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16 February 2024·2 min read

Lisa Palchynska

Editor-in-Chief, Vestbee

Ukrainian Roosh Ventures participates in $8M Series A round for Permit.io

Permit.io, the full-stack authorization-as-a-service provider, has raised an $8 million Series A round led by Scale Venture Partners. Other investors include NFX, Verissimo Ventures, Roosh Ventures, Firestreak, and 92712, as Vestbee was informed.

  • Co-founded by Or Weis, former Rookout CEO, and co-founder, and Asaf Cohen, who previously worked as an engineer at Facebook and Microsoft, Permit.io provides a full-stack authorization framework to help companies build permission systems into their products. 
  • The company has already signed deals with over 20 companies, featuring industry giants such as Schneider Electric, SignifyHealth (part of CVS), and Salt.Security, alongside hundreds of thousands of authorized users.
  • The fresh round was led by Silicon Valley-based venture capital investment firm Scale Venture Partners. Other backers include the US funds NFX and Firestreak, the UK's Verissimo Ventures, Ukrainian Roosh Ventures, among others, as Vestbee was informed.

“Permits has sent shock waves through the market with its unique access management solution, transforming manual processes into automated efficiencies and saving teams countless hours. The strong community endorsement and the leadership of industry veterans Or and Asaf, spearheading a skilled tech and business team, underscore our confidence in the company’s direction. Roosh Ventures is proud to join this journey and excited for what lies ahead,” Ivan Taranenko, Associate at Roosh Ventures, says to Vestbee.

  • In addition to funding, the company also unveiled a new product, Permit.io Approval Flows, to enable enterprises to handle increasingly complex authorizations for access to data, including for AI bots and agents.

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