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25 January 2023·5 min read

Ilya Mikhalchyk-Kananenka

Community Builder, Vestbee

CEE Startups Of The Month - January 2023

After looking at the diverse set of fascinating solutions featured in our October and November editions, the time has come to present you with a new round of hand-picked startups chosen throughout January.

As usual, we highlighted the most exciting startups from Central & Eastern Europe worth your attention - let’s find out what they’re all about!

Plan Be Eco

The very first on our selection, Plan Be Eco, is a carbon footprint reporting platform. The core issue the company is addressing is that of continuously tracking and measuring the carbon impact of business operations, as well as filling-in reports. As a result, the platform can not only file state-compliant reports on the carbon footprint but actively suggest ways and opportunities of reducing its size.

The up-and-coming company from the list,, is a cookieless and real-time ad tracking platform. The main problem that startup helps alleviate is the complexity of managing and attributing conversions of a multichannel marketing strategy, leading to higher ad spending and an ever-increasing need to hire more specialists to manage more and more complex campaigns. With, companies can have a much easier time tracking and acting on marketing performance and as a consequence - grow and expand their business much faster.

Mild Blue

The next on the list, Mild Blue, is a Czech startup developing custom AI products for the healthcare industry. One of their most recent products includes Breviary, which is a web/mobile app for calculating the correct dosage of medications for patients. The core issue, as it appears, is the oftentimes generalized and customary nature of the dosage sizes, which tends to result in less-than-optimal dosages. As a result, Breviary collects and analyses historical data together with lab results so that fewer patients feel negative side effects or are under treatment.

A forthcoming startup on the list,, is an employee development platform for enterprises. The main pain point platform helps solve is the ever-increasing difficulty and expense of training the personnel consistently and efficiently. To help work on this, provides a comprehensive, all-in-one platform where managers can easily track and guide training programs while providing an efficient source of training for the employees.

Zibra AI

The next company on the list, Zibra AI, is a platform to help create interchangeable virtual contentThe core problem company helps to improve on is a very time and effort-consuming process of manually creating visual/3D content, which makes game production much more expensive and artist-heavy than it could be. With Zibra AI, big and small studios alike can generate all kinds of virtual content much faster and thus - democratize the process of creating video games to a much wider set of organizations and people.


iVCV startup offering an AI-based facial analysis for hiring professionals. The main pain point the company solves is that of assessing candidates' personal and professional qualities by looking at how they conduct themselves and/or communicate in front of their cameras. As a result, the recruiters can have a better taste of important aspects like language fluency, personality traits and knowledge of specific topics. As a result, the recruiter can save time and spend time talking only to well-qualified and prepared candidates.

An up-and-coming company on the list, is a collaborative and open energy modelling platform to help operate distributed energy resources. With the help of rebase platform, companies can save time on data collection and performance modelling of various DER asset types. As a result, more businesses can benefit from concise and well-analysed data and thus - have more thoughtful planning and investment decisions.


The forthcoming company on our selection, Inventoro is an inventory management system for retail and wholesale businesses. The core pain point the company is solving is that of poor and outdated inventory management practices leading to suboptimal purchasing of inventory goods taking a heavy toll on the business's income. With Inventoro, the SMEs can easily leverage enterprise-scale forecasting and as a result - decrease overhead all the while growing the store's bottom line!


Finqware is an open-banking platform helping multi-jurisdictional enterprises manage their financial data. Using Finqware, companies can easily collect, audit, and manage all cash flow operations from multiple accounts and create reports, all through a single API. As a result, the platform can simply automate significant portions of enterprise treasury operations.


Last but not least, Estonian startup Bankish is a loan administration platform for financial service providers. The main pain point startup helps alleviate is that of providing a comprehensive, yet affordable, set of necessary functions like automated scoring and lending/deposits administration. With Bankish, both old and newly-found financial service providers can enjoy the benefits of a modular, pay-as-you-grow platform which allows them to kickstart and/or scale more sustainably.

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