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09 December 2022·14 min read

Aleksandra Wirth


25 Best Coworking Spaces For Startups In Poland

Polish startup ecosystem is thiriving, so as a result there are more and more coworking spaces ready to create a good environment for companies to boost their development! So far, we have already discovered the best workspaces in CEE countries and Europe including: Germany, Western Balkans, Estonia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Romania, and more.

In today’s overview we present the best coworking spaces from Poland, so don’t miss out and find out more about them! 

O4 Coworking

City: Gdansk
Monthly fee: 117 EUR (550 PLN)

O4 Coworking is one of the largest coworking spaces in Poland providing all conditions you need to work efficiently - from hot and dedicated desks to private offices for up to 12 people, relax zone and 24h access. Moreover, they recently launched the virtual office which is an ideal solution for entrepreneurs who want to register their business activity and have convenient access to coworking space and meeting halls. O4 Coworking is not only about effective working but also community building - many entrepreneurs, freelancers, partners, investors, mentors and clients gather together to develop business relations and discuss current issues. 

Mindspace Koszyki

City: Warsaw
Monthly fee: 178 EUR (840 PLN)

Mindspace is a boutique coworking space having its offices all around the world. In Poland it is located in Warsaw close to the city center (Koszykowa) and second location is planned to be launched in 2023 (Skyliner). The interior is designed in a way that proved to be effective in boosting users creativity and productivity. Mindspace Koszyki is easily accessible by public transportation having private offices, meeting rooms, dedicated desks and open seatings in 5500 sq meters distributed on 6 floors. Along with inspiring design entrepreneurs have a possibility to make use of equipped kitchen as well as on-side barista. 

Sobusy Coworking Office

City: Warsaw
Monthly fee: 82 EUR (390 PLN)

Sobusy is a quet, small and cozy coworking space when visitors can concentrate being at the same time in busy city center of Warsaw. It focuses on ensuring privacy and creation of small trusted community of passionate freelancers and micro-entrepreneurs. Visitors can find there two big open space rooms, private offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms and training rooms while also benefit from virtual office packages and accounting services. The coworking space is also well-equipped with comfortable office chairs, individual lightening, scanners, phone boots, coffee, tea and free parking space.

BOBO Coworking

City: Warsaw
Monthly fee: 138 EUR (650 PLN)

BOBO Coworking is a 24/7 open coworking space boosting creativity thanks to its beautiful interior. Besides lovely design the space offers flexible rental conditions without a necessity of signing long-term contracts. Entrepreneurs visiting BOBO Coworking get access to private office, dedicated desk, hot desk, meeting room for up to 16 people, event zone and virtual office as well as relaxation and gaming zone or kitchen with dining room in order to keep balance between work and rest. Alos, networking events organised by this coworking space are a great added value.


City: Wroclaw
Monthly fee: 180 EUR (850 PLN)

IdeaPlace besides providing coworking spaces aims to build community of entrepreneurs who motivate each other and inspire for some great business ideas! They claim to promote conscious businesses regardless of the stage of development, valuable ventures and interesting people. Members can find there serviced office, business and training rooms, as well as virtual office and virtual assistant preceded by smooth registration process and tailored offer prepared according to user’s needs and preferences.

Starówka Office

City: Bydgoszcz
Monthly fee: 53 EUR (250 PLN)

Starówka Office is a modern coworking space dedicated to any type of entrepreneurs passionate about business development and ideas sharing. Visitors can use there conference rooms and private offices 24/7. Besides offering coworking space, Starówka Office can support you in marketing activities, organise some workshops or provide law counceling. Moreover, there are plenty of happenings such as inspiring training sessions that will give you new skills and provide the knowledge for creative rights starting on data protection or legal issues in relation to conducting a business.

Work Place 59

City: Lodz
Monthly fee: 136 EUR (640 PLN)

Work Place 59 is a small and cozy coworking space creating a pleasant atmosphere easy to focus on your tasks and at the same time feel like being at home. It is located on Piotrowska street - the most vibrant area in Lodz, easily reachable by the public transportation with many shops and restaurants around. Hosts are taking care of every detail from design, and equipped kitchen to meeting rooms, dedicated desks, event space, ending up at film studio. Cats are also very welcome here! What is more, Work Place 59 offers also places to stay overnight and take rest.

Co/Walk HUB

City: Lodz
Monthly fee: 192 EUR (900 PLN) (VAT excluded) 

Co/Walk HUB is a coworking space with usunal vibe of old manufactory typical for Lodz infrastructure. They believe that any type of psychical activity improve your creativity and effectiveness, that’s why besides desks and conference rooms the space is equipped with treadmill, pingpong table or punchbag. This original approach brings together interesting people with big passions and unusual approaches to business and life. What is more, Co/Walk HUB provides flexible membership offers adjusted to your needs. 

Co:Spot Office & Coworking

City: Lodz
Monthly fee: 125 EUR (590 PLN)

Co:Spot office & coworking is an inspiring workplace for freelancers and micro-entrepreneurs as well as representatives of bigger companies. Everybody will find there something suitable to their needs - private offices, dedicated desks or conference rooms accessible 24/7. The whole coworking space has a very modern and vibrant design and brings together experts from various field. However, Besides standart amenities such as free catering, high-speed wifi, and personal lockers you can also find there podcasting room, event space and chill-out zone.


City: Warsaw
Monthly fee: 138 EUR (650 PLN)

biurco creates a flexible, creative and professional environment for all types of entrepreneurs looking for a place where they can focus on work and meet interesting people from the industry.  This coworking space offers shared and private offices, intimate meeting rooms, conference and training rooms, reception area and large kitchen on 500 sq meters in the city center of Warsaw. However, they do not have a loud open area - all workplaces are in quiet and cozy rooms. biurco gives a possibility to test the office for an entire day for free to check if the accessible equipment and vibe of the place suits your needs. 

Business Lab Nowy Świat

City: Warsaw
Monthly fee: 104 EUR (490 PLN)

Business Lab Nowy Świat is a professional coworking space being a perfect alternative for people working in their apartments or noisy cafes. It offers private offices, dedicated and hot desks, conference room and phone booth. During the break, members are welcome to use relax zone, kitchen with free tea & coffee, but also visit library or art gallery! Business Lab also provides you the opportunity to participate in inspiring meetings with experts from various fields, interesting workshops and networking sessions.

Mogilska43 Cowork

City: Krakow
Monthly fee: 190 EUR (900 PLN)

Mogilska43 Cowork offers great place to work with the access to professional equipment and well developed internet infrastructure. Member can choose the office form they want to work in - private offices (up to 25 people), dedicated desks or hot desk spaces. Relax zone includes outside terrace so it’s a perfect place to get fresh air and take a break from work. What is more, Mogliska43 Cowork offers flexible rental periods adjusted to members needs. Their services are also dedicated to corporate teams that seek comfortable working space for the duration of extra projects.


City: Lodz, Cracow, Rzeszow, Bydgoszcz, Gdansk, Katowice
Monthly fee: 202 EUR (950 PLN) (VAT excluded)

LOFTMILL gives access to several coworking places which are located in a number of Polish cities including Łódź, Cracow, Rzeszów, Bydgoszcz, and Gdańsk. Every member can enjoy using the private and shared offices, conference and meeting rooms, which can be quickly booked, thanks to the online booking system. Moreover, every place is equipped with a kitchen, a cafe, and a security system. LOFTMILL offers cleaning, customer services, and access to the chillout zones to relax during the worktime. 

CIC Warsaw

City: Warsaw
Monthly fee: 287 EUR (1350 PLN) (VAT excluded) 

CIC is an international organization focused on creating innovation campuses aim to boost the growth of entrepreneurs and startups all around the world. One of the headquarters is located in the capital city of Poland- Warsaw. At CIC Warsaw members can get access to dedicated private offices, or coworking workstations, based on the hot desk system. The place is equipped with kitchen, shower & nursing zones, conference rooms, telephone booths, and reception services. What is more, at CIC Warsaw every entrepreneur can relax in the wellness zone, with massage and yoga rooms, as well as in the gaming area. It is worth mentioning that joining the CIC community equals connecting to the network platform with access to special perks and offers. 


City: Cracow
Monthly fee: 190 EUR (900 PLN)

Yolk located in the city center of Cracow, is a great place for entrepreneurs as well as for digital nomads. It offers multiple coworking workspaces with dedicated and hot desks, meeting rooms, phone booths, a kitchen, and access to free coffee and tea. Users can choose between flexible membership plans for a month, week, or even a day, with 24/7 admission. What is more, entrepreneurs can use podcast studios and relax in the garden area. Every Yolk community member can enjoy taking part in specially organized events and get access to Yolk Slack channel and job board.  

New Work

City: Warsaw, Lodz
Monthly fee: 255 EUR (1200 PLN) (VAT excluded)

New Work is operating internationally, having offices located in Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, and Poland. The coworking space is perfect for any entrepreneurs and teams who are looking for flexible membership plans. All members can choose between a private office or a hot desk in a shared workspace and have access to high-speed wifi, professional reception and team support, and free coffee and fruits. What is more, joining New Work is easy thanks to the dedicated mobile app and all community members can enjoy taking part in all dedicated events! 


Kalafiornia Coworking & Office

City: Cracow
Monthly fee: 160 EUR (750 PLN) (VAT excluded)

Another Polish coworking space located in Cracow is Kalafiornia Coworking & Office. Besides 24/7 access, hot desks, free-of-charge conference room rental, and office suppliers, this place offers two network connections (in case one would fail) and private offices up to 11 people. What is more, Kalafiornia is located in the heart of Cracow, and the Old Town so it is easily accessible by public means of transport and even by bike. 

Business Link

City: Cracow, Poznan, Wroclaw, Warsaw
Monthly fee: 213 EUR (1000 PLN)

Business Link is a perfect coworking space for small and big teams looking for a modern and spacious area to develop their business. It is located in four big Polish cities- Warsaw, Cracow, Poznan, and Wroclaw, offering its users several membership plans. The members can choose to work in a hot or private desk system, use private offices, and meeting rooms, and rent event space. What is more, this working area is accessible 24/7 and offers access to a fully equipped kitchen and cleaning services. 

Wellcome Office

City: Katowice
Monthly fee: 117 EUR (549 PLN) (VAT excluded)

Another coworking space on our list is Wellcome Office, located in the city center of Katowice. The place is perfect for startups and individual entrepreneurs, who can use hot, dedicated desks, and private offices for up to 12 people. What is more, Wellcome Office offers conference room rental to organize meetings and events for up to 45 people. Any podcast makers can enjoy using the well-equipped dedicated space with microphones, a Rode CasterPro mixer, cameras, and an ultra-fast wifi connection. It is worth mentioning that the place is a few minutes away from the nearest means of public transport, and has an elevator and disability facilities. 


City: Rzeszow
Monthly fee: 139 EUR (649 PLN)

KAWDRAT is a creative workspace, located in Rzeszow. All startups and entrepreneurs looking for quiet and well-equipped coworking spaces can already stop looking! KWADRAT offers flexible membership plans including hot, dedicated desks, and team boxes. What is more, at KWADRAT you can enjoy breaks in the chillout rooms, as well as the tea and coffee in the kitchen. This coworking space is not only perfect for daily work, but members can also book conference and workshop rooms for special events. 


City: Rzeszow
Monthly fee: 176 EUR (829 PLN) 

Regus is an international chain of workspaces, operating in numerous countries in Europe. In Poland, Regus is located in Warsaw, Katowice, and Gdansk. Entrepreneurs can choose between flexible membership plans, for days, weeks, or longterm. What is more, joining the Regus community means taking part in dedicated events, and working from any Regus place you want. It doesn’t matter if it's in Poland or in another country.


City: Warsaw
Monthly fee: 200 EUR (950 PLN)

HubHub is a coworking space located in 5 European countries, including Poland. It is situated in the heart of the capital city- Warsaw, offering modern and spacious working areas for individuals and small teams. All bike lovers can enjoy free-of-charge parking spots, security lockers, and showers. What is more, on the 2700 m2, members can find hot & dedicated desks, as well as private offices, chillout areas, and event spaces for up to 150 people. Everything what entrepreneurs need to boost productivity and work efficiency under one roof.


City: Cracow, Katowice
Monthly fee: 138 EUR (650 PLN)

CLUSTER is a coworking spaces that covers all needs of the entrepreneurs and startups, offering spacious, modern areas, creating perfect working environments. Members can use hot & dedicated desks, special workstations, showers for ciclists, and fully equipped kitchen with coffee, tea, herbs and more. What is more, whenever users need to organize a bigger meeting, they can choose one of the conference rooms, holding up to 20 people. While joining the CLUSTER community, entrepreneurs can get an access to all 4 locations- 3 in Cracow, and one in Katowice. 


City: Warsaw, Cracow, Gdansk, Wroclaw
Monthly fee: 138 EUR (649 PLN)

Spaces is an international organization, which offices and coworking spaces located across Europe and beyond. In Poland entrepreneurs can find Spaces in Warsaw, Cracow, Gdansk, and Wroclaw.  What is more, as Spaces is part of the IWG network, a provider of flexible workspace areas, the community members receive complimentary access to all coworking spaces and business lounges around the world. It offers flexible passes, conference rooms, private offices, and relax areas. It is operating within business hours and even allows bringing up to one guest, which is free of charge. 

Noa Cowork

City: Warsaw
Monthly fee: 117 EUR (550 PLN)

If you are looking a quiet and calm place to focus, Noa Cowork is a coworking space for you! It is situated in Warsaw, near parks and means of public transport. Noa Cowork offers renting a hot or dedicated desks, and conference room, providing all the necessary office equipment. What is more, there is also a catering service available, so organizing an event is a piece of cake. 

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