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09 March 2022·20 min read

Aleksandra Wirth


TOP 100 European Startups That Closed Funding Rounds In 2021

We have already analyzed the CEE region, describing the top 100 companies that have closed funding rounds in 2021 and now the time has come to take a closer look at the Europe as the whole, as the previous year was full of new investments that fueled up the startup ecosystem. 

So without further ado, let’s meet the top 100 European startups that have closed funding rounds in 2021!

  • THG Ingenuity - UK-based end-to-end e-commerce solution that allows users to scale up direct-to-consumer businesses thanks to planning trading strategies, marketing, and e-commerce management services. So far, it has attracted several well-known global beauty brands such as Revolution Beauty, By Terry, and many more. (Series - $1.6B)
  • Gorillas - German startup that offers services of delivering groceries and other household products bought online. It concentrates on reducing plastic usage and providing products from local farmers.  (Series B - $290M, [March]; Series C- $1B  [September] )
  • Klarna - a Swedish app that focuses on delivering easy payment methods to its users, like delayed payment up to 30 days or paying in 3 installments. It collaborates with many well-known retailers like H&M, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger. (Series $1B [March];  Series - $639M [June])
  • Celonis - execution management German platform applying data and artificial intelligence to the business's processes: selling, shipping, collecting, buying, and paying, by identifying execution gaps and the areas with the most significant business impact. (Series D- $1B)
  • N26 - Berlin app that aims to create banking accounts on a smartphone, with a high level of security. It offers insights into users' spending habits and helps keep track of financial goals and everyday transactions. (Series D- €30M [February]; Series E - €775M [October])
  • Trade Republic - German online bank that uses state-of-the-art technology to enable its users to start growing earnings, invest in stocks, ETFs, crypto, and derivatives, or set up a personal savings plan. (Series C - €900M)
  • Revolut- London- based global financial app providing multiple banking services such as: tracking everyday spending, planning future savings, investing and enabling to exchange currencies in the app. (Series E- $800M)
  • IONITY - German company focusing on building a high power charging network for electric vehicles along major highways in Europe. (Series - €700M)
  • Sorare - the French company that launched an online football game, enabling its players to buy, trade, and play using the official digital cards. (Series A - €40M [February]; Series B - €580M [September])
  • wefox - German online insurance provider offering digital management of paperwork, online contact with the agents and experts, and guarantee of safety during transactions. (Series C - $650M)
  • CMR Surgical - based in the UK medical startup whose mission is to provide technological possibilities for minimal access surgery. They have created Versius, a surgical tool used in clinical practice to deliver high-quality care to patients. (Series D - $600M)
  • Mirakl - Parisian marketplace SaaS platform aiming to improve customer experience and accelerate e-commerce by attracting new customers and providing better buyer insights. (Series E- $555M)
  • Wolt - Helsinki- based technology company that offers food delivery services. Its mission is to build connections between restaurants and customers to enable quick and simple hand-over of meals. Now it is operating in more than 20 countries and 250 cities. (Series E- $530M)
  • Glovo - this Spanish company’s vision is to give everyone easy access to anything in their city. That is why they provide groceries, meals, and household products delivery. So far, they have delivered over 268 million products and gathered more than 4.3 million users worldwide. (Series F- €450M)
  • Jobandtalent - Madrid- based startup is a temp staffing agency that offers matchmaking services on the on-demand platform. It matches the jobseekers with employers and offers in-app messaging, scheduling, and contract signing. (Series E- $500M)
  • Contentsquare - Parisian tool that aims to analyze users’ digital experience to help businesses gain insights about customers' behaviors, increase content consumption, and boost customer loyalty and conversion. (Series E- $500M)
  • SaltPay - London- based financial solution for small and medium-sized businesses designed to help them manage payments. Among its services, it offers automated manual processes, currency conversion, paying in installments, and secure payments for orders taken over the phone. (Series C- $500M)
  • Monzo - a company based in the UK offering a banking app that allows users to follow transactions and spend & manage their savings in one place.  (Series E- Ł50M [February]; Series H - $475M [December])
  • Checkout.com - London payment company aiming to create a flexible financial tool for businesses. Its services include managing risk and fraud and adding new payment methods to your account. (Series C - $450M)
  • Bought By Many - UK fintech startup offering pet insurance services including online vet appointments, online claims, and moneyback options. Thanks to its flexibility and technology, it has become a leading UK pet insurance service provider. (Series D - $350M)
  • Back Market - French renewed marketplace, which sells high-quality professionally refurbished electronic devices and appliances. Currently, it is operating in 16 countries with a solid mission to tackle the e-waste problem.  (Series D - $335M)
  • Kry - Swedish platform concentrated on providing high-quality healthcare services via platform. It offers online consultations with professional doctors from smartphones or tablets, and if necessary, schedules traditional face-to-face medical appointments. (Series D - €262M)
  • Rapyd - fintech as-a-service UK platform creating the global payment network which allows companies to use over 900 payments methods in 100 countries.  Moreover, it helps firms to grow sales by accepting locally preferred payment methods and giving customers and workers access to digital financial services and cash withdrawals. (Series D - $300M [January]; Series D - $300M [August])
  • Zepz - London company whose mission is to perform fair, fast, and flexible cross-border payments, by powering two global digital brands: sendwave and WorldRemit. (Series E - $292M)
  • Bitpanda -  Austrian fintech platform empowering first-time and seasoned investors to invest in stocks, cryptocurrencies, and metals thanks to the PSD2 payment service provider license, state-of-the-art security, and streamlined user experience. (Series C - $263M), (Series B - $170M)
  • Lunar - this Danish banking app describes itself as a financial technology company, a wealth management platform, a payment solution, an investment toolbox, and a business accelerator, offering an app that helps customers to manage their finances. (Series D- €210M)
  • Quanta - UK company, that creates an SC+ hemodialysis system. It’s an end-to-end solution making dialysis more accessible for patients in both hospitals and at homes. (Series D - $245M)
  • GoStudent - Austrian tutoring school platform, offering private one-on-one classes, a tailor-made learning plan, progress analysis, and payments in one application. (Series B - €70M [March] ; Series C - €205M [June])
  • Forto - German company with a vision to deliver a highly transparent, frictionless, and sustainable digital supply chain. The startup offers logistic services such as booking, document administration, tracking, and analyzing. (Series C - €201M)
  • Flink - Berlin-based startup offering delivery of the online bought groceries within 10 minutes. The company guarantees organic quality and affordable prices for its customers operating in more than 70 cities in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and France. (Seed - $52M [March]; Series A - $240M [June]; Series B - $750M [December])
  • Exscientia - AI-powered pharmatech company based in the UK aiming to transform every stage of the drug design and development process using patient-first artificial intelligence to create precision-engineered drugs for clinical use. (Series D - $40M [March]; Series D - $225M [April])
  • Alan - French health insurance provider offering its services to startups, SMEs, large companies, hotels, restaurants, and individual customers. The startup allows its users to manage the insurance process entirely online without paperwork by focusing on a price-quality ratio health plan. (Series D - €185M)
  • Shift Technology - Parisian insurance platform, providing AI-driven decision automation and optimization solutions built to help insurers achieve more accurate claims and policy resolutions in the global insurance industry. (Series D - $225M [May]; Series D - $220M [November])
  • Infarm - vertical farming startup launched in Berlin to revolutionize the food supply chain by offering fresh, highly nutritious, chemical pesticide-free, locally-grown plants. Its catalog consists of more than 75 different herbs, fruits, and vegetables and intends to operate from more than 20 countries in North America, Asia, and the Middle East by 2030. (Series undisclosed - $100M [March]; Series D - $200M [December])
  • Everphone - Berlin's “Phone as a Service” platform that provides sus­tain­able, user-friendly electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets for employees. It covers the procurement, configuration, shipping, and fixing of the appliances as well as manages their distribution within the company. (Series C - $200M)
  • Thought Machine - London-based company creating a Vault solution. It is a retail banking, cloud-native platform built thanks to API technology to help banks overcome the problem of the legacy aspects and process automation.  (Series C - $200M)
  • Swile - French designer of the employees benefit card, which allows workers to gather all the bonuses offered by the company in one place, its services include: restaurants and gift and mobility vouchers. What is more, Swile has also created a specially dedicated app to keep track of every work-related benefit expense.  (Series D - $200M)
  • BrowserStack - an Irish software company that has designed application and browser testing tools powering over 2 million tests every day across 15 global data centers worldwide.  (Series B - $200M)
  • factory14 - Luxembourg- based startup focusing on helping to finance, acquire, and grow digital brands.  (Seed - $200M)
  • TIER Mobility - Berlin micro-mobility provider offering users an easy rental of light electric vehicles, from e-scooters to e-bikes via the TIER application. Its goal is to cities’ dependence on cars and promotes sustainable solutions.  (Series D - €171.4M)
  • Wallapop - Spanish sell-and-buy application, offering users the possibility to exchange secondhand goods on a dedicated marketplace. (Series G - €157M)
  • Motorway - a UK online marketplace for professional car dealers offering its users a nationwide dealer network to buy and sell vehicles easily via smartphones.  (Series B- Ł48M [June], Series C - $190M [November])
  • 10xbanking - London cloud-native SaaS banking platform, where financial products can be configured, re-configured, and extended to meet users' current and future banking requirements.  (Series C - $187M)
  • Deliveroo - an English startup that offers food deliveries and a tracking system on the dedicated smartphone app. Thanks to machine learning, an application can easily predict the time of meal preparation and delivery. (Series H - $180M)
  • Contentful -  API-powered content platform based in Berlin. Its solution is aimed at developers and businesses to help them manage, integrate and deliver content across every digital channel. (Series F - $175M)
  • Onto - Uk-based car solution offering electric car rental through the smartphone application. This flexible system allows its users to choose a vehicle, the rental period, and swap cars if needed.  (Series B - $175M)
  • Enpal - German online platform that offers solar system rental services at an all-round carefree rate enabling users to become independent from electricity companies and reduce energy consumption and bills. (Series C - €100M; [July] ), ( Series C - €150M [October])
  • Form3 - English banking cloud-native platform, which vision is to be a trustworthy payment provider. By using the API technology, it offers payment processing, clearing, and settlement. (Series C - $160M)
  • TravelPerk - Spanish travel platform offering services starting from booking to managing all business travels. (Series D - $160M)
  • sennder - digital road freight forwarder based in Berlin, which connects large commercial shippers with small freight carriers. (Series D - $160M [January]; Series D- $80M [June])
  • ATAI Life Sciences -  German biopharmaceutical company focusing on developing mental health treatment solutions. Thanks to technologies it offers digital therapies, drug formulation, or the development of metabolomics-based biomarkers. (Series D - $157M)
  • Quell Therapeutics - London-based cell therapy company with a significant focus on delivering innovative therapies for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, as well as preventing rejection in organ transplantation. (Series A - $40M [February]; Series B - $156M [November])
  • Scalapay - an Italian company that offers no-interest payments in three installments at any available shop chosen by the application user. (Seed- €40M [January]; Series A - $155M [September])
  • IO Biotech - Denmark-based biopharmaceutical company focused on developing novel, immune-modulating cancer therapies. It uses the T-win technology platform, which detects and destroys the immunosuppressive cells. (Series B - €127M)
  • Quantexa - a French online platform that enables businesses to track online customer behavior, thanks to digital analytics technology. It offers the ability to harness data and uncover hidden risks. (Series D - $153M)
  • Pleo - UK- based fintech startup making use of its accounts payable software to gives businesses the opportunity to process invoices, issue employees cards, and track work-related expenses, as well as spending. (Series C - $150M [July]; Series C - $200M, [September])
  • MicroPort CRM - France-based company focusing on developing medical solutions for cardiac rhythm disorders and heart failure. (Series C - $150M)
  • Cognite - Norwegian DataOps platform focusing on digital transformations and managing industrial data of the heavy-assets industries. Among others, it offers AI-powered data contextualization, industrial knowledge insights, and context-intelligent industrial robots. (Series B - $150M)
  • Zego - London- based online motor insurance provider, dedicating its services to individual drivers as well as to fleets. It offers insurance for any type of vehicle including vans, scooters, and motorbikes. (Series C - $150M)
  • Branded - Parisian startup that focuses on growing and developing Amazon brands thanks to its technology-driven platform. (Series A - $150M)
  • Gyroscope Therapeutics - this UK company’s mission is to provide medical solutions for sight and blindness problems. It develops the investigational gene therapy - GT005, which goal is to stimulate the patient's cell to produce needed proteins. (Series C - $148.8M)
  • Staffbase - German platform providing solutions for teams to help them communicate in an effective way and face the communication challenges. (Series D - €122M)
  • Mambu - cloud banking startup based in Berlin, which thanks to the Saas technology helps fintech companies and institutions to build modern digital financial products securely and cost-effectively.  (Series D - €110M [January]; Series E - €235M [December])
  • HungryPanda -  London platform operating in 9 countries worldwide that focuses on food delivery services, gathering the best Chinese restaurants. It has also launched the Panda Fresh platform for Asian groceries delivery and VouchersPanda, offering vouchers and discounts. (Series D - $130M)
  • Sunfire - German startup that produces industrial electrolyzers and provides renewable substitutes for fossil energy sources. (Series D - €109M)
  • Personio - this Germany-based HR startup describes itself as a People Operating System. It focuses on automating the HR processes in companies allowing teams to work more efficiently. (Series D - $125M [January], Series E- €233.4M [October])
  • DICE - London platform that enables users to access live shows thanks to the streaming services and mobile tickets offering. (Series C - $122M)
  • Ornikar - France-based online driving school, offering its users an app where they can obtain Highway Code documents. In addition, it also provides services such as car insurance and driving license course, including online training, and scheduling the exam. (Series C - €100M)
  • Aircall - cloud-based Parisian platform offering call center software used for sales and by the companies’ employees to support their daily communication. (Series D - $120M)
  • Adverity - Austria-based startup developing the analytics platform which enables businesses to analyze and integrate the company’s data in marketing, e-commerce, and sales sectors. (Series D - $120M)
  • Anaveon - Swiss clinical-stage company whose mission is to transform cytokines into life-saving treatments. Using protein engineering the company aims to develop safe and effective solutions for serious medical diseases. (Series B - $120M)
  • Jobandtalent - Madrid staffing agency app offering its users a job marketplace. It provides services such as processing employment contracts,  payments, and legal compliances and proposes new work opportunities at the end of the current job contracts. (Series C - €88M [January]; Series D - €100M [March]; Series E - €500M  [December])
  • Helsing - German AI company developing the information and data security for the democratic governments. (Series A - $102.5M)
  • Chrono24 - German online marketplace that focuses on connecting buyers and sellers of luxury watches. It provides services such as secure payment processing, and authenticity verifying, offering its watches only from professional and verified dealers. (Series C - €100M)
  • Leocare - French company which specializes in providing insurances. It offers financial protection to customers' houses, vehicles, and smartphones thanks to the specially designed app. (Series A - $18.1M [January]; Series B - $116M [November])
  • Numab - biotechnology company based in Switzerland focuses on developing biotherapeutics for chronic inflammation and cancer. (Series C - $111M)
  • Zilch - London startup, working based on a buy-now-pay-later approach. It allows users to pay 25% of the whole amount while doing online shopping and the rest is divided into 3 equal installments. (Series B - €66.7M [April]; Series B - $110M [July] ; Series C - €95M [November])
  • Pismo - an all-in-one cloud-native UK platform, that gives its customers the possibility to process payments and banking operations, thanks to services such as spending control issuing cards, billing, and data streaming for analytics and operations. (Series B - $108M)
  • PayFit - French platform, which is dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses with up to 500 employees, helping companies to automate their payroll and HR processes. (Series D - €90M)
  • Lydia - France-based banking platform, which offers its users services like spending control, investing, and managing finances within one application. (Series C - $103M)
  • bit.bio - Cambridge-based company with a goal to develop a platform capable of producing consistent batches of every human cell. (Series B - $103M)
  • Ankorstore - Parisian marketplace that gathers more than 200,000 retailers to support individual shop owners and independent brands, operating in more than 23 European countries. (Series B - €84M)
  • Bloom & Wild - this online platform, operating from London offers flower delivery services, taking on the widely caring approach. ([January] Series D - $102M), ([July] Series D - Ł50M),
  • Matillion - Manchester-based startup that provides data integration and transformation solution for cloud data warehouses to enable companies to stay competitive. (Series E- $150M [September], Series D - $100M [February])
  • Everli - Milan delivery platform, that offers its users a wide range of groceries retailers to choose products from. Currently, the company operates in four European countries: France, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Italy. (Series C - €85.2M)
  • Plentific - a startup based in the UK that offers a marketplace SaaS platform for landlords and property managers to allow simple and efficient management of facilities maintenance and repairs. (Series C - $100M)
  • Billie - Berlin-based platform for buy-now-pay-later B2B transactions. It is dedicated to online stores and small and medium-sized enterprises offering different kinds of payment methods such as purchase on invoice, direct debit, or bank transfer within up to 120 days of the payment term. (Series C - €86.2M)
  • Choco - German startup aiming its orders’ management services at restaurants and suppliers. Among others, the platform offers to edit product catalogs, promote products, chat, and place orders in a specially dedicated application. (Series B - $100M)
  • Tide - a business financial UK platform, providing banking services including setting up a bank account, issuing cards, money transfers, and ATM withdrawals. (Series C - $100M)
  • Zapp - UK-based delivery platform operating in a 24/7 model offering on-demand delivery of products within minutes. The company is located in big European cities like London, Manchester, Cambridge, Bristol, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Paris. (Series A - $100M)
  • Monese- London banking startup that offers mobile money account service, also in different currencies. (Series C - $90M)
  • Instabox - a Swedish delivery company that provides shipping services to specially designed smart boxes, often within one day. (Series B - $100M)
  • SellerX -  Berlin-based startup focusing on buying Amazon businesses and helping them to develop, thanks to the expertise of the specialists from business investment, production, eCommerce, operations, marketing, and legal sectors.  (Series - €26M [March]; Series - $500M [December]; Series B- €100M [August] )
  • Hopin - an online platform based in London that specializes in organizing, planning, and revealing different kinds of events: virtual, hybrid, and offline ones. (Series C - $400M [March];  Series D - $450M [August])
  • Agile Robots - Germany- based company focusing on developing intelligent robots. Its mission is to connect the real world with artificial intelligence. (Series B - $130M [January]; Series C- $220M [September])
  • AnyDesk - German remote desktop application that offers services such as mobile device management, collecting data & administrative documents, and two-factor authentication to prevent unattended access to the computer. (Series C- €60M)
  • Anyfin - Sweden- based fintech company developing an application for managing finances. It offers services like lowering the interest rates of installments and loans, as well as saving plans, allowing its users to outline and monitor savings. (Series B- €44.8M)
  • Casavo -  Italian company developing a specially designed platform, that aims to make buying and selling houses and providing home-related services simple and more efficient. (Series C- €50M [March]; Series undisclosed- €40M [November])
  • Colvin- Spanish online platform focusing on delivering fresh originally designed bouquets of flowers and plants. (Series C- €45M)

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