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Lithium Lasers raises €2M
23 April 2024·2 min read

Joy Laoun

News Editor, Vestbee

Italian deeptech Lithium Lasers raises €2M to further develop UV lasers

Rovereto-based deeptech startup Lithium Lasers has raised €2 million in funding to speed up its product's industrialization and strengthen its role as a provider of laser solutions for precise manufacturing in various industries. The investment was backed by Primo Ventures and 360 Capital. 

  • Lithium Lasers was launched in 2019 by Alessandro Greborio and Marco Marangoni. The startup offers various laser systems designed for high-precision applications. It offers two products:
  1. FEMTOFLASH is designed to generate high-frequency bursts of ultrashort pulses efficiently and rapidly. One of its key features is its ability to avoid heat accumulation, which is crucial for maintaining precision in machining processes. The FEMTOFLASH system enables unprecedented levels of speed and accuracy.
  2. LITHIUM SIX is a scientific USP laser that develops femtosecond pulses within a single unit. It is engineered to deliver low-noise operation and high-quality soliton pulses.
  • Italian Lithium Lasers has strategically partnered with key industry players including EPIC, EVLASER, KIRANA, 360 Capital, and PoliHub to improve the development and sale of cutting-edge laser solutions.
  • The funding saw participation from Primo Ventures, an Italian venture capital firm that invests in startups that focus on space and digital, and Paris-based 360 Capital, a venture capital firm that funds startups across Europe since 1997.  

“This round of funding empowers us to advance our mission of surpassing the boundaries of traditional laser micromachining. Our pioneering laser technology is more adaptable, compact, and seamlessly integrates speed and precision,” Lithium Laser’s team, commented on LinkedIn.

  • Lithium Laser will use the capital to produce a UV laser version, improve the marketing of FEMTOFLASH, and expand the variety of materials to work with.

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