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Selected 100 startups will get exposure to hundreds of our VC fund partners and angels. The best applicants selected by the VC jury will present online at Summer Pitch CEE to our global network of investors.

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June 28, 2024
Application Closes
July 1-10, 2024
Jury Work
July 10, 2024
Finalists Announcement
July 18, 2024
CEE Summer Pitch, Online


Ewa Chronowska, CEO at Vestbee & Partner at Next Road Ventures
Ewa Chronowska
CEO at Vestbee & Partner at Next Road Ventures
Bakhrom Ibragimov, Partner, Molten Ventures
Bakhrom Ibragimov
Partner, Molten Ventures
Tony Nysten, Principal, OpenOcean
Tony Nysten
Principal, OpenOcean
Valeri Petrov, Partner, Eleven
Valeri Petrov
Partner, Eleven
Marton Medveczky, Associate Partner, Flashpoint
Marton Medveczky
Associate Partner, Flashpoint
Marcin Hejka, General Partner, OTB Ventures
Marcin Hejka
General Partner, OTB Ventures
Tomas Pacinda, Partner, KAYA VC
Tomas Pacinda
Partner, KAYA VC
Esat Acar, Vice President, 500 Emerging Europe
Esat Acar
Vice President, 500 Emerging Europe
Kristjan Laanemaa, Partner, Karma Ventures
Kristjan Laanemaa
Partner, Karma Ventures
Oguzhan Ozer, Principal, Earlybird
Oguzhan Ozer
Principal, Earlybird
Daniela Raffel, Principal, Dawn Capital
Daniela Raffel
Principal, Dawn Capital
Maximilian Schausberger, Managing Director, Elevator Ventures
Maximilian Schausberger
Managing Director, Elevator Ventures
Mira Mihaylova, Principal, Piton Capital
Mira Mihaylova
Principal, Piton Capital
Vitaly Laptenok, General Partner, Flyer One Ventures
Vitaly Laptenok
General Partner, Flyer One Ventures
Elena Mazhuha, Partner, Flyer One Ventures
Elena Mazhuha
Partner, Flyer One Ventures
Marcin Łączyński, Partner, Next Road Ventures
Marcin Łączyński
Partner, Next Road Ventures
Paweł Maj, Investor
Paweł Maj
Harry Uglow, Software Engineer, Atomico
Harry Uglow
Software Engineer, Atomico
Elina Halatcheva, Managing Partner, BrightCap Ventures
Elina Halatcheva
Managing Partner, BrightCap Ventures
Bozena Adamczyk, Partner, Truffle Capital
Bozena Adamczyk
Partner, Truffle Capital
Dmitrij Sosunov, Partner, FIRSTPICK
Dmitrij Sosunov
Merve Zabci, Partner, Metis Ventures
Merve Zabci
Partner, Metis Ventures
Adam Rudowski, General Partner, Level2 Ventures
Adam Rudowski
General Partner, Level2 Ventures
Ryan Gong, Chief Investment Director EMEA, Huawei
Ryan Gong
Chief Investment Director EMEA, Huawei
Jakob Stein, Investor, Creandum
Jakob Stein
Investor, Creandum
Richard Illes, Investment Director, OXO Holdings
Richard Illes
Investment Director, OXO Holdings
Adam Hashchyshyn, Principal, Roosh Ventures
Adam Hashchyshyn
Principal, Roosh Ventures
Tatjana Zabasu Mikuz, Managing Partner, South Central Ventures
Tatjana Zabasu Mikuz
Managing Partner, South Central Ventures
Valentin Filip, Managing Partner, Fortech Investments
Valentin Filip
Managing Partner, Fortech Investments
Masayuki Ohta, Partner, ffVC
Masayuki Ohta
Partner, ffVC
Özge Öz, Partner, QNBEYOND Ventures
Özge Öz
Partner, QNBEYOND Ventures
Romain Grimal, Investment Manager, Blackfin Capital Partners
Romain Grimal
Investment Manager, Blackfin Capital Partners
Michał Gawęda, Investment Director, Montis Capital
Michał Gawęda
Investment Director, Montis Capital
Krzysztof Tokarski, Managing Director, PKO VC
Krzysztof Tokarski
Managing Director, PKO VC
Magdalena Trąba, Senior Investment Manager, Pracuj Ventures
Magdalena Trąba
Senior Investment Manager, Pracuj Ventures
Kristóf Székely, Partner, Lead Ventures
Kristóf Székely
Partner, Lead Ventures
Michal Bas, Principal, Venture Friends
Michal Bas
Principal, Venture Friends
Tamina Fogelberg, Investor, EightRoads
Tamina Fogelberg
Investor, EightRoads
Bartek Knichnicki, Managing Partner, SATUS Starter VC
Bartek Knichnicki
Managing Partner, SATUS Starter VC
Artur Banach, Managing Partner, Movens Capital
Artur Banach
Managing Partner, Movens Capital
Marcus Erken, Founding Partner, Sunfish Partners
Marcus Erken
Founding Partner, Sunfish Partners
Basar Yenidunya, Head of Investments, 212
Basar Yenidunya
Head of Investments, 212
Numan Numan, Managing Partner, 212
Numan Numan
Managing Partner, 212
Adam Kočík, Managing Partner, J&T Ventures
Adam Kočík
Managing Partner, J&T Ventures
Mark Palfalvi, Principal, PortfoLion Capital Partners
Mark Palfalvi
Principal, PortfoLion Capital Partners
Zdenek Fred Fous, Managing Partner, Purpose Tech Ventures
Zdenek Fred Fous
Managing Partner, Purpose Tech Ventures
Roman Nováček, Partner, Presto Ventures
Roman Nováček
Partner, Presto Ventures
Andrew Gray, Partner, Tilia Impact Ventures
Andrew Gray
Partner, Tilia Impact Ventures
Darek Żuk, Co-Founder & CEO, AIP Seed Capital
Darek Żuk
Co-Founder & CEO, AIP Seed Capital
Csaba Kakosy, Managing Partner, DayOne Capital
Csaba Kakosy
Managing Partner, DayOne Capital
Konstantin Zapoliansky, Senior Investment Director, Zubr Capital
Konstantin Zapoliansky
Senior Investment Director, Zubr Capital
Kseniia Ocheredko, Investment Manager, N1 Fund
Kseniia Ocheredko
Investment Manager, N1 Fund
Vojta Rocek, Partner, Presto Ventures
Vojta Rocek
Partner, Presto Ventures
Andrej Petrus, Chief Investment Officer, ZAKA Ventures
Andrej Petrus
Chief Investment Officer, ZAKA Ventures
Cristian Munteanu, Managing Partner, Early Game Ventures
Cristian Munteanu
Managing Partner, Early Game Ventures
Thomas Labryga, Partner, Vireo Ventures
Thomas Labryga
Partner, Vireo Ventures
Marko Kyyrönen, Managing Partner, Sparkmind VC
Marko Kyyrönen
Managing Partner, Sparkmind VC
Silviu Apostu, Principal, Matterwave Ventures
Silviu Apostu
Principal, Matterwave Ventures
Jasmina Popovska, Head of Investments, EiT Manufacturing
Jasmina Popovska
Head of Investments, EiT Manufacturing
Marek Moravec, Partner, N1 Ventures
Marek Moravec
Partner, N1 Ventures
Yrjö Ojasaar, Founder & Partner, Change Ventures
Yrjö Ojasaar
Founder & Partner, Change Ventures
Yannick Oswald, Partner, Mangrove Capital Partners
Yannick Oswald
Partner, Mangrove Capital Partners
Rumen Iliev, Partner, LAUNCHub Ventures
Rumen Iliev
Partner, LAUNCHub Ventures
Toby Lywood, Investor, OXX
Toby Lywood
Investor, OXX
Aleš Pustovrh, Founder & Partner, Fil Rouge Capital
Aleš Pustovrh
Founder & Partner, Fil Rouge Capital
Francesco Moro, Principal, Burda Principal Investments
Francesco Moro
Principal, Burda Principal Investments
Marco Marugg, Investment Manager, EquityPitcher Ventures
Marco Marugg
Investment Manager, EquityPitcher Ventures
Samuel Beyer, Investor, General Catalyst
Samuel Beyer
Investor, General Catalyst


500 Global
General Catalyst
OTB Ventures
Dawn Capital
Piton Capital
Kaya VC
500 Emerging Europe
Karma Ventures
Elevator Ventures
Burda Principal Investments
IQ Capital
Blackfin Capital Partners
Finch Capital
Truffle Capital
Eight Roads
Airbridge Equity Partners
Flyer One Ventures
Logo Ventures
Level2 Ventures
Zaka VC
OXO Ventures
Montis Capital
Lead Ventures
SATUS Starter
Movens Capital
Pracuj Ventures
Day One Capital
Venture Friends
Metis Ventures
Sunfish Partners
South Central Ventures
J&T Ventures
Presto Ventures
Tilia Impact Ventures
Roosh VC
Fortech Investment
Kogito Ventures
Zubr Capital
BrightCap Ventures
No Such Ventures
AIP Seed
PurposeTech VC
Early Game Ventures
Vireo Ventures
Sparkmind VC
Matterwave Ventures
ff VC
KiTua Fund
EiT Manufacturing
Nation 1 VC
Change Ventures
Mangrove Capital Partners
LAUNCHub Ventures
Fil Rouge Capital
EquityPitcher Ventures

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ITkey Media
Baltic Sandbox
Innovations Hub Foundation
Ukrainian Hub
Labena Ventures
Unicorn Hub
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MakeIT Ordea
Global Tech Connect
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