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Funding rounds 2020 - Top 100 CEE startups
10 March 2021·12 min read

Konrad Koncerewicz

Head of VC & Startups, Vestbee

TOP 100 CEE Startups That Closed Funding Rounds In 2020

The year 2020 was immensely active bringing an enormous number of financial rounds in the CEE region. Startups from Central and Eastern Europe have closed over 730 funding rounds while the total amount of secured investments exceeded €1B (for comprehensive analysis and data check our latest VC Funding In CEE Report 2020). 

Below, we present TOP 100 CEE startups that have successfully closed funding rounds in 2020.

  • Bolt - Estonia-based Bolt is a leading mobility platform providing ride-hailing, micromobility, and food delivery services.
  • Brainly - Polish company, founded in 2009, is an online learning platform where students can get help with their homework or any other queries.
  • Rendi - Founded in 2014, Hungary-based Rendi is an online platform for providing household services like cleaning, gardening, disinfection, construction waste removal, or even office moving.
  • Booksy - Polish startup, founded in 2014, is an online platform for finding and booking beauty and wellness appointments.
  • Thinkzee - Hungarian age adaptive banking solution prepared especially for Generaztion Z.
  • Iceye - Polish-Finish startup, founded in 2015, is a SpaceTech company empowering making better decisions in B2B and B2G sectors by building and maintaining a commercial constellation of radar imaging satellites to provide companies and organizations with reliable satellite imagery.
  • Envoy Group - Estonian Envoy Group, founded in 2018, is a blockchain-based digital marketplace allowing both buyers and sellers to effectively manage international trade logistics processes.
  • Uncapped - Polish-British startup, founded in 2019, is a provider of revenue-based financing enabling founders to raise capital without interest or splitting equity.
  • Veriff - The Tallinn-based startup helps businesses to prevent frauds by providing an end-to-end identity verification tool backed by AI.
  • Symmetrical - Polish - British company, founded in 2019, partners with employers to give employees financial freedom, by enabling employees to instantly pay out a portion of their salary, ensuring liquidity and financial security.
  • EstateGuru - Estonia-based startup, founded in 2013, is a property marketplace offering short and mid-term property loans to bridge the gap between property and financing.
  • Cosmose - Polish-Chinese company, developing an AI-driven platform for predicting and influencing the consumers’ shopping habits.
  • Jasper Therapeutics - Latvian Jasper Therapeutics, founded in 2020, is a biotechnology company with the goal of bringing curative hematopoietic cell transplantation to more people by making it safer and more effective.
  • Infermedica - Poland-based startup developing AI-driven platform that delivers rapid symptom triage and instructions to speed up patient healthcare.
  • Skeleton Technologies - Estonia-based, Skeleton Technologies is a Cleantech company disrupting the world of energy storage by manufacturing ultracapacitor-based cells, modules, and other components.
  • Silent Eight - Polish-Singaporean startup was founded in 2013 to help solving issues connected to financial crimes.
  • BotGuard - Estonian startup revolutionizing cyber-security by developing a cloud-based website security system.
  • Solvemed Group - Polish startup revolutionizing neurology diagnostics and drug discovery processes with AI.
  • Aether Biomedical - Polish platform designed to increase the involvement of the medical fraternity in the process of medical technology innovation.
  • Sinterit - Polish producer of SLS printers - most accessible 3D printing solution.
  • ICSEC - Polish provider of industrial cybersecurity.
  • Soleadify - Romanian search engine solution simplifying the process of lead generation.
  • Nethansa - Polish-German leading provider of AI-driven e-commerce automation solutions and services.
  • SKETCHAR - Lithuanian AI-based mobile app and a platform for developing people’s creativity through the unique interactive approach of AR drawing, photo editing, and gamification.
  • SenseVR - Polish mobile & stationary 3D/AR/VR/360 sales and promotion tools for Real Estate developers. Creators of Qupto by SenseVR, The RE mobile app.
  • - Polish AI-powered solution providing phone customer service and therefore reducing costs.
  • eRobot - Slovakian provider of design, development and implementation solutions for oil filtration in robotics.
  • Sunroof - Polish startup developing fully solar 2-in-1 roofs and façades as well as solutions to support smart energy management.
  • - Polish startup that creates and delivers a tool for automating business processes.
  • Promoty - Estonian platform that helps to connect brands with influencers.
  • Pethelp - first Polish subscription solution offering medical packages for dogs and cats.
  • Questo - Romanian startup combines traveling with the gamification experience in a form of play & explore application powered by local storytellers.
  • Indoorway - Polish real-time analytics system helping companies to introduce lean manufacturing and asset utilization.
  • Glycanostics - Slovakian startup developing cancer diagnostics products.
  • Questpass - Polish content gateway based on the idea of ​​questvertising, developing the approach created within the Adquesto system.
  • Amberlo - Lithuanian startup providing law firms with legal software.
  • Surveily - Polish solution designed for companies that want to guarantee the organization’s security with the use of artificial intelligence.
  • Outfunnel - Estonian solution allowing marketing automation combined with 2-way CRM integration. The biggest advantage of this tool is connecting sales with marketing to increase revenues.
  • Gymsteer - Polish app for individual, group, and online training.
  • - Slovakian company provides various businesses with AI-powered software to optimize their processes and predict the future.
  • Inhire - platform that matches pre-filtered and active IT specialists from Poland with top tech companies.
  • Green Fox Academy - Hungarian startup that offers courses for software developers.
  • Zowie - Formerly known as Chatbotize, Polish startup develops an AI-powered customer support system.
  • Yieldigo - Czech AI-powered pricing optimization platform allowing retailers to make strategic and operational pricing decisions based on AI predictions.
  • edrone - Polish marketing technology startup building an e-commerce CRM platform providing customers with marketing automation tools.
  • Ondato - Lithuanian startup provides a complete know-your-customers solution for the verification of people and legal entities.
  • TrustMate - Polish SaaS tool allowing customers to collect and manage customers’ reviews online, increase web traffic, attract more clients and increase conversion.
  • Iterait - Prague startup which delivers AI solutions for various industries such as healthcare, marketing or manufacturing.
  • Senuto - Polish startup that offers tools for SEO and content marketing.
  • Blinking - Serbian platform that develops digital ID and user onboarding solutions giving complete control over private data.
  • Edurio - Latvian developing research-based survey instruments and unique data visualization and analytics platform for schools.
  • Nordigen - Latvian all-in-one banking data API for building powerful banking, lending and finance apps.
  • Artemis - Hungarian startup developing a wearable smart clothing concept to reduce menstrual pain by micro-vibrations and by regulating heat release to the body.
  • Beyond Seen Screen  - Croatian startup enabling linking information to video content boosting interaction and engagement of viewers.
  • MYCOlive - Hungarian startup that provides a Booking Platform with eCo-Living and eCo-Working designer apartments.
  • Perfection42 - Lithuanian startup providing an AI solution for game development, animation, architecture, design and art industries.
  • Jeff - Latvian FinTech startup connecting borrowers and lending institutions.
  • AgiliCity - startup developing parametric urban design software tool, developed to help quickly create conceptual urban massing.
  • GoRamp - Lithuanian software as a service solution revolutionizing the world of logistics management.
  • GuardIoT -  - Czech startup offering a tool to manage the security of heterogeneous IoT networks from a single point of control.
  • Sendbee - Croatian web app that integrates with WBA and allows businesses to chat, automate conversations and send one-way notifications.
  • Cyscale - Polish startup developing cloud security and governance solutions for main cloud computing providers: AWS, Azure, GCP and Oracle.
  • Liverobe - Hungarian mobile application creating a digital marketplace where anyone can easily sell and buy clothes.
  • Emotika -  Lithuanian startup providing platform for micro-teaching and organizational research.
  • Telemedico - Polish telemedicine company offering services including chat, video and telephone consultations with a doctor.
  • Rendin - Estonian home renting service that replaces security deposits and guarantees rental income.
  • Formaloo - Estonian startup which helps to build customer experience with AI-powered Data-Bots automatically.
  • Ninja Lender - Polish startup which offers B2B marketplace for banks and credit institutions that helps rejected borrowers in securing loans.
  • Montonio Finance - Estonian startup operating in e-commerce and finance enabling easy authentication of customers and finding fitting credit offers.
  • Therapify - Polish platform offering marketplace for therapists.
  • Sparq - Estonian solution, which makes it easier for users to run personal finances, tracking revenues and categorizing expenses.
  • Elaphe Propulsion Technologies  - Slovenian company developing and producing propulsion technology which is enabling automotive companies to improve vehicle performance.
  • HomeDoctor - founded in 2017, is a Polish healthcare company allowing patients to contact a doctor in the form of home visits or teleconsultations.
  • Klaus - Estonian startup disrupting the world of customer service by providing companies with a conversation review tool.
  • Remato - Estonia-located software as a service solution that is digitizing the construction industry and allowing companies to optimize costs and time consumption.
  • Mercuryo - Estonian cryptocurrency wallet for buying, selling, and even paying with special Mercuryo cryptocurrency card everywhere.
  • Sentinel - Estonian AI-powered solution allowing governments, media agencies, and other companies to protect themselves against fake and disinformation.
  • Versabox - Polish company producing autonomous robots and smart-logistics solutions in order to enable the digital transformation of industries.
  • Cachet - Estonian platform connected with the gig-economy. The company helps with the creation of insurance for drivers fitted to individuals’ unique needs and lifestyles.
  • EsportsLAB - Polish esports analytics platform providing services like team management, data collection, performance monitoring, and insights.
  • Accomango - Czech software as a service marketplace optimizing the process of searching the accommodation for employees.
  • Nervtech - Slovenian research and development company focused on drivers evaluation, fleet management and autonomous driving.
  • - founded in 2017, is the Lithuanian affiliate marketing tracking & analytics platform. They make it easy for media buyers to consolidate and report data through sophisticated technology and human assistance.
  • Innoship - Romanian advanced multi-carrier shipping software for retail businesses allowing its clients to manage more efficiently their own courier contracts.
  • Inion - Lithuanian company, which develops control and monitoring software mainly for solar plants, biotechnology and the health industry.
  • Kinderpedia - Romanian company developing a management and communication tool for kindergartens and schools.
  • - Estonian event management solution simplifying the process of event creation by implementing smart forms, real-time reporting and insights.
  • HiPets - Polish all-in-one, SaaS embedded marketplace for pet parents.
  • Modularbank - Estonian fintech company disrupting the banking sector.
  • Woola - Estonian Cleantech producing packaging made of sheep wool leftovers.
  • Omnipack - Polish startup providing medium-sized e-commerce companies with logistics services.
  • F3 - Latvian social media startup developing a new communication app aimed at young people so-called Generation Z.
  • Salarify - Hungarian company allowing users to get their salary whenever they want.
  • BOOKR Kids - Hungarian startup building an edutainment tool allowing kids between the age of 3 and 11 years to improve their literacy skills.
  • Cogvio - Czech technology and data science startup developing software as a service solution for healthcare and pharmaceutical companies.
  • Bin-e - Polish smart waste management system backed by artificial intelligence.
  • DRONEHUB - Polish company building an ecosystem consisting of autonomous drones, ground infrastructure, and AI-powered software.
  • Vectary - Slovakian augmented reality design platform providing customers with tools to accelerate and simplify the creation process.
  • TakeTask - Polish mobile application used to assign, execute and verify tasks on a large scale in many locations, for any industry.
  • Airly - Polish CleanTech startup which goal is to empower people with knowledge about air quality.

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