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11 April 2024·2 min read

Joy Laoun

News Editor, Vestbee

Ukrainian Mantis Analytics secures $30k investment from the Alchemist Accelerator

The Ukrainian AI platform Mantis Analytics announced that it has joined the US-based Alchemist Accelerator, one of the largest accelerators for early-stage B2B companies. In addition, the startup has raised an investment of $30,000 from it. 

  • Mantis Analytics was founded in 2023 by Anton Tarasyuk, Maksym Tereshchenko, and Ostap Vykhopen. The startup develops an AI-powered platform for real-time information field monitoring. It gathers data from media, social networks, and other sources, analyzes it, identifies who communicates what and how and detects fakes. 
  • Earlier this month, Mantis Analytics raised $50,000 in a pre-seed round from ZAS Ventures to expand in the US and Europe and work towards improving its platform. 
  • The Alchemist Accelerator is a venture-backed initiative that supports global startups in their early stages to grow faster and make money from large businesses. As the accelerator claims, it is open for applications from technical founders, regardless of industry, location, product, business model, or stage, as long as revenue is generated ultimately from the enterprise.

“We are delighted to welcome Mantis Analytics on board. Ukraine has a strong reputation for its IT and start-up talent, and it is inspiring to see new AI companies, particularly those focusing on enterprises, emerging even amidst the challenges Ukraine currently faces. Such endeavors demand resilience and dedication from founders and their teams,” Managing Director of Alchemist, Ravi Belani, stated. 

  • Mantis Analytics is only the third Ukrainian startup to join Alchemist. With this investment, the accelerator will assist Mantis Analytics in entering the US market more quickly, providing networking opportunities, support for additional fundraising, and access to valuable knowledge and resources. 

“Our focus is on the US market. Aligning perfectly with our platform's B2B orientation, joining the top B2B program is a strategic move. Alchemist's knowledge-sharing sessions on sales and traction, coupled with direct introductions to corporations, will expedite our entry into the US market. Noteworthy is that more than half of start-ups secure significant funding rounds post-Demo Day.” CEO of Mantis Analytics, Maksym Tereshchenko, commented.

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