Solid World, companies can immediately project and start selling their future carbon credits while offsetting the upfront costs associated with such projects. As a consequence, more climate projects can receive liquidity and capital needed sooner rather than later while creating an additional market for the retail and institutional investors.


The next on the list, Revuto is a subscription management platform for the consumer market. With Revuto, the users can enjoy wide-ranging flexibility in being able to choose crypto or fiat payments, postponing the payments as well as borrowing money. As a result, the consumers can gain more control over their spending and ease the management of an ever-growing list of subscription services. 


nettle Is a Slovakian startup providing intelligent conversational bot solutions for eCommerce and marketing. With nettle!, companies can offer a fully automated conversational experience for shopping and customer service by analyzing and leveraging communication insights from the users. As a result, the companies can offer a more personalized customer journey, upsell and save time on the customer service in a systematic and easier way.


An up-and-coming company on the list, BOTWISE is a knowledge management system for customer support. The main problem a startup is trying to solve is a time-consuming and wasteful information gathering which takes up to 20% of employees' time, leaving 1 in 5 team members just wandering around in search. To work around that, Botwise offers a unified source of truth verifying that can be accessed through multiple access points, leaving both the user and customer service teams with more flexibility and control.


The next on the list, a Ukrainian Rayton is a marketplace facilitating the connection between the PV panel producers and their customers. At its core, the platform provides easily accessible and thorough knowledge of the potential PV providers’ offering and in turn - gives a way of making the most rational long-term investment based on customer's personal situation. As a consequence, the providers of PV-related products and services can find additional customers while the already existing consumers can make better-informed decisions and find more points towards making a purchase.


The next on the list, Zone is a next-generation system for parking spots management. The core issue company is solving is revolving around a systemic inefficiency associated with outdated and rigid parking infrastructure. With Zone, drivers can put up a parking spot and start earning money through the company's proprietary platform which helps analyze and optimize prices and the discovery process for the consumers. Consequently, both the parking lot owners and users will attain a more convenient and efficient parking system benefitting everyone.


Last but not least, SmatGuide is a global digital marketplace platform for travel guides. The problem company is trying to solve is that of many crowded and fragmented pen-and-paper guides, mobile/web apps and/or people-led groups. With SmartGuide, you can access digital travel guides from anywhere around the world while also saving time and effort on having to source them all separately. As a result, the guide publishers have a clear way of showcasing the best of what they have and facilitate more purchases by engagement and in-app data insights meanwhile the travelers have more available and on-demand experiences at the tip of their fingers.

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