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26 July 2022·5 min read

Ilya Mikhalchyk-Kananenka

Community Builder, Vestbee

CEE Startups Of The Month - VII 2022

After having a good look at the diverse multisector startups from our past two editions - in  June and May, the time has come for a new round of selected and handpicked companies, chosen throughout July.

As usual, we’d highlighted the most exciting startups from Central & Eastern Europe worth your attention - let’s find out what they’re all about!


The very first on the list, Lithuanian MELP is an employee benefits marketplace for businesses. The core problems that the platform is solving are those of inefficient and inflexible benefits management which leads to lesser than-optimal satisfaction and wasted resources (10% to 40% of the overall compensation packages).To help navigate this topic, MELP provides an all-in-one platform, where employees can pick and choose the benefits they want, while providing the business leaders insight on tax incentives and benefits usage analytics. As a result, MELP offers a better experience and freedom for both the workers and the employers.


The next company on the list, REDD is a marketplace and data platform for commercial real estate. At its core, the startup works on the problem of disjointed and conservative processes underpinning all aspects of the real estate industry. To improve the situation, the startup works on creating a single data platform, that helps to analyze and work with the properties. With REDD, real estate agencies can easily draft and negotiate property sales and rent, while providing investors and buyers with comparative market intelligence from its proprietary search engine. As a result, the company offers a simplified and transparent space for every stakeholder within commercial real-estate.


Plenti is a Polish startup, that builds an on-demand electronics marketplace. In its essence, the company taps into opportunities created by large upfront costs associated with electronic device ownership from both the seller and consumer perspective. With Plenti, you can easily order a piece of tech you need and use it for as long as you want while not having to maintain, carry around or otherwise restrict your flexibility. 


INPUT SOFT is an aviation management platform for airports. At its core, the startup aims  to digitize and streamline the inefficiency-riddled  processes characterising the  aviation industry, through a data-driven process and resource optimization. As a result, the airports will be able to significantly cut down the management expenses while improving the productivity of their workers.


The forthcoming startup on the list, Misu is a health tracking application for preventive healthcare. It offers a gadget-agnostic application that continuously monitors your core health metrics and  in case of  an alarming condition - notifies the user and gives them time to prepare and anticipate needed actions. As a result, the app helps supporting a very wide range of people by increasing their healthy lifespan and decreasing the complexity of the broader healthcare system.

Quantum Flytrap

An up and coming on the selection, Quantum Flytrap is a no-code IDE platform that helps companies tap into the power of quantum computing. To do so, the company provides an easy way to  deploy the power of quantum through its coding environment and tools to streamline the process for both quantum experts and broader engineering talents. As a result, the startup enables both big and small companies to harness the full power of the next computing paradigm.

AI Screen

AI Screen is a digital signage platform allowing its customers to manage and run visual content across all of the company’s display screens. With AI Screen, you can seamlessly connect from one and up to thousands of displays and continuously leverage the visual assets you have, cutting both the time and administrative complexity associated with running and managing your screen network.


Moticheck is a startup that builds an employee experience monitoring platform. The company tackles the issue of lack of insight into what workers think and feel during their day-to-day work life. As a result, the leadership has a smaller capacity to notice and react to the wider perceptions and feelings within their organizations and consequently - lose the employees and miss insight into how they can improve their overall job experience. With Motichck, you can continuously check in with your workers and know when and how to improve their work effectiveness and well-being.


The next on the list, PredictWatch is a digital therapeutics platform to treat various stages of marihuana addiction. As the drug abuse becomes more common due to the legalization and a growing social acceptance of its recreational use, it can often result in decreased work performance, shorter attention span, and ensuing problems with cognitive abilities and injurious accidents arising from it. To help with that, PredictWatch measure up and help anticipate a risk of transgression measured through smartwaches’ data collection around sleep, stress and even music you listen to! As a result, you can clearly see at which points you digress most often and take measures accordingly.


Last but not least, CodeAlly is a skills-based platform for hiring talented developers. At its core, Codeally helps to decrease the experience-related barrier of entry by offering in-house certification and monetary referral incentives. The aim of this startup is to bridge the talent gap in the IT sector between the junior and the senior levels, all the while making it easier for deverlopers to start off on their career journey.

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