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12 January 2023·19 min read

Agata Marcinek


TOP 100 Innovative Companies From CEE Startup Challenge VIII To Watch

We are happy to announce the Top 100 startups that have been recognized in the CEE Startup Challenge VIII powered by Vestbee - the largest online competition dedicated to regional startups and scaleups from Central and Eastern Europe raising pre-seed, seed, series A and more in key industries.

Let's look at those most innovative companies - they are definitely worth your attention! - the winner of this year's edition of the CEE Startup Challenge, is an energy efficiency platform for industrial SMEs that analyses and models energy expenditure, which has a positive impact on saving money for the company and the environment.

Supliful - silver medallist, Supliful is a software infrastructure startup that helps its clients launch CPG brands by establishing them in one day and with no upfront capital by streamlining all aspects of launching and managing a CPG company. - third place went to, an AI video generation platform for creating synthetic human-narrative video content that enables the creation and editing of educational or promotional videos, without significant cost.

Mifundo - Estonian platform that enables people to get credit products from another country in the EU. To get full use of one single market in the EU, they prevent wider choice, better conditions, and ease to move in the EU.

Amano - marketplace from Poland for local and D2C brands that aims to provide a market for local stores and brands. This is helped by optimized algorithms, which also allow us to connect both customers and brands in a more pleasant and streamlined way.

Redstone Finance - a Switzerland-based next-generation cross-chain data oracle technology that offers fast and cost-efficient access to data, a full historic audit trail and an insurance-backed decentralized dispute mechanism which provides users with recourse if they receive inaccurate data.

Worldee - an app created in Czechia to allow travellers to plan future trips with the help of more experienced people while allowing them to travel with each other. The company's goal is to create the world's largest database of high-quality travel routes, created by travellers for travellers.

Ani Biome - a Croatian age-tech startup offering a personalised approach to metabolic health and longevity based on an AI-driven personalised fermented micro blends program. It also offers and quantifies various measures of systemic inflammation and offers personalised metabiotics - metabolites of fermentation.

WeBoard - is a comprehensive corporate training platform from Czechia that is based on a unique combination of immersive technologies like VR and conversational AI training bots, and more importantly, the personal experience of the employees.

Datuum - is an AI-driven data integration and management platform that allows data engineers to escape manual work and burnout and saves organizations up to 80% of the time for data projects.

driveMybox - a German startup whose mission is to solve the complexity and non-transparency of the transport market through an all-in-one one-stop solution. In doing so, the entire transport process is digitized, from booking requests to cost processing.

Plan Be Eco - is a Poland-based company that provides standard-compliant software for carbon footprint calculation and reporting. They automate the process and provide their customers with efficient reduction plans.

Future Collars - is a Polish innovative programming school for those who want to work in IT, as well as a digital competencies school for those who work in other fields or positions where technology is becoming an everyday tool. They provide the online platform with 24/7 access, live lessons, individual consultations, and mentors’ support.

Inventoro - is a Czechia-based startup that aims to help businesses avoid stockouts, overstocks, and deadstocks by using algorithmic sales forecasting, and turning these forecasts into replenishment proposals.

Zibra AI - a Ukrainian startup focused on building no-code tools for virtual content creation. There are two major directions: interactive real-time visual effects such as water, fog, smoke, and fire; and 3D content and characters with the ability to modify geometry, materials, and textures.

3DLOOK - a startup from Ukraine that enables innovative personalised shopping experiences based on a consumer’s unique body profiles to drive conversion, engagement, and returns reduction. This fit personalization platform offers highly accurate body data-driven size recommendations combined with the engagement of virtual dressing in one experience.

AIDONIC LTD. - a Switzerland-based payments infrastructure and data management platform for humanitarian organizations to accelerate financial inclusion with real-time impact tracking. AIDONIC empowers philanthropic actors to deliver aid faster, cheaper, and fully transparently, powered by blockchain technology.

Bankish - Estonian startup that provides a flexible and extensive toolbox of core IT solutions to help financial services providers leap architecture to an intuitive, secure, and user-friendly environment. The cloud-based solution (SaaS) enables automation and procedural efficiency enhancement.

BOX ID Systems GmbH - a startup from Germany that offers an end-to-end location solution to cost-effectively track millions of logistics assets digitally throughout the industrial supply chain across the world - including site-to-site, on-premises and indoor buildings.

Finqware - is a Romanian financial institution that is passported and authorized to operate in the pan-European financial services single market, as well as a technology company that enables open banking in real-life production in the CEE space.

Konvi - is a Germany-based, EU-wide fractional investment marketplace in exotic assets, whose aim is to open up private markets to small investors.

Legit - a Croatian startup focused on building a prosperous and human-friendly future by creating cutting-edge technologies to help companies protect privacy and build compliant by-design businesses in the digital and connected world.

Nanosci - a Polish startup that has created technologies for the production of photocatalytic nanolayers that are used in photocatalytic engines. Their technology helps to remove air pollutants from volatile organic and inorganic compounds.

Prime Dash LTD - Romania-based company that offers access to real-time financial data and helps banks automate a manual process in risk assessment. They provide powerful APIs to banks that enable them to increase sales, automate lending, and build strong engagement and loyalty with their SME clients. - is a SaaS, privacy-first, independent ad tracking and conversion attribution solution from Lithuania that provides marketers with real-time data, insights, alerts, and automation to maximize return on ad spend, capture the customer journey, and evaluate marketing performance across all digital channels.

SGS - Croatian cloud-based platform that helps tech and digital businesses expand into new markets and find matching talent and office space in three months. The solution is industry-agnostic, covering the eight core corporate segments each company has.

Silana - Austrian robotics startup that automates the fashion production process with a sewing robot. They solve the biggest problems: reliance on cheap labour, long lead times, and a lack of sustainability.

Rayton - the SaaS-enabled marketplace from Ukraine that simplifies the process of going solar and allows installers to save time by working only with warm leads at a low cost of acquiring customers.

Utpatti - a startup from Germany that provides a decentralized AI-based predictive maintenance solution that does not require the movement of machines or processing of data in a central database.

Kycaid Limited - is a Ukrainian compliance management system with automated KYC and customer deployment that helps prevent companies from becoming customers of their clients.

OneSoil - is a Polish company that builds an AI-assisted digital agronomy platform that drives a step change in farmers' productivity, profitability, and sustainability of their operations by bringing big data into the decision-making process in crop production.

WARMIE SP. Z O.O. - next startup from Poland, which has created a certified remote system and continuous monitoring of body temperature, which helps in the control of the patient's health.

Wealthon - is also a Polish company that offers a comprehensive ecosystem for managing business finances. It supports entrepreneurs operating “offline” with products that provide instant access to funds and enable payment processing and acceptance.

Pollinations - is a deep tech company based in Germany. It is developing the engine to populate digital worlds, by allowing for customised generative images, videos, 3D objects, and soon entire immersive environments to be created in minutes.

CATHAGO - German startup that optimizes the purchase of materials for all parties involved. Their goal is to raise the level of cooperation between construction companies and suppliers to a digital level.

Drafter AI - a no-code platform from Latvia that enables SMEs to build AI-powered tools in hours instead of months. With the flexible workflow builder, customers can select ML models and data sources they want to use, connect the dots between them, and design output.

Medu - a startup from Poland that helps medical students and doctors develop practical skills anywhere they have a smartphone. They virtualized patients with real patients’ data and made super-effective courses out of it.

Megi - a Croatian company that provides a virtual cardiovascular health assistant that monitors, educates, and supports patients 24/7. Using strong clinical validation, behavioural science, and artificial intelligence, it is possible to use this tool to empower patients to become active participants in the management of their disease.

PaulTech - is an Estonian startup that allows farmers to monitor in-soil processes in real-time, which results in using farming practices that are gentler on the soil and the environment as well as optimising the distribution of limited resources. (Sales Development Technologies Sp. z o.o.) - a Polish B2B sales enablement platform that automates the process of sales training and product knowledge transfer across entire sales structures.

Staex - is a German software solution that enables decentralized, cross-network infrastructures and resources (e.g., data, data analytics, databases, computing capacity, blockchain) to be orchestrated and connected via a management and network layer.

Carbominer - is a Ukrainian company that is developing new carbon dioxide direct air capture technology. With CO2 capturing units, it is possible to capture CO2 from the open air and offer it to greenhouse growers as a cheap and climate-friendly alternative to the CO2 they buy now.

eROBOT - Slovakia-based startup focused on the Green Deal strategy through oil waste elimination in robotics and providing a robot self-maintenance solution. This system is based on tribodiagnostics and oil cleaning.

Accolade Pro - is a Polish startup that digitizes the whole sales process for gyms instead of using multiple tools such as Excel, calendars, CRMs, and paper files.

ALPA Kids - an Estonia-based company focused on developing e-learning games for children aged 3-8. The AI-assisted learning algorithms provide native language learning to almost 1M children in Estonia, Ukraine, and India.

benme - Lithuanian startup that helps companies deliver the best benefits to their employees in the most user-friendly and convenient way by using an easy-to-use platform, including an employee self-service marketplace. - is a leading employee development platform from Estonia that enables the digitalization of planning, designing, delivering, automatization, and reporting of employee development programs. Combined with productivity tools like 360 reviews, employee surveys, and annual reviews, it provides a unique toolset for companies larger than 300 employees.

Kuoll - Polish platform provides a web application developer with an instrument to analyze software bugs that happened in the client’s web browser. Provides necessary information even when there are communication issues with the client and allows to make recordings during automatic testing.

MELP - is a Lithuania-based B2B employee engagement and benefits platform that is evolving into B2B2C fintech through a marketplace and creating added value for both consumers and suppliers. It is helpful when ones want to put all benefits in one place and allow flexibility to buy benefits.

PastPay - Hungarian startup that is an E2E cashflow financing partner for B2B merchants. Being the leading B2B payments and financing provider in CEE, PastPay offers B2B BNPL, factoring, and supply chain finance.

Skyworker - is a startup from Ukraine that makes tech hiring faster by creating a happy place for tech candidates. Using this system, candidates can see who wants to hire them and swipe on jobs. The tech company doesn’t need to hunt - Skyworker hunts instead.

Inbalance - is an energy-tech startup based in Lithuania focusing on EV charging to make charging available everywhere, despite grid bottlenecks, and at an optimized cost. With Inbalance SaaS charging products, other charging point operators can cut down their operational and installation costs at least by 2x, improving ROI.

OBORTECH - is an Estonian startup that creates a digital ecosystem for all actors in the supply chain, where they can remotely collaborate and exchange data in a decentralized and democratic blockchain network.

Trashify Tech - is also a startup from Estonia focused on developing AI-driven embedded systems for smart waste management and replacing the process of manual collation of data. This system enables the creation of a centralized database in the form of real-time monitoring and reporting, thereby allowing the analysis of trends in waste streams.

Mild Blue - a startup from the Czechia that helps healthcare providers harvest the potential of AI and machine learning to improve care using the power hidden in data by delivering end-to-end products from the initial idea formation and business analysis to production deployment with full customer support.

AutonomyNow - is a Polish startup whose aim is to develop an AI-based ADAS system for the bus and coach industry that meets all homologation requirements coming into force in July 2024.

Challenger Project - is a Polish online competitive esports gaming platform for players with AI-empowered stats to improve their skills and a health module supporting their holistic development.

Clastr - Croatia-based startup that helps gamers share excess hardware resources by connecting them to nearby gaming PCs, letting them run their games via those PCs, and streaming them directly to their hardware.

Cognitiwe - is an Estonian industrial computer vision company that leverages its domain knowledge, data science and enterprise software expertise, and device capabilities to develop sustainable solutions for repeating problems in key global industries.

Gridaly - Polish all-in-one events platform where the organiser can do everything from selling tickets through chat moderation to creating an expo zone for partners. Additionally, Gridaly can analyse the behavioural data of the attendees to increase their engagement and gain useful insights for sales and marketing teams.

Guul - is an Estonian social gaming platform that can be integrated into Slack and Microsoft Teams workspaces. Guul lets businesses motivate and entertain remote teams and coworkers in real-time.

Max Game Value - the auction widget from Ukraine that increases profits for streamers by allowing them to sell their own physical and digital stuff during streaming on Twitch or YouTube.

Mortgage Consortium - is an app from Czechia that enables a fully digital and direct transfer of real estate properties with no personal meeting required. Furthermore, this app uses bank ID to identify the parties and to sign all contracts online.

Moticheck - an Estonian startup that has developed a unique survey model and technology to solve remote employee management issues by monitoring employee experience daily.

Munch Europe - is a Hungarian platform that enables restaurants, bakeries, shops, and hotels to sell or donate their unsold but high-quality food at a discounted price, offering it to consumers.

myndpaar - a startup from Germany that enables singles and people in relationships to understand where their problems and conflicts come from, detach from painful experiences (even from childhood), and develop new, positive ones by using this unique technology.

Ninja Ledner - is a Polish B2B platform to help banks and credit institutions reduce the wastage of loan applications by matching rejected borrowers with other credit providers.

Paraspot - Germany-based startup that enables property managers and landlords to manage their assets remotely by using computer vision algorithms to conduct property inspections. - a Swedish company that is building the world's first open and collaborative energy modelling platform - for and by energy modellers - to better plan and operate distributed energy resources.

Revuto - an Estonian-based startup that has created an app to allow users to actively control their subscriptions and leverage payments with crypto and Defi setups to save and earn money.

STAMPSDAQ - Stampsdaq is an EU-based NFT company that promotes and implements the "Collect with Benefits" vision of creating added value and real-life experiences for NFT stamp owners to increase interest in collecting NFT stamps.

Upknow - is a software from Poland that helps companies build a knowledge-sharing culture, improve employees' engagement, and make information more accessible by introducing a Q&A platform amplified by gamification.

VISUAL TECH - LAB - Polish startup which introduces a non-invasive system for measuring the bone density of the maxilla and mandible, realizing the measure even at the planning stage of the implant surgery. The unique value proposition of the Visual Tech-Lab product is to provide the doctor with the knowledge he needs about the patient.

WeGo Trip - an Estonian marketplace to book self-guided audio tours and skip-the-line tickets to museums. It is helpful for travellers because they get audio tours with museum tickets in one app screen and skip the line to museums.

WisePorter - smart product catalogue and rules-based pricing software. Significantly increases the sales results through short time to market, high product data quality and automation.

PredictWatch - a startup from Poland that is building a digital therapeutics solution aimed at people struggling to vary degrees with marijuana addiction. By combining a modern therapeutic approach with AI algorithms, smartphones, and smartwatches, it is possible to deliver a fully automated, AI-powered therapy program tailored not only for specific needs but also for specific users.

SolarGaps - is an innovative Ukrainian company that invented and produces external smart blinds with built-in solar panels. By being smart SolarGaps blinds automatically adjust the angle for the most effective solar energy capturing and better shading performance.

AIScreen Digital Signage Platform - is a tool created in Poland that enables users to manage their digital signage content and screens be it one or thousands of screens. It is helpful for businesses of any size to build a smart communication channel with their audience anytime, anywhere.

CA Manufacturing - is a Polish manufacturer of cryotherapy equipment, selling its comprehensive range of extreme cold therapy devices in over 40 countries globally via a network of distributors.

Decision Sciences Company - has created an autonomic system (Ratebook) for dynamic insurance portfolio management (€50-250M+) and deep-learned how to compete to deliver high portfolio expectations (KPIs) in complex environments.

Scanbro - Estonia-based startup that is building a self-service store platform for B2B suppliers, focusing on industrial suppliers who are already using industrial vending machines to do the job.

Stavario - a startup from Czechia that offers an ERP system for SME construction companies to manage resources (people, machinery, and materials). What's more, it provides a construction diary, tasks, attendance, and schedule.

Excitr - Croatian startup whose aim is to supercharge artists' royalty revenue and prevent low royalty payouts on Spotify and other streaming platforms by incentivizing music fans to stream more music than before.

Movacar - a German company with an innovative vehicle logistics solution based on crowdsourcing that markets vehicle transfers as one-way rentals for €1 via the web and an app. Thanks to the win-win concept, fleet operators save up to 50% on logistics costs and users receive exceptionally affordable travel options from city to city.

SmartDust - Polish platform that networks real mobile devices into virtual testing labs, allowing remote developer and QA collaboration to ensure that an app, game, or website runs flawlessly on any user device.

Swapp! - Polish startup, providing a new, sustainable sales channel for FMCG producers and retailers and a convenient way for end customers to consume daily-use products more sustainably to reduce the amount of plastic produced.

Tulipr - Romania-based company which build an eSourcing platform for experiential marketing & events, bridging the gap between buyers and suppliers, consolidating and removing sourcing inefficiencies.

Vanongo - is an Estonia-based AI-powered platform that connects brands and delivery partners to bring consumer-centric tech to the world of urban last-mile delivery.

Wombi - is a Web3 attribution platform from the UK that helps marketers grow and scale their apps by optimizing campaigns and identifying highly convertible users. - Ukrainian AI-based contact centre automation tool for customer service that helps companies save up to 70% on their support costs by building large language models, reducing the virtual assistant development time.

Your Easy AI - German startup with software that enables companies to create AI without any experts because this system doesn't require any prior programming or AI knowledge.

Teamsharq - a startup from Poland that created an on-demand staffing platform where candidates are vetted only once and can apply to many employers at the same time.

ContainerGrid - a German company that supports small and medium-sized companies in digitization. Their goal is to use software modules to optimize material flows between transfer points and disposal facilities.

ForClassmates - a startup from Czechia that has been making educational tools for more than 5 years using their method. The company aims to change the way education is done by printing textbooks and workbooks written by the students themselves.

heynannyly - is a German HR Tech startup for B2B childcare by implementing its platform as an HR instrument to support companies in finding, and binding employees and make them flexible by booking a nanny instead of being absent from work.

LEGID App - Estonian startup that provides the legal market network that empowers solo law firms with an expert network, team formation, and SaaS-enabled marketplace.

ParaStruct - a startup from Austria aiming to create a recyclable, CO2-negative industrial future by using their binders, which bind all kinds of construction and mining waste, especially the fine-grained fraction that cannot be reused otherwise.

Pontyx - Croatian startup that drastically reduces friction in online commerce by offering consumers a unique range of simplicity-first payment options, including paytech apps, messaging, and open banking.

walk15 - is a Lithuanian platform offering a steps challenge solution for companies to help them with low employee involvement in physical activity and the lack of education about sustainability. Their main goal is to make the world a healthier, and, at the same time, more sustainable place.

Weld Money - is a fintech startup from Lithuania that sits in the middle between Neo Banking and Web3, providing convenient infrastructure services for CEXs, blockchains, and Metaverses users.

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