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05 January 2023·12 min read

Ilya Mikhalchyk-Kananenka

Community Builder, Vestbee

New VC Funds Investing in Europe - 4Q 2022

We are happy to see a constantly growing number of venture capital companies (see the 1Q 2022, 2Q 2022, and 3Q 2022 overviews), especially ones focusing on the European market. That’s why we have prepared a quarterly overview of new VCs investing in startups across Europe - let's dive into the 4Q of 2022!

To discover more VC funds, check out our VC list - a complex database of the best early-stage venture capital funds investing in innovative startups across different verticals. Read More.

VC Funds from CEE

  • Polish deep tech VC OTB Ventures closes a €150M fund. The firm will invest across B2B AI automation, space tech, fintech, cybersecurity, and climate tech throughout Europe.
  • A marketplace-focused Market One Capital announces an €80M fund. The team will back pre-seed to seed stage startups, putting anywhere from €200K to €2M into each company.
  • Prague-based Credo Ventures raises a €75M-large early stage fund. The VC will invest in startups from CEE.
  • Polish bValue makes a first €72M close of its next fund. The team will invest in CEE companies, dedicating €5M to €15M towards each of their portfolio companies.
  • Lithuanian VC Practica Capital closes a €70M fund dedicated to the Baltic startup ecosystem. The investment team will back early stage founders developing a marketplace, SaaS, and/or deep tech.
  • Bratislava-based VC 0100 Ventures raises a €60M vehicle to back CEE startups. The firm will actively search for seed to series A companies in all kinds of sectors/industries.
  • Ukrainian GR Capital announces the first €30M closing of its new fund. The VC will back European startups entering their early-growth and later stages throughout fintech, prop tech, mobility, health tech, and the future of work.
  • An impact firm, Simpact raises its next 100M PLN fund to back early-stage startups.
  • Czech venture fund DEPO Ventures raises its third angel fund. The firm will back CEE's early-stage companies across AI and blockchain applications, fintech, and marketplaces.
  • Lithuanian Startup Wise Guys goes independent and kickstarts a FIRSTPICK VC to invest in the Baltic startups at the earliest stages. The team will consider startups coming from any sector or vertical.
  • Deep tech VC Baltic Sandbox brings home €13M for the next fund. The team will write checks ranging from €25K to €400K for pre-seed and back seed stage companies from Baltics building deep tech or life science-related businesses.
  • Czech fashion discovery platform Glami kickstarts its first VC Glami Ventures that is directly managed by the company's founder Tomáš Hodboď. The fund will back projects around circular economy, B2B e-commerce or AI SaaS companies.
  • Ukrainian Catholic University spearheads the creation of Angel One Fund to scout for local academia spinouts. The VC will support pre-seed and seed stage companies throughout fintech, SaaS, edtech, AI/ML and put $50K to $200K into each opportunity.
  • Female founder-focused VC The Better Fund registers the fund and kickstarts its fundraise. The team will back CEE companies within any sector or industry yet have an especial preference towards those building within wellness, environmental, edtech and emerging technology spaces.

VC Funds from Europe

  • EQT Ventures unveils its €1.1Bn fund to invest in European and North American early stage startups. The main interests of the VC will be towards climate tech, food tech, creator economy, energy tech, fintech, software, data & IT infrastructure, and deep tech.
  • UK-based One Peak announces its third growth fund. The VC plans to focus on European/Israeli enterprise software while investing $15M to $100M into each opportunity.
  • Lightrock Climate Impact Fund starts out with a €860M scale up VC. The investment team will mainly search for innovation around the topics of energy transition, decarbonization, sustainable food/agriculture, and transportation.
  • Austrian Speedinvest unveils $500M for its next European fund. The team will mainly look at opportunities across deep tech, fintech, health tech, industrial tech, marketplaces & consumer, and SaaS & infrastructure startups.
  • Andera Partners closes a new €456M-big life sciences fund. The company will search for innovative therapeutics and med tech innovation throughout Europe and North America.
  • 83North announces its next $400M fund to invest across Europe, Israel, and the US.
  • Index Ventures announces its $300M fund to invest across sectors and industries. The firm will have an especial preference towards US and European seed stage companies, but is open to considering other regions as well.
  • One of the largest global providers of building materials, CRH established a $250M-big venturing unit, CRH Ventures. The investment team will mainly look out for construction and climate technology opportunities.
  • Swedish producer of commercial vehicles Scania announces a close of SEK 2Bn-large Scania Growth Capital fund. The firm will invest in startups having strategic relevance to Scania, mainly within areas such as: digitalization, autonomy, connectivity, hybridization, sustainable energy and smart factory.
  • German Vsquared Ventures raises its new, €165M early-stage fund. The firm will focus on backing European startups in areas such as AI & robotics, new computing & sensing, new space, energy transition, next-gen data processing but will generally consider any deep tech startup.
  • Cavalry Ventures unveils a new, €160M investment vehicle to back European early-stage companies. The company's team will be mainly interested in seed and pre-seed consumer and enterprise verticals, wiring anywhere from €500K to €2M into each startup.
  • Nordic firm Inventure raises its next €150M fund to back pre-seed to Series B companies from Baltics/Scandinavia. When selecting opportunities, Inventure will pay an especial interest towards enterprise SaaS, fintech, deep tech, marketplaces and consumer tech companies while investing €200K to €5M into each of the opportunities they pursue.
  • Paris-based Otium Capital closes up, a €150M evergreen VC fund to back seed to series A European companies.
  • Pan-European venture fund Peak takes €150M for its 5th fund to invest in the region's early-stage startups building SaaS, marketplace, and platforms.
  • French IRIS wraps up the first close of its €150M fund to focus on seed to series A startups, mainly from France and Germany, but other parts of Europe as well.
  • Irish fintech VC Middle Game achieves the first closing of its €150M fund. The team will back post-seed to series B companies across North America and Europe.
  • Tech infrastructure and cybersecurity investor 33N Ventures debuts with a €150M fund to series A-B companies throughout Europe/Israel and the US.
  • London-based LeadBlock Partners hits the first close of its $150M fund to back early-stage blockchain/digital assets startups.
  • Dutch Newion announces a €130M fund to invest in European early-stage startups, mainly related to the enterprise software space.
  • French VC Partech unveils a €120M-large pre-seed to seed fund mainly dedicated to Europe but open to considering US and Southeast Asian companies.
  • European AI-focused Alpha Intelligence Capital claims a $100M closing of its $300M fund to support global companies entering their series A-B.
  • Non-dilutive venture fund Round2 Capital raises its second, €100M fund to serve growth-stage software businesses.
  • Swiss fintech VC TX Ventures debuts its first CHF100M fund to back European startups. The firm will put 0.5M to 5M francs in each opportunity and give especial preference towards DACH-based companies.
  • Danish VC People Ventures unveils a €100M fund to invest in Nordic early-stage startups. When choosing opportunities, the team will have a “soft focus” on Digital Health and B2B software.
  • SquareOne (previously known as Paua Ventures) kicks off a new €100M early-stage fund. The firm will invest in European startups building B2B Enterprise Software/SaaS, with a particular interest in areas like climate tech, open source, and supply chain/procurement.
  • A Shift4Good VC debuts with the first, €100M closing of its €300M fund focused on European and South-East Asian startups. The firm will back Series A and B startups across smart mobility & circular economy segments coming from all over the globe.
  • A consumer-focused V3 Ventures launches a €100M fund to invest in UK/Europe, the US, and India. The firm will consider pre-seed to Series A companies spanning e-commerce, health and beauty, as well as those within the food & beverage industry.
  • Teleclinic founder debuts a €100M digital health VC YZR. The firm will back early-stage European startups building digital medical devices, virtual health services, and back-end software.
  • Berlin-based, Construction-focused VC Foundamenetal closes its second, $85M-lare fund. The firm plans to back startups all over the globe.
  • The PureTerra Ventures debuts a €60M fund. They will focus on European innovation seeking to increase water availability and/or quality.
  • British health service provider SimplyHealth unveils its new, £60M-big venture arm, SimplyHealth Ventures. The fund aims to back early-stage med tech and health tech startups serving the UK's market.
  • London-based JensonFunding Partners launches a £60M vehicle to back sustainability-focused early-stage ventures in the UK.
  • UK social innovation agency, Nesta 50M pounds, announces the creation of its investment arm - Nesta Impact Investments. The firm will support early-stage startups across Europe that are delivering positive social and environmental impact.
  • A Germany, former Innogy Ventures team debuts a €50M VC, Vireo Ventures. The firm will back European startups at the intersection of electrification and climate.
  • Redstone and EnjoyVenture team up in launching a €50M-big Human Impact Capital. The firm will focus on early-stage startups addressing society’s biggest challenges across Europe, typically investing between €500K and €1.5M into each opportunity.
    Additionally, Redstone and Kauri CAB Group launched €50M Tane Fund to help entrepreneurs create a more sustainable future for the built environment. Initial ticket sizes range from €300K to €3M.
  • Zurich-based EquityPitcher VC raises €45M in various sectors and industries throughout DACH.
  • UK-based VC Ada Ventures hits the first close of a £36M fund to support the country's early-stage startups. When searching for opportunities, the firm has an especial interest towards climate, healthcare and ageing, and economic empowerment topics.
  • German IBB Ventures raises a €30M fund to invest in Berlin-based startups tackling one of UN's SDGs.
  • A new climate-tech VC in Portugal, Satgana debuts a first, €30M fund. The firm will back European and African startups entering pre-seed or seed stages across food / agri tech, energy, mobility, industry and buildings, carbon removal, and the circular economy. The fund will offer tickets of up to €500K in size.
  • French VC Sista announces its first €30M closing of a €100M fund. The firm will focus on fintech, health tech, SaaS, and consumer globally but with a special focus towards French ecosystem.
  • Swiss family office Infinitas Capital kickstarts a $30M VC Prediction Capital to make consumer and fintech investments across DACH countries.
  • Zurich-based BackBone Ventures announces the first closing of its CHF20M fund. The firm will back founders of underrepresented background throughout Germany and Switzerland.
  • Atomico's angel investor Stefano Bernardi raises his own debut fund, Unruly Capital. The fund will back early-stage companies across the globe and will invest around €250K in each of its portfolio companies.
  • Female-led UK VC Pact announces closing of its £30M to invest in seed-stage startups. The firm will back companies building solutions around economic inclusion, personal and professional well-being, and climate solutions, putting £1M to £1.5M into each opportunity.
  • Female founder-focused VC Fund F closes a €20M to invest in pre-seed and seed-stage startups. The firm will consider companies working on climate tech, health tech, fem tech, fintech and HR tech solutions.
  • Swiss Privilège Ventures announces a 20M CHF venture fund to back women-led European startups across sectors and industries, with an especial interest towards med tech, deep tech, and the digital economy.
  • Notorious business angel Robin Haak kickstarts a solo GP fund, Robin Capital to invest in European angel-series A startups.
  • Finnish student-focused VC Wave Ventures launches its second €2M investment vehicle to back Nordic student-entrepreneurs.

Global VC Funds

  • American PE firm Carlyle Group raises a $3.12Bn fund to support lower to mid-market companies and growth-stage European enterprise tech. The team will search for €100M to €500M deals and make investments of up to €250M in size.
  • The VC of a consulting giant Bain & Company, Bain Capital Tech Opportunities locks up a $2Bn for its next investment vehicle. They will focus on tech innovation throughout Europe.
  • Schneider Electric announces the close of its $500M CVC - SE Ventures. The fund will invest in companies innovating across climate tech, industrial AI, mobility, prop tech and cybersecurity sector throughout the world.
  • American Next Play Capital bags $200M for its next fund. The vehicle will act as both fund-of-funds for VCs and venture investor for VC-backed companies in various sectors and geographies.
  • A crypto company, BlockTower VC debuts with a $150M-big fund. The investment team will back all over the web3 and crypto spaces, writing $500K to $6M checks into each company.
  • The HubSpot's CEO Brian Halligan unveils a $100M, ocean-focused climate VC company, Propeller.

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