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16 May 2024·2 min read

Joy Laoun

News Editor, Vestbee

Hamburg-based Sport Alliance acquires Polish platform for fitness businesses PerfectGym

Hamburg-based sport management software Sport Alliance, with support from PSG Equity, has acquired Polish PerfectGym. 

About Sport Alliance

  • Founded in 2011 by Daniel Hanelt, Sport Alliance GmbH provides management software solutions tailored for the fitness industry. The company serves large-scale franchises, chains, and gyms with cloud-based management software, branded studio design apps, and financial services.
  • Sport Alliance claims that its software is used by 10,000 sports clubs and serves 14 out of Europe's top 30 chains. Furthermore, its solution is used in 55 countries by various companies, including McFit, 7.11, FitBox, Fitness&CO, CleverFit, EasyFitness, EllGym, EMSlounge, Spirit4, SportsClub, and TerraSports.

About PerfectGym

  • Co-founded in 2014 by Andrzej Jacek Szlendak and Sebastian Szałachowski, PerfectGym offers a platform for fitness and leisure businesses. It uses machine learning and an open API to promote growth, retain members, and streamline operations. 
  • PerfectGym operates in 55 countries globally and is trusted by 1,500 fitness facilities, including SportCity, Fitness 24Seven, MACFit, McFit, Gymnation, and UAEJJ.
  • This acquisition marks the exit of 3TS Capital Partners, Innovation Nest, Ipopema FIZ, Alfabeat, and Daftcode from PerfectGym.

Details of the deal 

  • With the acquisition of PerfectGym, Sport Alliance plans to strengthen its team, further advance its offerings, and expand its global presence in the fitness industry.

“PerfectGym has always been committed to shaping the fitness industry and providing leading solutions to enterprise customers and complex sports facilities. In Sport Alliance, we have found a partner for growth who shares our mission, and we are eager to continue to expand together,” CEO of PerfectGym, Sebastian Szałachowski, commented.

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