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24 April 2024·8 min read

Agata Marcinek


Best startup accelerators and incubators in LATAM

We continue our series featuring the most active startup accelerators and incubators worldwide. Previously, we have listed programs originating from in the Middle East, Iceland, Cyprus. This time, we have prepared a collection showcasing the most active startup accelerators and incubators in Latin America, providing detailed information about each one.

500 Startups

Established in 2010, 500 Startups is a global venture capital firm headquartered in Silicon Valley, known for its network of startup programs. Currently, it offers acceleration and incubator programs in 15 countries worldwide, including the 500 LatAm Program

  • Who can participate: 500 LatAm Program is dedicated to Spanish-speaking Latin American early-stage companies, developing their solutions in sectors like fintech, e-commerce, edtech, logistics, proptech, and healthtech among others.
  • What is offered to participants: the accelerator provides a customized program, during which participants gain access to mentorship from a network of successful entrepreneur alumni. Additionally, startup founders have the opportunity to secure a $300,000 investment.
  • Terms of participation: the startup accelerator invests $300,000 in startups, acquiring a 10% stake in the company through a convertible instrument known as KISS. The program is priced at $15,000, which spans over 12 months and is designed to meet the specific needs of each startup. After deducting the program fee, $285,000 is allocated to the company's account to fuel its growth.

Founder Institute

Founder Institute is a structured accelerator program that has helped over 7,000 entrepreneurs raise more than $1.75 billion in funding. The accelerator program has been investing in Latin American businesses, and to date, they have assisted over 400 startups in Latin America, raising more than $20 million.

  • Who can participate: any pre-seed startup is eligible to participate in the Founder Institute accelerator program. There are two programs on offer, including the FI Core program dedicated to new founders, and the Founder Lab, which is dedicated to entrepreneurs seeking advisory knowledge to make their businesses more successful in the long run.
  • What is offered to the participants: Founder Institute offers a comprehensive 4-month program to all participating pre-seed accelerators. During this period, businesses receive support services including funding and mentorship, facilitated through the extensive network of alumni from successful startups affiliated with the Founder Institute.
  • Terms of participation: the founders can enroll in one of the accelerator programs based on their entrepreneurial journey and experience. However, at the end of the program, the startups are required to commit 2.5% of your equity, according to the Founder Institute Equity Collective model.


MassChallenge is a global network that offers a variety of acceleration programs. 4-month MassChallenge Mexico is one of them. Among one of the program’s achievements is having the first crypto unicorn from Latin America, Bitso, that won the acceleration program in 2016. 

  • Who can participate: early-stage startups across all industries, from anywhere in the world, that have raised less than $1 million in equity-based funding and generated less than $2 million in annual revenue.
  • What is offered to the participants: MassChallenge accelerator does not invest in startups directly, nor does it take any percentage of equity from the founders. It is a Zero Cost and Zero Equity accelerator. All eligible startup founders enroll in a 4-month accelerator program with mentorship and engagement from MassChallenge corporate partners, along with a curriculum of classes and workshops. At the end of the program, startups may receive an investment of up to $100,000.
  • Terms of participation: to apply, the startups need to register at by creating founders’ and company’s profile, and then complete and submit your application.


AgilMentor ranks among Argentina's top 10 incubators, having empowered over 1,000 entrepreneurs in LatAm with over 10,000 hours of mentoring.

  • Who can participate: all entrepreneurs with an idea and in search of a co-founder are welcome.
  • What is offered to the participants: AgliMentor enhances the skills of entrepreneurs through "training-by-doing", where entrepreneurs are facilitated to utilize tools and processes to develop solutions based on the good practices of agile methodologies. There are three available programs, each supported by carefully selected mentors who are experts in their fields. The accelerator assists founders in building and growing their startups.
  • Terms of participation: follow the news on the website for the further program’s applications. 

Start-Up Chile

Start-up Chile is one of the biggest startup accelerators in Latin America, with more than 3,000 startups went through its programs. 

  • Who can participate: Start-up Chile program is sector agnostic. All scalable  technology-based businesses are eligible to join. 
  • What is offered to the participants: overall, the program accepts about 200-250 startups every year. Based on their stage in the business journey, participating businesses can enroll in different programs:
  1. Pre-acceleration program (Build program): A 4-month program for all early-stage startups with total funding of $16,000. Additionally, successful startups may receive an additional $8,000 in funding.
  2. Acceleration program (Ignite program): a 4-month seed acceleration program with funding of US $33,000, with the potential for an additional $22,000 in funding.
  3. Scale-up program (Growth program): An 8-month acceleration program where startups receive $80,000 in funding. During this program, participating businesses receive guidance to grow their business and achieve long-term success.
  • Terms of participation: each program has its requirements that you can find here.


Socialab is a Chilean innovation platform that brings together creative "changemakers" to solve global problems. With offices in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, and Guatemala, Socialab offers different programs for creative innovation in Latin America.

  • Who can participate: early-stage startups across creative industries.
  • What is offered to the participants: the selected startups will go through brainstorming, mentoring, and acceleration programs to develop their solutions. Also, they will benefit from a Socialab’s network of over 600,000 creatives from 96 countries involved in the platform’s projects. 
  • Terms of participation: to join Socialab, you can browse through their active challenges here

Startup Farm

Startup Farm is an accelerator program based out of Brazil. Since 2011, it has accelerated more than 300 startups across multiple industries in the LatAm region. 

  • Who can participate: Startup Farm acceleration program accepts applications from businesses across different industries and stages. 
  • What is offered to the participants: the Startup Farm Ahead program runs for 6 months. During this time, businesses benefit from its corporate partners, as well as its network of investors and potential customers. They gain significant exposure to networks that can facilitate their business growth and enhance their success.
  • Terms of participation: there are numerous benefits provided to participating businesses during the accelerator program. However, all participating businesses are required to relinquish 5% equity for the program. Additionally, they may receive an additional investment of $150,000 or 5% equity at the end of the program.


GridX facilitates the transition of scientific ideas from the laboratory to the market, fostering the growth of the next generation of biotech startups.

  • Who can participate: entrepreneurs that develop science and biotech ideas, want to launch the solutions and commercialize them. 
  • What is offered to the participants: GridX teams up scientists with entrepreneurs and helps them in the creation of new generation biotech startups. If the match happens, the accelerator invests up to $200,000 to launch the product. Also, it assists startups in scaling up by investing up to $1.5 million in seed and Series A rounds and connecting them to their network of international investors.
  • Terms of participation: currently, the applications for the startups are closed, but you can apply on the website when the applications start. 


Wayra is a VC of Telefónica and the startup accelerator with hubs across Europe and Latin America. Till now, it has accelerated more than 400 startups across Latin America. 

  • Who can participate: Wayra is keen on investing in early-stage businesses that can work along with Telefónica solutions and partners. Some of the industries it wants to invest in are IoT, video production, Big Data, AI, healthcare, home entertainment, connectivity networks, Web3, cybersecurity, fintech and blockchain. 
  • What is offered to the participants: all participating startups will benefit from the expertise of Telefónica, with Wayra investing up to $2 million in their selected businesses across Latin America. They provide support for innovation, offer mentorship, and explore growth avenues to enhance the success of the businesses.
  • Terms of participation: the startups can apply to the Wayra programs, checking out the terms and conditions on the website.

Parallel 18

Parallel 18, backed by the Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust, is a startup accelerator program fostering innovation across Latin America. It aims to provide resources, funding, and commercial networking to startups, positioning Puerto Rico as a hub for business and tech innovations. To date, it has supported over 394 startups, raising $210 million.

  • Who can participate:  any business aiming to expand its operations. There are three acceleration programs available for startups to choose from, tailored to their specific business needs: 3-month Pre18 for local startups, 5-month P18 for international and local companies, and 4-month Xpand for local growth-stage startups. 
  • What is offered to the participants: Parallel 18 supports entrepreneurs across Latin America with funding, mentorship, and business connections. They offer hands-on lessons and provide $40,000 in equity-free funding to help startups grow.
  • Terms of participation: the requirements for each program vary and can be found on the website. However, entrepreneurs must ensure they either maintain accounts in Puerto Rico or operate as a startup based in Puerto Rico.

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