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20 October 2023·52 min read

Sofia Drobychevskaya

TOP Startup Events In Europe Worth Your Attention - 2023/2024

Welcome to the exciting post-pandemic era, where startup conferences are returning to physical formats! This shift offers entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts, and tech enthusiasts a valuable opportunity to connect directly and engage hands-on. Startups, in particular, now have a chance to stand out and gain visibility. Recognizing the significance of this transition, we've curated a list of the major startup events and conferences in Europe for 2023-2024. These events are a prime platform for networking, learning from industry luminaries, and staying abreast of the latest market trends. Let's dive into the vibrant world of European startup events!

October 2023

Med-Tech World Summit
Location: Malta
Date: OCT 19 -20, 2023

The event, "Med-Tech World Summit 2023," is focused on connecting and advancing the future of healthcare. It serves as a platform for professionals, companies, investors, and start-ups in the medical technology and digital health industry to come together, share knowledge, and discuss the latest advancements and innovations in the field. . It will bring together over 3000 distinguished guests and industry leaders from various regions, including the UK, Europe, North America, Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa.  Participants can engage in conferences, networking sessions, and various opportunities to explore and contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of medical technology and healthcare.

The Engaged Investments Conference
Location: Prague, Czech
Date: OCT 24-25, 2023

Join Prague's Engaged Investments conference, organized by DEPO Ventures, is scheduled for October 24-25, 2023. It will feature renowned investors like Marvin Liao, Mary McKenna, and Keith Grose. The event aims to foster networking and knowledge sharing among investors in Central and Eastern Europe. The first day will focus on startups, showcasing portfolio companies and hosting the Startup World Cup regional finale. The second day is dedicated to investors, featuring discussions and workshops on investment trends and opportunities in the region.

AWE EU 2023
Location: Vienna, Austria
Date: OCT 24 -25, 2023

AWE (Augmented World Expo) has been the central hub for the XR (Extended Reality) community since 2010, uniting 5,000+ companies and 60,000+ professionals. AWE offers major global conferences, year-round online events, workshops, and valuable resources for the XR industry. Their mission is to advance XR tech, aiming for a 1 trillion dollar XR industry by 2030. AWE prioritizes passion for XR, collaboration, diversity, security, and sustainability. From its humble beginnings, AWE has grown into a global community, fostering learning, networking, and business growth within the XR space.

The European Blockchain Convention (EBC)
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Date: OCT 25-26, 2023

The European Blockchain Convention (EBC) was founded in 2018 to advance the blockchain ecosystem in Europe. Since then, it has grown into the largest blockchain event in Europe. The upcoming 2H2023 event in Barcelona expects 5,000 attendees and 300 speakers, making it bigger and better than ever. This two-day extravaganza will host three stages, an exhibition area, startup competitions, parties, and more. It's a unique opportunity to connect with the entire blockchain ecosystem and experience the cutting edge of innovation. EBC invites everyone to join and be part of this influential event shaping the blockchain landscape in Europe.

Urban Tech Forward
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Date:  OCT 25 -26, 2023

Urban Tech Forward, Europe's event for urban tech innovators, convenes 1,000+ attendees from 40+ countries. With 100+ speakers and two networking days, the focus is on decarbonizing cities for a sustainable future, crucial as urbanization accelerates. The event features insightful discussions, startup pitch battles, speed networking, and an innovation exhibit. Held in Warsaw, it's organized by Futurae Media, a disruptor in tech-focused events, aiming to unite stakeholders to address sustainability through technology.

The Irish Startup Conference 2023
Location: Ireland
Date: OCT 26, 2023

The Irish Startup Conference 2023, hosted by Startup Network Europe, is a pivotal gathering uniting 500 startup founders, CXOs, and investors from across Ireland. This no-cost event promises engaging panel discussions focusing on scaling up within the Irish startup landscape. Attendees will gain valuable insights from industry experts, participate in a fireside chat, and enjoy extensive networking opportunities. Generously sponsored by Square Root Solutions, INOPTEC Group Ireland, SeedLegals, and Clever Cards, this conference offers a unique platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and fostering growth within the vibrant Irish startup ecosystem. 

Valencia Digital Summit
Location: Valencia, Spain
Date: OCT 26-27, 2023

Valencia Digital Summit 2023 centers on "Building the Good Future" through Technology, Innovation, and Digitization,  uniting 1500+ startups and 450+ investors. This event aims to showcase the positive transformation these elements can bring to society and their role in addressing critical challenges. The summit offers a unique event for startups, corporates, and investors to connect, innovate, and grow. It's an opportunity to network with potential clients, investors, and talent, making visible strides toward a better tomorrow. Join #VDS2023 and be a part of shaping a brighter future.

Brandminds Summit 2023
Location: Bucharest, Romania 
Date: OCT 27, 2023

Join the Business Strategy Masterclass on October 27th, 2023, featuring Professor Costas Markides, an esteemed expert in strategy and innovation from London Business School. With over 20 years of research, Professor Markides will delve into corporate entrepreneurship, strategy, and disruptive innovation. Gain insights into developing strategies in today's volatile world, fostering a culture of innovation, mobilizing organizational support for digital transformation, and effectively managing talent. Apply these lessons to enhance business strategy, innovation focus, leadership skills, and informed decision-making. 

November 2023

Location: Online
Date: NOV 2-3, 2023

Get ready for the Global XR Conference 2023 on November 2-3, focusing on the theme of outer space. Don't miss the exciting virtual after-party with DJ Dominik Vaillant on November 2 at 9 pm UTC. Dive into the XR community, explore virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, and the Metaverse. From workshops to keynotes, this event offers a diverse range of sessions for all levels of expertise. Immerse yourself in the future of XR and embrace the extraordinary. Join us for an unforgettable experience.

Startup Nights 
Location: Winterthur, Switzerland
Date: NOV 2-3, 2023

Discover the epitome of Switzerland's startup scene at Startup Nights on November 2-3, 2023, in Winterthur. With 120 startups across diverse sectors showcasing groundbreaking solutions, and a plethora of workshops, keynotes, and panel discussions featuring seasoned experts, this event offers unmatched opportunities to learn, connect, and innovate. Join over 8,000 attendees, including founders, investors, and key figures from various domains, for a transformative experience. Whether you're seeking inspiration, collaboration, or investment prospects, Startup Nights is the place to be.

The UK Startup Conference 2023
Location: London, UK
Date: NOV 6, 2023

Introducing the UK Startup Conference 2023, a gathering of hundreds of Startup Founders, CXOs, and Investors from across the UK. Organized by Startup Network Europe and proudly sponsored by Square Root Solutions, TikTok for Business, and AI Forge, this conference is a must-attend. Stay tuned for the event agenda announcement.

Future of Emerging Europe
Location: Brussel, Belgium
Date: NOV 7-8, 2023

The Future of Emerging Europe 2023 is set to unfold on November 7-8 in Brussels, focusing on the region's pivotal role and the shift of power towards the east. This summit and awards event gathers influential individuals and organizations, fostering regional development in environmental, social, and governance practices. The initiative strives to create knowledge, provoke debate, identify growth opportunities, and act for progress within the framework of the United Nations' five development dimensions. By participating, you can establish thought leadership, enhance your brand's visibility, and forge valuable connections within this network of changemakers.

Wolves Summit
Location: Vienna, Austria
Date: NOV 8-9, 2023

Wolves Summit Vienna is back this November, promising two days of top-tier matchmaking in Vienna, at the heart of Europe. Wolves Summit is a global platform that effectively connects startups, investors, and partners worldwide through various engagements, including flagship events, digital events, and WolvesX—in innovation arm tailored to address corporate and government innovation challenges. With years of experience, Wolves Summit is known for organizing the largest, most active tech and innovation conference in Central Eastern Europe, bringing together creative minds and tech enthusiasts to network and make meaningful connections.

The Big Score 2023
Location: Ghent, Belgium
Date: NOV 8-9, 2023

The Big Score is a premier tech event focused on accelerating interaction between high-growth data tech solutions, venture capital, and corporate innovation sourcing. It features live pitches by innovative European startups, connecting them with international VCs and corporates to facilitate new deals. With an exclusive invitation-only policy, it offers two full days of impactful networking and deal-making.Diverse participation: 17 nationalities, 80 top tech scale-ups, 600+ tech investors, corporates, and pitching founders. Record-breaking prescheduled one-on-one meetings: 1820+ between founders, corporates, and investors. &, a powerhouse in the Belgian tech ecosystem, joined forces to create The Big Score. They specialize in connecting startups and scale-ups with investors, corporates, and global partners, fast-tracking innovation and collaboration. Their events, including The Big Score, facilitate networking, inspiration, and matchmaking, embodying their mission to accelerate the growth of tech companies.

Ory Summit
Location: Munich, Germany
Date: NOV 9, 2023

Get ready to dive into the future of identity and access management, exploring the limitless possibilities of user security and data protection. Ory Summit 2023 is an event that embodies innovation, sustainability, and the pursuit of a secure digital world.By attending the Ory Summit, you will be at the forefront of groundbreaking innovations and the latest trends in user identity and access management. You'll have the opportunity to network with leading experts and like-minded professionals who share a common vision: to create a safer and more sustainable digital world.

Web Summit
Location: Portugal, Lisbon
Date: NOV 13-16, 2023

Web Summit is a globally renowned event management company based in Dublin, Ireland, renowned for organizing influential tech conferences across the world. They host a range of prestigious events including Web Summit in Lisbon, Web Summit Rio in Rio de Janeiro, Web Summit Qatar in Doha, Collision in Toronto, and RISE in Hong Kong. These events bring together an exceptional gathering of policymakers, industry leaders, and tech innovators to explore and shape the future amidst a backdrop of uncertainty. Web Summit is often acclaimed as the epitome of tech conferences and a platform where the future is envisioned and craft. Web Summit is set to unite a colossal gathering of 70,000+ individuals, including trailblazing companies that are reshaping and redefining the landscape of the technology industry.

European Fintech Hackelerator
Location: Online
Date: NOV 15-17, 2023

The European FinTech Hackcelerator 2023 is an event for AI startups in the finance sector. It caters to European startups with cutting-edge AI solutions looking to expand into ASEAN markets. Up to 10 startups compete for a chance to present at the Singapore FinTech Festival and win a S$20,000 Cash Stipend. The EFH '23 winner gains access to an ongoing workshop program with Singaporean partners (October - November).

Berlin Marketing Conference
Location: Berlin, Germany 
Date: NOV 17, 2023

The Berlin Marketing Conference 2023 is bringing together 150+ Marketing Professionals from Berlin for an evening of knowledge-sharing and networking. Hosted by Arden University Berlin and Startup Network Europe, this event is sponsored by TikTok for Business and is free to attend. The agenda includes networking, an introduction by Adam Fulham, Founder of Startup Network Europe, and Philippe Gales, SMB Strategic Partnerships Lead for Germany, Austria & Switzerland at TikTok for Business, followed by a panel discussion on "Marketing Berlin." Detailed agenda to be announced later. 

Deep Tech Summit
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Date: NOV 20-22, 2023

The Deep Tech Summit connects investors, startups, scientists, engineers, and industry leaders in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region. It's a platform focusing on startups rooted in research or high-tech engineering, addressing complex challenges. The event brings together 700+ attendees from 15+ countries, including 350+ startups, 150 investors, and representatives from 150+ local ecosystems in the CEE. With 25+ investment funds and media, it amplifies the potential of deep tech to drive innovation and investment in the CEE region.

Women of Silicon Roundabout
Location: London, UK 
Date: NOV 22-23, 2023

"Women of Silicon Roundabout" is the UK’s largest tech event for women, recognized with the 'Best UK Conference' award at the AEO Excellence Awards 2023. Founded in 2015, it's a pivotal part of the global gender diversity movement in tech and a flagship event in the Women in Technology World Series. The event connects tech innovators, leaders, and industry pioneers to dive into the New Frontier of tech innovation. Attendees have the opportunity to network, engage with inspirational speakers, explore the latest tech innovations, and seek career guidance. The Women in Tech World Series spans multiple locations, offering a platform to supercharge careers and network with leading businesses.

Eastern European Gaming Summit (EEGS) 
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Date: NOV 22-23, 2023

The Eastern European Gaming Summit (EEGS) is an annual gaming conference focused on the gaming and entertainment industry in the European region. It convenes over 250 industry representatives from 22 countries to provide insights into regulatory and technological advancements. EEGS serves as a platform to deepen knowledge, connect with industry experts, and stay updated on emerging opportunities and challenges in the European gaming sector. The event facilitates networking, interactive trainings, and discussions, making it a valuable experience for enhancing competence and strengthening business connections. EEGS features over 50 speakers and 300+ delegates, covering crucial topics and trends in both land-based and online gaming.

Next Block Expo
Location: Berlin, Germany
Date: NOV 22-23, 2023

Next Block Expo is a cyclic conference that gathers founders, investors, and blockchain experts worldwide to redefine and discover the future of web3. The event covers the entire web3 sector, including exchanges, payments providers, blockchain developers, traders, ICO participants, NFT enthusiasts, and more. With nine successful summits already held, Next Block Expo offers opportunities to learn from industry leaders, expand networks, and explore new investment avenues. The upcoming event is scheduled for December 4-5, 2023, in Berlin, Germany, featuring a mobile app for networking and match-making, dedicated content, networking sessions, and special recognition for women in the web3 space through NBX Women Ambassador program.

Location: Munich, Germany
Date: NOV 28 - 29, 2023

BIM World MUNICH 2023 is the leading event for digitalization in the construction, real estate, and facility management sectors. It serves as a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and showcasing the latest developments in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and related technologies. With over 8,000 visitors, 250 exhibitors, and 250 speakers, the event provides valuable insights and opportunities for professionals in these industries to stay at the forefront of digital transformation. Additionally, BIM Studio 365 offers a media library with content from thought leaders, experts, and startups, focusing on innovations in construction, real estate, and urban planning.

Immersive Tech Week
Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Date: NOV 28 - DEC 1, 2023

Experience the future at Immersive Tech Week 2023, happening from November 28 to December 1 in Rotterdam. Explore the realms of VR, AR, XR, AI, haptics, and more. Engage with 150+ speakers, 100 companies, and 5,500 attendees from 60 different nationalities. This event promises 60 conferences and a chance to delve into cutting-edge tech that will define tomorrow. Join this exhilarating celebration of immersive technologies, fostering creativity, integration, and connectivity. Get ready to shape a sustainable future and unlock endless possibilities in the immersive tech space.

Health Tech Forward
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Date: NOV 29 - 30, 2023

Health Tech Forward, Europe's premier event for health tech innovation, returns on November 28-29, 2023, in Warsaw, Poland. With 1,000+ attendees from 40+ countries and a lineup of 150+ speakers, including digital health entrepreneurs, investors, and tech leaders, the event will spotlight trends shaping the future of healthcare. Experience two days of quality content, empowering keynotes, interactive discussions, and unparalleled networking opportunities, focusing on the transformative technologies revolutionizing health and wellness.

Tech Summit 
Location: London, UK
Date: NOV 29 - 30, 2023

The Tech Summit offers two days of exceptional masterclasses, workshops, speakers, and networking opportunities. Highlights include professional development, tech talks, emerging technologies, business transformation, innovation, and sustainability themes. With 1,000 attendees, 50+ speakers, and 40+ sessions, the event provides an unmissable opportunity for insights, connections, and inspiration in the tech world. Get ready for a power-packed day featuring expert speakers, workshops, professional development, and exclusive networking opportunities.

Location: Finland, Helsinki 
Date: NOV 30 -  DEC 1, 2023

Slush is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating the world's premier startup event and the largest VC gathering, offering actionable advice for company building. It brings together the startup ecosystem's core, including founders, operators, investors, media, and policymakers. The event features a Meeting Area with 300 tables for networking and matchmaking, facilitating over 20,500 meetings during Slush days. Additionally, Slush Week hosts numerous Side Events, providing diverse networking opportunities. Slush aims to be a unique platform for connecting with peers, gaining inspiration, and having a great time while learning from iconic startup builders and industry experts.

Location: London, UK 
Date:  NOV 30 -  DEC 1, 2023

IoT Tech Expo is a premier event focused on IoT, Digital Twins, IoT Security, and more. Taking place on November 30 to December 1, 2023, at Olympia London, it will gather 6,000 attendees, 150+ speakers, and 200+ exhibitors across 5 co-located events. The expo will delve into IoT innovations, industry challenges, and solutions, covering topics like Digital Transformation, Data Analytics, and Security. Attendees, including tech leaders, can access rich content, live demos, and ample networking opportunities, making it a must-attend event in the IoT space.

December 2023

European Cloud Summit
Location: Wiesbaden, Germany 
Date: DEC 4-6, 2023

The European Cloud Summit, happening from 4-6 December 2023 in Wiesbaden, Germany, is the largest European conference dedicated to Microsoft Azure, OpenAI, and Cloud Computing. Partnered with Microsoft, the event boasts 1200+ attendees, providing an opportunity to connect with industry experts, engage with Microsoft executives, and network with potential partners and customers from all over Europe. Microsoft's active involvement includes shaping the event's program, providing keynote speakers, establishing direct engagement with attendees, and promoting innovation by recognizing and rewarding startups attending the Cloud Summit.

SIDO Paris
Location: Paris, France 
Date:  DEC 6-7, 2023

SIDO Paris, the eminent innovation event, is back for its third edition on December 6-7, 2023, at the Palais des Congrès in Paris. This essential European trade fair converges IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Digital infrastructure, and Cybersecurity Solutions and Technologies. Positioned in key industrial regions of France, it provides a platform for strategic innovation and operational decision-makers to explore the latest trends and technologies. The event offers a rich program including plenary conferences, expert round tables, workshops, and success story sharing. With 150 exhibitors, 30 conferences, and 120 speakers, SIDO Paris is a must-attend for professionals from diverse sectors, focusing on IoT, AI convergence, 5G, Ultra-Connectivity, and Cybersecurity. Access to this event is free for all professionals upon reservation.

CEPS Cybersecurity Summit
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Date: DEC 6, 2023

The EU has often been recognized as a global regulatory influencer, exporting its regulatory decisions worldwide. The "Brussels Effect" describes this phenomenon, highlighting the EU's ability to influence regulatory replication in other legal systems. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) stands as a prime example, triggering global emulation since its enforcement in 2018. This year's CEPS Cybersecurity Summit delves into moving beyond the Brussels Effect in the domain of cybersecurity. It addresses the challenges of translating cyber policy initiatives into concrete actions amid the evolving cybersecurity landscape in the EU. The summit explores coherence and consistency across legislations, compliance measures, and leveraging the existing EU cyber regulatory framework to foster international standards and regulatory collaboration with other nations.

TestJS Summit
Location: Berlin, Germany
Date: DEC 7, 2023

Join the TestJS Summit 2023 for two days of all things JavaScript testing. The event includes in-person sessions in Berlin with hybrid networking and remote interactive entertainment, along with online workshops and global streaming. Connect with over 500 QA and DEV professionals, learn about best practices, and stay updated with the latest in JS testing.

Location: Lamot, Belgium
Date:  DEC 7-8, 2023

CloudBrew 2023, presented by AZUG, the Belgium Microsoft Azure User Group, is a two-day conference dedicated to all things Microsoft Azure. Join us for a deep dive into Azure with a variety of tracks to choose from, featuring local and international speakers sharing their expertise. Enjoy a delightful lunch buffet at the historic brewery venue, fostering an intimate atmosphere for meaningful networking and learning. Engage with the community, share experiences, and advance your knowledge of the Azure Services Platform and .NET Services technology. Prepare yourself for the future of application development and architecture.

NOAH Conference 
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Date: DEC 13-14, 2023

Established in 2009, NOAH has been a driving force in connecting digital market leaders. In alignment with the urgent need for sustainability, we have expanded our mission. Alongside digital growth companies, we now showcase curated solutions for natural ecosystem protection and CO2 reduction. NOAH Zurich is a 2-day conference featuring 250+ high-profile startups presenting to a diverse audience, including digital investors, family offices, corporates, and impact-driven organizations. Our primary goal is to fund sustainable tech solutions and facilitate collaboration within the natural capital ecosystem. Markets covered include conservation, carbon markets, ESG ratings, transportation, education, healthcare, and more. 

January 2024

Location: Porto, Portugal
Date:  JAN 13, 2024

Startups World is a global conference uniting visionary entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors to drive positive change. The event focuses on leveraging technology, design, and innovation to address pressing global challenges. Participants learn from top industry leaders, aiming to inspire action and collaboration for a better future. The mission is to empower and educate individuals worldwide, encouraging their active contribution to a brighter world through knowledge, tools, and mentorship. Startups World thrives on a growing community dedicated to elevating collective standards and effecting meaningful impact.

Location: Helsinki, Finland
Date:  JAN 11-14, 2024

Join 200+ founders & investors on a ferry from January 11-14, 2024, sailing from Travemünde to Helsinki and back. This unique event offers inspiring pitches, investments, talks, and workshops. Engage with like-minded individuals, potential co-founders, mentors, and experts. Sessions cover various topics from product storytelling to mental & physical health approaches—all happening on the main deck.

Location: Estonia, Online
Date:  JAN 24-26, 2024

Join for sTARTUp Day 2024, the ultimate business festival in Tartu, Estonia, from January 24-26. Immerse in a startup-minded community, featuring 150+ speakers, pitching competitions, workshops, and a vibrant expo showcasing the latest innovations. Network, find investors, and explore collaborations. Don't miss the afterparty and other thrilling side events. Experience the unique festival atmosphere where the startup mindset thrives.

February 2024

Innovation Explorer
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Date: FEB 22, 2024

"Innovation Explorer" is an event that focuses on cultivating an innovation culture in Bulgarian business and academic communities. The event aims to emphasize the significance of change and innovation in a rapidly evolving world. It encourages attendees to embrace change as a driver of growth and development. The event will provide insights into Systematic Innovation methodologies through training, seminars, and consultancy, emphasizing their application in business processes. The overarching goal is to empower companies to achieve sustainable growth through practical actions in new business development, problem-solving, and organizational setup. The event is organized and delivered by Innovation StarterBox.

Location: Spain, Barcelona
Date: FEB 26-29, 2024

4YFN (4 Years From Now) is a global event that partners with Mobile World Congress (MWC), the world's largest connectivity event, connecting entrepreneurs and investors. With an audience of 88,500, it offers opportunities to showcase startups to potential investors and decision-makers. In its 10th anniversary year, 4YFN is expanding its offerings with more stages, speakers, and themes like Growth, AI, and Startup Funding. The 4YFN Awards provide startups with international exposure and industry recognition. The event aims to empower startups and foster innovation in the connectivity sector.

MWC Barcelona
Location: Spain, Barcelona
Date: FEB 26-29, 2024

MWC Barcelona 2024, the world's largest mobile event, is set to take place from February 26 to 29, 2024, at Fira Gran Via, Barcelona. In 2023, the event saw a remarkable turnout with over 88.5K attendees, 50% holding director-level positions or above, and participation from 202 countries and territories. For 2024, they invite exhibitors and sponsors to be a part of this grand event, offering tailored packages to suit various business objectives. The event will emphasize key themes, urging participants to plan their proposals and actively engage with future-focused discussions.

Location: Munich Messe, Germany
Date: FEB 27-28, 2024

ManuSec Europe is hosting the "Cyber Security For Critical Manufacturing Summit" on February 27th-28th, 2024, at H4 Munich Messe, Germany. This event provides a unique and exclusive meeting point for IT and OT security leaders in Europe’s manufacturing industry to share profound cyber security knowledge. It offers real-life case studies, panel debates, and keynote presentations, fostering discussions through roundtables and networking breaks. Professionals can engage, collaborate, and discuss best practices, addressing security challenges in IT and OT, with a focus on core industries such as automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, FMCG, agriculture, food and beverage, machinery, electronics, building materials, and energy.

March 2024

Digitalisierung jetzt
Location: Berlin, Germany
Date: MAR 6-7, 2024

"Digitalisierung jetzt!" is a B2B event by Bitkom, showcasing the latest in digitalization tech. Top executives and digital experts gather in Berlin for workshops, keynotes, and interactive experiences. Attendees explore innovations, network, and access career opportunities, creating a hub for tech insights and collaboration.

Location: Innsbruck, Austria
Date: MAR 13-15, 2024

"Skinnovation" is Europe's first ski-based startup and innovation festival. From March 13-15, 2024, in Innsbruck, over 1,000 startups, investors, and innovators converged for skiing, networking, and slope-side discussions. Pitching even happens in ski lifts! Enjoy skiing, engage in table discussions, and unwind at exciting evening events. It's the ultimate fusion of entrepreneurship and alpine adventure.

Location: Europa-Park / Rust, Germany
Date: MAR 18-21, 2024

"CloudFest" is the world's premier internet infrastructure event, celebrating its 20th anniversary in Europa-Park, Germany from March 18-21, 2024. It brings together 8,000+ participants, 250+ speakers, and 150+ partners from 80+ countries. The event transforms an amusement park into a hub for knowledge sharing, partnerships, and exciting industry parties. Attendees engage with cutting-edge technology and passionate individuals, making it a must-attend for the global cloud computing community. #CloudFest is where the cloud industry's future unfolds.

Location: Europa-Park / Rust, Germany
Date: MAR 18-21, 2024

Mark your calendars for March 19-20, 2024, as Warsaw becomes the epicenter of Central & Eastern European (CEE) venture capital. The CEE VC Summit, hosted by Vestbee, the region's foremost platform connecting startups with global VC funds and accelerators, is an exclusive, invitation-only event that unites nearly 200 VC fund managers from CEE and Western European VC ecosystems.

This two-day summit is unparalleled in its scale and focus on fostering cross-border connections between VC fund managers (GPs) and handpicked LPs. Throughout the conference, top VC fund leaders delve into market trends, the challenges and opportunities within the CEE ecosystem, fund fundraising, LP relationship building, effective portfolio management and valuation, board dynamics, and value creation strategies.

Location: Warsaw, Poland 
Date: MAR 19-20, 2024

Mark your calendars for March 19-20, 2024, as Warsaw becomes the epicenter of Central & Eastern European (CEE) venture capital. The CEE VC Summit, hosted by Vestbee, the region's foremost platform connecting startups with global VC funds and accelerators, is an exclusive, invitation-only event that unites nearly 200 VC fund managers from CEE and Western European VC ecosystems.  This two-day summit is unparalleled in its scale and focus on fostering cross-border connections between VC fund managers (GPs) and handpicked LPs. Throughout the conference, top VC fund leaders delve into market trends, the challenges and opportunities within the CEE ecosystem, fund fundraising, LP relationship building, effective portfolio management and valuation, board dynamics, and value creation strategies.

START Summit
Location: St. Gallen, Switzerland
Date: MAR 21-22, 2024

START Summit is an annual student-run flagship conference held in St. Gallen, Switzerland, connecting tomorrow's founders with today's leaders to create exciting opportunities. The event hosts over 6,000 participants and 220+ speakers, making it a must-attend conference for aspiring entrepreneurs, investors, students, and business leaders. START Summit provides a platform for networking, employment opportunities, entrepreneurial ventures, and fresh ideas. Over the years, it has evolved into a significant event where start-ups find their beginning, supported by initiatives like START Hack and START Fellowship. Additionally, START Global, a non-profit student initiative, aims to cultivate entrepreneurial talent and foster innovative potential within Europe's startup ecosystem. With strong community support and an impactful history, START Summit is a hub for entrepreneurial development and collaboration.

Hello Tomorrow
Location: Paris, France
Date: MAR 21-22, 2024

Hello Tomorrow is a global organization focused on accelerating the transfer of deep technologies to address significant industrial, environmental, and societal challenges. Their mission involves scouting deep tech solutions through partnerships with universities and accelerators, building a collaborative ecosystem connecting startups, investors, and organizations, offering innovation consulting and services, and maintaining a deep tech observatory to analyze innovation trends and dynamics. Founded in 2011, Hello Tomorrow aims to utilize science and advanced engineering to positively impact the world, particularly by promoting and supporting deep tech innovations.

ChangeNOW 2024
Location: Paris, France
Date: MAR 25-27, 2024

ChangeNOW 2024 is a three-day summit uniting innovators and changemakers to address significant global challenges. It facilitates collaboration between entrepreneurs, business leaders, and policy-makers to accelerate positive change. The mission is to connect and mobilize innovators, investors, companies, media, and cities worldwide to find impactful solutions for the pressing challenges of our era. The annual summit highlights a new wave of entrepreneurs driving positive transformation across the globe.

Digital Transformation in Healthcare
Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Date: MAR 28, 2024

Connect with key players in Health & Life Sciences at Innovation for Health 2024 in Rotterdam on March 28. The theme is "Breaking Boundaries for a Sustainable Future in Healthcare." Join over 800 innovators, entrepreneurs, scientists, policy makers, investors, and more to gain insights into the latest trends, discover collaboration opportunities, and get inspired to innovate for the future of healthcare. This event is a platform for sharing insights, showcasing high-impact innovations, and expanding your network in the sector.

 April 2024

Energy Tech Summit
Location: Europe, TBC
Date: APR  10-11, 2024

The Energy Tech Summit is Europe's prime climate tech event driving decarbonization. This premier climate tech event gathers 1000+ attendees from 40+ countries, including 100+ speakers. Engage in innovative discussions, networking opportunities, and gain insights to drive decarbonization efforts.Get inspired by over 50 clean energy leaders, connect with startups, and find innovative ideas. Engage in curated networking and exhibit spaces for valuable connections. Experience a blend of productivity and enjoyment at the forefront of climate tech advancements.

TNW Valencia 2023
Location: Valencia, Spain
Date: APR  11-12, 2024

TNW València 2024 is a tech event that stems from the renowned TNW Conference held in Amsterdam for over 16 years. It's an innovation hub gathering over 2000 attendees, including startups, investors, and industry leaders. The event explores the latest in tech, fostering connections and unveiling the future of technology. With a focus on Valencia's burgeoning tech scene, it aims to amplify the local ecosystem and provide a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and business opportunities. The event offers talks, exhibitions, and networking, making it a must-attend for tech enthusiasts and professionals.

Location: London, UK
Date: APR  16-17, 2024

FutureNet, a cutting-edge event, focuses on the future of telecoms with a spotlight on "Network Automation and AI." This event delves into strategic and commercial priorities in today's digital world while charting the course for tomorrow's telecom landscape. Exploring technology trends and business models, FutureNet aims to unlock growth opportunities. In a data-rich era driven by cloud and IoT, AI stands as a transformative tool, enabling intelligent network operations, self-healing systems, and streamlined decision-making. Automation is crucial for service providers to thrive in this rapidly connected world. 

100 Conference Europe
Location: Amsterdam
Date: APR  16-18, 2024

0100 Conference Europe 2023 is a premier 3-day event held in Amsterdam in cooperation with the city. This gathering brings together over 450 leading LPs and GPs in the private equity and venture capital industry from Europe. Attendees can expect global networking, one-on-one meetings, VIP networking at the Opening Gala Dinner, world-class content, and enhanced brand visibility. It's an opportunity to delve into trends and insights in private equity and venture capital, while also enjoying exclusive side networking events, expert-led workshops, and in-depth discussions. The event is a must-attend for those seeking to grow their network and gain valuable industry insights.

Tech Chill
Location: Latvia, Riga
Date: APR  17-19, 2024

TechChill Riga, the Baltic's premier tech and startup event, draws 2.3k+ participants, including 230+ investors, forming a hub for knowledge sharing, skill enhancement, and networking. This annual gathering unites startups, investors, industry experts, media, and tech enthusiasts. Activities like pitch battles, investor days, stage discussions, and lively parties facilitate valuable connections and celebrate innovation. TechChill Riga amplifies collaboration, showcases startups, and cultivates investment prospects, embodying the vibrant Baltic tech ecosystem.

Data Innovation Summit
Location:  Stockholm, Sweden
Date: APR  24-25, 2024

The Data Innovation Summit is annual event focusing on Data, AI, and Advanced Analytics. Hosted on April 24th & 25th, 2024, both onsite at Kistamässan, Stockholm, and online via Agorify, the summit offers radical ideas with proven ROI. It brings together leading minds in Data Science, AI, Big Data, and related fields to discuss and accelerate AI-driven transformation in various domains. With a program featuring multiple stages, workshops, TIP sessions, and networking activities, it's the go-to event for professionals and organizations keen on leveraging data and AI for innovation and progress. 

May 2024

EU-Startups Summit
Location:  Malta
Date: MAY  9-10, 2024

The EU-Startups Summit 2024 is a premier event in Malta on May 9-10, uniting over 2,000 founders, investors, corporates, and media across Europe. It offers a platform for networking, fireside chats, keynotes, and a pitch competition featuring 15 exciting early-stage startups. The event is a hub for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors seeking to build international tech companies, providing opportunities for knowledge sharing, inspiration, and valuable connections. With an exhibition hall showcasing 50 innovative companies and dedicated networking tools, this event is a must for anyone looking to engage with Europe's startup ecosystem.

Rejuvenation Startup Summit
Location:  Berlin, Germany
Date: MAY  10-11, 2024

The Rejuvenation Startup Summit 2024, taking place in Berlin on May 10-11, is a pivotal networking event focusing on the advancement of the rejuvenation biotech sector. It gathers startups, longevity venture capital investors, and researchers keen on launching or contributing to startups in the field. The summit, in its second edition, is a global congregation aimed at propelling the development of rejuvenation biotech, a burgeoning area in medicine aiming to combat and reverse age-related diseases by targeting the aging process itself. The event encompasses engaging keynotes, presentations, panels, and an extensive startup forum facilitating seamless networking. Attendees will have ample opportunities to connect, learn, and collaborate with industry leaders, startups, and potential team members. The summit promises insights from leading investors, live presentations by startups, and interactive discussions, making it an essential platform for rejuvenation innovation and collaboration.

Location:  Slovenia, Maribor
Date: MAY  13-15, 2024

Podim is one of the premier startup and tech events in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region, situated in Slovenia. It serves as a hub where innovation converges with business prospects, funding opportunities, and knowledge exchange. The event gathers a diverse lineup of speakers, each contributing valuable insights, experience, and success stories to enrich the event, held live in Maribor. As a pivotal player in the regional startup ecosystem, Podim facilitates meaningful connections and collaborations by uniting international investors, established corporations, startups, and scaleups from the Alps-Adriatic and Western Balkans regions. To ensure optimal learning and networking quality, Podim strategically limits the number of participants to 1,000, providing ample opportunities to personally engage with distinguished speakers and connect with investors, business leaders, and fellow participants. Podim serves as a vital networking platform, fostering efficient collaboration, deal-making, and knowledge sharing within and beyond the region.

Iceland Innovation Week
Location: Reykjavík, Iceland
Date: MAY  13-17, 2024

Iceland Innovation Week is a festival that celebrates and showcases innovation. It is held annually at the end of May and features a diverse range of events including panel discussions, company visits, happy hours, and more. The festival takes place in Reykjavík, Iceland, and attracts not only founders and startups but also larger companies and public institutions. The primary objectives of the event are to increase the visibility of the innovation sector, create a platform for knowledge sharing, and serve as an international marketing window. The festival aims to explore innovations that have the potential to change the way we view the world and contribute to a sustainable future.

Cloud & Cyber Security Expo
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Date: MAY  22-23, 2024

Cloud & Cyber Security Expo is a vital gathering for enhancing cyber resilience and security. It provides a platform to discover the latest cyber security solutions, engage with thought leaders, and connect with a diverse community of tech enthusiasts and cyber security leaders. The event is focused on addressing the risks to digital environments and aims to equip businesses with the necessary tools and knowledge to safeguard their assets and data in the face of evolving cyber threats. Attendees include C-Level executives, decision-makers, security strategists, managers, and team leaders in cyber security and IT domains, making it a valuable event for anyone seeking to strengthen their cyber defenses and stay informed about the latest trends and practices in the field.

Location: Gdynia, Poland
Date: May 22-23, 2023

Infoshare 2024, scheduled for May 22-23 in Gdańsk, is a pinnacle event for tech enthusiasts. Gathering over 6,500 attendees, 150+ speakers, and 500+ startups, it's a hotspot for software developers, entrepreneurs, investors, and more. Rooted in a passion for technology and community, Infoshare fosters knowledge sharing, innovation, and networking

Deeptech Trial by Fire
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Date:  TBC

Deeptech Trial by Fire is a competition designed for deep-tech startups from Poland and Ukraine. It offers an opportunity to showcase your startup, connect with investors and industry experts, expand your network, and contribute to discussions about the needs of deep tech startups. The winners will have the chance to attend the prestigious Web Summit in Lisbon, one of Europe's major startup events. The competition deadline is 31st May, and the finale is scheduled for 28th June in Warsaw. Stay tuned for updates on the competition through their social media and website. For more information and to participate, fill out the provided form. Terms and conditions can be found on their website.

Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Date:  MAY 22-24

Latitude59 is a premier startup and tech event held in Tallinn from May 22-24, 2024. It's renowned for bringing startups and investors together, offering a platform for networking, fundraising, and media attention. The event includes a Pitch Competition with a €1 million prize fund, Demo Area for startups to showcase their products, and a matchmaking system to connect with relevant individuals. Latitude59 aims to tackle global challenges by harnessing the power of the startup and tech community, with a focus on envisioning the future and taking meaningful actions. With 3,000 attendees from over 50 countries, 160+ speakers, and various side events, it provides an intimate and impactful experience in the vibrant startup ecosystem.

Location: Paris, France
Date:  MAY 22-25, 2024

VivaTech is Europe's largest startup and tech event, will be held from May 22-25, 2024, at Expo Porte de Versailles in Paris, France. The event will feature 1,800 startups, 1,700 venture capitalists (VCs), and an impressive attendance of 91,000 visitors. Over four days, attendees will immerse themselves in a dynamic environment of business opportunities, growth prospects, and inspirational insights. The event brings together disruptive tech, innovative entrepreneurs, and major technology breakthroughs, fostering an ecosystem where business meets innovation. VivaTech connects thousands of startups, investors, organizations, researchers, media, and talent, addressing the world's significant challenges and advancing the tech landscape.

Dublin Tech Summit
Location: Dublin
Date:  MAY 29-30, 2024

Dublin Tech Summit, Europe’s rapidly expanding tech festival, is set to take place on May 29-30, 2024, at the RDS in Dublin. This two-day event gathers global pioneers in innovation, technology, and business to shape the future of global trends and technologies. As a key player in the international tech landscape, Dublin has become the EMEA base for major global tech companies. Over the past six years, Dublin Tech Summit has grown into one of Europe's fastest-growing B2B tech events. The upcoming summit on May 29-30, 2024, aims to unite the international community of innovators, thought-leaders, and influencers once again at the renowned RDS venue in Dublin, Ireland. Join to engage with tech leaders and the innovators of tomorrow, and seize the opportunity to network and collaborate.

Food Tech Congress
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Date:  MAY 29-30, 2024

Fostering food tech innovation, the annual Food Tech Congress will take place on May 29-30, 2024, in Warsaw, Poland. This event brings together food tech entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, and government leaders from across the globe to collaborate and drive the industry forward. The congress will feature 12 conference themes covering topics such as food as medicine, alternative proteins, food waste, and agritech 5.0. Attendees can expect engaging discussions and ample networking opportunities to spur innovative solutions in the food industry. The event includes segments like "Food For Thought" on market dynamics and impactful discussions, "Innovators’ Spotlight" showcasing thriving startups, "Food Tech Challengers" featuring promising startups' pitches, curated networking sessions, and an exhibit space for meaningful interactions. Additionally, the event offers a balance of entertainment, live music, city tours, and innovative food experiences, fostering a vibrant and engaging atmosphere. 

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Date:  MAY 30-31, 2024

LOGIN is one of the content-rich innovation event in the Baltic States. Considered a festival, it draws around 4,000 tech-savvy individuals eager for knowledge and change. Celebrating its 17th year, LOGIN aims to explore the impacts and challenges posed by technological advancements, inspiring attendees with mind-boggling insights. It's a space to delve into groundbreaking ideas that could birth the next unicorn and glimpse into the future. Scheduled for May 30-31, 2024, this event boasts 200+ speakers across 5 stages, offering 2 days of enriching content. It's a place where groundbreaking concepts are born and discussed. Attendees will hear insights from innovators, industry leaders, and global visionaries, sparking inspiration both professionally and personally. The speaker lineup is continually updated to cater to diverse interests.

June 2024

South Summit
Location: Madrid, Spain
Date: JUN 5-7, 2024

South Summit, initially known as Spain Startup, emerged in 2012 during an economic downturn, recognizing the potential of entrepreneurs in revitalizing the economy. Today, it stands as a prominent entity promoting entrepreneurship, business opportunities, talent, and innovation. Over the years, South Summit has evolved into a global hub connecting cutting-edge entrepreneurs, influential investors, and corporations aiming to enhance their competitiveness through innovation. With a significant impact, it hosts events attracting thousands of attendees, investors, and startups from diverse sectors and countries. South Summit startups have garnered substantial funding, underlining its role as a vital ecosystem for startups to flourish. Join the vibrant and dynamic atmosphere of South Summit to elevate your startup and connect with industry leaders.

Location: Berlin, Germany
Date: JUN 4-6, 2024

SuperVenture is a prominent event focused on LP/VC relations, part of the renowned SuperReturn Series in the world of private capital. Scheduled from 4-6 June 2024 in Berlin, it expects over 1,000 attendees, including 350+ LPs and 550+ VCs. The event offers insightful discussions on the latest investment opportunities, market trends, valuations, LP allocations, and ESG integration. Attendees get a unique opportunity to network, engage in interactive discussions, and access tailored LP-led content. The event hosts industry leaders, LPs, and VCs, providing an ideal platform for networking, learning, and exploring collaboration. 

Bits & Pretzels
Location: Munich, Germany
Date: JUN 5-6, 2024

Bits & Pretzels HealthTech is a premier HealthTech conference uniting the brightest minds in the European healthcare industry. Attendees range from startup founders and Pharma executives to TechGiants, insurers, policymakers, and more. With a focus on collaboration and positive impact on European healthcare, the event boasts over 2,500 attendees, including 1,200+ executives, 400+ investors, and 100+ exhibitors. It offers a unique platform for diverse stakeholders to connect, network, and forge meaningful partnerships. The event occurs annually at the end of June in the Munich International Congress Center, backed by founding partners Roche, EIT Health, and the legendary Bits & Pretzels Founder Conference. 

The Carpathian Startup Fest (CSF24)
Location: Rzeszow, Poland
Date: JUN 5-6, 2024

The Carpathian Startup Fest (CSF24) is an annual event organized by Rzeszow Regional Development Agency, Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park “Aeropolis,” and partners. This event focuses on promoting entrepreneurship and technology by bringing together startups, investors, corporate partners, media, and founders. CSF24 offers a platform for networking, learning, and collaboration, featuring two days of insightful speeches, lectures, and panel discussions. Whether you're looking for funding, aiming to enhance your business, improve brand positioning, or connect with fellow hi-tech enthusiasts, CSF24 provides a valuable opportunity to achieve your goals.

SuperReturn International
Location: Berlin, Germany
Date: JUN 6-9, 2024

SuperReturn International is the premier gathering in private capital, attracting over 5,000 decision-makers, including 1,500+ LPs and 2,400+ GPs from 70+ countries. The event, held from 6-9 June 2023 in Berlin, is a hub for networking and knowledge sharing. Attendees gain valuable insights on innovation, ESG, growth, private debt, value, regeneration, and return in the private capital world. The event showcased highlights, and delegates can access on-demand sessions through the Streamly platform post-event. SuperReturn is a key player in private equity and venture capital events globally, offering exclusive videos, interviews, and expert insights.

The Unchain Fintech Festival
Location: TBC
Date: TBC

The Unchain Fintech Festival is a significant gathering for professionals in the financial sector, including bankers, financial institutions, technology providers, startups, investors, and other stakeholders in the Central Eastern Europe (CEE) ecosystem. The event offers a platform to discuss the latest trends, explore business opportunities, and ignite innovation in fintech and blockchain. Unchain aims to unite both public and private sectors globally to advance fintech topics in the CEE region and beyond. Through a 2-day festival, attendees will have the chance to connect, learn about emerging trends, and discover vibrant digital solutions while honoring the rich heritage of the CEE region.

Location: Helskinki, Finland
Date:  JUN 6-7, 2024

Arctic15 is a groundbreaking startup conference that emphasizes values-led matchmaking. It serves as a hub for startup entrepreneurs, investors, corporates, and media from over 60 countries, facilitating efficient and purposeful connections among businesses. ArcticStartup, the organizer, is an independent technology company focused on reporting digital startups and growth entrepreneurship in the Nordic and Baltic regions. They are committed to providing extensive coverage of news and trends crucial for fostering a thriving entrepreneurship community in Northern Europe. Arctic15, their flagship event, attracts an international audience, including investors, startups, scaleups, corporates, and influencers, converging in Helsinki every spring.

London Tech Week
Location: London, UK
Date:  JUN 10-14, 2024

London Tech Week, set to unfold from June 10th-14th, 2024, is gearing up to be a monumental event. With double the space and impact at the new campus in London Olympia, it's expected to draw in a massive gathering of over 30,000 participants, featuring 300+ speakers, 70+ partners, and multiple zones. The aim is to unite global tech for sustainable innovation. After the triumph of London Tech Week 2023, the focus is now on what's ahead. Exclusive events are lined up throughout the year, covering diverse topics such as ClimateTech, HealthTech, and events promoting equality and representation. London Tech Week offers various participation opportunities, from bespoke webinars to campus events, providing a platform to assert market leadership, showcase tech innovations, connect with the target audience, and grasp outstanding PR opportunities.

Bucharest Technology Week
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Date:  JUN 10-16, 2024

Bucharest Technology Week is a dynamic event reflecting rapid tech-driven lifestyle shifts. In the previous edition, it emphasized adapting to a transformed world driven by innovation, digitization, and technology—a paradigm shift in our lives. The event drew 1,500+ business professionals, offering tailored agenda sessions, 60+ topics, and 30+ hours of diverse content. Attendees engaged with 50+ speakers and explored tech through workshops. The indoor exhibition showcased 60+ exhibitors and 800+ products. Five business summits covered hot tech topics, offering effective networking and business opportunities for 1,300+ tech leaders. Overall, Bucharest Technology Week is a vital gathering for tech enthusiasts and leaders, fostering growth, networking, and knowledge exchange.

The Digital Enterprise Show (DES)
Location: Malaga,Spain
Date:  JUN 11-13, 2024

The Digital Enterprise Show (DES) is a global event gathering top tech companies to drive worldwide Digital Transformation. Showcasing cutting-edge solutions in Cloud, IoT, Cybersecurity, and more, it's essential for business leaders embracing the new digital economy. DES 2024 is a platform to exhibit and enhance digital competitiveness, attracting large corporations, SMEs, and the public sector to transform digitally. Additionally, it hosts the European Digital Mindset Awards recognizing innovation in various categories, emphasizing strategic leadership and customer experience in the digital era.

Women in Tech
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Date:  JUN 12-13, 2024

The biggest conference and career fairs for women in tech in Europe, Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2024, is set to take place on June 12-13, 2024, at Expo XXI in Warsaw, Poland (also available online). The previous year's summit attracted 11,000 participants, featured 500 speakers, covered 200 tech topics across 4 stages, and included 85 tech companies at career fairs, 300 mentoring sessions, 50 specialized workshops, and 20 side events over 2 days of inspiration. The event aims to inspire and empower women in STEM, tech, and IT, offering a unique opportunity for networking, knowledge expansion, career growth, and collaboration. This year's focus is on "Making Bold Choices," with a goal to influence the future of technology and the world while celebrating and connecting within the tech community.

Hinterland of Things
Location: Bielefeld, Germany
Date:  JUN 13, 2024

Hinterland of Things 2024 is a premier tech conference and leadership summit held in Bielefeld on June 13, 2024. The event gathers entrepreneurs, investors, and executives from family-owned businesses to explore innovations, challenge the status quo, and discuss the Digital Mittelstand—the benchmark for Germany's industrial sector. Attendees can engage with startups, experience cutting-edge solutions in AI, Blockchain, and Big Data, and network with industry leaders, all within the heart of Germany's industrial hub. It's an opportunity to dive into an ecosystem of ideas and technologies shaping the future of the German tech landscape.

We Make Future
Location: Rimini, Italy
Date:  JUN 13-15, 2024

WMF - We Make Future is a global event dedicated to showcasing and accelerating tech and digital innovation. This three-day event combines Expo, Education, B2B Meetings, Networking, Culture, Concerts, Shows, and Entertainment within the Rimini Trade Fair's ten pavilions. It's a platform for people and businesses to meet technology, digital advancements, and artificial intelligence with the aim of shaping a better future. WMF attracts global attendees and serves as a reference point for innovation in various industries, from Artificial Intelligence and Robotics to Martech, E-commerce, culture, sustainability, and more. The event empowers entrepreneurs, startups, and investors through international competitions, workshops, exhibitions, and awards.

TNW Conference 2024
Location: Rimini, Italy
Date:  JUN 20-21, 2024

TNW Conference 2024 is a global tech event taking place on June 20 & 21 in Amsterdam. The conference aims to bring together tech enthusiasts, corporates, startups, investors, and governments to work towards a more sustainable, equitable, and inclusive future. Attendees can engage in business, gain inspiration, meet industry peers, and enjoy a vibrant festival-like atmosphere. The event offers tailored experiences for corporates, startups, and governments to showcase, network, and discuss the latest innovations in technology. With thousands of attendees, exhibitors, media outreach, and prominent speakers, TNW Conference is a hub for the tech community to learn and connect.

Location:  Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Date:  JUN 26-27, 2024

Techsylvania is an annual tech conference held in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, Romania. It serves as a platform for tech enthusiasts, professionals, startups, and industry leaders to come together and explore the latest advancements and trends in technology. The event features multiple stages, including Center Stage, where knowledge and expertise in tech are highlighted, and Impact Stage, focusing on impactful business models and solutions. Participants can engage in discussions, gain insights, and network with professionals to understand the future of technology and its role in our rapidly evolving world.

July 2024

Location: TBC
Date:  TBC

EMERGE is a prominent tech conference focused on connecting startups and tech talent from emerging markets in CEE, MENA, Türkiye, and Central Asia with global investment, business opportunities, and career growth. The event gathers startups, investors, and industry professionals to explore investment prospects and innovative tech solutions. EMERGE Club offers exclusive benefits and access to investment opportunities and emerging startups. The event also publishes reports highlighting impactful startups and offers a platform for knowledge exchange through conferences, bootcamps, and an upcoming edtech platform. Established in 2018, EMERGE has become a leading startup conference in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, attracting experienced speakers and industry giants.

Location:  Catania, Italy
Date:  JUL 2-4, 2024

Gen-E is Europe's largest entrepreneurship celebration, hosted by JA Italy in Catania, Italy from July 2-4, 2024. Powered by JA Europe, it showcases the innovative business ideas of students aged 15 and above, vying for titles like Best Company and Best Start-Up. Gen-E engages students in various activities, culminating in a virtual expo where they present their ventures. Additionally, the event highlights the Entrepreneurial Skills Pass (ESP), an international certification recognized by businesses seeking entrepreneurial-minded hires. The event includes a virtual job fair, European competitions, and networking opportunities with aspiring entrepreneurs, partners, and alumni.

Turning Fest
Location:  Edinburgh, Scotland
Date:  JUL 9-10, 2024

Turing Fest 2024 is Europe's premier B2B tech event, converging product, growth, capital, and people. With over 1,000 attendees, 40+ speakers, and 40+ partners, the 2-day conference on July 9-10 in Edinburgh delves into key tracks: Engineering & Product (Build), Go-To-Market & Revenue (Grow), and Culture, People & Operations (Lead). Attendees gain actionable insights and opportunities for networking through various engaging activities. Join to enhance your skills, collaborate, and make impactful connections in the tech industry.

August 2024

SHIFT Business Festival
Location:  Turku, Finland
Date:  AUG 23-24, 2024

SHIFT Business Festival is not your usual event—it's a gathering of change-driven individuals who believe in challenging the status quo of business. With 3000 participants, it's designed to inspire, connect, and equip you with the tools to drive change. This two-day festival offers engaging conversations, a stellar stage program, round-table discussions, workshops, and various side events. It's a space where people and innovations converge, aiming to redefine the future of business and its impact on society. Attendees can expect fruitful networking, insightful keynotes, interactive workshops, and the added inspiration of music and art. SHIFT is where ideas flourish and collaborations thrive.

TECHSPO London 2023
Location:  London, UK
Date:  AUG 31- SEP 1, 2024

TECHSPO London 2023 is an exciting two-day technology expo set to take place from August 31 to September 1, 2023, at the Sofitel London Heathrow Hotel. This event promises to showcase the cutting-edge advancements in technology and innovation across Internet, Mobile, AdTech, MarTech, and SaaS Technology. Attendees can explore exhibitors, be inspired by the latest tech, and learn how these technologies will drive business growth. Moreover, it offers ample networking opportunities, enabling interaction with technology enthusiasts, peers, and industry professionals. This expo brings together developers, brands, marketers, innovators, and more, making it a hub for those looking to lead in the world of technology.

September 2024

Location: Berlin, Germany
Date:  SEP 6-10, 2024

IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin) is the world's largest consumer electronics and home appliances trade show with a rich history dating back to 1924. For a century, IFA has been a platform for tech launches, from early detector devices to the latest innovations. IFA 2024, its centenary edition, reflects on the past and explores the future of consumer electronics and home appliances. The event provides a comprehensive overview of the global market, attracting retailers, buyers, industry experts, and media from over 140 countries. It's a hub for exhibitors to showcase their latest products and innovations while networking with key industry players.

Location: Denamrk, Copenhagen
Date:  SEP 13-14, 2024

TechBBQ is Scandinavia's premier tech event, tracing back to a small BBQ gathering in 2013 and growing into a significant annual summit. It serves as a nexus for tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and investors. TechBBQ connects startups, facilitates discussions on tech trends, offers networking opportunities, and features inspiring speakers—all while maintaining a cozy and vibrant atmosphere. In addition to the main event, TechBBQ is involved in various projects aimed at elevating the Nordic and Baltic ecosystems. Their overarching mission is to support and strengthen the regional tech scene and connect it with the global tech community.

Infobip Shift
Location: Zadar, Croatia
Date:  SEP 16-17, 2024

Infobip Shift is more than a developer event; it's a vibrant tech community gathering for learning, networking, and unforgettable experiences. Attendees include professionals, founders, leaders, and innovators. Shift offers engaging content, multiple tracks, and virtual experiences, all curated by Infobip to unite and inspire. Shift 2023 saw over 10,000 virtual and 5,000 in-person attendees, 80+ speakers, and 6 stages, leaving a lasting impact on the tech ecosystem. ShiftMag, a global platform, caters to software engineers, providing valuable insights and a sense of community. Shift is the premier developer event in Southeastern Europe, connecting bright developers globally.

Location: Germany, Munich
Date:  SEP 18, 2024

FDDay is back on September 18, 2024. This renowned startup gathering in France recently celebrated its 11th edition on September 20, 2023, in Paris. An exceptional aspect was FDDay co-hosting the CES 2024 Tech Trends, setting the stage for CES 2024. Over 4,000 founders, investors, and innovation leaders from France and Europe convened for a day (and night) of inspiration, trend discussions, deals, networking, and peer interactions in a vibrant venue in Paris. FDDay, organized by France Digitale, a leading European startup association, features 120+ speakers delving into the latest tech trends. France Digitale's mission includes fostering digital champions in Europe, uniting innovators, and building bridges across the innovation landscape. Established in 2012, France Digitale comprises over 2,000 French digital startups and investor members, striving to shape a transformative digital future.

Bits & Pretzels
Location: Germany, Munich
Date:  SEP 24-26, 2024

Bits & Pretzels - a premier founders festival in Europe, is set to captivate Munich. Over three action-packed days, 5,000 founders, investors, and startup enthusiasts will engage in learning, networking, and inspiring discussions. Sesamers is facilitating smarter connections between founders and investors, enhancing their event experience and fostering meaningful interactions. With 1.2K users, 400 meetings, and representation from 25 countries, this event promises to be a global convergence of innovative minds and opportunities.

October 2024

The AI & Big Data Expo Europe
Location: Amsterdam
Date:  OCT 1-2, 2024

The AI & Big Data Expo Europe, taking place on October 1-2, 2024, at RAI, Amsterdam, is a premier event focusing on Enterprise AI, Machine Learning, Security, Ethical AI, Deep Learning, Data Ecosystems, and NLP. With over 6,000 attendees and 150+ speakers, it's a platform to delve into the latest AI & Big Data advancements. The expo covers key topics like Responsible AI, Ethical AI, Data Monetization, and more. Attended by professionals across various industries, the event provides valuable insights, solution-based case studies, live demos, and networking opportunities. 

The SEE Innovation, Technology, and Sourcing Summit (ITS)
Location: TBC
Date:  TBC

The SEE Innovation, Technology, and Sourcing Summit (ITS) is a prominent gathering for industry leaders, experts, and innovators. The event offers insights into the future of technology and the role of innovation. Attendees can explore business opportunities, learn about the latest tech advancements, and expand their network. The ITS Awards Ceremony & Gala Dinner honors regional performers, investors, and governments for their contributions. The summit includes keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, and exhibitions highlighting cutting-edge products and services. It's a platform for diverse participants, from startups to multinational corporations, to drive innovation and growth in the tech sector. The event takes place in a vibrant European city, providing opportunities for collaboration and gaining insights into industry trends. AIBEST is the organizing association, aiming to develop Bulgaria as a leader in knowledge-intensive products and services. They drive knowledge, innovation, technology, and professional ethics to enhance the business environment and shape the future of the knowledge-based economy.

Location: TBC
Date: TBC

The Disraptors Summit, formerly known as SWCSummit, stands as a premier event in the tech and startup realm. The flagship event is the Disraptors Summit, featuring the European Startup Championship Finale. Additionally, they curate a diverse array of content through podcasts, local startup competitions, hackathons, and no-pitch meetups, serving as prime platforms for innovation. In collaboration with the Startup World Cup, the European Startup Championship identifies the finest startup in Europe. The Startup Champion League comprises interconnected contests across Europe, including local Startup World Cup rounds, Creative Business Cups, or Get in the Ring. Winners from these events vie for victory on the main stage before a jury of seasoned investors during the finals, making this a journey worth exploring.

Startup Fair
Location: Lithuania
Date:  TBC

Startup Fair ADAPT is a prominent international event in Lithuania, organized by Startup Lithuania and Innovation Agency Lithuania. The event encourages adaptation within the startup ecosystem, addressing the significant changes occurring globally. It offers a platform for networking, pitching innovative ideas, gaining advice from successful founders, and fostering investor-startup partnerships. The event includes conferences with local and international speakers discussing current industry trends and success stories, a pitch battle featuring promising startups, matchmaking opportunities, and an investor camp for networking and discussions. Attendees can engage with startups, investors, and experts from various countries, fostering collaboration and adaptation within the startup community.

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