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02 January 2023·10 min read

Paweł Pliszka

Editor, Vestbee

Best Coworking Spaces For Startups In Greece

In the following article, we are going to mention the best coworking spaces for startups in Greece covering Athens, Heraklion, Chania, Paphos, Patras, Attica, Piraeus, and Larisa. If you are planning to rent a coworking space in these locations, then this is the right blog for you - let’s check them out!

Stone Soup

City: Athens
Monthly fee: 210 EUR

The Stone Soup coworking space located in the city of Athens is fully equipped with offices of different sizes to serve individuals, small teams, or companies. Here, entrepreneurs will get fast Wi-Fi, a lounge area, a call room, workstations, a TV, and a fully equipped kitchen. A progressive work culture is super important for Stone Soup, which is why they organize many events, networking sessions, and workshops to strengthen and extend the community. All this comes at a monthly fee of 210 euros.

The Cube Athens

City: Athens
Monthly fee: 200 EUR

The Cube is based out of Athens, where the coworking space comes with all the facilities that startups need to work on their projects, such as fast internet, a private phone booth, HD projectors, and a free photocopy service. The availability of a recording studio, which can be suitable for upcoming media businesses such as podcasts or any other content creation, makes this coworking space unique and original. All this is available at a fixed seat price of 200 euros per month.


City: Athens
Monthly fee: 169 (Theanous) /215 (Ermou) /245 (Marousi) EUR

Spaces has three locations in Athens - the first one is located on Ermou street in a prime location accessible via public transport. The facility provides workspace with fast internet, meeting rooms, and break rooms. The facility provides private lockers and cupboards for paperwork, accessible 24/7 - all of this with a fixed seat price of 215 euros per month.

Another coworking facility from Spaces is located on Theanous - this is one of the top coworking locations among 3000 active facilities around the world. Here you will find high-speed internet, dedicated meeting rooms, an outdoor area, and refreshments in the café. The coworking space provides the best conditions to work on your projects with various facilities and necessary equipment, all at an affordable price tag of 169 euros/month.

The third Space location in our list is located at Marousi. The 24/7 open facility provides high-speed internet, private lockers, four meeting rooms, break areas, and private offices. Here, you also get dedicated parking and an outdoor area for relaxation. All these facilities are available with a dedicated desk for 245 euros/month.

Office12 Coworking

City: Heraklion
Monthly fee: 165 EUR

Office12, a coworking space located in the city of Heraklion, the capital city of Crete, is known for being a go-to work spot dedicated to many startup founders and business owners, with multiple events and workshops organized during the whole year. The facility provides fast internet and secure storage for your documents & belongings with alarms & CCTV. Once signing up, you will get complete hardware from Office 12 for all your meetings and other requirements for 165 euros per month.

Impact Hub 

City: Athens
Monthly fee: 200 EUR

Impact Hub is located in the area of Psirri, Athens. Here you will get the vibe of entrepreneurship because the facility is designed in such a way that you always see people around making decisions & working hard. As a result, you also put your best foot forward to make the most out of every challenge & opportunity. The facility is equipped with fast-speed internet, HD projectors, LCD TVs, a phone booth, an accessible kitchen, and other equipment to make the working time as convenient as possible, all for a monthly price of 200 euros.

ViOS Co-working

City: Athens
Monthly fee: 205 EUR

Vios Co-working located in Athens is a multipurpose workspace. The facility has big spaces for even bigger staff requirements. You get indoor & outdoor space for all your meetings, training sessions, and other business activities. Here you will get high-speed internet, unlimited coffee, meeting room access for 2 hours/per month & free access to Vios Community events. Moreover, facility offers healthy meals for regular memebrs. All this for 205 euros per month, however, for an additional 10 euros, you can get access to a gym, massage space, meditation room, and quiet room, along with a private locker to secure all your belongings.

The Foundation

City: Athens
Monthly fee: Custom quote based on the requirement

The Foundation is a 750 m2 coworking and incubation space with meeting rooms and a hall for multifunctional events. The facility comes with high-speed internet, a scanner, a printer, and a computer for you to complete your work. Also, there are different spaces with projection screens, scanners, printers, fax machines, and other useful equipment. Additionally, members get free coffee and refreshments from time to time.


City: Thessaloniki, Athens
Monthly fee: 209 EUR (Thessaloniki) / Custom quote based on the requirement (Athens)

Regus ia a global coworking space designed to provide a healthy work environment to all its members. The facility is equipped with everything you need for work, including high-speed Wi-Fi, printers, scanners, complete business addresses, and mail management. Moreover, here you can get in touch with a professional consultant who can help you to choose the right workspace for you within your budget.

First location of Regus coworking facility is in Kifissias and Sophocleous Avenue, Athens. Here you get an possibility to customise your workspace basing on your needs and requirements. Members get access to high-speed internet, free parking lots, meeting rooms, a shared workspace, or office space. All of this is in the spacious and industrial-style interior, attracting various inspiring entrepreneurs.

The second location of Regus in Greece can be found in Thessaloniki. This coworking space has a stylish design along with an airy, high-ceiling interior. Members can make use of private offices, meeting rooms, and shared offices 24/7. Besides, there is an outdoor seating area and snack bar where you can enjoy your break.


City: Chania
Monthly fee: 315 EUR

The Workhub coworking space is located in the city of Chania. The facility provides creative workspaces with all the required amenities, such as high-speed internet, meeting rooms, conference areas, video call booths, free access to printers, free access to a fully equipped kitchen space & lockers. Also, there are indoor and outdoor relaxation areas to destress after work hours. All this is available for 315 Euros/month.

FuckUp Coworking

City: Heraklion
Monthly fee: Quote on requirement

The FuckUp coworking space is located in the city of Heraklion. The facility aims to create inspiring workspaces for ambitious coworkers who are ready to work hard and progress. It is open 24/7 providing unlimited coffee, a high-speed Wi-Fi connection, a dining table, air conditioning, and private lockers. To become a member, you have to sign up on the website, and then book your permanent seat at the coworking facility.

Selina Theatrou Athens & Cowork

City: Athens
Monthly fee: 155 EUR

Selina is the place that wants its members to enjoy holidays and manage work at the same time. That’s why the facility offers rooms to its visitors and provides them with permanent workspaces to manage work on the go. Selina assures high-speed internet and a dedicated workstation to help find a balance between work and holiday relaxation.

Hügge Coworking

City: Paphos
Monthly fee: 180 EUR

Hügge Coworking is a workspace created to develop a feeling of belonging and being independant the same time. Here you will get high-speed Wi-Fi, 24/7 access, printer and scanner, free coffee & tea. Events such as workshops, tours, BBQ nights, and a rooftop lounge to relax & destress after hectic work hours are available for all memebrs. These benefits come with a monthly fee of 180 euros.


City: Heraklion
Monthly fee: 165 EUR

Officenter is a coworking space that allows you to work with enthusiasm while having no distractions around. The facility has an old wood interior design that makes you feel comfortable. You will find there super fast internet, coffee, tea, snacks, a personal locker along and a fully equipped kitchen. All these benefits come for 165 euros per month.

Comeet Creative Space

City: Heraklion
Monthly fee: On inquiry

Comeet Creative Space is one of the best coworking spaces located in the city of Heraklion. Here, you will get the complete vibe of working in an environment that will help you grow professionally and have a sense of belonging at the same time thanks to the strong community of passionate entrepreneurs. The whole location comes with a minimalist design and all the necessities that you would require to work on your projects.

Patras Tiny Coworking Space

City: Patras
Monthly fee: 15 EUR/day (monthly plan not available)

The Patras Tiny Coworking Space is one of the best minimalist office workspaces that you can get for yourself. Here you can find a complete workstation setup along with the fast speed internet connection along with meeting rooms. Currently, the coworking membership is available for a daily access fee of 15 euros/day, as there is no monthly access plan available.

Colab House

City: Athens
Monthly fee: Available on inquiry 

Colab House is one of the best options for travelling entrepreneurs who are looking for a place to work and stay for some time. With two separate spaces offered by Colab House, you can balance your work and other daily activities. The facility provides all necessities that you need to be productive such as high-speed internet, workstation setup, and office equipment. For pricing you need to get a quote based on your individual requirements.

WorkSpot CoWorking Space

City: Attica
Monthly fee: 149 EUR

The Workspot Coworking Space is one of the best coworking spaces that you can get in the city of Attica. The facility has vibrant interior creating an enthusiastic aura and making you comfortable to develop your solutions. Workspot provides a locker with a key, free office supplies, help desk reception, high-speed internet, and more. All this is provided at a monthly fee of 149 euros/month.

T16 Boutique Office & Event Service

City: Athens
Monthly fee: Available on inquiry 

T16 is a state-of-the-art facility with the fastest internet in Athens. The standard package includes fast internet, workspace management, maintenance, cleaning and reception services along with handling physical mail. Coming to the add-ons, you can get meeting rooms, extra equipment, and IT support. T16 provides also great networking opportunities for motivated entrepreneurs. All this is available on booking, you just need to provide your requirements.

Piraeus Business Center

City: Piraeus
Monthly fee: 150 EUR

The Piraeus Business Centre is a popular coworking space in the city of Piraeus. Here, you will find a great working environment with high-speed internet, business lounge, telephone centre, meeting rooms, filter tea & coffee along with fax, scan, and printer. Moreover, there are different extra services available such as IT support, in-house courier, storage spaces, travel services and more.


One worth visiting facility is Wisedog, and the reason why we have included this in our list is because of its outstanding modular design with a multifunctional space. It includes a co-working space, exhibition area, art studio, conference and venue roster. The philosophy behind Wisedog is to provide people with a place where they can connect and work together to grow in future.

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