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top 10 cee startup challenge by Vestbee
15 December 2021·6 min read

Ilya Mikhalchyk-Kananenka

Community Builder, Vestbee

European Startup Challenge - Top 10 Innovative Regional Companies

We are excited to announce the conclusion of our first-ever Pan-European Startup Challenge where teams from all other the region had a chance to present their innovative solutions to pertinent or not so apparent questions of our time and nearest future. 

The bar was set high so in order to select our TOP 10 startups along with special nominations, we relied on the judgment of experts from venture capital and tech industry, that among others were representatives from Credo Ventures, 500 Startups Instanbul, Huawei, GCF, OTB ventures, Next Road Ventures, 212, Eleven Ventures and much more. Moreover, in order to appreciate participating startup teams special prizes including free credits and discounts on business tools were assured by AWS, Stripe, OVHcloud, Zendesk, Microsoft, Avisto, Brand24 and more!

So, without further ado, let’s meet our TOP 10 most promising European startups of the challenge.


The very first of our winners and a holder of both the CEE Startup and Female Founder nominations - Polish Smabbler is a company, developing the most advanced NLP engine that makes it possible not only to unify, but also systematically analyze customer interaction data across all channels your team uses. Be it a CRM, email or CS call, Smabbler’s proprietary engine would connect all collected parts of your customer data into a list of actionable insights while drastically cutting the costs of obtaining useful insights and as a result - driving increased revenue and company growth. 


A very close 2nd finalist of our challenge and a holder of our Scaleup nomination is Cubbit - a European pioneer of data-center-less cloud solution. In its vision, Cubbit aims to take on the cloud giants by not only proposing to reduce the data storage costs, but also by coming on top of Europe’s many relevant concerns - privacy, digital sovereignty, and energy efficiency. To achieve this, the company uses a crowdsourced network of peer-to-peer shared cloud with no central point of connection, which enables access to all of the aforementioned advancements. In a dry sum, the company aspires to democratize the cloud even further while drastically cutting on financial, privacy-related, and environmental costs of centralized data centers.


Coming off as a strong 3rd in our challenge, the Berlin-based Tye is a data quality SaaS aspiring to clean up all your company data from overlapping and simply outdated entries through rearranging it in an easily understandable and useful way in order to save costs and time of your sales and marketing reps. To do so, the company delivers a full-suite of data cleansing throughout your marketing and sales hubs without any participation from your side! 


The next from our selection, Russian Sizze, having launched just 8 months ago is a clear winner of our Newcomer category with its intuitive, no-code app builder bidding into the growing fuzz around the no-code movement. With its intuitive editor, the app enables for the smooth transition of Figma frames into React native code and eventually - into the ready-to-publish applications. That enables companies to reduce the perceived barrier of entry onto the market and at the same time supports the fast development of a neat-looking and plausibly functioning MVP. 

Ligna Energy  

Swedish company occupying our Impact Startup category - Ligna Energy has built a new generation of rechargeable batteries that are fully recyclable by being made of the widespread and affordable forest materials. As we might observe from the growing concern and coverage of the environmental issues locally and abroad, the interest in sustainability, both economical and environmental, is going to become more and more vocal, enabling our challenge contestants to gain traction while powering the green future of tomorrow. 

Ango AI 

The next from our Top 10 startups - Ango AI is an advanced solution for annotating data required for training ML models through the proprietary software offered on the SaaS basis, as well as by providing an option of outsourcing the full process to their experienced in-house team of professionals solely focused on this area. As a result, the startup aims to be an answer for the growing demand for ML-intensive industries and fit into current trends reflecting the need for the supply of more and more high-quality data for the training of effective models.


Qoolers, is a Czech startup which has significantly improved the efficiency of EV batteries’ thermal management system in a bid to drastically reduce the longevity of charging, increased vehicle range, and to build more durable construction combined with improved safety of batteries. In a nutshell, Coolers enables for reduction of the battery charge time to 5 minutes, allowing for more prolonged usage periods provided by the decreased weight and size while also adding up to the environment through the solution’s full recyclability.


Another quite interesting startup from the list, the Estonian eAgronom is a company implementing innovations in the area which had been perceived as one of the slowest to apply to the coming digital revolution - agriculture. With eAgronom’s proprietary platform, the farmers can now easily manage the paperwork, know when it is required to reap and sow and get the context on what would be the most appropriate way of treating their piece of land meanwhile also reducing the carbon footprint through more effective soil cultivation. As an end result, the company wants to tap into the growing and largely unattended field of agricultural management and knowledge-sharing enabled by its platform and accompanying services.


Nordigen is a Riga-based fintech startup offering open banking API to enable a tap into major European bank’s information to help determine the credit score of one’s applicants, their risk factors and other liabilities useful in making decisions on the viability of given transactions. On top of the raw freemium data, Nordigen also provides its users advanced instruments and predictive AI models to support their decision-making processes which results in better tackling fraud and increasing the approval rates of credit applications.


Last but not least, Romanian Postis is a startup with a holistic vision of an expensive and oftentimes cumbersome process of last mile deliveries. To address the growing demand for improvement, the company had trained a Machine learning model capable of analyzing all variables pertaining to the optimization of costs and time spent arranging for such. As a result, the company significantly simplifies the process and cuts down on the infrastructure requirements of their clients needed to maintain an effective last-mile delivery chain.

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