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23 January 2024·1 min read

Lisa Palchynska

Editor-in-Chief, Vestbee

Lithuanian sales automation platform AskToSell raises €100k from Startup Wise Guys and Specialist VC

AskToSell has raised a €100,000 pre-seed funding to automate sales for small and medium-sized business deals. The round was backed by Startup Wise Guys and Specialist VC.

  • Co-founded by Laimonas Noreika and Karolis Januškas, the AskToSell platform automates and personalizes the entire sales process for small deal sizes. Using the solution, customers define products they want to sell, upload leads, and deploy autonomous agents, who will manage the whole deal flow: learning the product, contacting leads via email, preparing proposals, negotiating, and closing the deal.

“Sales reps hate these repetitive tasks and copy-paste transactional sales, so implementing AskToSell will give you a lot of fans in the company and enable reps to focus on bigger deals.” - Laimonas Noreika, co-founder and CEO, describes the pain points AskToSell addresses.

  • The pre-seed round was supported by one of the most active European accelerators for B2B startups, Startup Wise Guys, and Specialist VC, a €50 million venture capital fund supporting founders from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, and Ukraine. 
  • The funding will allow AskToSell to launch the first version of the product to the market and start running commercial pilots. The private beta is planned for October 2024.

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