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AWS Challenge Masters
22 November 2021·10 min read

Milena Gontarek


AWS AI Challenge - Meet Startup Finalists & Their AI Solutions

We are happy to introduce you to the most innovative AI companies singled out in AWS AI Challenge EMEA supported by our Strategic Partner Amazon Web Services (AWS). The aim of this challenge was to feature the most interesting AI solutions that solve real business problems. After long deliberations, the jury managed to choose 30 Finalists and among them 10 Challenge Masters. Now, let’s take a closer look at their AI-based solutions!

Firstly, let’s discover Challenge Masters:


Postis has been on the market since 2017, this Romanian startup disrupted traditional processes in the logistics, transportation, retail and e-commerce sectors by implementing AI solutions. They help to optimize last-mile processes by using open platforms, system integration, machine learning, data-driven decisions and process automation. Thanks to the layered structure of Postis Platform and its features adapted to complex systems, clients can manage their last-mile ecosystem flawlessly from the same place.


Digimind is a Berlin startup that uses AI and digitalization to make packaging circular by design. Thanks to AI, they can build interactive, real-time and more powerful simulations and improve design optimization for their clients. The platform is everything you need to make your packaging circular. This tool not only gives insights about environmental footprint and energy savings, but also about the cost and product performance. It also allows you to have all elements of the packaging process chain in one place as well as connects clients to their packaging experts, suppliers and manufacturers.

Oxford Immune Algorithmics

Oxford Immune Algorithmics (OIA) is a UK company specializing in immune monitoring incubated by the University Of Oxford. OIA uses AI to transform the way the healthcare sector works today, making it more precise and individualized and at the same time getting rid of preventable diseases. They want to use artificial intelligence in order to mimic and enhance human medical reasoning to optimize the monitoring of an individual user’s immune system. By using the cloud-based dashboard and medical devices it will be easier for practitioners to analyze results and diagnose patients, therefore, costs of testing will be reduced. Their first product, Algocyte, is a Portable Blood Analyser linked to a cloud-based predictive medicine technology platform.


Axial3D is another solution that is revolutionizing the healthcare sector. This Northern Ireland startup uses 3D printing technology for improving pre-operative planning and patient outcomes. The startup creates automated 3D visualizations of patients' anatomy from 2D medical scans. It takes just a few minutes after uploading scans in Online Ordering Portal to create a precise physical 3D printed model. This solution can lead to better understanding of abnormalities, encourage novel surgical techniques and improve the surgical outcomes.


Virtuleap is a startup that combines neuroscience and VR to increase attention levels and to address cognitive illnesses and disorders. Over 419 million people are affected by cognitive impairment worldwide, moreover, severe cognitive illnesses still have no solution other than drugs that only manage symptoms. As a response to that, Virtuleap offers advanced cognitive assessment and training solutions. They created a platform with a library of VR games that helps to test and train cognitive abilities and at the same time collects all data and helps to evaluate results. Not only can it detect cognitive illnesses much earlier but it also can be a great treatment for attention deficit and cognitive decline.

Hepta Airborne 

Hepta Airborne is an Estonian startup that specializes in the automation of power lines analysis with a focus on the energy sector and utility networks e.g. overhead lines, substations, or pipelines. They provide end-to-end solutions with AI-powered software for powerline inspections. In the first stage of the inspection process, drones and satellites are used to collect data and examine power lines and next AI analyzes them with the use of custom-trained machine-learning models to detect defects automatically. 

Vocal Image 

Vocal Image is an Estonian app that helps people to improve their voice in an efficient way. Providing over 100 lessons with simple but effective exercises, they help users to improve their diction and articulation, and increase their confidence while speaking. Based on the analysis of the training performance, regularity of exercise and the voice recording's spectral analysis, AI is able to build a personal and efficient training plan for every user. The great thing is that you can try this solution for free by testing their basic plan and unlock new features and content with Premium Subscription when you need to practice more. is a voice-based AI English tutor for kids. Over 500 million of children learn English as a foreign language and can make this process easier, cheaper and, most importantly, more effective. According to the company, Buddy can automate 80% of work done by human tutors at 2% of the cost, making it more accessible for students around the world. This app lets children talk with their virtual AI-powered cartoon character in real-time and get an innovative and effective learning experience by implementing speech technology and adaptive learning.


Aporia is an Israeli startup that offers customized monitoring for machine learning solutions to ensure responsible AI. Aporia, as a self-serve monitoring platform, enables data science teams to build their own tailor-made ML monitoring, which ensures greater visibility over models in production. In their base, there are over 50 different monitoring types that allow for early detection of concept drift, data integrity issues and performance degradation. This tool can be valuable not only for big companies but also for SMBs as they offer free community plan as well as customized pricing.

Vizen Analytics

Vizen Analytics is an advanced demand planning & forecasting platform based on Artificial Intelligence. This tool supports an entire supply chain including manufacturing, distribution, retail and helps companies to predict future customers' demands more accurately by taking into account unpredictable market conditions and challenges like weather, seasonality, health issues. Thanks to the use of AI models, clients can optimize their inventory availability, increase forecasting accuracy and achieve better error reduction. Vizen Analytics platform can generate significant savings for its users by reducing overstocked items and decreasing inventory holding costs.

Now let’s move on to the Challenge Finalists:

Digital Spine GmbH

Digital Spine is a startup based in Berlin that focuses on developing smart buildings. They are working on a system for the elevators’ management and maintenance, with the use of digital technology, real-time connectivity, and user-centric software applications that brings digital transformation to buildings.


SmartPredict is a company offering a Machine Learning Platform that allows designing and developing Artificial Intelligence systems. Thanks to the use of a drag & drop interface of modules, not only experienced data scientists and developers can create a flowchart of an entire ML pipeline.


KrattWorks is an autonomous system delivering situational awareness for firefighters, rescue workers and police. Thanks to drones and machine vision modules, fire can be detected automatically and its location is calculated right away. Moreover, with the use of other data on landscape elevation module, wind speed and direction and vegetation type from satellite imagery KrattWorks is able to predict where the fire is likely to spread.


RobotAI is an Israeli startup developing AI-powered software that helps robots to adjust to different environments and specific tasks. The software transforms simple 2D cameras into 3D measuring devices, which makes the robot aware and helps it to quickly adapt to its surroundings.


Amberlo is a cloud-based law firm management software for law firms. Everyday tasks and activities can be performed more efficiently and it is easier to manage them thanks to data-driven decision making and automation. It has been successfully automating business processes for law firms of all sizes in over 30 countries since 2017.


Voicefront is an AI-powered sales assistant for e-commerce websites. By using ML and consumer behavioral analysis, the tool can detect when a customer is about to drop off the sales funnel and exit the website. To ensure a high customer retention rate, the system offers help provided by a personalized and contextual AI shopping assistant. technology allows checking for heart echo readings. This AI solution performs heart echo’s analysis and prepares results for clinics. These operations are done in real-time so the prognosis and treatment can be issued immediately.


Bitskout significantly increases the effectiveness of project groups by implementing document automation. Within the platform, there is a wide range of tools to make a team effort organized and productive.


Celsus specializes in detecting medical concerns within the chest area. Their AI-powered technology can be used to determine breast and lung cancer, as well as other respiratory diseases like Covid-19.

Powerful Medical

Powerful Medical created an AI-powered tool to interpret ECG readings.  After analysis performed by the algorithm, patients get results of their health condition based on the heartbeat within just 10 seconds.


EyeCheckup implements AI in optical healthcare. By using its innovative technology it is possible to detect and diagnose diseases causing blindness and vision loss with a single examination. uses AI to detect domains created with the malicious intent of cyberattacks. This kind of technology saves money, time and minimises the number of potential problems, by actually preventing cyber attacks instead of counteracting them like all the “Detect & Response” systems nowadays.


BetterDocDetector detects and auto-crops documents from photos thanks to AI-powered tools. Their technology saves time usually spent on scanning or rewriting documents and cloud space by adjusting file’s size. Moreover, it is adjusted to work even on older devices.


Pigro provides cloud space where companies can import their documents relevant for customers such as sign-up instructions. With the use of AI, any client’s doubts are solved by answers automatically generated from uploaded documents, which eliminates the need for vague FAQs.


In the age of digitalization, Datavision supports digital companies in making data-based decisions faster and with a more effective outcome. The platform provides services that meet the needs of digital organizations and IT departments.

Sub Capitals

AI has already been implemented by banks and institutional investors in the analytical and investment processes. Sub Capitals gives the opportunity to private investors all around the world by making AI technology widely accessible on global financial markets.

Thya Technology

Thya Technology trains AI-powered tools for companies that are not able to implement them themselves. With the company’s help, daily operational tasks that take weeks when done manually can be finished within minutes.


Medtransfer aims to make information transfer between medical facilities faster and more secure. Now, the company’s AI solution is implemented to analyze results of Computer Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Roentgen examinations.


Calmsie uses AI programmed to learn and implement Cognitive Behavioral Therapy methods in order to treat mental health issues. This AI technology is adaptable to clients’ needs which enables everyone to work at their own pace and get comfortable during the therapy.

Plant Jammer

Plant Jammer is a mobile app that uses AI to scan a client's fridge and register remaining food. Based on ingredients found, the AI lists recipes including the found ingredients, so none of them will be wasted.


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