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27 September 2022·5 min read

Ilya Mikhalchyk-Kananenka

Community Builder, Vestbee

CEE Startups Of The Month - IX 2022

After looking at the multisector startups from our past two editions - in August and July, the time has come for a new round of companies selected in September. 

As usual, we highlighted the most exciting startups from Central & Eastern Europe worth your attention - let’s find out what they’re all about!


The very first on the list, ResQuant is a quantum security startup from Poland. The main problem the company is solving is the near-future data insecurity caused by the advent of quantum decryption. To help manage this technological shift, ResQuant provides its own cryptographic processor on top of customers' microchips, giving an easy-to-update and replaceable security layer for the post-quantum world. As a consequence, users of ResQuant can mitigate the security dangers of the next decryption capabilities and keep their (and their companies') data safe and secure.

Quantum Workflow

Quantum Workflow is a Serbian vendor management platform for businesses. The main problem the startup is trying to solve is the difficulty of managing and running freelancer projects which frequently struggle with a lack of trust and understanding between parties. To help mitigate this issue, Quantum Workflow provides a vetted, intermediary manager to manage those kinds of projects while only charging a commission for the final order. As a consequence, customers can access an on-demand workforce while avoiding the usual pitfalls of freelancer management. 

MAB Robotics

The up-and-coming company on the list, MAB Robotics is a startup providing robots for underground infrastructure inspections. The company is addressing the problem with the lack of efficient ways to continuously monitor below-the-surface spaces such as the hard-to-access network heating tunnels. With MAB's quadrupled robots, the operators of all underground facilities will be able to move from a point of only fixing the problem when it's too late up to a capability of upkeeping and continuous maintenance.

Consumer Intelligence

Next on the selection, Polish Consumer Intelligence is a consumer analytics platform for FMCG brands. The main problem the startup is solving is the retailer brand's lack of data collection capabilities and the resulting lack of insight and analysis. To help address that, Consumer Intelligence offers an in-browser receipt reader to collect and store customer data directly from consumers while incentivizing the behavior with bonuses and in-app perks. As a consequence, brands like P&G can derive and analyze much more information from what's happening in retail stores and thus - make stronger, data-driven business decisions.


MiFood is a Polish robotics startup serving the agricultural sector. The problem MiFood is working on is that of the decreasing workforce for the food harvesting jobs, their rising costliness as well as health hazards involved with picking and touching the pesticide-ridden cultures. With MiFood robots, farmers can now save a lot of capital on human labor while also increasing the speed, efficiency, and safety of the food harvesting processes.

Smarter Diagnostics

The next startup on the list, Smarter Diagnostics is a platform to assist tendon-related injury risk assessments with the help of AI. The main problem the team's product is solving is that of a time-consuming and effortful process of analyzing the MRI images for a very common sports injury resulting in untimely diagnosis and potentially dangerous developments. With Smarter Diagnostics, radiologists can spend much less time analyzing the images and, consequently, pre-diagnose and prevent worsening conditions much quicker and efficiently.

The next on the list, is a drinktech startup from Poland. The core issue company is nailing is that of the manual and repetitive drink mixing and fills taking a meaningful chunk of the food workers' time. To help address that, the company offers a proprietary, robot-as-a-service machine that can autonomously fill customers' drink orders quickly and efficiently. As a result, the restaurant/bar owners can cut costs while giving servers and bartenders the time to focus on things they do best - making truly creative drinks and talking with the customer!


The up-and-coming startup on the list, Temada is a digital marketplace for law services. At its core, the company helps facilitate the connection with the right specialist by allowing customers to search and select lawyers by their experience and area of expertise while also providing an opportunity of receiving a custom recommendation from the company's support service. As a result, Temada helps lawyers to acquire new customers while providing the latter with a smoother, more pleasant experience in achieving their legal goals.


The next on the list, BeiT is a startup offering an all-in-one property management suite of both digital and hardware solutions. With BeiT, the building owners and individual landlords can continuously access and measure the consumption metrics for main utilities, analyze and plan it, as well as manage customer relationships through a proprietary CRM and billing solution. As a result, the users can obtain a deeper understanding and control of their property in a more comprehensive and cost-efficient manner. 


Last but not least, Latvian AdvanGrid is an energy management system offered as a service. The problem company is solving is that of taming the ever-growing power bills through more efficient and measured energy usage. With AdvanGrid, the clients can easily prevent energy waste, find defects in the industrial equipment and prevent various human-caused power losses while also avoiding the huge upfront costs through startups' system-as-a-service model.

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