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05 April 2024·2 min read

Joy Laoun

News Editor, Vestbee

Austrian hardware medtech startup Syntropic Medical secures seven-figure funding

Vienna-based Syntropic Medical announced that it has secured seven-figure in its recent funding round to develop non-pharmaceutical treatment options for psychiatric disorders such as Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). The capital was raised from xista science ventures and Austria Wirtschafts service Gesellschaft mbH. 

  •  Founded in 2023 by Mark Caffrey, Jack O’Keeffe, Dr. Alessandro Venturino, and Prof. Sandra Siegert, Syntropic Medical is a medtech startup that creates new methods to boost neuroplasticity in the brain, which can be used to treat mental illnesses and enhance cognition.  
  • The startup’s product is a special brain stimulation device based on a light protocol discovered by the Siegert Group at ISTA. The brain stimulation from this device helps enhance neuroplasticity mediated by microglia, creating new opportunities for treating mental health conditions such as Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). With this device, Syntropic Medical aims to offer a fresh treatment choice for patients who haven't responded well to standard pharmaceutical therapies.
  • The investors include Austrian venture fund xista science ventures that funds European early-stage science and deep tech startups Its diverse portfolio expands across fields like biotechnology, medtech, materials science, and software. 

“By developing a neuromodulation-based approach for mental health disorders Syntropic Medical is addressing a market with a pressing need and significant potential. We are excited to partner with this ambitious team in commercializing the promising and innovative discoveries made at the Siegert Lab at ISTA,” Managing Partner at xista science ventures, Florian Resch stated. 

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