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21 July 2023·13 min read

Katarzyna Groszkowska

Editor, Vestbee

VC Tech Stack: Top Tools For VC fund to streamline fund administration, reporting, portfolio management and investor relations

As the VC investment landscape changes with the emergence of disrupting technologies, VC funds must adopt a new, data-driven approach to stay ahead and leverage the power of data analytics, AI and innovative applications. To make this transition easier, we cover the most important aspects of a well-made VC tech stack. 

This time we are diving deeper into specific platforms and tech tools essential for enhanced and streamlined venture capital operations. We have already described why VCs need to embrace these new tech tools to stay ahead of the curve and in the upcoming articles we will dive deeper into CRMs and more portfolio management tools.

In this article, we will go even deeper into the most quintessential parts of running a successful VC fund - managing daily operations, overseeing LPs and reporting on the metrics and startup’s results. We will present the tools, which can be very useful for communicating with LPs as well as tracking and analyzing their commitments and capital contributions, ensuring accurate record-keeping, simplifying the complex tasks of fund administration for saved time, centralized data management and much more.

Best Tools For VC Funds For Fund Administration, Reporting, Portfolio Management, and Investor Relations with LPs

  • Angellist
  • Carta
  • Navatar
  • Vauban
  • Chronograph
  • Fundwave
  • Allvue Systems
  • Odin
  • RealBlocks
  • Edda
  • Accelex
  • Rundit
  • Vestberry
  • Cobalt
  • Allocator
  • Betterfront
  • Quartr
  • Techquity
  • Tactyc
  • Ark PES
  • Fundrbird
  • Venture360
  • TotemVC

So without further ado, let’s take a closer look at these tools for VC fund management and dive deeper into their functionalities. 


AngelList serves as a comprehensive platform connecting startups, angel investors, and job seekers in the startup ecosystem. It has many different tools but their Venture Software Suite is definitely the most essential for fund administration. This end-to-end software platform provides real-time insights and unparalleled efficiency for funds at any stage and can be especially useful for rolling funds. It supports all parts of the investment process from forming the fund to ongoing management. 


Carta, formerly known as eShares, is a leading ownership and equity management platform utilized by venture capital firms to streamline their back office operations and effectively manage their portfolios, cap tables, and equity plans. The platform integrates live cap table data and current company valuations, enabling VCs to share real-time information with their limited partners (LPs) while reducing manual data entry. It's a versatile tool for both companies and investors in the private markets to comprehensively manage their portfolios. 


Navatar is a company with many different products tailored to the financial market. One of them is Navatar’s venture capital CRM, which elevates every step of the investment lifecycle, including nurturing referrals, uncovering sourcing opportunities, gaining pipeline visibility and accelerating fundraising. It includes features that help on all VC stages - such as relationship management, deal and pipeline management, business development and investor relations and fundraising. 


Vauban’s goal is to allow venture capitalists to run their funds online, without worrying about time and effort-consuming admin. This end-to-end software is designed to simplify capital raising and report structuring. Some of its functionalities include transactional banking features, templates for legal documents as well as administration, reporting and onboarding dashboards. It also allows investors to easily co-invest in syndicates with other high-net individuals as well as established funds and investment managers. 


Chronograph is the leading solution for portfolio monitoring in the private equity industry. Designed for both LPs and GPs, it offers cloud-based tools to streamline data management, reporting, and analysis. LPs can consolidate diverse sources of data to gain a complete view of private capital performance, while GPs benefit from automated data collection, reporting, and analytics. With Chronograph, investors can unlock valuable insights, optimize processes, and make informed decisions in private equity, private credit, venture capital, and real assets. 


Fundwave is a leading software for venture capital and private equity firms. Its flagship fund administration software has many functionalities which allow for efficient organizing, allocating and reporting. Investor portal, deal flow management and third-party integrations are also included in the platform's proposition. It also features a JCurve Portfolio Management platform which allows users to slice and dice returns, model SAFEs & liquidation prefs, collect KPIs, and more.

Allvue Systems

Allvue markets itself as software for the entire investment lifecycle, intending to help their clients make better investment decisions, enable deeper relationships with their investors and prospects, and improve access to information. They facilitate capital raising through an investment management platform - with features such as portfolio management, pipeline and research management, compliance, portfolio and fund performance monitoring, performance attribution, fund finances and business intelligence. On top of that, a back office with accounting functionalities and an investor portal is also included in this solution.


Odin is an investment marketplace and a social platform where communities of investors can co-invest together in syndicates and venture funds led by experienced angels and other VCs. Community members can invest in startups and access extensive curated databases of investors & content. With Odin investors can easily submit a deal, and get custom syndicate agreements and entity formation. After the deal goes live, they can collect funds and the platform deals with all the essential steps - SPV creation, investor onboarding, KYC/AML, investor sophistication and accreditation. Odin also offers features such as portfolio management through digital documentation, SPV / syndicate administration, and many other legal, regulatory and banking features, which allows investors to clear their plates and focus only on making deals. 


RealBlocks provides full front, middle, and back-office functionality for the world’s alternative investment managers. Their technology simplifies the process of setting up a fund and growing the firm's investor base. What they develop is a RealBlocks Portal - a platform for investors to oversee the full lifecycle of the investment experience, with features that allow them to shorten onboarding times, get enhanced liquidity capabilities, and have all their integrations in one place. It allows them to shorten admin time, store documents safely, manage operations, subscriptions and post-investment activities as well as eliminate human-made errors. 


Edda is an all-in-one platform for professional investors, combining fund administration with management of deal flow, portfolio, and LPs. It simplifies administrative tasks and automates reporting. With real-time updates, investors can track investments, communicate with founders, and generate data-rich reports to keep LPs informed and satisfied. Edda provides insights into valuations, performance, and investment focus and offers a streamlined interface and efficient tools for better decision-making and investment management.  


Accelex is a tool made for fund-of-funds to automate and streamline reporting and analytics. With the use of AI and machine learning, it allows investors and servicers in alternative assets to quickly and easily acquire, extract and analyze investment data. This offers clients a more complete picture of investments from the overall portfolio, including the relative performance of individual funds and companies, all the way down to the underlying assets and their contribution to the overall score. Accelex's goal is to empower portfolio insights and facilitate better investment decisions. 


Rundit is a multifunctional platform addressing many needs of venture capitalists, private equity, and startup teams.. Its core functionality is portfolio management however it also offers other features essential for enhanced fund administration. With a centralized dashboard users can easily monitor and gain valuable insights into their portfolio companies’ performance, generate personalized dashboards, export structured Excel outputs, and create interactive fund reports with tear sheets for each portfolio company. With features like automated reminders, Google integration, and comprehensive portfolio management capabilities, Rundit empowers users to streamline their investment processes and deliver impactful reports to stakeholders.


Vestberry has already been featured in our previous article about tools for portfolio managing, as it is indeed one of its main features. However it’s worth noting that it also provides its users with a well-developed reporting platform to track transaction-related data, keep all these records organized and make them accessible to a team. It also facilitates LP reporting, automating workflow, fast-tracking the process and eliminating human error. 


Cobalt GP offers comprehensive software solutions for private equity and venture capital firms, encompassing portfolio management, investor relations, and benchmarking. Through their intuitive platform, investors can seamlessly collect, analyze, and customize reports for their funds and portfolio companies. With enhanced visualizations, comprehensive reporting, and powerful analytics, users gain access to improved dashboards and advanced metrics tracking, including KPIs. By streamlining administrative duties, the platform empowers investors to allocate more time to value-added activities such as analysis and strategic planning.


Allocator is a leading intelligence platform for institutional investors in funds. It allows them to automate the data-gathering process, eliminating errors stemming from manual data entries and facilitating tracking changes over time. This platform converts different data sources into a single, easy-to-analyze format for easier monitoring, reporting and sharing the data with all stakeholders. Employing this technology, it provides answers to key questions - amongst them how the funds are performing, what are the risk factors in any given portfolio, how diversified it is, what value are specific GPs giving - and more. 


Betterfront is a SaaS-enabled software with many useful functionalities for investors. Primarily, it is a secondary marketplace to buy and sell small to mid-sized LP interests of private equity and venture capital funds. It allows sellers to list their LP fund interests for sale and access a network of institutional secondary buyers. On the other hand, buyers can access qualified deal-flow of secondary fund opportunities across asset classes, strategies & regions, and connect with sellers. With Betterfront fund managers can monitor these transactions and connect with institutional buyers, the most qualified for their type of fund. The platform also provides fundraising software for funds to engage and retain investors. 


Quartr is a comprehensive financial research and investor relations platform designed to foster collaboration within the financial community. Its product suite comprises a user-friendly mobile application and a professional web application, both aimed at empowering users with access to essential information for making informed investment decisions. With Quartr, users can effortlessly access a wide range of relevant data, including quarterly earnings reports and capital markets day presentations, enabling them to conduct thorough research and make well-informed investment choices. In essence, Quartr provides seamless access to first-party information from public companies. 


Techquity offers a comprehensive platform that simplifies the onboarding process of LPs in private equity funds. From negotiating fund agreements to managing side letters and subscription documents, the platform covers all aspects of LP onboarding. It features a virtual data room (VDR) that facilitates the entire process, and upcoming additions include an exploratory marketing tool and customizable investor portals, consolidating everything on one platform. On top of that, the platform plans soon to introduce a module for basic fund administration tasks. 


Tactyc is a user-friendly software designed specifically for venture funds, providing essential functionalities for portfolio construction, forecasting, and management. With Tactyc, venture funds can leverage market benchmarking based on real-world datasets encompassing round sizes and valuations, enabling precise reserve planning. The software offers comprehensive reporting capabilities, allowing funds to share visually engaging dashboards with LPs and compare actual fund performance to planned projections. Tactyc also facilitates round modeling, return analysis, and a range of other data-driven insights that investors can utilize to test different scenarios, adjust strategies, and report the current situation to stakeholders. With Tactyc, venture funds can optimize their decision-making processes and enhance transparency in their operations.


Ark is a purpose-built system designed to be a scalable, smooth, and secure private capital fund administration platform. Its clients include fund administrators, private equity firms, venture capitalists, as well as real estate, private credit, and fund-of-funds teams. The features they provide are as follows: portfolio investments, investor allocations, capital call and distribution automation, multi-manager platform administration and more. They also provide well-designed and useful automated LP reporting. 


Venture360 is a software solution that combines administration and back-office functionalities, providing a complete toolkit for investment firms. It offers a user-friendly platform that caters to funds, angel groups, entities, SPVs, and investors worldwide allowing them to track investments from start to finish, reducing time spent on administrative tasks. The software features an LP Portal, enabling limited partners to access consolidated views of their holdings, capital accounts, and documents through a white-labeled client website. It also provides automated portfolio tracking, customizable deal pipelines, and comprehensive fund/SPV management, simplifying processes and enhancing efficiency.


Fundrbird is a comprehensive end-to-end solution that seamlessly integrates private equity fund accounting, investor reporting, and portfolio reporting, covering the entire investment lifecycle. With its platform, even the most complex fund structures can be accommodated, offering customized and automated workflows. By simplifying fund administration and consolidating data into one system, Fundrbird ensures accurate and trouble-free reporting, increasing data accuracy and consistency. 

Totem VC

Totem VC is a powerful fund operating system designed to streamline and institutionalize fund operations for venture capital firms. With its comprehensive suite of features, Totem supports fund managers throughout the investment lifecycle, including deal flow management, portfolio tracking, data collection, and LP reporting. With their deal flow management tool, investors can centralize their deal flow through features such as automated data entry, customizable and personalized pipelines with the right filters, access to a whole deal history, and more. Totem also has features such as data collection with Carta cap table integration and customizable KPIs as well as a whole management tool for LP reporting and contacting. 

In the end it is worth mentioning that other tools, such as the widely used Notion, also support VC fund administration. But as it is not their core functionality, they will be  covered in other articles in Vestbee’s VC Tech Tools series.

If you want to gain more insights on the VC Tech Stack topic, make sure to check out our latest articles from the series: 

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