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16 February 2024·4 min read

Martina Mandáková

AceON Accelerator

AceON launches Spring Accelerator: European idea and pre-seed startups can raise up to €70k

AceON Accelerator opens its gates for European founders to join their Spring Accelerator
2024 for idea and pre-seed stage startups. Their mission is to help budding founders to organize themselves in a chaotic period when starting a tech company and provide them with know-how, advice, contacts and space for questions and discussion.

Startups are invited to apply to the Spring Accelerator 2024 that starts on March 21 and ends with Demo Day at the end of May, where the best will perform on stage in front of guests from the startup world. As starting a technology company is a difficult challenge, AceON team set for themselves the goal to bring an international 2-month intensive program to founders, which is full of lectures with experts, on valuation, finance, developing MVP, pitching tips, term sheet, marketing, ESOP and more. These lectures make the strong base of know-how for the founders.

Furthermore, participants will have an opportunity to ask mentors for advice. Do you have a technical question about software or no-code development? Do you need some help with financial planning and metrics? Want to discuss fundraising and what do investors look for in startups? You do not know how to approach the first customers or make your marketing stand out? AceON Accelerator ́s experienced mentors can help in all the mentioned areas and in many more.

What does a budding startup entrepreneur need?

The most common answer to this question is capital for product development, marketing, sales, and expansion. AceON Accelerator is also an investor and can offer money to the best who will finish the program and meet the accelerator ́s criteria.

The second most common answer is contacts and network. The big advantage of the pan-European program is an opportunity to meet like-minded founders from different markets. In addition, AceON is backed by an international company and VC, which have contacts and representation in many countries.

What startups can apply?

AceON seeks to support startup founders who aren't afraid of challenges and hard work, are flexible, and understand that to build a successful startup they need to find out what their customers really want and accept the fact that the market changes constantly.

What they look for:

  • a product with the possibility of scalability and the potential for rapid growth in the global market,
  • prefer teams with a good combination of knowledge and experience, but accept single founders as well,
  • primarily SaaS, but it is not a condition; more important is if a startup offers a great and smart solution to existing customers' problems,
  • startups mainly in the pre-seed stage, but gladly help with ideas with great potential, too.

AceON is backed by big names and strong international

Accelerator was founded by Accace, an international advisory company with operations in more than 50 countries, and the VC family office ZAKA, which made 20 new investments in 2023 and has become one of the most active funds in Europe.

Founders of AceON Accelerator both have extensive entrepreneurial experience

The founders of the AceON Accelerator, Peter Pašek and Ján Kasper, personally help startups through mentoring and lectures. Peter ́s main domain is finance and taxes, for many years he has been advising budding and internationally successful startups, helping them with the sale of companies or negotiations with investors. For example, he was also involved in one of the biggest exits in Slovakia in recent years, when the company Minit Process Mining was sold to Microsoft. Ján operates in 50 companies spanning across 9 different industries, generating a total revenue of 700 million EUR. His primary interests lie in the communication, energy, leisure & hospitality, real estate and development sectors.

Apply now

Those interested in joining the Spring Accelerator program can apply no later than March 7, 2024 by filling out the application form on the AceON Accelerator ́s website.

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