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11 October 2023·36 min read

Sofia Drobychevskaya

FinTech Startups From NAMER, EMEA and LATAM To Keep On The Radar

We're thrilled to introduce promising fintech startups that have been chosen for the AWS Global FinTech Accelerator, a collaborative initiative by Amazon Web Services (AWS) NVIDIA and Vestbee. Let's dive deeper into their innovative fintech solutions!

Top Fintech Startups from NAMER


OKY improves immigrant lives with tech and efficient value transfer, connecting families through their app and retail network. The company built a major digital marketplace in LATAM with 600+ brands and 15,000+ stores. OKY offers cost-effective cross-border value transfer. API integration monetizes customer acquisition without added costs, boosting revenues and retention.

RoVR Technologies

RoVR is an AI-driven B2B procurement solution, empowering financial and purchasing leaders. RoVR Pulse automates back office operations and syncs seamlessly with the accounting system. RoVR Marketplace optimizes purchases with personalized product recommendations and streamlined transactions.


Aya offers personalized benefits through innovative HSAs (Health Spending Accounts), granting financial flexibility and control. Aya Card minimizes out-of-pocket expenses, simplifies claims with receipt uploads, and extends benefits to families. Their solution ensures an efficient onboarding process, significant fraud reduction, and seamless integration with an organization's branding.


Sofon aggregates and synthesizes knowledge from public figures across the internet. Using Sofon, users can seamlessly search for people's ideas, which are applicable in the financial sector as well as other industries.


Nimblr simplifies insurance with quick, personalized quotes and real-time scoring for tailored premiums. The company makes insurance affordable by reducing operational costs and offering cash-back rewards.


OpenYield is the bond market powering retail, simplifying the process for broker-dealers to provide bond investment solutions to their clients. With low fees, no minimum lot sizes and unique algo-enabled liquidity, OpenYield makes it as easy to buy individual bonds as stocks.

Portrait Analytics

Portrait Analytics is an AI-driven research analyst designed to create high-conviction investment theses quickly. The company’s vision is to make the job of a financial analyst more efficient and rewarding.


Stochastic is a Harvard research spin-off that provides the fastest and the most efficient generative AI platform that unlocks personalized AI for enterprises. The platform helps enterprises build specialized LLMs that run real-time at a low cost and scale them to cover all the different use cases.


TRaiCE enables advanced AI access for financial institutions to monitor their credit and counterparty risks effortlessly. The AI-powered automated platform detects business risks early by converting unstructured data from news, social media, and reviews to risk intelligence with actionable insights.

My Home Pathway

My Home Pathway simplifies the process for lenders, allowing non-qualified consumers to work with an intuitive risk improvement platform. My Home Pathway expedites the risk transformation process and enables lenders to reacquire missed revenue opportunities, while consumers gain access to homeownership.


Alt/Finance offers real-time financial data for diverse asset classes, empowering innovation in wealth management, insurance, institutional investing, and lending.

Gravity Legal

Gravity Legal is an integrated payment processing platform specifically designed to help legal technology firms embed payments into their applications. Startup helps legal tech companies speed time to market, maximize revenue and ensure compliance with the rules of professional conduct.


MRGN is the next generation(s) of business management, providing small businesses with the ability to look around financial and operational corners. Graphs and charts can be flashy, but if you don't know what they mean, they are rendered useless. MRGN interprets them for you.


Streetbeat is an AI stock market advisor, suggesting investment portfolios using generative AI and dynamically rebalancing based on stock prices.

Merkle Science

Merkle Science is a predictive risk and intelligence platform that detects and prevents illegal activities involving cryptocurrencies. The platform automates and accelerates transaction monitoring, investigation, and VASP onboarding for law enforcement, financial institutions, and crypto natives.


Soon is a simple, stress-free investing service that fully automates portfolio selection, buying, selling and taxes. Users can custody directly with Soon or utilize Soon’s automation in their favorite trading platform.

StartSure Insurance Services 

StartSure focuses on creating a user-friendly insurance platform for small businesses. Their aim is to offer streamlined and efficient policies for startups and freelancers, blending insurance expertise with modern technology. 


Verisoul uses AI to help businesses & financial services effortlessly stop fake users - like bots, duplicates, and fraudsters.


Beepo is a decentralized social Neobank that leverages decentralized technology and Social Media to revolutionize the world of Finance, offering enhanced simplicity, security, and seamless access to web3 technology.

Cred Protocol

Cred Protocol focuses on developing a decentralized credit score to quantify risk at scale. By doing so, the company aims to enhance efficiency and accessibility in DeFi lending, making it possible for underserved communities to access financial resources.


LendTech is revolutionizing real estate with its lending management OS. The company aims to streamline the loan process and reduce client churn through a seamless onboarding experience. The platform offers automated underwriting, allowing customization of loan application templates based on unique banking requirements.


Tornado is a whitelabel and embedded investing platform that offers the only end-to-end, turnkey solution with modern, AI/ML-powered engagement, personalization, and analysis. Startup saves companies millions of dollars and years of development time vs. building their own brokerage.

College Cash

College Cash is an initiative aimed at tackling the student loan debt crisis. By engaging in user-generated content campaigns from preferred brands, individuals can begin reducing their student loan debt. By sharing pictures and videos of favorite brands and products on social media, participants can actively contribute to alleviating their debt burden.


ForwardLane's EMERGE generative intelligence platform empowers business users to create, test and use personalized insights for wealth, asset management, insurance and adjacent industries. Provide powerful personalized insights with next best actions to elevate client engagement, find growth and mitigate risks.

Profit Matters

Profit Matters provides peace of mind to business owners by ensuring accurate financial data. Accounting service delivers precise numbers when you need them, empowering you to make informed and strategic business choices with confidence.


QoreAI is an automotive workplace communication platform that powers compliance and operational sales and service efficiency.

Snowball Wealth

Snowball Wealth is a mobile-first community focused on wealth building, providing tools and resources to help individuals pay off debt and create generational wealth. 


ORSNN is a double-sided electronic trading platform for institutional loan trading and portfolio management that connects credit unions, banks and Wall Street dealers. Equipped with state-of-the-art analytics and workflow management tools, the platform offers liquidity options and transactional efficiency, effectively transforming the traditional loan-trading landscape and removing the information asymmetry associated with traditional whole loan trading. Inc. applies its patent-pending AI-driven optimization technology called CPO to help large asset managers optimize capital allocation adaptive to the global macro-economic and market environment.

Quickly Technologies

Quickly is an “Earned Revenue Access” technology that is revolutionizing the way businesses manage their cash flow. Platform enables businesses to create early payment programs for their vendors to get early payments on invoices while they get discounts, saving them millions of dollars.


Benjamin is the leading hybrid cash-platform for users to earn extra money from everyday purchases and entertainment such as playing games and engaging with brands’ ads.Customers enjoy all free Benjamin app to earn and burn money and merchants and brands can run cash-based any card loyalty campaigns through web/POS portal.


Westcott Multimedia is the only automated advertising platform that enables music rights holders to dynamically make ad buys to drive ROI across their entire music catalog, fairly distributing revenue across creators.

Photon Commerce

Photon Commerce provides the industry's most accurate, detailed, and intelligent financial document AI. Photon's AI captures, understands, and standardizes any business document from around the world, removing the headaches around bill pay, invoicing, and contracts. 


Gigaroo is dedicated to empowering GenZ individuals by offering tailored tools and opportunities for financial stability and success. Their AI platform serves as a bridge between GenZ and flexible job options that match their skills and interests.


SupportPay is an automated child support payment platform that simplifies co-parenting by managing child support, spousal support, and shared expenses in one easy-to-use web and mobile app. It automates expense tracking, receipt management, and payments, reducing conflict and saving time for parents.

Markets EQ

Markets EQ provides leaders and communication professionals with the competitive edge of previously unavailable awareness and understanding through a best-in-class AI. This capability helps drive clarity which creates value for organizations from small startups to trillion dollar market cap public companies.

Triangle Digital

Triangle Digital is a big data platform for sustainability and infrastructure. With its Scope 3 super power, Triangle delivers a kit to banks, asset managers and governments to deliver compliance while reducing borrowing costs.


Hyve is a people-powered money app that automates savings, investing, and debt hacks. Users collaborate within a community, rounding up purchases to collectively reach financial goals faster. The app offers high-yield savings and aims to redefine the future of finance. Founded in 2022, Hyve leverages generative AI for a streamlined financial journey.


Savechain is a Web3-powered cross-border payment service provider, developing a suite of API and permissionless infrastructure for stable coin rails:  MPC wallet-as-a-service with banking UX, and Ramp hub - single api for the regional USDC/USDT ramps.


Statement is transforming the way finance organizations run by helping streamline the corporate finance function, and empowering next-generation finance leaders. Statement connects financial data from multiple sources (e.g., banks, ERP, billing tools and spreadsheets) in real-time into a centralized dashboard and allows finance teams to build rules-based workflow automations for common tasks like bank reconciliations, analytics, payments, etc.


Tradesmen is an all-in-one B2B SaaS & Fintech solution for professionals in the home services industry. Payments, communication, management, marketing, and more. The true all-in-one solution to run business from the comfort of mobile device, whether in the office or in the field. Built for Tradesmen, by Tradesmen.


Artoh simplifies business finances with real-time cash flow insights, seamless operations, and effortless financial forecasting. Take control, save money, and increase profits—all in one unified view. No more sifting through scattered data—get the insights you need with confidence.

Nandi Labs

Nandi’s AI driven tools unlock global capital for creators with global fans, helping Africa’s premier creators access fair and efficient financing.


TiiCKER invented verified stock perks and direct-to-shareholder marketing, creating a revolutionary way to engage with brands. America's 130M+ investors gain access to shareholder rewards and commission-free trading while public companies unlock custom and measurable loyalty programs for verified owners.

Wolfpack Financial

Wolfpack is a self-directed trading platform that is reimagining the $644 billion margin lending market. Startup’s patent-pending ‘Booster Loans’ allow customers to access short-term point-of-sale loans to purchase stocks, and pay them back over a fixed repayment schedule. Combining the best of BNPL, personal, and margin loans, ‘Booster Loans’ are a groundbreaking lending product built for the millennial generation.


Exirio is the wealth tracker to make better investment decisions. Exirio makes it easy to track wealth, and by providing full performance metrics and investment history it helps you understand how hard money is working for you. Any asset, in any currency, on any device.

Hubble Financial

Hubble Financial is an innovative IT company specializing in empowering the financial services and insurance sector. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, startups transform vast, complex public datasets into decision support tools that foster business-to-business growth, simplify the exploration of data-driven insights, making it open, interoperable, and cost-effective.

Staging Labs

Staging Labs is committed to simplifying and securing the use of cryptocurrency. Startup is empowering users with the necessary tools to navigate the crypto world with confidence. Their vision is to create an inclusive and secure future for crypto, making it accessible to all, not just the privileged few. 


Sharpei makes it simple for retailers to integrate sustainable consumption models such as rentals, subscriptions, and second-hand options for their products into their checkout process.


Zeehaus is a digital platform that integrates digitalization of properties, assets, identities, and digital tokens to create a new ecosystem for digital investing, affordable homeownership, and solutions to reduce financial fraud.

Top Fintech Startups from EMEA


DeRISK is an advanced analytics and data lake platform that enables corporate CFOs to manage currency, commodity risks and liquidity. DeRISK has a unique embedded-finance SaaS proposition that integrates with 350+ global banks for direct derivatives trading saving its clients time and money. uses Gen AI and issuing technology to automate global health claims. The technology initially serves its own captive, a collectively-owned not-for-profit Healthcare Trust, delivering best-in-class value-for-money healthcare to SMBs.


Diool offers instant payments and short term financing for african businesses. Diool is a digital platform adopted by African companies to centralize transactions and accelerate payments, empowering businesses to save time and reduce operational costs.The platform facilitates seamless transactions, both internally and externally, across various payment methods. 


Kycaid offers a comprehensive KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) compliance solution. The company provides a compliance management system that caters to businesses of all sizes and industries, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements and international compliance standards. 


DizzitUp is a global marketplace that allows all Africans, wherever they are to finance, sell and buy basic necessity products and services anywhere on the continent. Dedicated to African merchants and SMBs in various categories (Renewable energy, Foods, Healthcare and easy-to-access Decentralised Finance services), DizzitUp Marketplace is powered by an unique instant settlement & transfer blockchain infrastructure.

Pinv Srl

PINV offers a SaaS solution tailored for small and mid-sized businesses. Their platform specializes in efficient cash flow management and provides insights to address critical financial queries. Utilizing advanced data aggregation and processing capabilities, PINV automates tasks related to tracking cash flow, predicting cash deficits, and recommending suitable financing options. 


Uelz is a billing automation system designed for companies with recurring revenue. Managing recurring payments for a company with a high transaction volume is a highly complex process, which typically starts as a technical challenge and ends up impacting the entire billing process of the company, from the sales department, through the technical team, to the finance department.


Weft enables to combine data
and allows to create no-code financial workflows for B2B companies, transforming complicated use-cases into simplified finance workflows billing and payments.. 


Tokenguard is an easy to use tool that allows web3 creators track, analyze and understand their users. Startup takes away the guesswork and translation of the complex web3 world, allowing creators to build winning marketing strategies and implement features that sell.


Climatica is an insurtech startup that helps companies from climate-sensitive industries mitigate business risks by compensating for damages and losses caused by unfavorable weather conditions. Its parametric technology identifies extreme weather events and pays out compensation without human involvement. 


Elifinty is transforming the way debt is recovered, globally. Platform connects creditors, households, and debt advisors. Elifinty radically increase rates of debt recovery in record time, by focusing on creating long term financial wellbeing for households. is transforming health insurance by making claims management effortlessly simple. Their innovative smart payment card solution eliminates the traditional "pay and claim" process, providing users with a smooth, hassle-free experience. In doing so, startups not only enhance customer satisfaction but also drive operational efficiencies for both insurers and healthcare providers.


NayaOne offers a product development platform and fintech marketplace, trusted by leading banking institutions. With a focus on facilitating collaboration and innovation, NayaOne connects firms with fintech vendors, providing efficient evaluation tools and a single point of access to fintech solutions and experimentation environments. 

Orenda Financial Services

Orenda Finance is a no code end to end embedded financial services platform. The startup uses AWS Serverless technology and their foundations and architecture allow scalability, flexibility and agility - all accessible to clients. 


Zeipt believes the next generation's retail services will help the industry monetize their existing data by creating new values for the consumer. Zeipt’s  "smart receipt” is the data you leave the store with today. First product: Process receipts for corporate cards and more.


Byte is a financial management platform that leverages AI to enable small businesses in Africa to get a business account, manage business operations and get access to credit to grow and scale their business.


STRABL is a startup that offers an innovative "Try Now Pay Later" checkout experience for E-Commerce businesses. STRABL provides various features such as escrow options, "Try Before You Buy" functionality, an alternative to Cash On Delivery, integrated payment processing, 3PL logistics scheduling, efficient returns and exchange management, and advanced fraud detection.


INZMO aims to own all insurance and financial services the European tenants and landlords need to avoid rental debts and protect assets to free up liquidity and offer greater financial flexibility. The company offers embedded insurance solutions across multiple verticals, from zero deposit solutions to home contents. is a startup focused on enhancing cryptocurrency security for users. Their mission is to provide a predictive crypto fraud score using artificial intelligence. The team has developed advanced algorithms that analyze blockchain addresses and interaction patterns with other addresses in real-time to detect potential fraud. 


Merqury is a payment solution that allows customers to pay via instant bank transfers in-store, eliminating card fees. It offers ultra-low transaction fees of just 0.2% with no additional costs like terminal rental or PCI/DSS fees. 


Scribe is a private company data platform that uses advanced AI to generate unique insights and eliminate data entry from PDFs. It caters to Founders, Funds, and Lenders, helping them raise funds from angel investors, expand lending portfolios, and create proprietary deal-flow. 


Amply's mission is to empower small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) by simplifying their financial processes. They aim to provide SMBs with the tools and capabilities to focus on their core missions without being bogged down by complex financial tasks. Amply offers a financial operating system that acts as a one-stop workspace for SMBs to manage all their financial needs efficiently. 


Datia is a Swedish climate fintech company accelerating the world's transition to sustainable finance. Datia combines sustainability data, portfolio calculations, and standardized reporting in one simple platform to ensure that investors of any size are equipped to take sustainability into consideration in their investment processes.


Voilo is a community-driven real-time payment and insightful data platform, enabling businesses to reduce costs, boost footfall, and accelerate growth. Startup empowers SMEs and charities with tools to process affordable payments instantly, gain data-driven insights, and build customer loyalty with integrated tools. By leveraging open banking, Voilo enables local businesses to focus on their growth and gain live feedback on in person payments saving on every transaction.


Daysave provides a seamless and rewarding saving solution. Users connect their bank accounts, receive tailored deposits weekly, and earn high interest while working towards their financial goals. The aim is to make saving effortless and unlock individuals' saving potential.

Amplified Global

Amplif uses advanced AI and Machine Learning to assess intelligibility, helping clients simplify complex information like terms and conditions and regulatory updates. Amplifi offer’s unique insights into customer engagement and understanding. Amplifi works with regulators, banks, financial and legal firms as well as academia.


fulfin leverages APIs, algos and AI to provide SMEs with access to fast and flexible financing. The company empowers its users to make better financial decisions by using its vast amounts of data to provide them with actionable financial insights.


Valerian’s mission is to accelerate client growth with tailored funding and insights. This is achieved via a combination of Intelligence Based Funding, multi-tranche funding plans that monitor capital efficiency in real-time, and a gen-AI co-pilot that synthesizes vast amounts of data into strategic recommendations and actionable insights.


Huntli is an all-in-one risk management, live transaction monitoring and fraud prevention solution suitable for traditional and crypto payment systems, online betting and gambling and e-commerce merchants. Startup solution helps clients to be on par with current AML/CFT regulations as well as makes them up to 60% more cost-effective, which allows for a better customer-oriented approach and more effective fraud prevention activities.

Otter Finance Ltd

Otter Finance is a platform that provides access to extremely low-cost lending with a buy now, pay never solution. Startup gives fast liquidity for funding life projects without liquidating savings. The company is addressing a €300+bn market in Europe alone.

Puulse Technology

Puulse is the B2B2C solution for real-time payments, empowering businesses to boost worker retention, satisfaction, and engagement. The goal is to address the current shortcomings of the gig economy and pave the way for financial peace of mind.


Blocksquare specializes in real estate tokenization, offering a protocol to digitize property value and revenues. Using Ethereum and IPFS, it breaks down a property into tokens, making real estate investments transparent and accessible. This technology supports various legal ownership forms and aims to facilitate a streamlined digitization process. Entrepreneurs can swiftly integrate and customize the platform to connect investors to real estate deals, empowering them to manage portfolios efficiently. 


Mifundo is a data solution which enables cross-border lending for people and banks in Europe. AI-based technology passports credit history by collecting data in different countries, analysing it and calculating cross-border credit score. It enables credit products for expats and multi-country people


0xKYC is pioneering the digital identity landscape within Web3. Through "Sunscreen", innovative Discord bot, the startup harnesses the power of facial biometrics to eradicate bots and duplicate accounts, ensuring genuine interactions and a safer community space. With a blend of SaaS and pay-as-you-go models, the startup offers unrivaled rates and are setting the gold standard for Web3 gaming and beyond. aims to help migrant workers take care of their loved ones back home by adding alternatives to those currently in place while empowering the caretaker in the provision of care. Startup offers a commission-less dynamic for their clients on services and cash-remittances and a more controlled environment by helping migrant workers with overseeing their family care expenses through a humane angle to a relationship currently governed by cash.


Investors worldwide miss out on maximizing their dividend returns by not filing withholding tax reclaims. Divizend offers the leading platform that helps private and institutional investors to reclaim their foreign withholding tax in the most digital, automated and price-competitive way.


EnverX is revolutionizing the world of sustainable finance. As a multi-commodity financing, asset, and liquidity management tool, EnverX specializes in de-risking investments in early-stage projects, with a primary focus on carbon markets. Their mission is to bridge the gap between investors and developers in the sustainability space by providing innovative financial solutions that accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy.


Umba is an African digital bank offering a range of financial services through a convenient app. Their mission is to drive financial inclusion, empowering individuals and businesses for stability and growth. Operating in Nigeria and Kenya, they utilize technology to streamline banking, providing personalized service and tailored solutions. Umba envisions reshaping the future of banking, promoting economic development and transforming lives.


Slide is a financial app for North-Africans to easily transfer money between Europe and Africa, both ways. Using a unique marketplace, Slide pairs users with opposite transfers, offering rates 10x cheaper than competitors with transactions completing within 24 hours.

Koboaccountant Africa

Koboaccountant Africa is an indigenous online accounting firm based in Africa, focused on providing client-centric financial services to SMEs and businesses. They emphasize making accounting fun and easy while leveraging technology to ensure efficient service delivery. Their goal is to reduce mental stress for entrepreneurs by offering outsourced finance functions.


Sav is a AI-powered, hyper-personalized savings ecosystem aimed to drive effective savings and responsible consumption for young families in the Gulf & beyond. Sav gives its users a centralized view of their financial life, finds opportunities and gives tools to save and invest efficiently, and via it’s ‘Save Now, Buy Later’ proposition incentivizes planned purchases.

Tau Commerce

Tau Commerce is a groundbreaking E-commerce solution addressing rising Customer Acquisition Costs. It excels in SEO and organic traffic, thanks to its innovative modular architecture. Automation and AI streamline store management, reducing operational costs.


Auquan’s Intelligence Engine is a SaaS-based solution that helps financial services customers extract timely financially relevant intelligence from vast amounts of unstructured data for use cases such as company ESG due diligence, portfolio ESG intelligence, and controversy monitoring. Auquan leverages RAG AI (retrieval augmented generation), an AI technique developed by Meta that combines the power of retrieval-based models that can access real-time and industry-specific datasets with generative models that are able to produce natural language responses.


Teengle is revolutionising Traditional Banking for Under-18s through AI & Open Banking by providing a layer on top of existing banking infrastructure enabling banks to offer a super mobile banking app to the next generation of customers. It offers cutting-edge features including: auto-saving, round-ups, chores and rewards, saving pots and goals, and AI-generated educational courses.


Flexee it’s a Polish fintech company that provides the employees with a financial benefit, which, through the Flexee mobile app, grants them immediate access to a part of their salary. All employees, regardless of the type and length of employment or nationality have an access for their pre-paid salaries.


SquareBook is a platform offering an independent and conflict-free solution for companies seeking to raise equity capital. It replaces the traditional, risky, and expensive IPO book-building process with a transparent multi-round auction format. By de-risking the process and enabling optimal share pricing, SquareBook aims to provide superior outcomes for both companies and investors involved in the IPO journey. The platform brings together companies, investors, and advisors, offering a fairer and more modern approach to the IPO process.


Tru’ing is developing a universal and open financial AI model to revolutionise cross-border transactions by bringing transparency, payment and payee data intelligence to the existing financial systems.

QFIL Solutions

QFIL creates disruptive fintech trading solutions that empower GenZ traders to better optimize their trading potential, driving success in dynamic markets. Startup’s flagship product, SQTrading - a one-of-a-kind, multi-level sequence trading platform is designed to simplify trading while amplifying gains and minimizing risks.


Gladys is the all-in-one finance operating system for African businesses. Startup offers a full suite of payment solutions including collections, payables, automation, spend management, payroll and more to enable business owners run their businesses smarter from one central place.


P100 is developing a secure financial app that seamlessly bridges traditional banking services with the crypto world. The app empowers users to have complete ownership and control over their crypto assets, all while offering essential banking features like personal IBAN, SEPA transfers, and Mastercard debit cards. P100's mission is to enable users to take charge of their crypto assets and eliminate intermediaries in crypto-fiat-crypto transactions.

Top Fintech Startups from LATAM


Propital helps improve people's finances and reduces the challenges of real estate investing for individuals and investors, especially those who lack experience, resources or time, through disruptive technology across Latam and the U.S


REWORTH connects banks and merchants, enabling deeper customer engagement. Through API connection, banks provide transactional data in exchange for merchant-funded cashback, enhancing card usage. Merchants see increased sales and access critical consumer insights. REWORTH's data analytics equip both parties with actionable strategies to influence consumer behavior.


MOX is the infrastructure that connects financial institutions with consumers and their payroll. "OpenPayroll" platform allows to verify income, employment and pension data in real time, and to automate the repayment of financial products directly from the payroll.

Mujer Financiera

Mujer Financiera is a startup creating financial education products for women in Latin America. Their mission is to reduce the gender gap in financial inclusion and build a better future for all.


PasanaQ is helping banks, financial institutions and retailers connect culturally with unbanked and underbanked people in Latin America by digitizing informal savings and credit associations (ROSCA) and social savings and credit schemes.


Rivium is a robo-advisor that uses automation tools to facilitate long-term investing in diversified portfolios. The user-friendly platform targets young Latin Americans and offers them the opportunity to save and invest on-the-go in taylor-made portfolios.

Teip App

Teip is a Salvadoran FinTech focused on developing technological infrastructure to close the gap of financial exclusion of people and MSMEs in Latin America.


Zunify is the first digitally-native global payment network that provides tech and regulatory toolboxes for any banking, fintech, or business partner to quickly design, issue, and accept any payment product for consumers. As a result, the solution improves partners' interchange and acquiring margins while providing a marketplace of digital payment products to consumer users.


Sofi is a fintech innovator transforming accounts receivables management across Latin America with AI-driven solutions, enhancing user experiences, and strengthening customer relationships.


Redcapital is a digital platform that helps SMEs to access financing in a simple way, thanks to technology and online risk analysis.Their unique Credit Scoring with AI (Machine Learning) validated & being used by banks in Latam.


efektiva connects, verifies and finances Mexican vendors for US clients to close the gap of international trade. In less than 4 hours startup extract up to 7 years of official data, including credit score, financial, and legal information, available to update on demand for both vendor and client to transact with trust.


Drip is a smart alternative for online installment purchases. The company empowers online stores to offer a better shopping experience through a simple and fair payment method, without credit cards or fees, and which brings better conversion rates at checkout.

Lendera Crowdfunding

Lendera  is a crowdfunding Fintech platform (crowdlending or crowdleasing) that connects companies looking for funding with investors who want their money to generate more money.


Renting or buying a place in LatAm still tends to be informal, disorganized, expensive, inefficient, and even risky.

By having developed financial tools and an underwriting risk model, Mica facilitates access to housing, providing people with more convenience, security, and freedom.


SimpleSAS offers Smart Accounting for Companies and Microlearning for Adaptation, all wrapped up in one comprehensive service tailored for micro and small businesses.


Wallbit is a neobank for global remote workers that provides non-US residents access to a US bank account where they can receive their income, save money, and invest. Wallbit offers access to both a checking and a brokerage account, where the users can invest in stocks, ETFs and money market funds.


Moffin is a data integration platform as a service (iPaaS) company that helps its customers digitize client screening and credit analysis. More than 60 companies across Mexico, in industries ranging from financial services to pharmaceuticals, trust Moffin’s modern financial infrastructure for the KYC needs. Moffin allows clients to access its platform through either a REST API or no-code forms, saving them tens of thousands of dollars and months of delays from trying to create an in-house client screening solution. 

Exato Digital

Exato simplifies background checks, enabling comprehensive verification of customers, suppliers, and candidates quickly and affordably. Through Exato Digital, you can perform verifications starting at R$ 0,19 without requiring a subscription or monthly payments. The platform offers real-time verifications with governmental agencies, enhancing data accuracy and reducing operational costs. With detailed reports, Exato supports fraud and risk prevention, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making.


amiPASS is an eco-conscious company dedicated to combating food waste. They develop apps to reduce food waste and contribute to a better planet. Their flagship product allows efficient management of employees' food benefits, offering a vast network of stores and restaurants in Chile. By choosing amiPASS, not only do companies benefit from responsive customer service and immediate recharging options, but they can also achieve significant tax savings, making a positive impact on both the environment and their bottom line. 


Zenfi is fucusing on credit management and tax information checking through a convenient mobile app. It empowers users to enhance their credit profile, monitor credit cards, and review tax data at no charge. Security is paramount for Zenfi, and they utilize robust measures, including 128-bit SSL connections or higher, to ensure the safety of users' data during transmission. 


Radar is the enterprise treasury management solution for Latam. Radar ensures that businesses have full visibility of their cash flows with tools to automate payment reconciliation, disbursement, and collections, enabling them to make savvy decisions on acquiring and investing corporate capital.


Buenbit created a secure product designed to help individuals multiply money. Buenbit allows people to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, invest them to receive daily profits and beat inflation.


Petal is an embedded platform that provides a full-stack financial infrastructure that connects via API or SDK to payment processors and B2B digital platforms such as Rappi in Latam. SMBs earn cash flow in hours, not days, through trade credits granted with their sales information. This allows SMBs to pay a flat rate and subscribe to a % of their daily sales to refund the requested credit.


Menta provides the technology infrastructure that enables every company to offer its own in-store payment solution and other financial services to their network of merchants. As a result, companies can access new revenue streams, the cash flows from their merchants’s sales, and all the transactional information.


Forpay is transforming payments in Real Estate and Insurance with a recurring collection of fintech SaaS. All-in-one platform offers easy management, innovative A2A recurring payment tech, and a self-serve cloud web app for users. +120 clients and 127 MUSD of effortlessly automated payments


Innvox enables lenders to monitor, predict and orchestrate personalized tactics to maximize debt collection success.


Kuadra is an AI-powered platform for Latin American small businesses, unifying operations and enabling rapid access to financing, tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities of the region's micro-entrepreneurs


Neivor is a platform revolutionizing condo management, streamlining tasks and saving time for administrators. With  user-friendly tools, administrators can stay updated on condos and enhance services for residents. Startup focuses on creating technology tailored to homes in the digital age, aiming for an optimal living experience. Building management system facilitates efficient collection and billing processes for rentals and condos, promoting cost savings and process simplification.


OnePay simplifies merchant payments, boosting sales 40%. Instant, fee-free transactions via WhatsApp, used by 96% of LATAM. Reducing churn, and serving cash-loving customers, customers don't need to re-enter data with each payment.


Ridian is building the undisputed crypto asset management & liquidity provision services platform in LatAm. Startup counts with over 10 global & regional exchange partnerships,  offering  retail & institutional services to. Startup was backed by Coinbase, Bitso, Abstract Ventures, the LVMH family office, Nazca, and others. Team comes from the likes of Citadel, Two Sigma, JP Morgan (HK), Google, Microsoft, and Stanford.


Traund is specializing in cross-border money transfers. Using innovative technology, it enables customers in 10 countries, especially the US and LATAM, to move money with zero fees, favorable exchange rates and diverse payment options.


Payface offers payments and identity verification using facial recognition technology. The platform enables seamless transactions and identification processes for physical retailers, prioritizing a more enjoyable and human-centric experience for users.


FINMAQ focuses on innovating financing for productive assets across various economic sectors, with a particular emphasis on health, construction, and industrial sectors. They've developed a unique scoring model to provide loans to underserved companies and individuals, promoting business growth, entrepreneurship, and a positive social impact.

Blind Creator

Blind Creator focuses on professionalizing and streamlining processes for digital content creators. They offer solutions to handle various aspects of content creation, from lead generation to payment collection, allowing creators to focus solely on creating content. Additionally, they provide a feature for generating influencer marketing reports quickly, providing real-time statistics and insights to optimize campaign performance.

Destrava AI is an embedded finance infrastructure specialized on receivables collateralization. Founded in 2021 by entrepreneur Cesare Rollo Iacovone, is led by Iacovone, as CEO, Marcos Fernandes, co-founder and CRO and Matías Rodríguez, CTO. Destrava's infrastructure unlocked more than U$20MM in receivables from its clients' users providing a lifeline source of working capital for thousands of SMBs 


Bankaya is a fintech platform aimed at empowering the base of the pyramid population in Mexico. They strive to democratize access to fundamental financial products for everyone. Their product suite includes savings accounts, smartphone financing, Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) options for durable goods, phone top-ups, and payment of services. The goal is to provide essential financial services and opportunities to a broader segment of the population.


Bemmbo is focused on streamlining B2B payments and expense reporting for businesses. Their platform offers features like easy supplier payments, expense reporting, and authorization of payments, all aimed at simplifying the purchasing management process. Additionally, they emphasize automatic document downloads from the tax authorities in Chile (SII), enhancing efficiency and ensuring secure and protected information through a secure connection.


NG.CASH is a financial app tailored for Gen Z, promoting financial independence and smart money management regardless of age. It's designed to empower Gen Z individuals, particularly teenagers, to learn and make informed financial decisions. This digital bank aims to provide a platform where Gen Z can enhance their financial literacy and achieve financial independence.


Cashea offers an accessible "buy now, pay later" solution, allowing users to make immediate purchases and pay in interest-free installments. They prioritize convenience, quick approvals, and expanding benefits for their users. Through their app, users can explore partner stores, manage their purchases, and accumulate points to enhance their buying capabilities and enjoy added advantages.

PoM Wealth Management

PoM WM is a next-gen investment platform that makes the Family Office bespoke services accessible to Millennials and Affluent GenZs through a perfect combination of UI/UX, Technology and Human Touch. Core belief is that wealth management should be peaceful, agile and transparent.


Picaio ensures that the data generated in the operation in different processes is correct, complete and accurate by the time it reaches the financial areas. Without modifying existing processes, improving collections, treasury, auditing and general administration, the solution helps clients reduce the time spent in managing collections by up to 90%.


Xpendit revolutionizes expense management in Latin America, tapping into WhatsApp’s 92% ubiquity, leveraging proprietary AI, and deeply understanding each country’s unique intricacies. The company is not  just about efficiency, but is handing out cards to those who’ve never had them, ushering in a new era of financial inclusion. Xpendit mission is to empower businesses with clear expense oversight and bring everyday folks closer to modern financial tools.


Takenos provides freelancers, contractors, and creators a seamless way to access their income from abroad. By opening an international digital wallet with Takenos, you can receive funds from anywhere globally and have the flexibility to use income as you see fit. It offers a convenient solution for managing and utilizing money earned from international sources.


Carryt specializes in efficient deliveries and secure collections for mass consumer companies, distributors, and grocers catering to the modern retail and store-to-store (changarros) sectors in Colombia, Mexico, and Brazil. They leverage route optimization technology (AI) that seamlessly integrates with customers' back-office systems to plan, execute, and measure all aspects of last-mile logistics.

ReFi Pools

ReFi Pools is a comprehensive platform that offers investment, management and protection tools for future carbon credits designed to resonate with large enterprises, SMEs, and individual investors alike. Startup provides predictability and confidence for a sustainable future.


Robbin is designed to close a secular financing gap for 21 million SMBs in Brazil. Employing a disruptive underwriting approach, Robbin leverages BRL 3 trillion in card receivables as collateral to underwrite a one-of-a-kind corporate credit card.


Scalable empowers SaaS founders to invest in their businesses using a data-driven approach. They facilitate the connection of billing, CRM, and spend data systems, providing founders with insights into key financial metrics. Additionally, this data can be utilized to expedite the underwriting process, allowing founders to access capital quickly and scale their businesses within days.

LWC Tecnologija

LW Tecnologia is a provider of vehicle data management solutions for the fleet industry in Brazil. Their mission is to leverage technology for improved mobility and autonomy in fleet management, particularly in reducing traffic violation costs. They offer innovative solutions, including an exclusive traffic dispatcher software, designed to streamline vehicle documentation management. This results in increased efficiency, accuracy, and transparency in their clients' 

Quero Quitar

Quero Quitar focuses on providing a platform that assists in recovering credits and reestablishing connections with customers through a direct channel to their respective companies. This platform offers an approach to debt resolution, prioritizing privacy, independence, and security for debtors, simplifying the process of resolving outstanding debts without involving intermediaries.

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