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21 March 2023·12 min read

Paweł Pliszka

Editor, Vestbee

Interesting Early-Stage Startups From Denmark To Watch

Denmark is a small country in Northern Europe that has experienced a recent surge in innovation and entrepreneurship. The country boasts a strong startup ecosystem, with a slew of innovative companies sprouting across a range of industries. Let’s take a deeper look at some of Denmark's most innovative startups.

So without further ado, let’s explore promising early-stage startups from Denmark!


ATLANT 3D Nanosystems is a world leader in advanced manufacturing technologies. Dr Maksym Plakhotnyuk, Ivan Kundrata, and Prof. Dr Julien Bachmann created the company in 2018 to offer the first-ever atomic layer advanced manufacturing technology to change the electronics, optics, and photonics sectors atom by atom.

The company's cutting-edge atomic layer advanced manufacturing technology is a true European creation, with backing from three major European universities: the Technical University of Denmark, the Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, and Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg. The interdisciplinary team at the company specializes in innovative technologies such as micro and nanofabrication, atomic layer deposition, high-precision system development, chemical engineering, and material science.


Weld is a Copenhagen-based startup developing an end-to-end data operations platform based on the data warehouse. The founders of the company are software veterans Jonas Thordal, Jakob Skytte, and Jakob Kristensen, who were all early members of the startup success Pleo, where they helped create the data infrastructure from the ground up.

The Weld app allows all data processes to take place within the platform, from ingestion to modelling to activation. As a result, understanding is gained faster and at a fraction of the expense. Weld's platform can transform the way businesses manage their customer data.


Hyme aims to speed the transition to a fossil-free energy future by bringing large-scale molten salt energy storage to market by 2025. The corporation was founded in 2021 as a spinoff from nuclear technology company Seaborg Technologies after an intensive study on molten salts led to new insights into sodium hydroxide chemistry. The findings were so compelling that Hyme embarked on a mission to bring the game-changing invention to the energy storage market.

The technology developed by the company has the potential to transform the energy storage market and enable the broad use of renewable energy sources. was created by three friends, dreamers, and entrepreneurs who have known each other since they were ten years old: Erkan (COO), Servet (CTO), and Christopher (CEO).'s mission is to make vertical farming economical, sustainable, and scalable by offering a whole solution that includes hardware, software, and services. The company's primary goal is to create innovative automation technologies that can save labour costs, boost crop yields, and maximize plant growth.'s technology has the potential to revolutionize agriculture and contribute to a more sustainable future.


Dianox is a Danish biopharma business that focuses on AI-powered medication discovery. To swiftly build innovative therapeutic candidates, the company's adaptable AI engine can generate structured nucleic acids for specific protein targets. Dianox's drug design flow consists of identifying promising drug targets by exploring all possible relationships among biological entities in a comprehensive map, screening trillions of novel nucleic acid-protein interactions in silico to discover potential drug candidates with desired properties, and further optimizing the most promising compounds in vitro using chemical modifications to improve pharmacokinetic properties.

To change medicine, Dianox's drug discovery approach combines big data and computer prediction in silico with in vitro drug design. The company's platform has the potential to greatly accelerate drug discovery, cut costs, and enhance drug development success rates.


Medusa is a Danish startup on a mission to speed up the world's shift to digital native commerce for a larger audience. The company's mission is to develop basic commerce building blocks that can be assembled and combined to create outstanding digital commerce experiences. Medusa's ambition is to become the go-to e-commerce platform for developers.

Medusa aims to make digital commerce easy and accessible to everyone. The platform of the organization is designed to be extremely user-friendly, making it simple for enterprises to get started with digital commerce. Medusa's mission is to enable organizations to create incredible digital commerce experiences that delight customers while driving growth.


CarbonClear’s mission is to scale its proven approach of providing quantified carbon funding to impactful projects in marginalized parts of the world and to consolidate the model of the Voluntary Carbon Market. The CarbonClear methodology places data transparency at the heart of each CO2 project, which has proved to not only convert quickly and cheaply but also to develop confidence and motivation throughout the value chain and into the marketplace.

CarbonClear's objective to deliver quantified carbon finance to meaningful initiatives in the world's most vulnerable locations is critical to driving sustainable development and combatting climate change. The company is developing confidence and motivation throughout its value chain and into the marketplace by putting data openness at the heart of each CO2 project. CarbonClear's concept has been shown to convert quickly and cheaply, and it covers the yearly finance gap required to achieve universal power access by 2030.


Bioomix believes microbes can tackle many of society's most pressing issues. Bioomix was created in 2021 as a result of research from SDU and UWA that demonstrated how 3D bioprinting, which was designed for biomedicine, could be successfully repurposed for environmental biology. The BioInnovation Institute made the company's initial investment in September 2021, and it has since grown at breakneck speed with the support of investors, business angels, and Danish funds.

Bioomix's concept for a microbiological future is both original and exciting. The organization strives to create solutions to some of society's most pressing challenges by combining new technical breakthroughs, a deeper understanding of biology, and cross-disciplinary collaboration. Bioomix is dedicated to guaranteeing the safety and efficacy of its microbial products through in-house testing and third-party validation.


Stimuliver’s primary goal is to create a novel medicine for liver ailments that now have few treatment alternatives. They have created ground-breaking proof-of-concept data that shows human liver tissue may be delivered subcutaneously in vivo, giving long-term host liver support. Their method is distinct in that they use pluripotent stem cells to develop into viable liver tissue that may be placed beneath the patient's skin to assist filter toxins out of the body. This method avoids the requirement for donor tissue by providing a ready-made, automated, and scalable system for liver support.

Levvel Health

Levvel Health is a Danish healthcare company that provides remote monitoring and home treatment services to patients. Patients can gather and transmit their vital signs to their doctors regularly using an app and medical gadgets. The software compares the data to the doctor's predefined reference values and promptly warns them if there are any symptoms of deterioration in the patient's condition. This enables rapid intervention and therapy adjustment, ultimately freeing up hospital beds and minimizing unnecessary doctor visits for well-managed patients.


Omnio is a startup that assists organizations in fast gaining value from IoT applications. You can transmit unified data in just a few minutes using their pre-built connectors for thousands of industrial devices, without having to bother about device integration. Omnio's technology seamlessly normalizes all of your device data to a common data model, making it immediately usable. This eliminates the need for you to spend time reading device manuals, coding, or testing.

Omnio provides a clear SaaS pricing model, allowing you to quickly factor device integration expenses into your business cases in any circumstance. Their platform automates device integration from source to destination, delivering unified data that can be used immediately by your application. With Omnio, you can keep your team focused on what is most important to your company as they handle device integration.


PipeBio is a Danish company with a focus on offering a platform for scientists to identify better medications faster. The company is made up of a group of biologists and developers who are committed to using biologics to improve human health and society. They collaborate with a wide range of researchers, from academia to small-to-medium-sized biotherapeutics enterprises to large pharma.

To arrange data for machine learning and AI applications, its platform includes configurable sequencing and assay-data databases. They also have a powerful analytical engine for huge NGS datasets, a REST API, and simple visualization tools. They believe that by integrating empirical investigations with developments in computational and statistical models, they can achieve important breakthroughs and enhance the standard of living for many people all over the world.


Corti is a new startup that wants to change healthcare consulting by giving medical practitioners helpful tools. The organization understands that, while healthcare has changed dramatically over the years, patient consultation has been consistent since Hippocrates' day. Over their careers, medical professionals see tens of thousands of patients, but they are expected to bear the responsibility and risk of errors on their own.

To solve this issue, Corti is developing artificial intelligence tools to improve the talents of medical professionals while removing the administrative clutter that consumes so much of their time. Unlike other health-care providers, Corti's mission is to create intelligent systems that work as an extension of the medical professional rather than to add additional screens and technology. Triaging, note-taking, coding, and quality assurance will become team activities instead of unpleasant, isolated endeavours thanks to these platforms.


VentriJect is a Danish startup on a quest to make cardiorespiratory fitness measurement a standard element of everyone's health check. The company was created in 2018 as a spin-off from Aalborg University's leading cardiology research unit. They are based in Hellerup, near Copenhagen, and are dedicated to providing access to fitness assessment technologies to promote better health. VentriJect is positioned to become a leader in the world of health and fitness technology, with a focus on making this critical health metric accessible to everyone.


Dryp specializes in data-driven observational applications for storm and wastewater systems. Although the company was founded in 2019, its research and development efforts began in 2012.

Dryp's products attempt to make complex water data easier to utilize, enabling smart water management. They provide a variety of solutions for proactive and holistic decision-making in urban water monitoring, operation, and planning. Their vision is to build a future in which the whole water infrastructure can be monitored in real-time via a network of dispersed wireless sensors. Dryp is poised to make a huge impact in the water management market with its unique solutions.


Heyhack is a new Danish startup that provides automated penetration testing software to assist modern development teams in keeping their web apps secure. The software can scan and analyze a company's web application portfolio automatically to uncover security flaws that could lead to cyber assaults or data leaks.

Heyhack uses shift left testing to help development teams identify these vulnerabilities early on and patch them before they become too difficult and time-consuming to fix. Fixing security flaws during the design process, according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, can save up to 30 times the cost of resolving them after release. Heyhack's goal is to help development teams save time and money by identifying vulnerabilities early on.

Commit Biologics

Commit Biologics is a Danish biotech business created in 2021 as a spin-off from Aarhus University. Commit Biologics' staff has vast experience in antibody creation and complement research, with a strong academic and industrial background. They have worked with firms such as Alexion, J&J, Argenx, and Complement Pharma and have published research in major journals such as Nature, Cell, and Science.

Commit Biologics' key technology is BiCETM, a platform that leverages the power of the complement system, an essential component of the innate immune system. BiCETM has a distinct mechanism of action and has the potential to be employed as a novel immunotherapy for the treatment of various cancers. Commit Biologics expects that by developing this technology, it will be able to make substantial advances in cancer treatment and give patients fresh hope.


Cordulus is a Danish firm that focuses on supplying consumers with hyper-local meteorological data and AI solutions. They have a vast network of over 15,000 weather sensors that collect meteorological data daily. Their data team processes and analyzes this data to give clients relevant insights. Cordulus is at the cutting edge of using technology to give dependable meteorological data and cutting-edge AI solutions.

CM Robotics

CM Robotics is a new Danish company which specializes in the development of collaborative robots (Cobots) to help the retail industry streamline its Click & Collect and Restocking processes. They are situated in Odense and take pleasure in developing robots that are agile, fast, and smooth enough to work alongside people. Their primary focus is on automating internal transportation and logistics in retail businesses. They think that humans and robots can coexist peacefully in the workplace, and they try to generate value by cooperating with their employees, customers, suppliers, and business partners.


Trendday, a Danish website that sells clothes for girls and women, was founded in 2015. Since its inception, the company has grown rapidly, resulting in increased demand from a variety of potential partners. Their main marketing is through social media, where they have over 70,000 followers.

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