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15 March 2024·2 min read

Joy Laoun

News Editor, Vestbee

Estonian GScan secures €3M to extend the infrastructure life cycles using muon tomography

The deeptech startup GScan has raised a seed funding round of €3 million from investors, including Markus Villig, the founder of Bolt, Japanese corporate venture funds, and existing business angels.   

  • Founded in 2018 by Hannes Plinte and Andi Hektor, GScan assesses the chemical compassion and structural integrity of infrastructure, such as bridges, dams, tunnels, nuclear reactors, chemical and energy industry systems, using cosmic ray muon tomography and AI.  
  • GScan's mu FLUX Infra AI tool provides information that helps to prevent the collapse of risky buildings and bridges, extend significantly the infrastructure life cycle, and minimize the renovation budget by focusing on the important areas for repairs, as the startup says.  

Marek Helm, CEO of GScan, clarified: “Muon tomography is a decades-old technology. With the advent of AI and better optical solutions, we have finally managed to commercialize and make viable noninvasive detection of defects and faults in various materials, including concrete and steel.” 

  • Based in Tallinn and London, the startup has more than 35 employees and an international network of partners.  

In Paldiski, Estonia, GScan conducted its first commercial project, scanning ten meters of steel and concrete to gather data about two Soviet-era nuclear submarine reactors. The startup claims to be 30 times more accurate than those of similar projects. 

GScan current activities and plans 

  • Now, GScan together with AtkinsRealis, Jacobs, and the UK National Highways is working on a maiden project, evaluating the integrity of steel components inside a post-tensioned concrete bridge. Additionally, GScan collaborates with Imperial College London, the University of Sheffield, CERN, and the European Space Agency to explore new technological applications in different fields like defence, national security, healthcare, and space. 
  • Using the €3 million funds, GScan will further develop the technology to improve the accuracy of its cosmic ray muon tomography. 

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