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11 April 2023·14 min read

Konrad Koncerewicz

Head of VC & Startups, Vestbee

TOP 100 CEE Funding Rounds In 2022

In the year 2022, the CEE ecosystem demonstrated resilience, surpassing €5.9B in deals and with over 1100 financial rounds taking place. For a comprehensive analysis and data, check our latest VC Transactions In CEE Report 2022.

Below, we present the TOP 100 CEE startups that have closed funding rounds in 2022.

  1. Bolt - Estonian unicorn aiming to build the future of mobility by providing a platform that connects its users with scooters, e-bikes, motors for rent, cars providing taxi services and food delivery options. (Series F - €628M)
  2. Rimac Automobili - Croatian automotive and technology company that specializes in the development of high-performance electric vehicles (EVs) and related technologies. (Series D - €500M)
  3. Rohlik - Czech grocery service that offers online grocery shopping and delivery services. (Series D - €220M)
  4. Sunly - Estonian independent power producer that builds solar and wind farms, which helps the current energy crisis. (Venture Round - €200M)
  5. Mews - Czech hospitality startup which provides a cloud-based hotel property management platform with tools covering reservations, payments and more. (Venture Round - €185M)
  6. Cera - Czech-UK Cera is a home healthcare company that uses digital solutions to provide better and more affordable care for elderly and vulnerable patients. (€150M equity round +150M debt)
  7. Ataccama - Czech unified data management and governance technology developer that creates tools for working with data. (Venture Round - €142M)
  8. ICEYE - Polish startup that is transforming satellite imaging with its innovative synthetic-aperture radar satellite constellation. (Venture Round - €120M)
  9. ProductBoard - Czech product management system is an innovative solution that helps organizations streamline their product development processes and bring products to market more quickly and efficiently. (Series D - €110M)
  10. Nord Security - Lithuanian cybersecurity startup with a mission to build a radically better internet and restore trust in digital networks, by securing consumer and enterprise accounts, networks and information against advanced cyber threats. (Venture Round - €95M)
  11. SEON - Hungarian-UK cybersecurity startup that creates fraud prevention tools to help organisations reduce the costs and resources lost to fraud. (Series B - €89M)
  12. Veriff - Estonian global online identity verification company that enables organizations to build trust with their customers through intelligent, accurate, and automated online IDV (identity verification). (Series C - €89M)
  13. Payhawk - Bulgarian spend management software that allows customers to save time and money, manage to spend, and scale business quicker and cheaper. (Series B - €89M)
  14. ZoidPay - Romanian crypto liquidity platform enabling instant card issuance for purchases at any merchant. (Venture Round - €73M)
  15. Ramp Network - Polish cryptocurrency payment infrastructure startup building a crypto payments infrastructure that allows users to easily exchange fiat currency for cryptocurrencies. (Series B - €70M)
  16. Unstoppable Domains - Ukrainian blockchain naming system provider and identity platform that allows users to build decentralized digital identities. (Series A - €65M)
  17. kevin. - a Lithuanian fintech company that provides an account-to-account payment infrastructure to replace card transactions. (Series A - €62M)
  18. Ready Player Me - Estonian startup developing a cross-game avatar platform for the metaverse. (Series B - €56M)
  19. Preply - Ukrainian - USA online language learning marketplace connecting tutors with thousands of learners. (Series C - €47M)
  20. Tatum - Czech startup developing a platform that allows developers, entrepreneurs, and businesses to utilize blockchain technology regardless of the blockchain. (Series A - €40M)
  21. DoDo - Czech same-day delivery marketplace that can deliver a package within 30 minutes. (Series B - €60M)
  22. Fonoa Technologies - Croatian-Irish startup that helps high-volume internet marketplaces and merchants automate taxes across the globe. (Series B - €60M)
  23. Eurora - Estonian startup that develops an e-commerce suite of customs compliance tools and automates global trade and compliance processes with AI-based solutions. (Series A - €37M)
  24. Skeleton Technologies - cleantech company from Estonia manufacturing and developing ultracapacitor-based cells, modules, and other components which results in helping companies to reduce CO2 emissions and save energy. (Series D - €37M)
  25. 3commas - Estonian crypto-asset management tool for tracking investments and exchanges in a unified platform. (Series B - €37M)
  26. Aerones - a Latvian company that develops robotic technology for wind turbine care services (maintenance and inspection). (Series A - €36M)
  27. Katana MRP - Estonian manufacturing and inventory software that helps to manage logistics and automate workflows by integrating all operations in one platform. It enables prioritizing orders and checking inventory resources in real time. (Series B - €36M)
  28. Tenderly - Serbian developer platform with a comprehensive dashboard and a multifaceted API, that helps to build innovative blockchain products. (Series B - €36M)
  29. Silent Eight - Polish startup leveraging AI to create custom compliance models for the world's leading financial institutions and therefore empowering clients in their fight to eliminate financial crime. (Series B - €35M).
  30. Manta - Czech automated data lineage platform that allows users to transform assets and gain full visibility and control over data pipelines ( map of all data flows, sources, transformations, and dependencies. (Series B - €27M)
  31. Tangent Works - Slovakian-Belgian startup enabling companies to leverage existing data to produce insights and make better predictions, faster, without the difficulty associated with typical AI products (Series A - €4M)
  32. Fit&Beat - Slovenian licensing model for personal trainers based on blockchain and utilising XR technology to transform the fitness industry. (Venture Round - €25M)
  33. Alcatraz - Bulgarian - USA Alcatraz is a provider of autonomous access control using 3D facial authentication (Series A - €25M)
  34. NFTPort - an Estonian startup that provides one-stop and developer-friendly NFT infrastructure and APIs for developers. (Series A - €25M)
  35. Lightyear - Estonian startup that develops a platform for simple and approachable investing globally without unnecessary barriers and fees. (Series A - €24M)
  36. Tidio - Polish live-chat app powered by unique chatbot solutions that helps small businesses all over the world serve their clients efficiently. (Series B - €24M)
  37. Nomagic- Polish company providing smart pick and place robotic solutions for order fulfilment and therefore increasing the efficiency, flexibility, and reliability of e-commerce warehouses. (Series A - €21M)
  38. Turbine - Hungarian startup building a platform to understand the inner mechanisms of cancer, enabling the discovery of novel protein targets, precision biomarkers, and better translation to patients. (Series A - €20M)
  39. Talkin’ Things - IoT startup from Poland manufacturing high-quality RFID & NFC tags and providing end-to-end solutions for smart products. (Series A - €19M)
  40. LucidLink - is a Bulgarian-USA innovative SaaS solution connecting creative teams around the world and solving the remote collaboration challenges for global creative teams. (Series B - €19M)
  41. Pactum - Estonia-based startup making use of AI technology to negotiate employee’s or vendor’s contracts and increase their value. It determines win-win agreements via an easy-to-use chat by implementing effective negotiation strategies. (Series A - €19M)
  42. BetterStack- Czech provider of observability tools that turn clients’ logs & monitoring into a secret weapon for shipping better software faster. (Series A - €18M)
  43. Deepnote - Czech - USA startup that is building a data science platform on top of Jupyter-compatible notebooks. (Series A - €18M)
  44. Symmetrical - Polish payroll platform with headless payroll technology that supports unparalleled automation of payroll processes through flexible API-first technology. (Venture Round - €17.6M)
  45. ENSO - Polish-USA startup working on a programming language that allows creating software in minutes instead of weeks. (Venture Round - €15.7M)
  46. Giraffe360 - Latvian robotic technology company that offers 360° photography and virtual tour camera for real estate agents. (Series A - €15.3M)
  47. Sunroof - a roof-tile and energy startup from Poland developing its roof-tile technology that replaces traditional roofs and generates solar power at the same time enabling homeowners to sell surplus energy via the marketplace. (Venture Round - €15M)
  48. Shapr3D - Hungarian 3D modelling app for the iPad Pro that brings a revolutionary 3D modelling experience. It provides a precise way to create 3D models. (Series B - €14.8M)
  49. Druid AI - Romanian conversational AI platform for enterprise companies that allows easy development of intelligent virtual assistants. (Series A - €14.3M)
  50. Klaus - Estonian customer service quality management app for running an effective QA process, coaching agents and boosting customer retention. (Series A - €12M)
  51. Lattice Flow - Bulgarian platform that can auto-diagnose data and models, empowering ML teams to deliver robust and performant AI models faster. (Series A - €11.9M)
  52. Montonio - Estonian startup connecting payment orchestration and payment initiation into a single touchpoint full checkout solution for European e-commerce stores. (Series A - €11M)
  53. The Batteries - Polish company that introduced innovative manufacturing technology to produce thin and durable film batteries at a reasonable cost. (Series A - €7.6M)
  54. LIV - Czech VR startup on a mission to empower VR to live streamers to grow and play with their audiences in real time, turning passive spectators into active participants. (Venture round - €7.6M)
  55. Mediately - Slovenian mobile and web application that makes drug information accessible to doctors. (Series A - €7.2M)
  56. Mindgram - Polish science-based platform and mobile app for complete mental wellness. (Seed - €7M)
  57. Cachet - Estonian financial services marketplace (insurance) on a mission to create a better, healthier platform economy. (Series A - €5.5M)
  58. Supernova - a Czech tool that helps users build, mature, and scale their design system with ease. (Seed - €4.6M)
  59. Keboola - Czech cloud platform helping clients combine, enhance and publish crucial information for internal analytics & data products. (Seed - €4.3M)
  60. Hunch - Serbian platform that automates creative production and media management — so customers can achieve revenue uplifts, faster. (Venture Round - €4M)
  61. Nethansa - Polish AI-driven platform that boosts profits and sales on Amazon. (Series A - €4M)
  62. Almacena - Bulgarian B2B Marketplace for agricultural products that create traceability and transparency, shortens the supply chain and brings more value and bargaining power to the origin exporters and end-market buyers. (Seed - €3.5M)
  63. The Village Network - Polish SaaS-enabled marketplace for individuals who want to set up, license, and operate a childcare business. (Seed - €3.4M)
  64. 4Trans Factoring - a Czech startup that allows customers to improve their cash flow by getting cash immediately after the invoice. (Seed - €3M)
  65. Prosoma - Polish medical company that provides digital therapeutics solutions for cancer treatment. (Series A - €3M)
  66. Kalder - Polish unified web3 tooling platform for brands and creators to drive meaningful engagement, onboard new users, and reward communities of super fans. (Seed €2.9M)
  67. DoxyChain - Polish blockchain-based document management platform, making it more secure and fit for the Web3 world. (Seed - €2.2M)
  68. Miros AI - Estonian wordless tool for e-commerce that mirrors shoppers intent and surfaces the products they have in mind. (Seed - €2.1M)
  69. Alphamoon - Polish startup that helps companies automate their document processing and extract valuable document data using an AI-based platform. (Seed - €2.1M)
  70. 99math - Estonian maths gamification app for kids and schools. (Venture Round- €2M)
  71. EyeVi Technologies - Estonian provider of road network intelligence with AI-powered on-demand mapping technologies. (Seed - €2M)
  72. Tapline - Bulgarian digital funding platform providing subscription-based companies access to frictionless capital. (Pre-seed €1.7M)
  73. Choice - Czech suite of tools for modern restaurants offering a wide range of services, which cover all channels that a restaurant needs to communicate with their guests: a digital menu, a website for pickup and delivery, table reservations, QR payments, table ordering, and much more. (Seed - €1.5M)
  74. NFT Scoring - Czech trading platform and marketplace for the NFT market. (Pre-seed - €1.5M)
  75. Volteum - Hungarian fleet optimization platform for electric cars and vans. (Seed - €1.2M)
  76. Upheal - Czech smart platform for mental health clinicians with AI-powered progress notes, secure video calling, and analytics. (Pre-seed - €1M)
  77. Rayscape - Romanian automated X-ray analysis application that assists radiologists by providing accurate interpretations of medical images. (Seed - €1M)
  78. Self Learning Solutions - Polish startup providing software for FinTechs to automate and orchestrate business workflows with low-code/no-code (LCNC) solutions. (Seed - €900K)
  79. walk15 - Lithuanian startup that encourages people to walk every day with its app. (Seed - €600K)
  80. Instreamly - Polish streamer management platform, allowing streamers to cooperate with the brands they like. (Undisclosed)
  81. Heroify - Polish skill-testing platform for marketing and sales jobs that offers customized tests, created based on job descriptions. (Undisclosed)
  82. AlohaCamp - Polish online marketplace for booking unique Nature spots - treehouses, glamping, cabins and more. (Undisclosed)
  83. Plan Be Eco - Polish startup providing comprehensive software to support the process of achieving climate neutrality and reporting carbon footprint. (Undisclosed)
  84. Epinote - Polish workflow optimization platform that takes over mundane and repetitive tasks that cannot be automated, previously performed by in-house employees. (Pre-seed - €1.4M)
  85. Autenti - Polish cybersecurity startup providing a one-click e-signature platform for all types of transactions. (Series B - €8.5M)
  86. Adscanner - Croatian marketing startup that provides big data solutions for a new generation of TV business models. (Series A - €5M)
  87. Healee - Bulgarian highly configurable digital health technology for telehealth, digital check-in and patient scheduling. (Seed - €2M)
  88. Bonapp - Romanian app reducing food waste by connecting consumers and food suppliers (Seed - €800K)
  89. Okredo - Lithuanian ​​platform that finds business partners, and assesses the financial strength, and sales potential of new and existing customers. (Seed - €650K)
  90. StretchMe - Polish online stretching platform for training. (Pre-seed - €450K)
  91. Zero-Code - Estonian tool enabling brands to quickly deploy NFTs, create Web3 Campaigns, and build a value-driven community with utilities from day one without having to write a single line of code. (Pre-seed - €120K)
  92. EduCat - Polish online platform making the application process to foreign universities easier and more convenient. (Undisclosed)
  93. Recart - Hungarian startup helping e-commerce merchants to sell more. (Venture Round - €2.8M)
  94. Superface - Czech software startup that uses super interface components that enable plug-and-play usage of data and services provided by companies using their API (Seed - €2.6M)
  95. Talkie - Polish AI-powered virtual agent, which uses natural language to provide phone customer service 24/7. (Seed - €2.5M)
  96. Craft - Hungarian document creation platform that allows users to easily create and share documents. (Series B - €12.2M)
  97. Airly - Polish cleantech startup that specializes in providing hyper-local data about air pollution. (Series A - €5.3M)
  98. Koos - Estonian platform for community incentives that provides flexible, equity-like advantages to contributors who are not employees. (Seed - €4M)
  99. Flinn Comply - Bulgarian platform that allows medical device manufacturers to automate quality and regulatory processes. (Pre-Seed - €1.8M)
  100. Pathway - Polish-French reactive data processing framework which lets customers build elegant and ultra-powerful real-time data products. (Pre-seed - €4.2M)

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