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18 May 2023·9 min read

Aleksandra Woszczyk

Editor, Vestbee

Unsung.tech selected startups

Global humanitarian-technology accelerator, Unsung.tech, has recently unveiled the startups that have been chosen to participate in their program. 27 have been shortlisted from 18 different countries, including India, Singapore, Malawi, Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Algeria, Tanzania, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Poland, France, Spain, Slovenia, Estonia, Denmark, Mexico, and Peru. Take a closer look at the chosen projects.

Check out selected startups!

Indra Water

INDRA's solution has tackled the major issues that the current wastewater treatment industry faces. They have created complete and cost-effective decentralized management, treatment, and recycling solutions that can be implemented at the source point. INDRA's systems are fully automated and supported by INDRA SMART automation and INDRA SPECTRUM analytics platforms, which improve system efficiency and ensure consistent performance. The benefits of INDRA's solution include low energy consumption, no additional chemical requirements, minimal sludge generation, water recovery of more than 95%, high operational efficiency, and lower maintenance.



Wateroam strives to enhance the quality of life for people worldwide by providing access to clean water. As a water innovation company, Wateroam designs portable water filters to supply safe drinking water to communities in rural and disaster-stricken areas. Their goal is to enable people to lead a healthy life, free from waterborne illnesses, so that they can pursue their aspirations and attain their full potential. By promoting these positive changes, individuals can work more effectively, improve their employability, and access better livelihoods.



Aquosmic is a company that specializes in geo AI for the monitoring and evaluation of water quality in continental and coastal surface bodies. They offer reliable results on a global scale. The startup comprises of experts in various fields such as remote sensing, marine biology, oceanography, artificial intelligence, innovation, law, and business, who emphasize the significance of water as a crucial resource for life and development. Currently, they are constructing a scalable Earth Observation platform that can monitor all surface bodies of water on the planet at high resolution and daily frequency.



Hydropolis is a company that develops and constructs advanced vertical farming technology. Their objective is to establish a world where everyone has access to fresh and nutritious food. The company guarantees efficient and sustainable farming to their clients. They aspire to create a global network of independent and local food producers who could empower individuals worldwide and construct a more sustainable food supply chain.



SeaMind is a marine greenhouse that employs aeroponics to cultivate organic crops. Its unique design is a floating, semicircular and translucent structure that is self-sufficient. The Control Environment Agriculture (CEA) technology used in SeaMind ensures that temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels are monitored to optimize yields.



Waboost is a new-age start-up that specializes in offering intelligent water treatment solutions for precision farming. Their cutting-edge technology comprises ultra-fine bubble solutions, consultation, and management services, which help businesses enhance their efficiency while maintaining an eco-friendly approach. Waboost's solutions are customized to cater to the requirements of various sectors, including agriculture, sports facilities, wastewater treatment providers, and the food production industry.



Upmedic is a start-up company that specializes in digital health. Their main focus is on developing software that helps radiologists increase their productivity and improve the quality of radiological reports. They offer a structured reporting system that is easy to use and comes with a specialized text editor and a to-do list. This system helps radiologists create reports that accurately describe the diagnostic imagery they analyze. Upmedic offers its services both as a cloud service that can be easily integrated with most RIS systems and as an on-premises solution that can be seamlessly integrated with any healthcare institution's current software systems.


Project Baala

Project Baala is an organization based in Delhi that works on innovative menstrual health solutions in rural India, Nepal, Ghana, and Tanzania. They aim to put an end to period poverty and period illiteracy while also creating job opportunities. Their main mission is to provide affordable and sustainable menstrual hygiene solutions to menstruators. Baala focuses on catering to the demands, supplies, and income needs in the menstrual health sector. Their three-pillar solution includes a sustainable menstrual absorbent, awareness modules, and a livelihood model.


StethoMe® is a revolutionary system that can detect any respiratory abnormalities. Their primary goal is to improve and secure the lives of children suffering from asthma. The system uses advanced medical AI algorithms (CE 2274), which work alongside a wireless stethoscope and a dedicated application. With the help of unique technologies that guarantee examination quality, StethoMe® can be used by patients in the comfort of their homes.


Elbiotech is a  Polish tech startup behind the Field4Sterility project. Their goal is to create an innovative device for ultra-fast sterilization and disinfection of items such as documents, money, packaging, everyday items or personal protective equipment (masks, gloves). The Field4Sterility device uses an innovative technique to quickly inactivate pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and fungi, and laboratory tests have confirmed its effectiveness. This device can even sterilize porous materials, which is not possible with other existing methods.


MX Labs is a company focused on deep-tech solutions that aim to improve people's health by providing early diagnostics and preventive medicine. Their technology, Shen.AI, uses camera-based tools to analyze facial skin texture and extract vital physiological signs in real time, effectively turning smartphones into diagnostics tools. By applying remote photoplethysmography (rPPG), which is a contactless optical measurement technique, Shen.AI can record face blood pulsations at different vascular depths. In just 60 seconds, Shen.AI can scan a human face and provide important vital signs such as heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), respiratory rate, blood pressure, and SpO2.


Brismed’s aim is to revolutionize the healthcare industry through the use of cutting-edge technology. Their software solutions for medical purposes are tailored to simplify processes and enhance patient care. By partnering with Brismed, healthcare experts can operate with higher productivity and efficacy, resulting in superior outcomes for patients. 


MedTech Africa
MedTech Africa is a company that deals with the distribution, installation and maintenance of hospital equipment. They also provide training to users and offer services like commissioning and decommissioning of medical equipment.


GreenCycle is a platform that is dedicated to the cause of sustainable food production and fair trade. They have developed a digital food history platform that offers a range of benefits to their users. The platform helps users gain access to more demanding international markets that have regulations on quality, environmental and social food. Additionally, the platform's blockchain traceability technology helps increase the value of the food product by demonstrating its quality, giving consumers greater confidence in the product. GreenCycle is proud to have reduced the time taken for data collection in the food production chain by 80%, and increased the value of the food product by 20% for demonstrated quality.


Thanks to the Full Fridge app, humanitarian organizations can use the application to reach people in need of food more easily. During times of crisis, such as natural disasters or wars, the app can be used to efficiently distribute food to those who require it. By doing so, the Full Fridge app can help in the provision of humanitarian aid and the reduction of food waste.


AGROINTELLI was established in 2015 with a focus on developing cutting-edge technologies for the agricultural industry. Teaming up with academic and research institutions, AGROINTELLI introduced a range of innovative technologies, earning the company numerous awards. Their ultimate goal is to offer a comprehensive automated farming system for arable farming worldwide, in line with their vision to enhance global food production's reliability, sustainability, and profitability.


KSM Organic Fertilizer
KSM Organic Fertilizer Company is committed to delivering sustainable and superior quality organic fertilizers that improve soil health, boost plant growth, and support environmentally-friendly farming methods.


Eat Clean
Eat Clean is an online shop of healthy food brand certified by nutrition doctors to provide organic and natural products for those with chronic diseases and food allergies, with recipes that are carefully made with appropriate cooking methods to preserve the nutrient content of our ingredients.


An inclusive community of women who are experts in producing handmade preserves using locally sourced natural ingredients and inspired by traditional cuisine.


iPOP Africa
iPoP Africa is an initiative in the agrobusiness sector that utilizes popping technology to revive the use of native cereals and revolutionize the snacking industry. They prioritize promoting ethical consumption habits among their customers by providing sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives in reusable packaging bags. Additionally, their "one snack one tree" campaign helps to increase forest cover and combat deforestation.


Humanava is a platform that bridges the gap between well-being and performance. They provide courses that aim to enhance your team's engagement by giving them personalized guidance from industry experts. Their philosophy is centered around the idea that professional development should be dynamic, engaging, and impactful. They believe that effective learning ignites curiosity, encourages teamwork and creativity, and ultimately benefits the entire organization. All their programs are built on these principles.


nulrn provides an innovative and interactive educational platform that is designed to cater to the growing economies in the global south, with a specific focus on disadvantaged communities in Africa. Their mobile-first application and web-based platform serves as a bridge between traditional schools and students, offering a gamified and curriculum-based approach to learning. By providing engaging content, nulrn aims to enhance the quality of education, improve academic performance, and instill a sense of hope among students that education can be the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and elevating their standard of living.


Regxta is a digital platform that aims to provide financial services to underprivileged individuals residing in rural and peri-urban areas of Africa. The platform offers a simple, quick, and easy service to access financial and social services, business support, and advisory to tackle the challenges of financial exclusion in Africa. Their solution is inclusive of the internally displaced people and refugees and generates data for the informal sector.


FlexAndRobust Systems 
FlexAndRobust Systems provides a solution for strengthening damaged buildings with their polymeric prone joints. These connectors are designed to transfer loads even under significant deformations, reducing stress in brittle materials and increasing the overall strength of the renovated structure. The effectiveness of these joints has been demonstrated in field tests, making them a reliable choice for reinforcement.


Altroo by PlumResearch
PlumResearch is an independent company dedicated to providing the most reliable insights and analytics to the global entertainment industry. Their primary objective was to create a product that meets the genuine demands of their clients by precisely monitoring, analyzing, and presenting their audience's behavior. The client's decision-making process mainly depends on who is watching their content, what they are watching, and how they are watching it. 

Spectre Solutions
Spectre Solutions offers a diverse range of drone services that are aimed at increasing safety and security for businesses, individuals, and the environment. These services include rapid and economical medical supply deliveries, monitoring of critical infrastructure and humanitarian convoys, environmental data collection, anti-poaching activities in national parks, cargo transport in areas with poor road infrastructure, and search and rescue operations during natural disasters.

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